Outcome budget 2014-15 chapter-ii

E. documents and Equip. will be purchased

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E. documents and Equip. will be purchased

2800 Books & Journals, E. documents and some Equip. will be purchased.

Literature on Tibetan culture and tradition spread by development of library activities.

Throughout the year


Publication and Printing.

Publication of Books.

Publication of 6 Books.

Preservation of Tibetan culture and literature.

Throughout the year


Rare Buddhist Text Research,

Restoration and Translation Unit

Establishment of Language & Laboratory, Promotion of Intellectual contact, exchange of scholar conferences and seminars

Re-editing and publication project of Mahayan Buddhist Sanskrit Series Text of Darbhanga Institute,

Compilation of Encyclopedic & Technical Dictionaries.

To offer the alternative educational facilities to the students of Indian border area who formerly availed the opportunity of receiving higher education in Tibet

Publication of annual journal 'Dhih', One workshop to be organized, 28 chapters will be edited and survey of Manuscripts. Translation & Restoration of Grantha's 850 pages (Tibetan and Sanskrit).one workshop to be conducted. Language Lab will be established. National/ International Seminar & Symposium will be organized. The work of re-editing of M. B. S. S. T. Darbhanga Institute is under progress. Works to be continued on Tibetan - Sanskrit Ayurvijanan Kosha, Tibetan- sanskrit Jyotish Kosha, Studens Tibetan-Sanskrit , Vinaya Kosha, and c]conversion work.

Research scholars benefited by acquiring rare and unpublished manuscripts in book form. To collaborate in Distance Education program with IGNOU.

Throughout the year


Computer center, inter Buddhist Tibetan institution collaboration, inter-university collaboration, extension, lectures and short term courses on science, establishment of branches in Pune, Development of Faculty of Sowa Rigpa, & construction of its Bhawan, Development of Shilpa Vidya, Museum of Tibetan Culture and construction of its Bhawan, project work on medicinal plant.

To promote IT application, collaboration with other institution, translation of Buddhist work form Sanskrit and Tibetan sources, dissemination of Tibetan/ Buddhist philosophy, expansion of Sowa Regpa and its awareness promotion, collection of tibetan artifacts.

Man power and Infrastructural development of computer centre. Inter University Collaboration will be undertaken. Several lectures and short term courses will be organized. Hindi translation work will be done. Manpower, Machines, tools and related furniture’s will be procured for expansion of Sowa- Rigpa and Shilpa Vidya- Tibetan Traditional Fine Art. Rare medicinal plants will planted and a new clinic will be opened in Tawang Region.

Promotion and dissemination of Tibetan and Buddhist traditional culture and fine arts through various schemes and projects for scholars and interested people.

During the year.

New schemes proposed implemented during XII Plan.


Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh.

To develop multifaceted personality of the students through inculcation of the wisdom of Buddhist literature as well as to familiarize them with modern subjects to acquaint them with collection, conservation, translation, publication of rare manuscripts and research works relevant to Buddhist Studies etc.



Salary for 147 employees and stipends for students is being covered under Non-Plan Head.
The provision under plan includes funds for the Cultural activities under TSP.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Construction of Building

Construction of physical infrastructure for CIBS and DPS, Zanskar.

Construction work for CIBS and DPS Zanskar will continue during this year, through CPWD and State PWD in a phased manner.

Better facilities for the users of the institute created.




Provision for existing Gonpa/

Nunnery school.

Publication of rare books/manuscripts, preservation of traditional Ladakhi arts and culture.

Compilation of Encyclopedia of Himalayan Buddhist Culture.

To support educational activities in the number of Gonpas by providing teachers and stipend to the students.

Provisions for salaries of newly created faculty and non faculty post.

50 Gonpa/Nunnery schools are going on.

Salaries of posts of teachers for DPS Zanskar for up-gradation of schools, 4 research scholars, Professors are doing research for scholarships and fellowships (contingencies as per pattern of UGC being granted).

-The publication of rare Books/ Manuscripts organization of Seminars/ Symposium, Lecture series, Preservation of traditional Ladakhi Arts and Culture, conduct of Refresher course, acquisition of books for Library provision for kitchen fuel, arrangement of furnishing/furniture for building, in-service training and maintenance and servicing. The Translation of three Buddhist.

-The compilation of Encyclopedia of Himalayan Buddhist Culture is in progress.

-Philosophical texts into Hindi and English.

-The compilation of Hindi-Tibetan and Tibetan-Hindi Dictionary

-The computerization Internet and Networking of the Institute.

Bodh Darshan Sanskrit Vidalaya Kelong taken over as branch school of

CIBS, Leh.

Preservation and promotion of Monastic System of Education.


Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti

To propagate the life, mission and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi by organizing various socio – educational and cultural programmes.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.

Promotional Activities

1. Regular programme with educational institutions

a) Taking Gandhi to Schools
b)Taking Gandhi to Youth
c) Programme for Women

d) Commemorative programmes

e) Programmes along the International border

To acclimatize students on the life message of Mahatma Gandhi and issues of social concern.

To acclimatize young people on the life message of Mahatma Gandhi and issues of social concern; promotion of constructive work.

To acclimatize young people on the life message of Mahatma Gandhi and issues of social concern; promotion of constructive work.

Promotion of constructive work and empowerment of disadvantaged women.

The aim is to take the message of Gandhi to a cross section of the population and commemorate important days of the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Take up different activities of the Samiti along the International border.

As part of the programmes for children, we will reach out to children and students from various educational institutions/civil society organizations in various parts of the country during the year to take forward the life message of Mahatma Gandhi

As part of the programmes with youth, we will reach out to youth from various educational institutions/civil society organizations in various parts of the country during the year to take forward the life message of Mahatma Gandhi

Through this programme we will reach out to women/women groups across the country during the year

This awareness programme is aimed to reach out to people from different cross section of the society during the year

Different Dialogues, Seminars & Symposium will be organized in different parts of the country

Better understanding and acclimatization with the principles of Mahatma Gandhi amongst generation next
Better understanding of the principles of Mahatma Gandhi amongst youth.

Promoting livelihood opportunities to disadvantaged women and involving them in constructive work

Develop better understanding of the principles of Mahatma Gandhi; involvement of people in programmes related to Gandhi
Develop better understanding of the principles of Mahatma Gandhi; involvement of people in programmes related to Gandhi

As part of this initiative, regular interactions/trainings of children; exposure visit to Gandhi Smriti; discussions and competitions on variety of social and developmental issues are to be organized

-During the year a large number of programmes are to be organized to reach out to the youth.

-A series of programmes on women empowerment; regular training programme for women in different issues; initiate dialogue on engendering the development process; action programmes on engendering the development process are to be organized

-Commemorative programmes and events on important dates related to Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi are to be organized

-Organize series of Dialogues, Seminars, symposium etc in different parts of the country.




North East

To undertake such activities as will lead to greater understanding of Mahatma Gandhi’s life, work and thoughts.
To acquire, maintain and preserve the personal papers and other historical materials pertaining to the life of Mahatma Gandhi in consultation and collaboration with other Governmental organizations engaged in Gandhian work. To preserve and maintain Martyr’s Column at Gandhi Smriti and pavilion at Gandhi Darshan Complex.

The aim of the initiatives is to reach out to the people of the North-East.

The publications are to be published as per their periodicity; also new publications pertaining to programmes of the Samiti will be published.
Development work are to be undertaken in both Gandhi Smriti and Gandhi Darshan complexes; restoration of Gandhian Heritage are to be undertaken; equipments are to be bought to strengthen the Samiti’s infrastructure; replacement of Mobile Exhibition Bus; renovation of Satyagraha Mandap, Kasturba Kutir, International Guest House etc

Different publications, literature will be published for promotion of Gandhian values and philosophy.
Better infrastructure lead to more effective coordination and contacts with various sections of the society

The publications are to be published as per their periodicity; also new The development work is to be taken up throughout the year.


Namgyal Research Institute of Tibetology, Sikkim

To spread the knowledge of Chhos (doctrine of Buddha)



To translate and publish the seminal texts preserved in its archives.

Translation and publishing the text and undertaking research works.

Institute will continue its on-going programmes

Financial demands are met from NE Allocation and TSP.


Centre for Buddhist and Cultural Studies, Twang Monastery

To impart monastic education and preserve ancient Buddhist traditions.



To promote Buddhist education and philosophy.

Imparting education is an ongoing activity.

The institute will continue to impart monastic education and also undertake new programmes.


Tibet House, New Delhi

To promote, preserve and protect the Tibetan Culture, encourage exchange of ideas and techniques Tibetan and Non-Tibetan artist & Craftsman.



To preserve and promote, preserve and protect the Tibetan culture, encourage the exchange of ideas & techniques between Tibetan and non-Tibetan.

To undertake activities relating to promote and preserve the Tibetan Culture.

The Institute will continue its activities.


Asiatic Society, Mumbai

A premier research institution in the realm of philosophy, language, arts and social sciences in relation to Asia in general and India in particular. To maintain and enhance its role the Society maintains a library and a heritage museum of rare manuscripts and artifacts.



Purchase of printed periodicals/ journals and 425 printed books, 500 pages microfilming daily, conservation/ chemical treatment to 1450 books to be fumigated, 26500 pages de-acidified and 25000 pages to be tissued. Short time research studies, Mimeographed or printed occasional publications. Preparation and printing of hand books. New website will be further developed. New office equipments and holding the conference. Amenities for research scholars, members and visitors, etc. Printing & publication of series of monographs. Monograph on Edward Moor released already other monograph will follow.

For use of future generation and preservation of rare books for readers and research scholars. Better facilities for the members of the Library, Scholars, visitors, readers, etc.

Continuing Schemes


Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies, Dahung, Arunachal Pradesh

To preserve and promote the Buddhist cultural heritage of India.



Apart from academic courses being run by the institute, it will take up construction work of administrative building and library & 11 KVHT line including 2 x 25 MVA substation with all modern equipment to be installed at CIHCS. External water supply at the main campus of CIHCS.

Study and research in different branches of Buddhist Philosophical and cultural studies. To provide additional facilities of library and residential facilities for the students undergoing studies at the institute.

Through out the year

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, Nalanda, Bihar

To revive past glories of the ancient university of Nalanda and to give post graduate studies and research in Pali language and literature and Buddhology.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Improvement & Development of Library Service

Developing the library with purchase of new books on Pali, Buddhism Philosophy, Ancient History, Culture and Architect, Hindi, English, Sanskrit etc.

Over thousands number of books are expected to be purchased and computerization of books and digitization to be carried out.

To provide better facilities for the research scholars in the various cultural fields.

Through out the year.

NER activities on documenting the Buddhist communities lives rituals etc. of Tai, Khamti, Monapa, etc. and
National Seminars in NE is proposed to be held during the year.


Development of Xuan Zang Memorial Hall

To provide creative works, as paintings, murals inside and outside the XZM and on landscaping etc.

Regular maintenance and development works to be taken up besides there is a proposal to construct a separate building for housing and preserving Xuan Zang relics. There is also need to provide other creative art works.

To spread awareness of creative arts work of Xuan Zang.

Through out the year


Cultural Exchange programme, workshops seminars & conferences

Promotion and dissemination of Buddhist thoughts by organizing seminars, workshop etc. on inter-institution exchange basis.

Every year NNM will organize a national and international seminars and workshops etc. independently or in-collaboration with other institutions. The academic and cultural material collected from these workshops, seminars, etc. is printed and is available to scholars and researchers.

To promote cultural contacts by organizing workshops, seminars etc.

Through out the year


(i) Computer networking and enlarging IT applications.

(ii) Award of scholarship to the meritorious students of Mahavihara

To establish in Institute a complete IT with computers and networks systems.
To support the meritorious students.

Running and maintenance expenses on computers already existing and also purchase of new computers.

Indian, NER and foreign students are to be benefited.

To revive past glories of the ancient university of Nalanda.
To promote Pali language and Buddhology literature.

Through out the year


Printing of old and new publication and documentation exhibition

It aims to print and reprint of the proceedings of the earlier seminars and other research oriented materials and to promote & dissemination of Lord Buddha’s teachings by holding exhibition & its documentation

Printing of Annual & Audit Report, Proceeding of the Seminar & Reprint of old books. An exhibition on the themeof Nalanda and Buddhism will be exhibited.

Providing a good research material in Pali language and also Buddhology literature.

Through out the year.


Pali Hindi Dictionary Project

Scheme aims at preparing an exclusive Pali-Hindi Dictionary.

The Pali and Hindi dictionary which is an unique in its kind is an ongoing project under which Vol. I, II, III have already been released and another Vol. is expected during the year.

It aims to assist the visiting scholars in understanding Pali language.

Through out the year


Construction of 100 bedded new Hostel and Convention Hall, development of Gardens and acquisition of land at residential complex (10 acres)

Providing better facilities to foreign students and developing environmental surroundings, better living facilities for staff of NNM.

The work is being carried out by C.P.W.D, Patna. The work relating to Pruning/ Nurturing/ Planting, watering and general maintenance of gardens to be carried out by the casual laborers in XHM compounds is spreading over 64 acres of land.

Providing better facilities to foreign students and also developmental changes in environment around the institutions.

Through out the year

Construction work is to be carried by C.P.W.D, Patna.


North East activities under NER and under TSP

To promote and dissemination of Buddhist studies and activities in NER and in Tribal Areas.

Documenting the Buddhist communities’ lives rituals, etc. organization of national seminar on living Buddhism in North East.

Promotion and Dissemination of Buddhist studies in NE and in Tribal area.


Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

To conduct research and training of life and works of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad with the study of social culture, political and economic movement in Asia from the middle of the 19th century.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Research project including north East/ fellowship and other promotional activities.

To carryout research activities and revelation of political, social & economic changes in India and other Asian countries.

-30 nos. whole time resident Fellows will undertake research studies including North-East India. Location of the projects, library conference facility and international hostel is in the Salt Lake Campus of the Institute.

-10 nos. Projects Fellows will work mainly in North East India. Visits and seminars will take place at National & International levels. The Institute will assist other bodies to organise seminars.

-14 numbers of regular staff will undertake the establishment work of the Institute.

-Operation of Documentation Centre will be continuing from the Maulana Azad Museum (Heritage Building).

-North East research centres will be operated in the Universities of North East States.

-E-library and digitisation of books & projects

-Re-designing of Institute’s Web-site by NICSI is in progress.

-Repairing and modernisation of Guest House cum hostel at Salt lake Campus

-Restoration of 44 wooden items of Maulana Azad memorabilia.

-Fire safety work at Museum building as per recommendation of West Bengal Fire Safety department.

The ultimate goal is to study social culture, political & economic moment in Asia and to produce inferences on various cultural issues for the scholars/journal population.

Monthly and quarterly progress reports are considered by the authority to assess the progress and to provide further grant

Delay in progress report and manuscript by the research scholars.


Publications \Acquisitions of Book

To publish the research work of the scholars in different subject fields.

Publication of 15 books and 4 nos journal

Agreement with publishers to undertake publication of Books for research manuscripts to ensure quick and effective circulation. Use of Internet to improve accessibility of publications.


Maulana Azad Museum

The Museum has made an impact on the people of Kolkata. Contributions of Maulana Azad to the Indian Independence movement along with a collection of memorabilia are on display for the visitors.

Regular inspection of Museum. The Museum maintains (1) Memorabilia & Visual materials of Maulana Azad and (2) Archival material on the Maulana. (3)The Institute have collection of rare books concerned with the life and times of Maulana Azad.

(4)The Institute also organise independent seminar programme on Maulana Azad.

Increase awareness and knowledge of Maulana Azad ‘’s life, work, vision and philosophy on national movement in nation building.

Monthly maintenance

Availability of fund and easy availability of artefacts.


Maintenance and Up-gradation of New Complex and Hostel (including maintenance of Salt Lake complex)

To accommodate office staff, Work Stations for Fellows, Seminar Halls & provision for Visiting Faculty and scholars.

1) Regular chasing to speed up the work undertaken by the CPWD and other bodies

(2) Office Vehicle (3) Purchase of office furniture, Computer and other peripherals.

(4) Modernisation and up-gradation of hostel rooms has been proposed in the Budget 2014-15 for provision of fund.

Work station for Fellows with primary facilities like computer, printer, photo-copier machines etc. Video conferencing and CCTV camera.

Maintenance activity on monthly standard basis as required by contract. Up-gradation as when required as per inspection report.

Delay in work by CPWD and other bodies.


Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai

It is functioning as a cultural academy for the preservation of traditional values in Indian Arts, especially in the fields of dance and music. The avowed objective of this institution is to bring about the integration of all art forms and regional variants thereof, and to consequently establish standards of true art



Continuous process.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Theatre Up-gradation - Koothamabalam

To provide an upgraded audio and lighting equipment at par with the international standard for Indian / International audience.

Renovation of Koothambalam to install state of the art technology in sound , lighting, stage management with addition and alteration in civil works

Kalakshetra already attracts Indian and International audiences for its many festivals and events. The upgrade to the theatre will add to the quality of performances.

Completion of project is expected during 2015-16

The administrative formalities are under process for obtaining administrative approval and financial sanction for carrying out the balance work under Part-B of the Koothambalam Project


Theatre Up-gradation - Rukmini Arangam

Museum Project

-To upgrade the facilities at one of the iconic performing spaces on campus.

-To Create a world-class display of photographs, artifacts and memorabilia highlighting the life and times of Smt. Rukmini Devi, the Founder of Kalakshetra..

A Museum to treasure and display a completely catalogued set of rare collections and personal belongings of Smt Rukmini Devi, and also other eminent artists and also a Resource Centre that can be made accessible to scholars and researchers.

To create a centralized display featuring various artifacts from the life of Smt Rukmini Devi. To work with museum specialists and curators to catalogue and preserve various items in the collection; to create a film on Smt Rukmini Devi; as well as to design the layout of the museum.

Work of Cataloguing of artifacts of other eminent artists to be displayed in the museum is under progress in the year 2014-15

The administrative approval for constructing a state of the art museum to display the artefacts under cataloguing process is being obtained in the year 2014-15


Strengthening, construction and up-gradation works to be undertaken by CPWD
Construction of new costume department for RDCFA

Improvement, strengthening and remodeling of road using bituminous macadam and laying of Kerbs, Additions and up-gradation to the existing toilet blocks in BTHS School, Construction of roof covering for prayer hall in between two classroom blocks in BTHS school, Construction of class rooms in BASS school

To provide a conducive learning atmosphere to students by improving infrastructure facilities in the schools. To provide a smooth and better road within the campus in order to have efficient access to various units for the faculty, employees, visitors and for general public.

- A centralized hub to house the current costume department which consists of ongoing tailoring/crafts work and storage of costumes, with an additional display feature to showcase heritage costumes and jewellery.

Providing better facilities in schools and within the campus for the end users.
- To develop a costume unit with modern facilties to suit storage and display requirements.

The works had been entrusted to CPWD on deposit work basis and is expected to be completed in 2014-15


Research & Documentation

To proceed further in furtherance of the activities in traditional Art form and also to train young generation to keep abreast of the development in this field.

Digitized records of manuscripts, text documents, photo archives, as well as audio and video archives; public events; interactive sessions; and training programmes.

Taking the artforms presented to larger audiences. Creation of platforms for interaction between the artistes and the public in an effort to continuously promote art and culture. Digital records of various media.

A continuous activity undertaken throughout the year


Project Green

(i) Restoration and renovation for water bodies

(ii) Conservation measures for water and re-cycling. (iii) afforestation

To focus on the preservation of our treasured environmental resources through water conversation and afforestation measures on campus.

Desilting and cleaning efforts on various water bodies on campus. Beautification efforts that focus not just on the aesthetics, but also on the functional in terms of supporting bird, plant and aquatic life around these water bodies. Supporting afforestation initiatives on campus to create a pleasing space for students and art lovers as well as an ecosystem that would sustain and welcome new species of birds and animals in and around the campus.

As per the environmental policy of Kalakshetra Foundation, one water body was already desilted and converted as Padma Pushkarani. In the same vein, other measures will be taken towards conservation.

A continuous activity undertaken throughout the year


Festivals and performances

To organize various festivals and performances to promote culture

Festivals, performances and events to showcase various art forms to the general public

At least three festivals on various topics based on the activities of Kalakshetra and of relevance to students, scholars and the general public

A continuous activity undertaken throughout the year


To revamp the Kalakshetra website

To create a user friendly and interactive website that will supply up-to-date information about Kalakshetra's activities and events.

A good portal to serve simultaneously as contact point, source of information and record of activities of Kalakshetra.

A modern up-to-date website


National Culture Fund (NCF)

The NCF’s objective is to explore itself, to work with more and more people, take initiatives to call for more collaboration with Corporate Sector and to make the people aware that only with their co-operation the culture will flourish.



NCF will continue to implement 12 projects for which MOUs have been signed during 2013-14. It is proposed to sign a number of new MOUs and implementation of the projects sanctioned by Chairman of NCF will also be taken up.

To develop and upgrade of Cultural heritage seeking Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Throughout the year.


Setting up of National / Regional School of Drama

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