Outcome budget 2014-15 chapter-ii

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Development of Gandhi Heritage Sites and Establishment of Gandhi Heritage Sites Portal in Sabarmati Ashram Ahmadabad for restoration, maintenance, conservation and development and also for preservation of writings/publications etc. of Gandhiji. Construction of Memorial at Dandi for implementation of announcements made by Hon’ble P.M. on the occasion of 75th Anniversary of Dandi March.



The identification, Collation and assessment of information on “Gandhi Heritage” material for its management and development and the determination of conservation methodology etc.

Construction of National Memorial at Dandi.

All Heritage Sites related to Gandhiji are being developed. The relevant information on Gandhiji will be preserved in the Portal which will be available for the public. For implementation of announcements made by Hon'ble P.M on the 75th Anniversary of Dandi Salt Satyagraha, a National Dandi Memorial, Library Auditorium and Guest House will be available at Dandi Heritage Path. (Dandi-Ahmedabad).

The major Projects are expected to be completed during 12th Five Year Plan.


Artists Pension Scheme



  1. Financial Assistance to distinguished art persons

  1. Setting up a National Welfare Artist’s Fund

To provide financial assistance to artists whose contribution in the field of art has been of great significance and who have attained an age of 58 years and above and are in indigent circumstances.

Medical support to ailing artists.



Approx. 3500 artists will be provided assistance under this pension scheme.

Financial assistance will be given to renowned artists for their medical and other purposes.

Financial support to renowned artists who have attained an age of 58 years and above and are in indigent circumstances.

To provide medical support to ailing artists for their welfare.

Throughout the year


Fellowship Scheme



a) Fellowship to outstanding artists in the field of performing, literary and visual arts

This scheme provides financial support to outstanding artists in the fields of Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Art, Literature and Traditional art forms of folk and indigenous art.



200 senior and 200 Junior fellowships to be awarded

Monetary support to the outstanding artistes

Throughout the year

b)Scholarship to Young Artists

This scheme seeks to give financial assistance to young artists of outstanding promise for advanced training within India.

400 scholarships to be awarded

Monetary support to the young artistes

Throughout the year

c). Scheme for Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research

(Erstwhile Flexible Engagements in Knowledge Institutions)

It envisages lateral movement of scholars/academicians into the institutions to take up projects and research work related to main objective of the institutions and enriches them with a new creative edge.



15 Tagore national fellowships to be awarded.

Meeting for selection is under process.

Throughout the year.


Other Schemes/Institutions (Promotion of Art and Culture)


Central University of Tibetan Studies, (erstwhile Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath)

Established with a view to educating the youth of Tibet and Himalayan border areas of India



Normally non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses


Development of Library

Books & Journals,

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