Outcome budget 2014-15 chapter-ii

To take up activities relating to promotion of cultural and heritage through performing arts and theatres

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To take up activities relating to promotion of cultural and heritage through performing arts and theatres




Financial Assistance to Publishing (a) Research on Culture (b).I important Manuscript (c). Record of History (d). Co-publishing of Book on Culture.

It is meant for publishing work on culture, important manuscript related to heritage and culture, records of historical importance, co-publishing of books, etc.



Financial assistance will be given to non-profit organizations including society’s trust, universities for publishing research works on culture, important manuscripts related to heritage and culture.

To spread awareness of Indian heritage and culture in the countries and abroad.

During the year.

This scheme is being considered for merger with Publishing Scheme.


Financial Assistance to Library / Cultural institute for preservation and Conservation of old and rare document/Manuscripts.(c). Record of History (d). Co-publishing of Book on Culture.

To properly maintain old and rare documents including manuscripts and also application of preservation techniques.



Financial assistance will be given to libraries/ cultural institutions for preservation and conservation of old and rare documents including manuscripts.

For proper maintenance rare and old documents including manuscripts in the possession of libraries, trust/ NGO’s.

During the year.

This scheme is being considered for merger with Publishing Scheme.


State Central

Library, Mumbai

To acquire books and periodicals under the provision of press and registration of Books Act, 1867 and the delivery of Books Act, 1954 and preserve them for posterity.



Modernization/ computerization/ Digitization /Up gradation of state central library

To digitize rare books and manuscripts: Computerization/ Retro-conversion of DBA books

20000 books, 500 periodicals, 300 newspapers received in DBA section to be technically processed and library services will be provided to 2 lakh readers.

Provided the reading material to all types of common readers, researchers and scholars as per their requirements.

Continuous/ Regular process.


Connemara Public Library, Chennai

It is one of four Depositories of Indian Publications under the Provisions of the Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act of 1954, as amended. To receive all materials published in India free of cost. It serves as a UNESCO information center and receives all the publications of UNESCO.



Up-gradation of library and to render Right Information to the Right User at right time.

Digitization of printed documents purchased of reading materials/ books.

Maintenance of centenary old library building and newly added library building.

To provide the reading material and reference books received under D.B. Act required by the readers, researchers and scholars. Not only to the residence of Chennai but also to the entire country.

Throughout the year.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses including Salary, Bonus, LTC, OTA, Medical, reimbursement, etc.


Provision for Project/ schemes of N.E. Region and Sikkim




Project/ Schemes for promotion of Art and Culture

To promote, disseminate and protect unique art and culture of NER.



Organizing various programmes/schemes in the field of promotion of art and culture in the North Eastern States and also benefiting NGOs /individuals through departmental schemes.

Increase awareness of Indian art and culture and tradition in North Eastern Region and also promote unique art and culture of NER in other parts of the country.

During the entire year


Archaeology, Archives, Anthroplogy and Museums

To promote cultural activities in the fields of Archaeology, Archives and Museums



Development of Museums in North East Region and providing financial support to NGOs in NER in the field of Archival activities. Conservation and protection of various ancient monuments/sites located in NER.

Creating awareness of ancient culture of India in NER.

During the entire year.


Public Libraries

To promote Library activities in the NER



Development of Library activities in North East Region.

Inculcate reading habits through library movement.

During the entire year.


Buddhist & Tibetan Studies

To promote Buddhist/ Tibetan Culture in NER.



Various programmes will be undertaken in NER in this field.

To preserve and disseminate Buddhist/ Tibetan Culture.


Memorials, Centenary and Others

To promote Gandhian/ Nehru’s and Maulana Azad thoughts and ideas in NER.



GSDS, NMM&L and MAKAIAS will undertake Cultural activities in NER.

To promote Gandhian/ Nehru’s and Maulana Azad thoughts and ideas in NER.

Total ( provision for NER)



Total (Revenue)




Building projects of attached / subordinate offices


National Archives

of India




Addition and alteration work in NAI building/ Annexe. Records Centers at Jaipur, Pondicherry and Regional Office, Bhopal.

This project may be taken up during 2014-15.

Providing better facilities in disposing of voluminous work and also protecting the valuable records available in the Archives


Construction of functional building of record center, Bhubaneswar/ Construction of Site Development/ Staff Quarters/ AC of Stack areas.

Construction work is under progress.


Construction of an Auditorium and Hostel cum Guest House/ Renovation of Archival Museums.

This project may be taken up during 2014-15.


Construction of building for Lahore House, Jaisalmer house, Delhi

This project may be taken up during 2014-15.


Anthropological Survey of India



Construction of Phase- II Office building at Salt Lake, Kolkata

Construction of Building Phase- II for An.S.I. Head at Salt lake, Kolkata, West Bengal

Additional Space is required for developmental activities of An.S.I.


National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property, Lucknow

Construction of Laboratory at RCL, Mysore.
Construction of Guest house of NRLC, Lucknow.



Work is under progress

For important activities of Laboratory,

Works undertaken by CPWD

Completion of works depends on the efficiency of CPWD.


National Gallery of Modern Art

Construction of Moisture free storage house through M/s Godrej.

Renovation/ Development and maintenance of NGMA old building, at Delhi to a period gallery.



The work is under progress.
Work will be taken up during the year.


National Museum, New Delhi

Upkeep & Up-gradation of various pending works in National Museum



For upkeep and maintenance/ development of Museum Building.

Construction of Phase- II of National Museum Building, New Delhi.

To provide better facilities in the galleries and official wing of National Museum.

Will be completed during the year.


Archaeological Survey of India

Construction of office building for ASI at Nagpur, Aurangabad and Tilak Marg, New Delhi. 5 new projects for construction of office building at Aurangabad, Agra, Nagpur, jodhpur and Sarnath, Also purchase of ready built accommodation and Acquisition of land near Centrally protected monuments at different places.



Works for the first three projects are under progress.

New projects will also be taken up during the year.

Accommodation problem of ASI staff shall be solved.


Public Libraries

National Library

Construction of Type II.III quarters and also new Library building.

Central Reference Library





The project may be initiated after seeking clearance from MoC.
Roof top construction and interior renovation of the existing building of CRL, Kolkata.

Providing better facilities to the staff of the library.

Total (Building Projects)



Grand Total (Art and Culture)



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