Outcome budget 2014-15 chapter-ii

Aims to preserve and re-vitalize Buddhist Heritage

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Aims to preserve and re-vitalize Buddhist Heritage.



It is proposed to work closely with government to improve connectivity, infrastructure and services for pilgrims and other visitors.

Providing a platform for the global Buddhist community to enjoy meaningful participation in the global discourse. To share their wisdom, promote their values and preserve their heritage.


Scheme for Support to State Akedemies

To assist the State Akademies to improve their working in the field of performing, visual and literary arts.



A centrally sponsored scheme for rejuvenating the State Akademies working in the field of Performing, visual and literary arts is being introduced to give assistance in each state on the basis of Annual action plan to be drawn up by the State akadamies.

To do full justice with the demand of the State Akademies which are in pitiable State of affairs.

During the year.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Financial support to Khalsa Heritage Project

To highlight salient aspects of the important events relating to Khalsa Heritage in order to infuse in the public, particularly the young, the spirit of these great events.



Funds for Khalsa Heritage Projects are released to Punjab Govt. as 1/3rd share of Central Govt. (Plan) as reimbursement of the amount spent on the project on quarterly basis.

-From 2013-14, funding for the Khalsa Heritage Project was made from the Centenary, Anniversary Scheme under Plan. An amount of Rs. 50.00 lakhs is to be released from the committed liability of the Govt. of India.

(Provision for this scheme has been included under Centenaries and Anniversary Scheme.)

To create Awareness of the important events and also to highlight the spirit of these great events.

On going process


GRL Monastic School, Bomdila

To impart religious education to monk students.



To promote Buddhist Education and Philosophy

Imparting education is an ongoing activity

The institute will continue its on-going programmes


Institutions & Individuals engaged in Literary Activities

  1. Institute of Historical Studies, Kolkata.

  2. Numismatic Society of India, Varanasi, U.P.



A regular annual grant had been provided to these organizations. The same is proposed to be stopped 2013-14 onwards.

Funding from Ministry of Culture will be discontinued after 2012-13.

No further financial assistance will be provided after 2012-13.


International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)

Ministries of Culture & Art Councils from over 60 countries are members of IFACCA.



Annual contribution has to be given to join the IFACCA.

This would prove extremely beneficial to India, as IFACCA has a dynamic network of Ministries of Culture, Museums & Art Councils including Govt. and NGOs.


Financial Assistance for Statue of Unity

It aims to provide a tribute to Sardar Vallabhhai Patel who brought the nation together.



The financial assistance will be given to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust for this project.

This project will prove to be beneficial for eco- tourism and regional development.

Entire year.

Archaeology , Archives and Museums


Archaeological Survey of India

This organization is mainly involved in conservation, preservation and maintenance environmental developments of ancient monuments and sites.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Conservation & Preservation of Ancient Monuments: its up keep and maintenance including environmental development.

For conservation, preservation and maintenance of centrally protected ancient monuments and sites.

Structural conservation works at about 1720 centrally protected monuments for structural conservation, chemical preservation and horticulture operations based on the priorities, commitments and available manpower and financial resources.

Better preservation and conservation of monuments will enhance cultural tourism. Scientific conservation will arrest further deterioration of the ancient monuments.

These preservation works are planned to be completed in one year. However, this is a continuing process.

Natural calamities.


Providing basic amenities tourists

Development of basic amenities in Ancient monuments including provision of toilets, drinking water facilities etc.

Better visitor facilities and other amenities such as information center, public conveniences, modern ticket counters, better signage, drinking water facilities, new toilets, etc. would be created at monuments, especially at 19 World Heritage monuments and other 116 ticketed monuments.

Higher tourist satisfaction and encouragement of cultural tourism.

Expected to be completed in one year.


Excavation and Exploration.

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