Outcome budget 2013-14 chapter-ii

To support artist to go abroad for seminars workshops, festivals, etc. For promotion of Indian cultural aboard

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To support artist to go abroad for seminars workshops, festivals, etc. For promotion of Indian cultural aboard.


Applications from individuals and groups including ‘not for profit’ organizations will be invited for providing financial assistance.

To promote Indian Culture Abroad.



Scheme for Financial Assistance to Foreign Artistes desiring to study and/or learn Indian Culture in any form like dance, music, drama

Supporting foreign artist for study through independent Guru’s or learning in the field of dance, drama and music.


Applications from foreign artist will be invited under this scheme during the year.

Foreign students/ artist interested in learning Indian performing arts for their dissemination.


Indian Literature Abroad

Promoting and disseminating the translation through various channels including book fairs and festivals with the support of suitable partners in the publishing industry, and universities and institutes of learning the world over.

ILA aims to correct the imbalance by projecting the plural Indian literature internationally.


For translating and promoting Indian literature in international languages. Adequate mechanism will be set up for the translation work.

In recent years, there has been a profusion of writing in various Indian languages. Indian writers in English have gained world renown in recent years. There is much that needs to be done to popularize contemporary writing in other languages particularly among younger generation since many of writers are young and deal with contemporary themes.


Permanent pavilion of India in Venice Biennale

To take the space for permanent national pavilion of India.



The national pavilion of India put up by the Lalit Kala Akademi with full support, financial and otherwise, of the Ministry of Culture Government of India.

It would be economical to take the space being offered on terms and condition which could be further negotiated.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Financial assistance for Book Fairs, Book Exhibitions and participants in International Book Fairs/Publishing Events.

To organize regional public national book fairs, exhibitions of rare publications/ manuscript/ official documents and participation in international book fairs.

Financial assistance will be given to non-profit organizations including institutions, societies, etc. for the purposes mentioned in column no. 3.

Popularization of Indian Culture by promoting quality books and to create a climate in which a vast number of people would by and read books.

During the year.


Setting up of performing Arts centre and International Cultural Centers



This scheme has 2 components indicated at (i) and (ii).



Setting up National Centre for Performing Arts

Setting up of Performing Art Centre and International Cultural Centers at Kolkata and Chennai

To host cultural shows for performing art



This scheme could not be implemented in 11th Plan and now it will be we implemented in 12th Plan. The details for setting up of NCPA, New Delhi on the pattern of NCPA, Mumbai has been worked out for implementation of this scheme

For promoting and disseminating performing art.

This scheme is considered for merger with other ongoing/ new schemes.


National Gandhi Heritage Site Mission

Dandi related projects

Development of Gandhi Heritage Sites and Establishment of Gandhi Heritage Sites Portal in Sabarmati Ashram Ahmadabad for restoration, maintenance, conservation and development and also for preservation of writings/publications etc. of Gandhiji. Construction of Memorial at Dandi for implementation of announcements made by Hon’ble P.M. on the occasion of 75th Anniversary of Dandi March.



The identification, Collation and assessment of information on “Gandhi Heritage” material for its management and development and the determination of conservation methodology etc.

Construction of National Memorial at Dandi.

All Heritage Sites related to Gandhiji are being developed. The relevant information on Gandhiji will be preserved in the Portal which will be available for the public. For implementation of announcements made by Hon'ble P.M on the 75th Anniversary of Dandi Salt Satyagraha, a National Dandi Memorial will be constructed at Dandi

The major Projects are expected to be completed during 12th Five Year Plan.


International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)

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