Outcome budget 2013-14 chapter-ii

(a) Purchase of (i) Books

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(a) Purchase of

(i) Books

(ii) Journals

(iii) Rare books

(iv) Personal collections

(b) Collection of slides through in-house digital photography and Purchase of slides

(c) Microfilming of Manuscripts

(d) Acquisition of Cultural archival material

(e) Modernization of

(i) Digital Library Information System

(ii) Annonated Bibliography Index

(iii) Reprographic unit

(iv) Audio-visual equipments

(f) Cultural Informatics

(g) Creation of Galleries.

-Procure photocopiers, fax machines, tables, almirahs, establish workstations, and provide Information Technology tools and equipments.
(i) Creation of a cell

(ii) Research and field study

(iii) Preparation of Atlas

(a)Publication of critical editions of fundamental texts, monographs on tribal and folk culture, republication of texts by eminent scholars

(b) Research and Field studies

(c) Audio-video documentation

(d) Conference, seminars and workshops

(e) Exhibition and multi-media events

(f) Production of films, CDs, audio-video recordings.

(i) Addition of books, periodicals, journals in the Library

(ii) Modernization of the Library services

State-of-art equipments in Reprography, Computer centre and media production

(iii) Setting up of three galleries for display of arts and crafts

(iv) Digitization of manuscripts, internal repository etc.

(v) Operationalising e-governance in the cultural field

(vi) Collection of archival material from the North-East

Installation of modern equipments

Enhancement of work output and better working conditions.

(i) Training and capacity building

(ii) Publication

(iii) Seminars, conferences and workshops

One year

7 (a)

National Archives for Audio Visual Materials

This will act as central data bank on intangible cultural heritage and Nodal Agency for integrated knowledge and actual documented material.


The detail for this scheme has been worked out and this archive will be housed in SNA, IGNCA or any other Institutions.

To create awareness for integrated, knowledge, information and actual documentation material methodically organized for dissemination.

This scheme is merged under IGNCA..


National School of Drama, New Delhi

To Promote Theatre and to conduct theatre training programmes.



Normally non- plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Extension Programme

To conduct Theatre workshops and partime workshops/ courses in different parts of the country and other training programmes

To benefit a vast majority of theatre enthusiasts in various states with diverse languages and cultural backgrounds and to create theatre awareness in them.

55 Theatre Workshops to be organized across the country. These include short term and intensive theatre workshops.

Theatre awareness in diverse languages and in different cultural backgrounds

During the course of year.


Organizing of training courses/ Children Theatre Workshops in Delhi and outside Delhi

To develop personality and give exposure to children in terms of their expressions and confidence.

About 8 children theatre workshops are proposed to be held during the year.

Children will be exposed to new techniques of theatre.

During the course of year.


Organizing of collaborative programme of traditional group in villages and theatre festival/ exhibition.

Providing 3-year Diplolma in Dramatic Art with forms being practice different regions of the country by organizing collaborative workshops with traditional groups in villages, theatre festivals and exhibitions.

-Theatre workshops and performances with traditional groups.

-Performance by students fellows and collaborative theatre groups.

-Display exhibition

-Foreign visits under CEP with student’s productions.

-Collaborative theatre festival and collaborative festivals/ performances CEP with theatre institutions of other countries, etc.

To familiarize the students with theatre art/ culture practiced by the traditional groups in different regions of the country and to popularize the traditional forms of theatre.

During the course of year.


Promotion of Folk, Tribal Arts and Educational Tours

To familiarize the students with the existing folk, music and tribal art forms.

Workshop with Traditional Group, & Educational tour for 1st, 2nd & 3rd year’s students.

To conduct educational tours for the students to familiarize them with the Folk, music and tribal arts forms of various regions.

During the course of year.


Formation of Repertory Company of Adults performing for children (TIE Co).

Aim to promote theatrical performances for children through formation of a Repertory Company of adult performing for children.

School shows of plays in Delhi/ NCR, Summer theatre workshop with children at about ten centers in Delhi., Sunday club Activities (30- sessions with each group), Participating in collaborative children theatre festival., Tour show of TIE Co. outside Delhi TIE Actors and Teachers training programmes, New Productions. Shows of New Productions.

To promote theatre among children.

During the course of year.


Extension of Repertory Company

-National Theatre Festival & Parallel Theatre Festival

-National Children Theatre Festival – Bal Sangam/ Jashne-Bachpan
Establishment of Independent Campus

Regional Resources Centre, Bangalore.

Appreciation Courses and workshops

Scholarship/ Fellowships for students and fellows.

Development of Library

-Research work and publication programme

New Schemes

  1. Setting up operationalization of Documentation and Archives Unit.

  2. To develop and galvanize a Hindi mobile theatre cum repertory co.

  3. Setting up of regional repertory companies in different languages.

  4. Re-development plan for augmentation of facilities/ administrative post and modernization of infrastructure facilities.

  5. CEP- in the context of globalization dialogue with international institutes of world standing.

  6. Strengthening and development of theatre spaces and infrastructure facilities for theatre groups.

  7. Support to local TIE Co’s in States and Regions of the country.

Dissemination of Indian plays in India and Outside the country.

To take the theatre moments to the grass root levels.

-To develop a Hindi mobile theatre cum repertory in Hindi speaking areas with popular productions.

-To facilitate theatre practice in various languages and incrementally increase audience.

-To provide facilities cultural activities in larger and better scale.

-Culture exchange for new methodologies and theatre practices.

-To assist small theatre groups, to support the local TIE Co. functioning in the various parts of the country.

Performances of play in Delhi & Outside Delhi,

Shows of new production, shows in summer festival, sponsorship performances, participation in BRM collaborative performance with groups, Development of Hindi mobile theatre cum repertory, production of Avant-grade cutting edge plays, encourage new writing and production style.

-Organizing National Theatre Festival – Bharat Rang Mahotsav.

-NSD organizes every year national children theatre festival Jalhne- Bachpan/ Bal Sangam for children.

Conducting short term training programme. Programmes covering areas of children’s theatre performed both by children as well as adults. Organizing Seminars on eminent theatre person. Publication programme of NSD. 2-3 appreciation courses and workshops to be organized. Purchase of books, journals, etc. for the Library.

-Propagation and dissemination of theatre literature for scholars, students and theatre lovers.

-Archiving theatre music, NSD production of repertory company and TIE company.

-To organize shows of mobile theatre in remote areas.

-Setting up of regional co’s in different languages in collaboration with State Govts.
-Renovation and construction work to be taken up as per estimate prepared by the architect.

-Two teams in an academic year of students/ groups proposed to be visited to theatre academies of other countries and wise versa.

-Identification of regions/ areas where strengthening and development of theatre’s spaces required will be taken up.
-Support to 1 or 2 local TIE Co. in the State and Regions will be taken up during the year on Programme specific basis.

Promotion of theater culture.Theatre culture and to give student and theatre lovers and opportunity to find out themselves where theatre stands at this point of time and to better equip the present student to face day challenges theatre faces.

Expansion of creative theatrical work in terms of knowledge and experience. To provide world class professional training in dramatics. Upgrading facilities for theatrical activities.

Promotion of Theatre in Remote areas, To bring to light creative talent, upgrading cultural infrastructural, better understanding of each other theatre practices, methodologies, production process, etc.

During the course of year.

15th BRM will be held in the month of January, 2013.

On-going Activity

During the course of the year.


National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)

To create an understanding and sensitivity among the Indian public towards visual and plastic arts in general and to promote the development of contemporary art in particular at par with international level.



Normally non- plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Up-gradation, Modernization and maintenance of museum of Modern Art at New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangluru.

To promote development of contemporary art at par with international level.

Maintenance of a well organized Gallery of Modern Art with excellent display of Art objects at par with International Standards at New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangaluru.15 special exhibitions to be organized, at least 700 Films shows on art to be screened in the auditoriums, about 300 conducted tours to be organized. Art sketch club is held every Sunday, summers art workshop to be organized, 20 seminars on Art practices to be conducted by eminent artists, 3 Catalogues and 10 portfolios of special exhibitions to be released. Gallery shops at NGMA, Mumbai, Bangaluru and Delhi will be well stocked with art related publications and souvenirs. Art reference library and documentation and digitization of art collections to be undertaken. Conservation and Restoration of Art Work and cleaning and conditioning of reserve collections are to be undertaken during the year. Over 250000 art lovers are expected to visit the Museums.

Increased understanding and Aesthetic awareness of public about contemporary arts.

Through out the year.


Asiatic Society Kolkata

Declared as an institution of National Importance. To launch research projects on language, literature, culture and socio-economical aspects.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Development of Library System

To establish build, maintain institutions for promotion of research in humanities and sciences.

Acquire books, journal etc. its preservation and maintenance to cater readers with books and references.

Research Scholars /readers will be served by providing additional Library facilities. About 9985 males and females including 165 foreign readers are expected to visit the library.

Throughout the year.

Continuous Process


Development of Museum & User facility

Preserved manuscripts in the museum which has a rich collection of archival records, coins inscriptions and very valuable lithographs. This display of MSS is used by a good number of researchers.

Acquisition of MSS, Artifacts, Paintings, Coins etc., its cataloguing and documenting along with archival materials both current and retrospective for inspection of the scholarly viewers.

About 544 indians and 194 foreign visitors, research scholars will be provided more facilities in the fields of Library and Museum.

Throughout the year.

Continuous Process


Conservation & Preservation of rare books, MSS & Development of Reprographic Unit

To take effective measure for the preservation of brittle and fragile manuscripts, rare books and other ancient objects kept in the Museum and Library of Society. Their microfilm facilities & microfiche services.

Preserve rare and general books, MSS etc. of functional and service departments, Documentation of rare books and MSS.

Preserve rare books, MSS, Painting etc. of Library, Museum and other departments. Library, Museum & other functional as well as service departments will be served.

Throughout the year.

Continuous Process


Publication Programme

To bring out the publication of high academic standard for which the society is known to the world of scholars. Particular emphasis is made on the publication of books under the Bibliotheca Indica series.

Publication of 12 Books, , 4 Journals, 10 M. bulletins &

5 Booklets to be brought out during the year.

Promoting and disseminating the valuable knowledge through the new publication to visitors and research scholar.

Throughout the year.

Continuous Process


Augmentation of Research

Research work in different areas, imparting training, conduction seminars, lectures, workshops etc.

Research work in different areas, imparting training and conducting seminars, lectures and workshops, etc. 35 projects, 20 research funding outside projects, 15 seminars, 30 lectures, 5 exhibition/ workshop.

Through augmentation of research projects, promotion of language, literature, culture and socio-economical aspects will be done.

Throughout the year

Continuous Process


Developmental work and Security arrangements

Expansion programme to overcome its space constraints.

Construction of building, expansion of existing building including electrifications and arrangement of other facilities. Procurement of equipment, modernization of security arrangement, computerization.

Construction work is expected to be completed with computer networking and Up-gradation for the society.

Throughout the year.


Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, New Delhi

Aims to improve the quality of life through the medium of Academies working in the field of linking education with culture.



During 2013-14, centre will also implement namely: Cultural Volunteers Scheme and Centre for Management of Cultural Resources.

Plan provision reflected in Col. 4 (ii) includes funds for carrying out the cultural activities under TSP.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Propagation of Culture among school students.

To conduct a variety of in-service Teacher Training Programmes such as Orientation Training Programmes, workshops, Seminars, Refresher course etc. in different parts of the country for school teachers, teacher educators etc.organisation of educational activities for school students and children belonging to governmental and non-governmental organizations. Workshops for children of resettlement and basti colonies and for physically challenged students.

-6500 Teachers/ Teacher Educators to be trained in various training Programmes including Short-Term Training Programmes with State Educational Departments.

-6000 Teachers to be trained through Trainers.

-60000 Students to be trained under Community and Extension Programmes-

-250 New Culture Clubs to be setup in various states in the country.

-50 Lectures on Indian Art and Culture to be organized.


-4 Video Productions including CD-Rooms to be produced.

-20 Publications including Work Book and reprints to be published.

-1100 Educational Kits to be produced

Cultural awareness among teachers and the students.

Teachers are deputed by respective state Education Departments as per the eligibility criteria of CCRT.

CCRT also organizes various trainings/ academic/ seminars/ workshops in NER, through their Regional Centre at Guwhauti.


Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme (CTSS)

Aims at providing facilities by awarding scholarship to study the performing and other arts to outstanding young children in the age group of 10-14 years.

520 Scholarships to be awarded under Cultural Talent Search Scholarships Scheme

-2 Cultural festivals to be organized for scholarship holders.

Providing facilities by awarding scholarships to study performing and other arts among outstanding young children.

Children for the award of scholarship are selected on the recommendation of various Selection Committees.

11 (a)

Cultural Heritage Volunteers (CHV) Schemes/ Cultural Heritage Young Leadership Programme

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