Outcome budget 2013-14 chapter-ii

Installation of CCTV (night vision camera be installed to all the stores

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Installation of CCTV (night vision camera be installed to all the stores.

-Purchase of 04 nos. binocular with night vision

-Purchase and installation of Glass Break Detector, Door Switches (contacts) and pressure Mats.

-Deployment of CISF

-Continuation of security arrangement with 46 Kolkata Police continue till deployment of CISF and 17 personnel from Private Security Agency.

-Construction of 10’-12’ bar fencing on perimeter wall.

Providing security and surveillance system with modern gadgets for the precious and rare artifacts and paintings of the Victoria Memorial Hall.

Throughout the year


Setting up/ Modernization of galleries and storage of art objects and installation lighting, climate control, visitors facilities etc.

To restructure, remodel all the galleries of the Memorial with proper display, lighting system and climate control.

Repair and renovation of abandoned restaurant and dormitories. Shifting of Administrative and Accounts Unit from the building.

-Modernization of galleries with thematic and scientific display.

-Modernization of certain stores with climatically-controlled fixtures and modern storage equipments.

More space in the building for galleries & stores. Thematic and scientific display of objects attractive to visitors. Safety of precious Art Objects.

Within the year


Preservation, restoration and conservation of Art objects

To preserve the cultural Heritage of Modern Indian History.

Status recording and in situ conservation of paintings from RBS collection in possession of Victoria Memorial Hall.

-Conservation of metal objects / arms and armours.

-Keeping records of climatic data in galleries & stores.

-Environment Management Plan to protect Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

-Technical assistance to other organization

-Purchase and equipments from abroad and Chemicals from local market.

-Seminar / workshop / training.

Conservation of textile collection with the help of expert Janie Lightfoot from U.K.

To provide technical support to voluntary organization for preservation of cultural heritage. Restoration of oil paintings and conservation of old rare books for posterity of the Library.


Research and Data Cell

Engagement of research scholars, retired professors, scholars and computer assistants on contract basis for research on History of Victoria Memorial and Kolkata.

Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research, History of Kolkata and Modern Bengal, Victoria Memorial: Research and data collection, visit to archives and libraries.

Bringing out to the visitors the hitherto hidden treasure of Victoria Memorial Hall.

Within 2013-14


Allahabad Museum, Allahabad

The main activities of the museum include acquisition of art objects, reorganization of galleries and reserves, enriching the library and photography unit and publication



From Non-Plan grants, medical, reimbursement, furniture & fixtures, telephone and electricity charges, legal charges, etc. are also met.

Normally, non- plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Renovation of Building

Aim to provide additional space required for staff and visitors in a proper manner.

Execution of works and its progress of relevant portion of Museum building will be undertaken.

Relevant portion of the museums building will get a new look and space required for the staff and visitors will also increase.

The work will be got executed through CPWD within a time bound frame.

Progress dependent on timely availability of funds.



Photography, documentation and strengthening thereof.

To strengthen the library collection and also to acquire number of journals and volumes of sets possessed by the museum, to microfilm certain books and journals which are not available by sending a team consisting of Museum personnel and to acquire books and journals of importance to enrich the Museum library.

Additional books will be acquired after ensuring that the new books do not already existing the library. Photo documentation will be completed in a time frame and coverage of activities done immediately as and when occasioned.

The library acquires books and Journals on the growing demand of Museum officers and staff, visiting scholars, art historians and art critics. Development of library activities will attract more scholars, historians and art critics. Photo documentation will help in proper maintenance of museum objects and coverage of all activities.

Through acquisition of books from reputed publishers/ book –sellers.


Modernization of galleries

The objectives include wood paneling, fabrication of new showcases\wooden blocks, modernization\reorganization work in various existing galleries of the museum.

The renovation work of Showcases in the galleries polishing and painting work in the galleries, putting up of notes with illustration, paneling in some galleries, etc. would be taken up as a part of modernization of the Museum.

Modernization work would provide better knowledge of our ancient cultural/ heritage to the visitors.

During the course of the year.

Execution of the proposed work will depend on the available of funds.


Acquisition of Art Objects

To acquire art objects for the Museum through Art Purchase Committee in its meeting to be held at suitable intervals.

The antiquities will be acquired on the recommendations of the purchase committee comprising experts.

To enrich the museum collections and also to attract more visitors.

Antiquities will be acquired on Art Purchase Committee’s recommendations.

It will be ensured that no fake antiquities will be acquired.


Exhibition and display

Organization of reserve collection.

Modelling Section. Educational and other cultural activities Research Fellowship & Exploration and Chemical Conservation Laboratory.

To encourage the budding artists of the country and to increase the knowledge of religion and culture of people of North Eastern Region

Exhibition of renowned artist in the Allahabad Museum at different educational institution and Museums in India. Besides, an exhibition will be organized according to a phased programme.

-To renovate the exhibition hall, freedom fighter gallery. Reorganizing organic materials/ coins/ precious objects in Reserve Collection.

-The replicas etc. will be got done through the Modeller/ Modelling Attendant and, if needed, by outside artists of repute.

-Museum has been running course in Indian art, Culture and Tourism. Setting up of institute of heritage management. It will incorporate the existing course on Indian art, Culture and Museum.

- the eminent scholars and fellowship awardees will do research work for the Museum

- Anti-termite treatment and work of conservation of Art objects, paper, coin, manuscripts, photographs, painting and wooden objects will be taken up and accomplished.

To encourage budding artists and to increase the knowledge of religion and culture of NER. Creating awareness about the activities of the museum to the people. Spreading the knowledge of museology and conservation.

After the theme of an exhibition is finalized, the relevant material is collected and the exhibition is mounted

To improve the standard of the exhibition, modern display stands have been acquired.


National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation & Museology, New Delhi

To provide education and training in the specialized areas of art, history, conservation and restoration of artifacts and their display and upkeep in museum.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Academic Programme

Noida Project

Dissemination and advancement of knowledge in the fields of History of Art, Conservation and Museology.

To establish it is own building over 3 acres of land at Sector 62, Noida.

-55 students for master degree course and suitable number in Ph.D. Courses depending up on the infrastructure of the institution and performance of the candidates in entrance exams/ interview.

- To admit 225 students in short term courses holding 1-2 international seminar and 3-4 national seminars/ workshop/ conferences.

-12 special lectures- 4 lectures in each in discipline.

-The project is likely to be completed during 12th Plan period.

Advanced knowledge in the fields of History of Art, Conservation and Museology to be imparted to the Post Graduate/Research students and scholars

With the additional space, the institute will add more activities under it.

The maximum duration of M.A. courses is two and half years.

Duration for Ph.D is 5 years. The short term courses are for duration of 5 months.

Cost of construction has been estimated/ revised due to increasing price escalation.


Vrindavan Research Institute, Vrindavan

To preserve cultural heritage of India.



Publication of manuscripts on horse treatment by Nakul of Mahabharata, Mugal emperors donating the land for temples in Braj Areas, etc. Encyclopedia of Braj Culture. Conservation of manuscripts and photographs. 1 Seminar or 1 Workshops to be held along with 2 lectures. Maintenance of Braj Culture Museum.

To promote and preserve the cultural heritage of India.


Museum Scheme




Scheme for financial assistance for ‘Promotion & Strengthening of Regional & Local Museums’

To promote the strengthening and modernization of existing museums at the regional, state and local level.

Nearly 80 proposals received from the different museums up to December, 2012. About 45 Museums will receive grant.

Promoting museum movement in the country by providing financial support to organizations for setting up of new museums and also for modernization of existing museums.

During the year 2012-13

Release of funds depends upon the number of complete/ proper and approved proposals received from different museums.


Scheme for Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Providing Financial Assistance for Establishment of Large Scale Museums

To address the existing gap in availability of museums in various parts of the country.

Financial assistance will be provided for establishment of large scale museums like Kolkata Museum of Modern Art (KMOMA) and others in collaboration with state govt. and civil society in a PPP mode.

This assistance will be given for professional development of large scale museum managed by State Govt., NGO’s, etc., as there is a dearth of large museums of international standards.

This scheme is being considered for merger with Ongoing Scheme.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Scheme for Modernization of Museums in Metro Cities

In order to bring some of the Museums in the Country at par with the best in the World.

The proposal for the second phase of modernization of Indian Museum, Kolkata will be considered.

Proposals will be received from Museum in Metros throughout the year.

Through out the year.

Release of funds depends upon the utilization of earlier grant by Museum in metro cities.


Digitization of Museums collection and academic facilities for Museum related disciplines




Scheme for Financial Assistance for Digitization of Museum Collections for making their catalogues/images available over Internet

To develop a national database of all art objects and antiquities available with the museums at a various level (national, state regional and local museums).



It will have two components, one relating to establishment of infrastructure and other relating to digitization of all collections. The assistance will be given to museum under central/ state govt., private registered museums, etc.

It will help to create a permanent record and prevent duplication and pilferage of in valuable artifacts of nation.

This scheme is being considered for merger with New Scheme.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Scheme for Financial Assistance for Management Course and other Additional Academic Facilities for Museum-related disciplines

Aims at providing training with academic inputs on a variety of museum related discipline in collaboration with the existing Institutions.



Financial assistance to existing institutions for enhancement of facilities as well as for establishment of new departments and introduction newer courses will be given during the year.

Giving a boost to the museum moment in the country by providing financial assistance for training of scholars who want to work in this sector.

This scheme is being considered for merger with New Scheme.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Capacity Building and Training Scheme for Museum Professionals

Aims to upgrade the expertise/ skill level of entire pool of museums professionals.



In service training to museums staff to create a dedicated cadre of experts’ museum professional will be undertaken.

To impart the much requirement training to staff employed in central/ state museum.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Scheme for Financial Assistance for Establishment of a National Heritage Sites Commission

A national heritage site is proposed to be set up to ensure effective and active measures for protection, conservation and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage of the country.



Financial assistance will be given to the national heritage site commission which is proposed to be set up under the National Heritage Sites Commissions Bill.

For ensuring effective and active measures for protection, conservation and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage of the country. As India has ratified the UNESCO convention 1972 in 1977.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Scheme for Financial Assistance to National Monument Authority

Aims to provide financial assistance to national monument authority.



Financial assistance will be provided to the national monument authority set up under the AMASR, Act 2010.

For making recommendations to the CG for the grading and classification of protected monuments and protected areas of national importance.

During the year.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Scheme for Financial Assistance for the Proposed National Museum Authority

It aims to give a boost to the museum movement in the country by bringing the various museums under the control of one regulatory body for their effectively managing.



To constitute a central authority i.e. National Museum Authority and also financial assistance through grant-in-aid to NMA is proposed to be given.

To give a boost to the museum reforms.

During the year.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


Scheme for Financial Assistance for Establishment of a Central Cultural University

Aims to give a boost to the cultural awareness moment in the country.



Financial Assistance is to be provided for establishment of a central cultural university dealing with various cultural disciplines.

Benefiting scholars and budding students in the field of history, archaeology, conservation, literature, dance, and drama.

During the year.

New Schemes proposed to be implemented in XII Plan


National Library, Kolkata

To serve as a repository of all reading and information materials produced in India as well as abroad concerning India



Normally Non Plan Grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses


Collection Building & Book Production Statistics

To collect books and other printed materials published in India, Acquisition of Foreign Books and Periodicals.

Through D.B. Act purchase

Foreign books- 4500,

Titles of foreign journasl-720, 40,000 Indian publications have been targeted to acquire.

Enhancement of readership and dissemination of knowledge to students and research scholars.

April 2013 to March 2014.

Deposits under Delivery of Books and Newspapers Act, 1954 depend upon cooperation by publishers.


Readers Service:

Project Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)


Digitization of old, Rare publications.

Retro-Conservation, Digitization and Modernization of Laboratory, Preservation Computer Units.

Identification of Library books through Radio Frequency Device through outside Agencies. The Project was taken up for preserving old rare brittle books. More than 2.5 million pages were scanned and 25 lakh pages are to be digitized.

It will preserve the old brittle reading books and upgrade the preservation, conservation and computer units of the Library for reader’s service.

April 2013 to March 2014.

With subject to timely administrative approval.


Strengthening of Administration

Outsourcing of Security & Conservancy Services of Bhasha Bhawan.

Payment to outsourcing guard, Safai Wala and others for the library.

To improve the working environment for the staff and the visitors.

During the year.

It is subject to timely administrative approval.


Delhi Public Library

To provide free library and information services to the people of NCT of Delhi and also to provide mobile library services in rural area of Delhi.



Normally Non Plan Grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Collection Developments

To purchase books, CD/ DVD’s in different languages for enhancing the library collection for inculcating reading habit in the masses.

Around 5000 titles

(60,000 Multiple Copies to be purchased for the DPL system in English, Hindi,

Urdu, Punjabi, Beskides audio & vidéo CD, DVDs and référence books, etc.

Addition of new collections will sustain library movement in Delhi for imbibing reading habits.

Continuous process and purchase will be made in all four quarters.


Conservation and Preservation

To maintain the reading material by way of care and repair.

Around 20-25 thousand new books are to be bound through commercial bookbinders. Rare collection of books is to be digitized through hiring an agency.

For posterity of old and rare collections, this will lead to add more library membership for getting free library services.

The work will be executed from 2nd quarter.


Modernization of Library and

IT Development

Public Internet Access

Membership Drive

To served the readers in a better way. And to provide public internet access and other modernization to the readers. Further, to increase the footfalls of the libraries.

DPL providing free internet access services in 9 units. Through leased line connection. The annual fee for the leased line and broad band connections is to be paid for services providers. To upgrade the structure and designed of existing DPL website and to connect all the computerized libraries with networking for centralized issue/ return of books.

Providing Better facilities to the readers. To make it more users friendly and interactive.


Seminar/Lectures/ Training

To develop new professional skills and competencies in the staff.

Around 25 staff members to be trained during this year. Various workshops/ seminars, etc. to be organized.

To help staff to develop new skills and competencies in the fast changing scenario.

New Scheme

Community outreach programme

Capital Projects

Library Buildings at Ashok Vihar, Patparganj and Bawana

To bring library services to the door steps of the readers.

To enhance libraries services in far furlong areas.

To extend library services in other parts of Delhi in a proper manner.

Running Counseling, Promoting Learning-Aid skills and community outreach progra-mme for the under privileged students.

Construction of Library buildings at Ashok Vihar, Patparganj and Bawana.

Running Counseling, Promoting Learning-Aid skills and community outreach programme for the under privileged students.

To cover maximum possible population and area under the library. To provide library and information services.

Throughout the year


Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation

To promote and support public library movements in the country.



Normally Non Plan Grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.

Matching Schemes:

a) Assistance towards building up of adequate stock of books

b) Assistance towards organization of mobile libraries and rural book deposit centers

c) Assistance towards storage of books & increasing accommodation

d) Assistance towards increasing accommodation

e) Assistance towards seminars, workshops and book exhibitions

f) Assistance towards acquisition of TV-cum-VCP sets for educational purpose/Computer for library application
Non-matching Schemes:

a) Assistance to voluntary organizations

b) Assistance to development of different and concern of different general public libraries.
c) Assistance to state central libraries and district libraries through central selection.

d) Assistance to all India library association towards seminars, conference.

e) Assistance to Centrally Sponsored Libraries

f) Assistance to Public Libraries towards Centenary Celebration

g) Assistance towards Collection & Compilation of Statistics

h) Assistance towards development of Children’s Corner

i) Assistance towards development of Physically Challenged Corner

Other Promotional Activity

Replenishment of book stock of libraries

Providing library facility to remotest corners

Providing storage materials

Providing Building Material
Providing awareness, orientation to library professionals

-Supply of audio-visual aid and supply of computers for automation

To encourage voluntary zeal towards providing library service

-To promote reading habit amongst children

Replenishment of book stock with recent costly books

To encourage National Professional Organizations

To promote reading habit amongst rural masses
To encourage old libraries

To attract children users

To extent library facilities to Physically Challenged


Libraries to be assisted with 3 crore Books

Libraries – 10

Libraries – 3700

Libraries- 120

Organizations –60

Libraries – 110


Libraries- 120

Libraries- 382

Books – 1.5 crore

Organizations –10




Libraries- 50

Libraries- 20

Seminar Workshop- 2

The Libraries will be able to keep pace with the changes in society and besides discharging its routine and traditional responsibilities; it would address new areas of the library services and being able in transforming an unequal society into an egalitarian, progressive knowledge society, besides boosting up the literacy movement.

With the challenging mandate to transform India of the 21st century into a knowledge society, National Mission of Libraries is proposed to implement during 12th five-year plan.

State Library Committee is responsible to chalk out programme for the relevant year in relation to implementation of different schemes of the Foundation.

Applications received from State Governments, processed and placed before Grants Committee for approval.

-Applications received from State Governments, processed and grant sanctioned.

-Books are received and entered in the system with categoristion and cost factor.

- Applications received, processed and grant released.

-The scheme will be operated in negotiation with the concerned State authority.

-Applications received, processed and grant released.
Various types of activities are operated through Other Promotional Activities keeping in view of the need of the public libraries.

State governments sometime failed to release contribution in time.

-As a result Finalization of proposals may delay.

-Accordingly Implementation may delay.

-Subsequently Rush of proposals at the fag end of the financial year.

State governments sometime failed to send applications in time. As a result

Finalization of proposals delay.

-Depends on the meeting of the Book Selection Committee.

- On receipt of the valid proposal from the Library Association.

-Allotment of land by the State authority may delay in implementation.

- On receipt of the valid proposal from the Library Association.

- Since the programmes are being implemented in need felt basis risk factor automatically becomes less.


Other Libraries


Central Reference Library, Kolkata

To implement (a) Compilation and publication of the Indian National Bibliography (in Roman script and respective language scripts) which is a bibliography of current Indian Publications in Indian languages recognized by the Indian Constitution and in English and (b) Compilation and Publication of Index Indiana.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.




Indian National Bibliography & Index Indiana
Publication of Indian National Bibliography

Annual Volume 2011.

Compilation of Indian National Bibliography Annual Volume 2010 & 2011

Monthly issue of INB Jan. – Dec. 2013

Index Indiana


  1. Publication of INB Annual volume 2010

  2. Monthly issues of INB July -2010 and January to October, 2011.

  3. Compilation & Publication of Index Indiana

  1. Annual volume of INB 2011

  1. 2011 Annual Volume

  1. Monthly issues of 2013 INB.

Printing and Publication of Index Indiana, 2004-2010 cumulative vol.

250 copies
12 issues

6 Months

12 Months

6 months






Other Activities:

Apprentice for Library Science Students in compilation of Bibliography.

Training for North Eastern professionals in compilation of bibliography in regional language.

Language Bibliographic, Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Urdu.

Up gradation of computer network,

Capital expenditure

  1. Apprenticeship for Library Science students in complication of Bibliography.

  2. North East Region development programme.

  1. Language Bibliographies, Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu

  1. 8 batches of 5 students to be trained.

  1. 3 Training/ Workshop seminars.

  1. Urdu Bibliography 2012, Marathi- 2011-12, Tamil 2011-12, Assamiya 2010-11, Bengali 2010-12, Oriya 2010-12

  1. Putting the INM database on the net


Khuda Baksh Oriental Public Library, Patna

This Library has been evolved out of a personal collection of Maulvi Mohd. Bakhsh who was a man of letters with a great passion of books. It houses over 20000 manuscripts and some rare printed books.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses including Salary, Bonus, LTC, OTA, Medical, reimbursement, etc.


Acquisition: Purchase of Books, manuscripts, microfilms, Video & Audio Cassettes

To acquire books, manuscripts, microfilms, Audio & Video CDs for use of readers.

Purchase of 5000 printed books, 50 manuscripts and 120 titles of periodicals.

Readers and scholars will be benefited by addition of new books and manuscripts.


Preparation of Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts.

To acquaint the outside readers with the hidden treasure. Descriptive catalogues of these manuscripts are compiled and thereafter printed/ hosted on web.

Compilation of descriptive catalogue of 300 manuscripts.

Information regarding such manuscripts which have not yet been catalogued will be available in the form of a book.

Scholars are engaged on piece rate basis to compile the Descriptive Catalogue.


Research & Publication:

Publication of rare material, Printing of Catalogue, Research seminars, Lectures & Cultural programmes, Khuda Bakhsh Research Fellowships and Publication of Quarterly Journal.

To bring out critical editions of manuscripts, publish books of rare value, lectures by distinguished scholars.

To acquaint the outsiders with the hidden treasure descriptive catalogue. Organization of seminars, lectures of distinguished personalities. Fellowship and Scholarships to renowned scholars.

Publication of 20 books, English translation of 3, Hindi translation of 1 and facsimile addition of 2 rare manuscripts of the library.
Printing of 2 volumes of descriptive catalogue, and 1 volume of hand list.
To organize

National Seminar 2,

Annual Lectures 1,

Extension Lectures 4,

Popular Lectures 12, cultural programmes serval

Senior Fellowship – 3

Junior Fellowship – 7

Assigning research projects to scholars. 1 Tagore National publication awarded, Publication of 4 issues of Quarterly Journals.

Information regarding such manuscripts which have not yet been catalogued will be available in the form of a book for the research scholars.

Throughout the year.


Conservation & Preservation: Preservation Laboratory and development of books preservation & reprographic facilities.

Modernization and automation.

Organization of events and exhibitions.

Preservation Lab. For routine maintenance, curative as well as preventive and preservation.

To keep the books in the good condition.

Routine activities for preventive and curative preservation of books and manuscripts.

Getting printed books and manuscripts bound on contract basis.

Internal fittings for the proposed additional 2 floors of the library administrative blocks purchase the furniture for the new building, furniture and fixtures for the new building. Pilot project of digitization of manuscript is almost complete Digitization work for remaining manuscripts will be taken up during 2013-14.

To keep the literature in good condition. The manuscript treasure will be conserved in order to give them a longer life.

Throughout the year.


Thanjavur Maharajas Serfoji’s Saraswati Mahal Library, Thanjavur

A priceless of repository of culture and knowledge, it was conceived as the Royal Palace Library in the 16th century.




Publication of books from the manuscripts in Sanskrit, Tamil, Marathi etc.

To translate, transliterate the manuscripts and to bring out books.

10 New Books and 5 Reprints will be taken up during the year.

For the benefit to scholars from abroad and various parts of India

Throughout the year.



To apply citronella Oil to Palm leaves and to preserve the Paper manuscripts/ Valuable Old books etc.

120000 leaves of manuscripts to be cleaned 1500 books are to be mended and preserved

To preserve old manuscripts for future generation.

Throughout the year.



Microfilm of Manuscripts and rare books for preservation.

1 Tamil manuscript to be microfilmed. 18 computers will be put to optimum use for printing of new books.

To preserve them for future generation.

Throughout the year.


Library for Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamshala, H.P.

To preserve and promote Buddhist studies, cultural research, publication, educational programme, etc.



Research, education, publication, promotion, preservation, development etc. Modernization/ Up-gradation of libraries archive, museums, etc.

Construction of students hostels.

Preservation and promotion of Buddhist thoughts and Tibetan Culture research, etc.

Through out the year.

Funds received under Non-Plan Sector are mostly incurred for establishment expenses.


Rampur Raza Library, Rampur

The main objective of the library to acquire and conserve Indo-Islamic manuscripts, miniatures, books and other objects of arts and science in the library and to serve as a centre of reference and research and also act as a centre of Arts for International importance.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Publication & Printing

Publication of books of text of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts.

Publication of books, journals, calendars, technical reports and painting.

To preserve the literature for academicians and scholars.

Through out the year.


Preservation and Renovation of two Heritage Buildings.

Two historical palaces of Raza Library viz Hamid Manzil and Rangmahal are monuments of archaeological importance, in need immediate repairs which was approved 37th meeting of Rampur Raza Library Board.

Two buildings namely Raza library and Khyaban-i-Raza- to protect the libraries rare collection from the termite, this treatment is very necessary. The anti termite, chemical treatment for these building and its premises will be undertaken.

To preserve and conserve the palaces of the international importance.

This is a continuing project.


Acquisition of Books, MSS

Scholarships and awards

Seminars/workshops/ exhibitions

Preservation and conservation of the collections,

Computerization and application of IT,

Deployment of CISF, Training Programmes and Modernization of Darbal Hall Museum.

Acquisition of rare MSS books and art objects for meeting the demands of research scholars
Organizing Akademic and cultural activities for interaction of scholars, Academicians

To protect prices less collection of the library

Acquisition of books is the continuing project. During 2013-14, books, rare MSS would be acquired. 8 scholarships, 2 awards, about 45 tranlators will be assigned translation work of rare MSS. 2 seminars, 2 workshops, 5 exhibitions and 4 lectures Mushiara and Kavi Sammelon. Documentation of MSS, paintings, art objects, etc. About 10,000 pates of rare MSS, art objects, books, paintings, etc. would be preserved and conserved. About 4 lakh pages MSS specimens of calligraphy are to be digitized. 26 Guards deployed. Machinery, equipment, furnitures & fixtures, maintenance of gardens and lawns, publicity and advertisement, deployment of CISF, up-gradation of IT application also to be taken up. Modernization of Darbal Hall Museum as approved in 37th meeting of its Board.

To enrich rare manuscripts and art objects library for academicians, scholars etc.

Through out the year.


Annexe Building

To keep new books in a proper manner and to protect the building, library needs extra space for storage an Annexe Building is required for the library.

The construction work will be completed in 3/ 4 phases. During the F.Y. 2013-14, 1 Phase will be completed

To provide extra space for keeping new books, manuscript.

This is the continuing project.


National Mission for Preservation of Manuscripts

Aims at cataloguing, conserving and collecting the invaluable manuscripts from all over the country and to strengthen manuscript resource centers, manuscript conservation centers and digitization of catalogues and prestigious manuscripts.




National Manuscript Library and Micro- Filming.

To create National Manuscript Library and to make digitized data in to microfilming.

To create National Manuscript Library over two years. To make digitized data in to microfilming.

To keep the digitized manuscripts safe on permanent basis. For safe custody of digitized data in microfilming form for long period.

Through out the year


Networking through MRCs-

Documenting the available manuscripts in MRCs.

There are 57 existing MRCs. Grants are released @4.5 lakh plus 4.5 lakh plus 4.5 lakh plus 6 lakh restricted to actual performance.

To release annual grant to all the MRCs. 3 lakh more manuscripts have been planned to document.

Through out the year


Networking through Manuscripts Conservation Centers (MCCs)

Aims to provide training in conservation and allied fields and also to provide conservation on demand basis.

There are 50 existing MCCs. Grants are released @2.5 lakh + 2.5 lakh+ 2 lakh restricted to actual performance.

To release annual grant to all the MCCs. 15 lakh folios of preventive conservation and 3 lakh folios of curative conservation have been planned.

Through out the year


Conservation workshops and Training

To conduct preventive, rare support, curative workshop etc. on demand basis.

To conduct preventive, rare support, curative workshops and to provide conservation on demand basis.

To conduct zone wise 20 workshops to impart training for 750 candidates.

Through out the year


Research and Publication and Public Outreach

To edit and publish the printed books. To conduct Tattvabodha Lectures and organization of seminars/ exhibitions.

Research and publication. To conduct Lecture series on Tattvabodha.

To conduct Tattvabodha Lectures and organization of seminars/ exhibitions.

To edit and publish the rare manuscripts, 50 in numbers alongwith Samrakshika and Tattvabodha. To arrange 24 lectures on various untouched topics such as Vedic traditions, Writing Traditions, Science & Tech. in Ancient and Medieval India, etc.

Through out the year

To give lectures on important topics such as Vedic Tradition, writing tradition, science and technology in ancient and medivial India, etc.



To digitize important manuscripts

To digitize rare manuscripts.

To continue the work of digitization through the selected parties. To digitize 1 crore images.

Through out the year


National Survey and Post Survey

To carryout National Survey for identifying the manuscripts.

To locate availability of MSS and to document the MSS located in the survey’s.

To cover pending districts of 10 states for identifying 25 lakh more MSS. To cover 5 states in post survey and to identifying 1.5 lakh more MSS.

Through out the year


Manuscript logy and Paleography workshops and training

NER activities

To promote the manuscript logy through Universities.

To conduct level I/II/III workshops and training.

Running of MRCs/ MCC’s in NE.

To conduct zone wise 15 workshops to impart training for 450 scholars and to edit 12 MSS.

Running of MRCs/ MCC’s in NE.

Through out the year


Setting up of a National Mission on Libraries, leading to the formation of a Commission

To pointedly address the problems of Public Libraries and to upgrade the infrastructure and technological environment of the Public Libraries within a time frame



Under this mission, RRRLF will assist 100 organizations for modernization and networking, 62 org. for creation of model library. 105 org. for up-gradation of infrastructure. 1 organization for national virtual library and content creation, 12 org. for training, 45000 org. for censes of library, 10 org. for model community information centers and 10 organizations for advocacy and outreach programme.

The scheme of National Mission on Libraries will be launched this year. This will lead to upgrade the infrastructure of the public libraries.

With the challenging mandate to transform India of the 21st century into a knowledge society, National Mission of Libraries is proposed to implement during 12th five-year plan.


Asiatic Society, Mumbai

A premier research institution in the realm of philosophy, language, arts and social sciences in relation to Asia in general and India in particular. To maintain and enhance its role the Society maintains a library and a heritage museum of rare manuscripts and artifacts.



Purchase of 600 printed books microfilming of 800 pages daily, digitization of rare books- 750 pages daily, conservation/ chemical treatment to 1450 books to be fumigated, 70000 pages de-acidified, 60000 pages to be tissued and 2000 maps to be fumigated. Short time research studies, Mimeographed or printed ocousand publications. Holding the literary festivals, preservation of rare 19 century news paper. Preparation and printing of catalogues..

For use of future generation and preservation of rare books for readers and research scholars. Better facilities for the members of the Library, Scholars, visitors, readers, etc.

Continuing Schemes

Minor research studies, mimeographed or printed as occasional publications.


State Central

Library, Mumbai

To acquire books and periodicals under the provision of press and registration of Books Act, 1867 and the delivery of Books Act, 1954 and preserve them for posterity.



Modernization/ computerization/ Digitization /Up gradation of state central library

To digitize rare books and manuscripts: Computerization/ Retro-conversion of DBA books

20000 books, 500 periodicals, 300 newspapers received in DBA section to be technically processed and library services will be provided to 2 lakh readers.

To provide the reading material to all types of common readers, researchers and scholars as per their requirements.

Continuous/ Regular process.

Retro-conversion, digitization, IT applications, etc. are also prioritized for the library.


Connemara Public Library, Chennai

It is one of four Depositories of Indian Publications under the Provisions of the Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act of 1954, as amended. To receive all materials published in India free of cost. It serves as a UNESCO information center and receives all the publications of UNESCO.



Up-gradation of library and to render Right Information to the Right User at right time.

Digitization of printed documents purchased of reading materials/ books.

Maintenance of centenary old library building and newly added library building.

To provide the reading material and reference books received under D.B. Act required by the readers, researchers and scholars. Not only to the residence of Chennai but also to the entire country.

Throughout the year.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses including Salary, Bonus, LTC, OTA, Medical, reimbursement, etc.


Publishing Scheme

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