Outcome budget 2013-14 chapter-ii

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Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Project Building

Aims to provide additional space for the museum especially for expansion of galleries.

Construction of Additional floor measuring 5000 Sqds. for housing 8 new galleries over Western and Eastern block.

To provide additional space for exhibiting the objects in modernized and improved manner

One year.


Developmental works (Existing Building)

Under taking various developmental works of the existing building including reorganization of Galleries, modernization of stores, conservation of manuscripts, library etc

Taking up various developmental works and reorganizations of galleries.

To enhance tourist attraction in the Museum.

One Year


Up-gradation of security

The security in the Museum is being upgraded by providing CCTV cameras, fire alarm system and fire hydrant system.

Security in the Museum upgraded by providing CCTV, cameras, fire alarm system and fire hydrant system. Reimbursement of CISF security for 12 months.

As a part of security arrangement for the museum.

One year.


Conservation of library books,

Artifacts, MSS etc.

Other Cultural and Educational Activities

Library and MSS

Conservation of art objects /manuscripts available in the Museum Library. Conducting various educational activities. Up-gradation of photography equipments.

Acquisition, Preservation and Conservation of Library Books & Manuscripts.

Usual exercise is taken up for conservation and preservation of the artifacts being displayed and also kept in store.

Up-gradation of photography equipments.

Educational activities like summer art camp, children week, museum week, special exhibition, seminars, workshops etc. to be organized.

Acquisition, Preservation and Conservation of Library Books & Manuscripts.

To enhance the longevity of the artifacts.
To promote an disseminate art and culture through its activities.

To provide research facility to scholars, visitors and members of the library.

One year.


Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal

Develop Infra-structure facilities for achieving the objectives of documentation, display and dissemination of rich and diverse cultural patterns of India through Education and Outreach activities and Operation Salvage.



From Non Plan funds, the maintenance and upkeep of indoor exhibition, 7 outdoor exhibition complexes, road network, buildings and archival units like library, photography, conservation, etc. are undertaken every year.

Plan budget includes about 55% provision under TSP.

Normally, non- plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Infra-structure Development


A: Infrastructure Development:

1. Construction of shed for specimen stores,

2. Indoor Museum Building: Settlements of Bills,

3.Completion of Construction of boundary wall,

4.Development of Visitor friendly facilities,

5. air conditioning of some galleries in the indoor museum building

6. Construction of presentation spaces/auditorium/up-gradation, site development.

Development of Open air Exhibitions: This year the museum will incorporate new house types as exhibits, develop a prehistoric park in the exhibition on Rock Art Heritage, develop exhibits from Mahanadi river valley, create an open air display space for presentation regarding traditional concepts of wellness and good life in different cultures, construction of indoor presentation/performance space, auditorium up-gradation and upgrade the visitor facilities in all existing open air exhibitions, develop facility of audio tours and audio posts, provide text and labels in Braille, provide facility of escalators in exhibition spaces, information Kiosk (PC based) at different places in open air exhibitions and communication facility for visitors. The IGRMS will also develop light and sound shows.

Development of Exhibition Galleries in Indoor Museum: This year it is proposed to upgrade the existing exhibition galleries with additional electronic gadgets and visitor’s facilities, safety and security of display material will be enhanced by installing CCTV in the indoor auditorium and other galleries and burglary alarm systems and fire fighting equipments. Provisions for smooth movement of physically challenged persons to galleries will be upgraded. It is proposed to develop new exhibitions, construct Satellite Display spaces for housing new exhibits on various themes.

Organizational Setup: IGRMS managed to continue its programmes with the help of existing staff strength and additional personnel engaged on contractual basis. The Sangrahalaya is also doing its activities in collaboration with other Government/Non-Government organizations and communities. This year the existing units will be strengthen with adequate manpower.

Development of Museum Site and visitor facilities to make more visitors friendly. The documentation centre would function as a archival for storage.

Addition of new exhibits in the open air exhibition and up gradation of existing display spaces will add to the goals related to achieving museums objectives and result in the more influx of visitors.

Development of new exhibition galleries and providing additional infrastructural facilities will enhance the numbers of museum visitors and will be a step in the creation of a world-class museum.

Strengthening of supporting units will enhance the functioning of museum and timely implementation of various programmes and activities.

This organization will spend about 50% of Plan allocation under Tribal Sub Plan Programme and sufficient amount also year marked for the activities under NE Region.

Maintenance and upkeep of

a. Indoor Exhibitions (area 4000 sq.mt. floor area)

b. Seven Outdoor exhibition complexes spread over approx. 80 acres of land.

c. Road network (approx. 5 kms), electrical and water supply in about 125 acres).

c. Buildings (area 15000 sq.mt approx.)

d. Archival Units like Library, Photography, conservation, Modelling, Graphic Art etc.

B. Museum Education & Outreach activities:

1. Development of facilities at regional centre, Mysore: Development of open-air exhibition on life styles of Indian communities. It will also organize seminar/symposia, education programme and field work at Mysore. It is also proposed to setup new regional centers.

2. Creation and managing culture area specific and thematic culture interpretation centers: These cultural Interpretation centers would act as a resource centre for the communities and their knowledge system of the area.

3. Temporary and traveling exhibitions: Some more exhibitions on different themes including folk and tribal cultures are also proposed to be mounted.

4. Inter-disciplinary training course on Museum and Heritage Management: Other then the inter-disciplinary training course on museum and heritage management the museum has also initiated a dialogue integrated training programme on new musicology (for museum workers) and a National workshop on Museums and Anthropology for the teachers and the students of Anthropology department in various Universities. Seminars/Symposia, museum talks/ popular lecturers etc. will be organized on the themes relevant to the scopes of the museum and useful to generate a new museum movement. This year nearly 10 seminars in collaboration with some other institutions are proposed to be organised.

5.Demonstration of communities knowledge system: (The museum will organised artist camps, tribal healers camps, performing art presentations, theatrical presentation, Poonam, Balrang National Festival of School children, Do and Learn etc.), Light and sound programme:

6. Development of Supporting Units for education and outreach programme/video documentary films: Various operational units to be strengthened with manpower, modern equipment and gadgets for upgrading their working abilities. Regular publications will be brought out on various aspects related to museums aims and objectives.

Cultural Interpretation Centre at Majuli, Assam is extending assistance in the activities of Museum related with the North eastern states. Some more cultural interpretation centre will be opened in collaboration with local communities and organizations.

Development of new exhibitions will enhance the resource base of the museum and travelling exhibition will help in dissemination of cultural patterns of India and publicity of museum

The varieties of programme and activities will be carried out in phase manner to attract visitors throughout the year. This will help in developing the skill among the museum staff and will also generate a new museum movement.

Strengthening of manpower will help in the operationalisation of museums various activities and programmes carried out through out India.

C: Operation Salvage:

1. Collaborative Anthropological research projects

2. Documentation of various aspects of oral traditions in ethno-musicology and performing arts

3. Identification and Salvage of rare objects

4. Collection of material culture objects

5. Conservation of specimens

6. Rock Art research

7. Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research.

8. Students Internship Programme.

To salvage and preserve local resource management traditions several field works and programmes will be organized. These programmes will bring out not only the knowledge associated with deferent traditional art forms but also create awareness towards such traditions amongst the masses and will make attempt for moral boosting of respective crafts persons.

Through out the year


Other Programmes (Museums)


National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property, Lucknow

To develop the capabilities of different cultural institutions in the country in the conservation of cultural property and provide conservation services to Museum, Archives, Archaeology departments and other similar institutions.



Normally, non- plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses
Mass retirement of senior as well as junior level staff in 2014.


Research and Development

To develop sustainable conservation solutions.

Five research projects , as mentioned below , will be completed

-Analysis of art objects (100 samples)

-Survey , sampling and analysis of lime plasters , mortars of historic structures

-Method to minimize effect of black inks corrosion on paper (3-5 research projects)

-Acidity scavenging starch (Maida) paste.

-In –vitro and in-situ trials of antifungal and insect repellent developed from organic Menthol

Conservation solutions (7)

Conduct problems survey, and then carry out in-depth study to find out solutions.


Field Projects

To conserve collections. works of art and to generate internships,/assistantships for conservation students and trainees

200 paintings of Sir J.J. School of arts, Mumbai ; 89 stone sculptures , 100 paintings of Central Museum, Nagpur ; 150 textile objects , 200 masks and puppets of S.M.M. Theatre craft museum , New Delhi ; 37 oil paintings of Rabindra Bharti University , Kolkata ; 13 big size paintings of Mysore Palace ; 17 oil paintings of Manjusha Museum , Dharmasthala ,N.karnataka ; 25 Panickar paintings of Sreechitra Art gallery, Thiruvanthapuram

In all 500 paintings and 3000 maps involved in the projects mentioned in column 5 will be conserved.

- Internship in 10 numbers will be generated.

Follow international standard conservation practice in treating the artworks.


Information Resources and communications

Dissemination of conservation information

-Acquisition of information resources (160 books and 40 journals)

-Documentation of information resources (Compilation of new acquisition list for 2012.)

Up to 75% of what is mentioned as physical output in column 5 will be achieved

Objects will be received in NRLC or conserved at sites as feasible.

Selecting trainees through open advertisement in national news papers

-Students for dissertations are nominated by their respective universities.

Seminars/workshops yearly calendar is circulated to museums, archives, library and other cultural institutions.

Purchase through open tender /global tender


Training in conservation

To develop conservators and restorers.

- Special course for gallery attendants of museums on care & handling of museum objects.

-Preventive conservation course for library materials

-10 days orientation workshop for care & maintenance of museum objects

-Special education course for the students of DHRM, New Delhi, BHU, Varanasi, SSU, Varanasi & RBU, Kolkata

-Six month training course for conservation of art objects

Whatever given as physical output in column 5 will be achieved.


Up-gradation of laboratory facilities

To cope up with the

latest advancements

Procurement of 5 equipments.

Documentation facilities will be set up and made functional


Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

Museum of contemporary art involved in collecting material and data relevant to a period depicting art history during the freedom struggle.



Normally, non- plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Special repair and renovation work to be undertaken by CPWD/ASI

Garden development

Construction of an Annexe building for auditorium-cum-administrative block

To undertake the repair works of the memorial building, roof and chemical cleaning of both external and internal portion.

For proper upkeep of garden and beautification of lawns.

To provide additional space for mounting exhibitions of international standard and seminars, libraries facility etc.

Special repair & renovation for ventilation to basement area and replacement of present glass tell-tales to the basement area, Old Library, Education Office, Administrative Officer’s Room and roof treatment of Durbar Hall.

-Annual maintenance of the building by ASI / CPWD.

-Chemical treatment of both the exterior and interior part of the building

-Repair and painting to the tank embankments, leveling of the cement concrete base at the north and south gates to prevent water logging in these areas, repair to sprinklers, hydrants & underground pipe line etc.

-Re-surfacing of the gravel road.

--Development of remaining portion of garden that was undertaken by CPWD (Horticulture) in phase and maintenance of developed area

--Construction of an Annexe Building adjacent to the main building at the Memorial containing additional visitor facilities.

Clean and safe galleries, garden water bodies and pathways with good ambience that will attract more no. of visitors.

A world class centre with additional visitor facilities namely exhibition hall for international standard for hosting temporary national and international exhibitions, seminar, conference, meeting rooms, library, cafeteria, souvenir shop.

Within the year.


Domestic Exhibition, Foreign Exhibition on temporary basis

To familiarize the public at large about the richness of the collections and to communicate our past history, culture and aesthetics and atleast one traveling exhibition in any one of the Metropolitan cities in India.

Mounting 4 Nos. temporary exhibitions on the collection of objects of VM. Hosting 3 exhibitions of the institutes / artists both from India / abroad.
Participate/ in fair / events.

Introducing to visitors the tangible heritage of India and abroad. Varieties in exhibits will draw more visitors.

Through out the year.



Documentation Cataloguing, accession, Stock verification of art objects, photo documentation etc.

To bring out high quality publication and some authentic catalogue on our unique collections of works of European artists.

Bringing out of publication and reprinting of exhausted publication of the Memorial Garden.
Accessioning and cataloguing, photo documentation, digitization of around 2000 objects and RBS artifacts & Physical Verification of objects.

Introducing the audience with the objects of Victoria Memorial Hall. More revenue generation through sale of publication

-Accessioning and cataloguing, photo documentation, digitization of objects etc. and physical verification of company paintings and RBS paintings.

Digitization of RBS collection is being done by in-house team.

Within the year.


Strengthening of Security

To safeguard the artifacts and the monument from vandalism and theft and to protect the cultural property

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