Outcome budget 2013-14 chapter-ii

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The Library will continue to acquire new books, pamphlets, newspapers, periodical, microfilms, still photographs etc.

The pre-eminent position of the NMML Library in the world of Social Science scholarship will be sustained with the addition of new books, periodicals etc.

It will be a regular feature.

  1. Development of Museum

To maintain and upkeep of the Museum of Jawaharlal Nehru Personalia, memorabilia, mementos and other objects pertaining to his life and the Indian freedom movement.

Conservation of Museum objects, setting up of security and surveillance system in galleries, up-gradation and renovation of museum building.

Maintenance of permanent exhibitions by replacing old faded and damage prints and their captions.

Maintenance of

Jawahar, Indira and Rajiv Jyoties, printing of museum brochure.

Running the souvenir shop, organizing temporary multimedia exhibition. Repair and procurement of new showpieces/ racks for keeping museum objects, museums and paintings.

New initiatives will attract more visitors to the Museum.

It will be a regular feature.

  1. Maintenance of Nehru Planetarium

Strengthening of the Manuscripts Division,

Reprography Services, Children Resource Centers

Nehru Planetarium of NMM&L is the only planetarium in the Capital and its programmes stimulate scientific interest among the children.

It endeavors constantly to maintain and enhance the reputation of the Nehru Planetarium as a centre of academic excellence. It will continue to maintain and upgrade by acquiring advanced telescopic and other astronomical tools.

It is proposed to procure raw microfilms and microfilm readers, digital, scanners, etc. for re-organization of reprography and preservation services. NMML proposes to undertake a large number of activities for children including Nature/ History Walks/ Interactive Workshops/ Films place, etc.

The Planetarium sky shows will educate the children. Also many competitions, workshops, sky watches to popularize science will be conducted.

It is an ongoing process.

  1. Multimedia Library/ Nehru Imprint

Development of Gardens and Estate

To record and preserve reminiscences of prominent personalities both Indian and Foreign.
Provisioning of hostel accommodation to scholars.

To conserve diverse and rich natural heritage.

It proposes to acquire equipment for up-gradation the studio for the convenience of the eminent personalities invited by NMML for interviews and recording their reminiscences/ interviews.

To make a hostel in a residential colony for benefit of the scholarly community. Maintenance of beautiful garden and woodlands.

It is for providing the missing links in the form of primary research material for the Researcher.

Continuous process.


Indian Museum, Kolkata

Engaged in reorganization and renovation of galleries housing unique treasures of Indian and foreign art representing centuries of cultural ethos and tradition.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Modernization and upkeep of galleries:

Archaeology section, Anthropology

Art section

Numismatic & Epigraphy Wing

The objectives include refurbishing, modernization & renovation of different galleries and reserve collections with updated arrangements and techniques.

i) Internal repair and modernization of galleries

ii) Exterior repair & modernization of museum.

Modernization and development of galleries, library, conservation unit, preservation of artifacts, modeling unit, security arrangement, publication unit etc.

Modernization and renovation of different galleries and reserve collections will attract more tourists and will enhance India’s culture, ethos and tradition.

Through out the year



Remuneration to the officials appointed on contract for project purposes.

Payment of remuneration to the officials appointed on contract


Travel Expenditure

Travelling expenses for project works

Various projects will be undertaken by the research wing of VMH.

To meet the travel expenditure for project works, if any.

Through out the year


Tagore fellowship scheme

Cultural research work as regards Tagore National Fellowship Scheme

Research work related to National Tagore Fellowship Scheme.

To preserve and promote Art & Culture of Taogre’s work.

Through out the year


Development of North Eastern States

Developmental works at North Eastern States

Developmental works of North Eastern museums.

Advising and guiding development of museum in NER.

Through out the year


Strengthening and modernization of security arrangements in the galleries, auditorium & Exhibition Hall, Buildings, Campus area etc.

To strengthen the security arrangements in the galleries, auditorium & Exhibition Hall, Buildings, Campus area etc.

i) Engagement of Security Agency & State Armed Police throughout the year.

ii) Replacement of existing fittings, fixtures etc.-10

iii) Maintenance & purchase of upgraded & sophisticated security gadgets-18

iv) Illumination development of total campus area.

Safeguarding the precious and unique treasure from theft.

Through out the year.


Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

A museum of national importance houses rare and varied art collection from all over the globe acquired by Salar Jung I, II and III.

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