Our third speaker was Mr Vimal Shah

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My name is Aaliyah Iqbal and I am 16 years of age.I am currently in Form 3 at Kianda School,Nairobi.I had the privilege to attend a leadership seminar hosted by AKAD Education Africa courtesy of Mr Vimal Shah at Bidco Africa,Thika.
I honestly didn't know what to expect on my journey to Bidco Africa but none the less I was more than excited.I had a tingling feeling deep within my heart that this would change my life forever and without a doubt it has.
I learnt so many things that made me rethink my path in life.Each of the speakers left me wanting to seek more and more knowledge and be the change I'd like to see in this world.
Our first speaker,Mr Eric,a mentor from AKAD made me realise the importance of being a climber in the ladder of success. As a leader,one needs to have the capacity to communicate and be confident.I, being a leader in school,instantly knew what I needed to improve on and what I needed to change.
Our second speaker, Mr Derek Bbanga,is an exceptional public image consultant.I could literally feel his presence from the way he walked to the way he talked.I learnt quite a number of things from him: I am the CEO of my own personal brand and that I need to take myself out of my comfort zone also that if I am somewhere and I'm not growing I do not belong there (Notice how I use I in my sentences.This talk really captivated me) The most memorable thing I learnt from Mr.Bbanga was the three E's:Energy,Enthusiasm and Enjoyment - enjoying everything that I set my mind to.
Our third speaker was Mr Vimal Shah
Chief Executive Officer of Bidco Africa had a mind opening introduction with a video entitled 'The Tree' whose moral story was basically 'Be the change you want to see in this world ' This really inspired me. He narrated to us how he managed to get to the top and all the hardships he had faced and I knew from that very moment that whatever I set my mind to,I can and will achieve it.Mr Vimal Shah knows so much about the business sector and knows exactly where Bidco Africa should be or rather will be in the year 2030.One thing that will always linger in my mind about Mr Vimal's speech is 'Be fearless'.
The tour to the factory was amazing. We managed to see how the different oils are refined,how the soaps are made and also how the company is using biomass to heat their boilers.One thing that I noticed was that all the employees who were explaining to us about the products knew exactly what they were talking about and explained it to the letter! This shows that they really love what they are doing and their spirit of team work is mesmerising.I also loved how they all stood while eating lunch.It really made me understand what discipline is all about.
Our fourth speaker was Mr.Ernest Ochieng',an exemplary fellow.His talk on academic success made me understand that there is no short cut to life,I have to work hard and giving back to the community is very important.The important lesson that I learnt from Mr.Ernest was to be MAD meaning Make A Difference(Mr Vimal Shah had also talked about this)and also Stay hungry and stay foolish for it is only the hungry who will search for food and the foolish for knowledge.
Our last speaker was Ms.Fatma Mohammed, an electrical engineer working with Kenya Power.I grew fond of her because of her success and the hard work she put in University despite her wanting to give up.I really admire her hard work and perseverance as a woman and this taught me that I can do anything I set my mind and heart to.
On concluding my essay, I would like to say that this seminar was an experience of a lifetime.I am now a new person because of the knowledge and motivation that I have gained.Previously,before coming to Bidco I knew that I could make it (academic wise and career wise) but  had some doubts inside me but after the seminar I now know that I CAN MAKE IT.
I couldn't stop smiling yesterday.I would like to take this opportunity to thank AKAD Education Africa's Rev/Dr Julius Weche and all the AKAD mentors and coaches.(I'd really love to join AKAD ) and also Mr Vimal Shah and all the employees at Bidco Africa and last but not the least all the speakers who took the time to speak to us.Thank you once again. You have all changed my life.

Aaliyah Iqbal.

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