Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology (ocah)

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Ganglin Yin Page 12/27/2016

Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology (OCAH)

(Canadian Pacific College of TCM & Acupuncture 加拿大太平洋中医学院)

Suites 110-1595 Mckenzie Avenue

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Telephone: (250) 472-6601 Fax: (250) 472-6611 Postal Code: V8N 1A4

Email: oshio@shaw.ca


Type or print. Use a separate paper if necessary.

Applying for: (circle one)

3-month Therapeutic Massage Program

3-year Acupuncture Program

4-year Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Program

5-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Program

To commence study in January May September

Year __________

  1. 1. Personal Information

(If you are a foreign student, please provide an address where you can be contacted in Victoria on 1.a. below)

Full name: Date of application:

Address: Province/State:

Postal Code: Country:

Telephone: Fax:

Email address: Date of birth:


Citizen of: Permanent resident of:

1. a_________________________________________________________________________


2. Education. Please list secondary school and post secondary schools and degrees (attach extra sheets if needed). Also, please send transcripts as soon as they are available to you.




3. Two letters of recommendation. List the names of individuals from whom you have requested letters of recommendation. These should include one teacher and one other professional (exclude relatives and close personal friends) who can comment on your potential as a health-care practitioner and on your ability to engage in the program at the OCAH.


Professional Title and Institution

Contact Phone #

4. Related training. Indicate previous training in Chinese medicine and/or related fields (attach extra sheets if needed):



5. Work. Indicate your work experience for the last five years, naming your employer, contact person, and telephone (attach extra sheets if needed):


6. Finances. Explain how you will finance and support yourself while attending the program (attach extra sheets if needed):


7. Personal essay. On a separate page, please discuss the processes and experiences that have led you to want to study Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine (maximum 500-600 words).


A complete Application contains items A-E:

a: Official Transcripts of all previous post secondary education and high school diploma.

b: Two letters of reference to be sent directly to OCAH.
c: Non-refundable Application fee of $250.00 CDN. ($500 for International Students)

d: Photocopies of diplomas, membership documents, or ID if available

e: Personal essay.

Applications should be sent to:
The Registrar
Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology

Suite 110- 1595 Mckenzie Avenue

Victoria, BC, V8N 1A4


Please note:

Applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with the current Calendar.

Occasionally it is necessary for us to change the order of presentation in a class or the instructor. In all cases we try to provide an equivalent educational experience and always provide instructors who are fully qualified.

The Application Committee may request a personal or telephone interview with any applicant.

All materials filed in support of this application become part of your permanent, confidential record at the OCAH. They are not returnable so provide copies.


Signature of Applicant/Date


Accepted for Oshio College/Title/ Date

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