Ordinances for master of arts examinations

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For Regular/Distance Education/Private Students

Applicability of Ordinances for the time being in force

Notwithstanding the integrated nature of a course spread over more than one academic year, the Ordinances in force at the time a student joins a course shall hold good only for the examination held during or at the end of the academic year. Nothing in these ordinances shall be deemed to debar the University from amending the ordinances subsequently and the amended ordinances, if any, shall apply to all the students whether old or new.

  1. The examination for the degree of Master of Arts shall be held in four parts to be called M.A. Semester-I, M.A. Semester-II, M.A. Semester-III and M.A. Semester-IV. The Examination of odd semester shall be held in the months of December/January and the examination of even semesters shall be held in the months of April/ May or such other dates as may be fixed by the University.

  1. (a) (i) The candidates will be required to pay examination fees as prescribed by

the University from time to time.

(ii) Last dates by which the examination forms and fees for the external examinations must reach the Controller of Examinations shall be as


Semester Examination


With late

with late

with late

with late

late fee

fee of

fee of

fee of

fee of

Rs. 800/-

Rs. 1200/- Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 10000/-



Dec./Jan (odd)

Sept. 30

Oct. 15

Oct. 21

Oct. 31

Nov. 10

April/May( Even)

Feb. 28

March 15

March 21

March 31

April 15

  1. Candidates shall submit their admission forms and fee for admission to the examination countersigned by the authorities as mentioned in the relevant Ordinances.For improvement of marks/division. the fee will be the same as prescribed for Private candidates and will be charged for each semester.

  1. The following shall be the subjects out of which a candidate can offer one OR

such other subjects as approved by the University:

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Persian, Sanskrit, History, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy. Public Administration, Sociology, Defence and Strategic Studies, Anthropological Linguistics and Punjabi Language, Religious Studies. Theatre and Television.,Social Work. Fine Arts, Music (Instrumental and Vocal),Folk


Art and Culture, Psychology, Dance, Education ,Journalism and Mass Communication, Gurumat Sangeet & Sikh Studies.

4. (i) The medium of examination for subjects in the Faculty of languages shall be

the language concerned and for other subjects

English or Punjabi.

(ii) The medium of examinations for M.A. Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Folk Art Culture and Theatre and Television, shall be Punjabi, English and Hindi.

Provided that candidates for M.A. Sanskrit and M.A. Persian examination shall be permitted at their option .to offer medium of examination as under:

M.A. Sanskrit Sanskrit or Hindi or Punjabi

M.A. Persian Persian or Urdu or Punjabi.

  1. The syllabus be such as may be prescribed by the University from time to time.

  2. Each paper will consist of 100 Marks, For Regular and Distance Education

students, 25% for internal assessment/ Practical/Seminar etc. shall be as per

requirement of the department. There will be no internal assessment for private students.

For regular and distance education students, the minimum number of marks required to pass the examination shall be 35% marks in external assessment in each paper separately in theory and practical and 35% in aggregate of internal, external theory and practical. For private students, the pass marks will be 35% in each paper.

Note: The Internal Assessment will be formulated and sent to COE as per prescribed schedule. failing which the result of concerned candidates will be

shown as RL.

7. There will be no condition of passing papers for promotion from odd semester to even semester in an Academic Session.

To qualify for admission to 2nd year of the Course, the candidate must have passed 50% of total papers of the two semesters of the Ist year.

A candidate placed under reappear in any paper, will be allowed two chances to clear the reappear, which shall be available within consecutive two years/chances i.e. to pass in a paper the candidate will have a total of three chances, one as regular student and two as reappear candidate.

Provided that he shall have to qualify in all the papers prescribed for M.A. course within a period of four years from the date he joins the course. In case, he fails to do so within the prescribed period of four years as aforesaid he shall be declared fail.

The examination of reappear papers of odd semester will be held with regularexamination of the odd semester and reappear examination of the even semester will be held with regular examination of even semester. But if a candidate is placed under reappear in the last semester of the course, he will be provided chance to pass the reappear with the examination of the next semester, provided his reappear of lower semester does not go beyond next semester. It is understood that a reappear or failed candidate shall be allowed to take the


examination in papers not cleared by him according to the date sheets of



examinations in which such papers may be

adjusted. After


two years of studies

(i.e. four semester course)

he shall not be

admitted to any

semester of

the same course and will

not have any

privileges of a regular student.

8. The grace marks shall be allowed according to the general ordinances relating to 'Award of Grace Marks', These ordinance will apply to all the examination.

  1. Upto 1% of the total marks of Part-I and II examination shall be added to

the aggregate of both Part -1 & 11 examinations to award a higher division/ 55% marks, to a candidate.

(ii) Grace marks given shall be calculated on the basis of 1 % of total aggregate marks of all the written and practical papers of the examination concerned. Marks for viva-voce /internal assessment /sessional work/skill in teaching /any addition al/optional subject shall not be taken into account for this purpose. If a fraction works out to half or more, it shall count as one mark

and fraction less than half be ignored.

(iii) To pass in one or more written papers or subjects, and /or to make up the aggregate to pass the examination but not in practical, sessional work, internal assessment, viva-voce and skill in teaching.

9. * Three weeks after the termination of the examination or as soon as thereafter as possible the Registrar shall publish a list of candidates who have passed the examination of each semester. Each successful candidate in Semester-I, Semester- II,SemesterIIIand Semester-IV examinations shall receive a certificate of



that examination. A list of successful candidates in the Part-II


be arranged in three Divisions according to Ordinance 10 and the


obtained by the candidate will be stated in his Degree.


For M.A. Social Work onlv :

After M.A. Final examination. Block Field work of eight week should be completed by each student For the purpose of Block Field Work. the students will be placed in an institution/agency/organization. It shall be on the satisfactory completion of the block field work that student shall be eligible for the award of M.A. degree in Social Work. In case of having completed the required Block Field Work the student shall be required to produce a certificate from the institution/Agency/Organization to that effect. It is understood that the assigned institution/Agency/Organization shall continue informing the Head of the

Department fortnightly about the progress of the Candidate.

The students shall also submit 50% field work concurrent reports during each year in order to become eligible for the submission of the comprehensive field work report and for appearing in the theory papers in each of the two years.

Concurrent field work will be of 100 marks in each year out of this 50 marks are allotted for viva-voce examination and 50 marks are allotted to the field work report. .

  1. Successful candidate who obtains 75% or more of the aggregate marks in Part-1 and Part- II examination taken together shall be declared to have passed

the examination with distinction and who

obtain 60%

or more the aggregate

marks shall be placed in first division.

Those who

obtain 50% or more but


less than 60% shall be placed in the second division and all



shall be placed in the third division.

  1. The examination in M.A.Part- I shall be open to a person who at least one academic year previously.

**(i) has passed graduation in any Faculty having obtained 50% marks.

(ii) Candidate belonging to the following categories shall be allowed relaxation of 5% in

the aggregate percentage:

    1. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

      1. Physically Handicapped, provided that they produce a medical certificate that


have atleast 40% physical disability.

  • For M.A. Part-1 Sikh Studies, the percentage shall be 45%.

  • For M.A. Part-1 Philosophy, the percentage shall be 45%.

  1. Candidate shall submit their application forms for admission to the Ist Semester and thereafter the 2nd Semester examination duly countersigned by the Head of the Department/Principal of the College along with a certificate from the Head of the Department/Principal of the college that the candidate satisfies the following requirements:

  1. has been on the rolls of the University Teaching Department/college throughout

the academic term preceding the semester examination and;

  1. Of having good moral character; and

  2. Every candidate will be required to attend 75% attendance of the number

of periods delivered in each paper from the date of the candidate's

admission to the


In the Department where there is separate period for Guided Library Reading. the attendance for period. like the attendance of each paper. shall be 75% and will be considered like a paper of separated Unit.

(d) Has been admitted to the examination as reappear/failed candidate, under the ordinances/statutes.

Note: (a)

In case of students, whose names are struck off on account of non-

payment of

fee, their periods, for the time they were not on the

rolls, shall not be accounted for.

  1. The shortage in the attendance of lectures of the candidate will he

condoned as per rules made by the University from time to time.

  1. The Part-II (3rd semester and thereafter the 4th semester) examination shall be open to any person who has passed Part-I


examination in full or has cleared at least 50% of the papers of two semesters of the 1st year from this University.


*has passed Part-I examination in the subject offered from the Punjab/Guru Nanak Dev University ; provided that he has offered the same papers in Part-I as are available in this University. A candidate who has passed Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (annual) course from this University shall be eligible for admission to Master of Journalism and Mass Communication Part-II 3rd Semester examination if he satisfies the following requirements for each semester:-

  1. (i) has been on the rolls of the University/College throughout the academic

term preceding the Semester examination.

  1. has not discontinued his studies for more than one year after passing

Part-I examination.

  • In the case of candidates who have passed Part-I examination from the Panjab,

Guru Nanak Dev University. the marks obtained by them in Part-1 examination shall be counted towards the division of successful candidate of Part-II examination of this University by increasing or reducing the marks obtained.

  • (iii)Every candidate will be required to attend minimum

75% lectures/periods** delivered to that class in each paper.

The college/department shall be required to deliver atleast 75% of the total number


lectures prescribed for each paper.

Teaching/Seminars/Tutorial Guided Library Reading

Period of 1 hour's duration

- 1 Attendance

Practical one period of 2-3 hour duration

1 Attendance

In the Departments,

where there is separate period

for Guided

Library Reading , the attendance of

period ,like the attendance of each paper, shall be 75% and will be considered like paper of seperate Unit.

(iv) Has been admitted to the examination as reappear/fialed candidate under the ordinance/statutes.

Note: (a) In case of students, whose names are struck off on account of non-payment fee, their periods for the time they were not on the roles shall not be accounted for.

  1. The shortage in the attendance of lectures of the candidate will be

condoned as per rules made by the University from time to time.


* Note: Teaching Weeks in an academic year

= 25

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Post%20Graduate%20Courses -> Ordinances for master of arts examinations
Post%20Graduate%20Courses -> Ordinances for master of arts examinations
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