Optical History

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Optical - History

  • This was the start of the optical industry of grinding and polishing lenses for these spectacles, first in Venice and Florence in the thirteenth century,[http://galileo.rice.edu/sci/instruments/telescope.html '#39;'The Galileo Project ref name=LZZginzib4C page 55ref name=Sabraref name=Sabra /ref name=AnnPhysik322132math/mathref name=Geopticsref name=Geoptics /ref name=Geoptics /math/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathref name=Geoptics /ref name=Geoptics /ref name=Geoptics /ref name=hechtmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathref name=hecht /math/mathref name=Geoptics /ref name=Geoptics /sup/supref name = Born and Wolfref name=interference /ref name=interferencebrbrbrref name=interference /ref name=interferometryref name=interference /ref name=hecht /math/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathref name=diffractionref name=diffraction /ref name=phyopticsmath/mathref name=diffraction /ref name=hecht /math/mathref name=diffraction /ref name=interferometry /ref name=J286ref name=Geoptics/ref name=J286/ref name=Geoptics /ref name=hecht /math/mathmath/mathref name=optnetmath/mathmath/mathref name=optnet /ref name=lightref name=hecht /div style=float:left;width:170pxcenter/center/divdiv style=float:left;width:170pxcenter/center/divdiv style=float:left;width:170pxcenter/center/divref name=light /ref name=hecht /ref name=hecht /ref name=light /ref name=hecht /ref name=light /math/mathsub/subsub/subref name=light /math/mathmath/mathref name=hecht /ref name=hecht /ref name=hecht /ref name=hecht /ref name=BBC6950933ref name=eyeopticsref name=Kandelref name=Kandel /ref name=eyeoptics /ref name=eyeoptics /ref name=lensdesignref name=lensdesign /ref name=Ptolemy /ref name=instrumentref name=instrument /ref name=instrument /ref name=instrument /math/mathmath/mathmath/mathmath/mathref name=Bruce Warren, Photography, page 71ref name=Bruce Warren, Photography, page 71/!-- It's generally accepted that 50mm is a bit longer than normal for 35mm film; I've based this on 75mm with 6×4cm

Quantum mechanical - Mathematically equivalent formulations of quantum mechanics

  • One of the oldest and most commonly used formulations is the transformation theory (quantum mechanics)|transformation theory proposed by the late Cambridge Theoretical physics|theoretical physicist Paul Dirac, which unifies and generalizes the two earliest formulations of quantum mechanicsmdash;matrix mechanics (invented by Werner Heisenberg) and Schrödinger equation|wave mechanics (invented by Erwin Schrödinger).http://th-www.if.uj.edu.pl/acta/vol19/pdf/v19p0683.pdf

Business ethics - History

  • In 1982 the first single-authored books in the field appeared.Richard De George, Business EthicsManuel G

Thomas K. Donaldson

  • He was a regular contributor to [http://www.alcor.org/CryonicsMagazine/index.html Cryonics magazine], the newsletter of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, for many years

Thomas K. Donaldson

  • cryopreservation|cryopreserved at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation; his biography matches the description of patient A-1097, described in the Spring 2006 issue [http://www.alcor.org/CryonicsMagazine/index.html Cryonics Magazine], who received an unusually smooth cryopreservation on January 19, 2006.

Pierre Duhem - Thermodynamics

  • Duhem, influenced by William John Macquorn Rankine|Macquorn Rankine's Outlines of the Science of EnergeticsMacquorn Rankine (1855)

Zappos.com - Customer service

  • [http://www.freakonomicsmedia.com/2007/05/17/customer-service-heaven/ Customer Service Heaven]

Social sciences - Economics

  • Main|EducationMain|Geography|Human geographyMain|HistoryMain|LawMain|LinguisticsMain|Political science|Politicsunreferenced section|date=January 2011Main|Public administrationcitation needed|date=January 2011dubious|date=January 2011citation needed|date=January 2011Main|SociologyMain|Social researchSee also|Scholarly method|Teleology|Philosophy of science|Philosophy of social scienceMain|Social theory

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory - Project MAC

  • Fano decided to call MAC a project rather than a laboratory for reasons of internal MIT politicsmdash;if MAC had been called a laboratory, then it would have been more difficult to raid other MIT departments for research staff

Negotiation - Positive affect in negotiation

  • During the negotiation, negotiators who are in a positive mood tend to enjoy the interaction more, show less contentious behavior, use less aggressive tacticsMaiese, Michelle [ http://www.beyondintractability.org/essay/emotion/ Emotions] Beyond Intractability

Workplace politics

  • Both individuals and groups may engage in office politicsMarilyn Haight, [http://bigbadboss.com/OFFICE_POLITICS.html Office Politics], BigBadBoss.com which can be highly destructive, as people focus on personal gains at the expense of the organization

Think tanks - Malaysia

  • They focus on defence, politicsm and policies

French science fiction - After World War II

  • During this era, there was very little mainstream critical interest for French SF. French cinema, however, proved to be more successful for science fiction. Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 film Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution|Alphavillemdash;a thriller and satire of French politicsmdash;was the first major example of French New Wave (science fiction)|New Wave science fiction.

Physical Internet

  • [http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/view/physical_internet_initiative_pipedream_or_possibility/sustainability Physical Internet Initiative: Pipedream or possibility?], Logistics Management magazine, 1 March 2012. Retrieved on 12 February 2013.

History of economic thought - Duns Scotus

  • One of Aquinas' main criticsMochrie (2005) p

FedEx - Operating units and logos

  • * 'FedEx Freight' (Red Ex): Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping|Less than truckload (LTL) and other freight services. The second largest LTL carrier in the United States, with $4.5billion in revenue for 2008.[http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/CA6649203.html Comments]. Logisticsmgmt.com. Retrieved on July 11, 2011.

Cultural economics

  • Dawlabani added the value systems approach to the cultural emergence aspect of macroeconomicsMEMEnomics; The Next Generation Economy System.

Field (physics) - Newtonian gravitation

  • : \mathbf(\mathbf) = \frac(\mathbf)mFG M mr^2\mathbf rMain|ElectromagnetismMain|Electrostaticsnowrap|'F' q'E'Main|Magnetostaticsmultiple image

Partial differential equation - Introduction

  • : \frac u\part^2 u\partial x^2\part^2 u\partial y^2\partial y\sin (nx)n\sinh (ny) \sin (nx)n^2\partial u \over \partial xxy\part^2 u \over \partial y\, \partial x\partial \over \partial y \partial u \over \partial xxx1\sqrt 2\pimain|Separable partial differential equationmain|Method of characteristicsmain|Fundamental solutionmain|Finite element methodmain|Finite difference methodmain|Finite volume method

Boiling - For making water potable

  • The elimination of micro-organisms by boiling follows first-order kineticsmdash;at high temperatures it is achieved in less time and at lower, in more time

Freeman Dyson - Career in the United States

  • Dyson is best known for demonstrating in 1949 the equivalence of two then-current formulations of quantum electrodynamicsmdash;Richard Feynman's diagrams and the operator method developed by Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga

Business practice - History

  • Retrieved on 2010-09-02.Madsen, Essentials of Business Ethics In 1982 the first single-authored books in the field appeared.Richard De George, Business EthicsManuel G

Algebra of physical space - Lorentz transformations and rotors

  • L = e^WLLd x d \taud x^0d\taudd\taud x^0d\taudd x^0vdd x^0v1\sqrt|^2c^2main|Classical electrodynamicsmain|Relativistic quantum mechanicsmain|spinor

Windows Presentation Foundation - Text

  • This means that only the original glyphs need to be stored in video memory once per font (Microsoft estimates that this would require 2 MB of video memory per font), and other operations such as the display of anti-aliased text on top of other graphicsmdash;including videomdash;can also be done with no computation effort on the part of the CPU

Aesthetics - Aesthetics and Science

  • Modern approaches mostly come from the fields of cognitive psychology or neuroscience (neuroaestheticsMartindale, C

Finite state machine

  • Finite-state machines can model a large number of problems, among which are electronic design automation, communication protocol design, language parsing and other engineering applications. In biology and artificial intelligence research, state machines or hierarchies of state machines have been used to describe neurology|neurological systems and in linguisticsmdash;to describe the grammars of natural languages.

Complexity science - Research centers, conferences, and journals

  • * [ http://www.abdn.ac.uk/icsmb/ The Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology] at University of Aberdeen

Mediation - Ethics

  • Theorists, notably Rushworth Kidder, claimed that mediation is the foundation of a 'postmodern' ethicsmdash;and that it sidesteps traditional ethical issues with pre-defined limits of morality.

General semantics

  • Many recognized specialists in the knowledge areas where Korzybski claimed to have anchored general semanticsmdash;biology, epistemology, mathematics, neurology, physics, psychiatry, etc.mdash; supported his work in his lifetime, including Cassius Jackson Keyser|Cassius J

General semantics - Lowered sights

  • But although many people were introduced to general semanticsmdash;perhaps the majority through Hayakawa's more limited 'semantics'mdash;superficial lip service seemed more common than the deep internalization that Korzybski and his co-workers at the Institute aimed for

Ahimsa - Non-human life

  • Finally, the discussion in Upanishads and Hindu EpicsManu Smriti 5.30, 5.32, 5.39 and 5.44; Mahabharata 3.199 (3.207), 3.199.5 (3.207.5), 3.199.19-29 (3.207.19), 3.199.23–24 (3.207.23–24), 13.116.15–18, 14.28; Ramayana 1-2-8:19 shifts to whether a human being can ever live his or her life without harming animal and plant life in some way; which and when plants or animal meat may be eaten, whether violence against animals causes human beings to become less compassionate, and if and how one may exert least harm to non-human life consistent with ahimsa precept, given the constraints of life and human needs.Alsdorf pp

Code duplication - Detecting duplicate code

  • * Using Abstract syntax tree|Abstract Syntax Trees.Ira D. Baxter, et al. [http://www.semanticdesigns.com/Company/Publications/ICSM98.pdf Clone Detection Using Abstract Syntax Trees]

Libertarian socialist - Social ecology and Communalism

  • Unlike anarchists, Communalists are not opposed to taking part in parliamentary politicsmdash;especially municipal electionsmdash;as long as candidates are libertarian socialist and anti-statist in outlook.

United Parcel Service - Competitors

  • This section of operations is branded as SurePost within UPS.[http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/ups_rolls_out_new_economy_ground_service_for_delivery_to_residential_locati/ UPS rolls out new economy ground service for delivery to residential locations]


  • Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tacticsmdash;against his own people as well as others.Glad, B

Celibacy - Secular

  • Similarly, the increasing number of cultsmdash;e.g.s, Manichaeans and Gnosticsmdash;had an inner circle requiring continencecelibacy, The New Encyclopædia Britannica, 15th ed.,vol 3 Chicago, 2007.

Negotiating - Positive affect in negotiation

  • During the negotiation, negotiators who are in a positive mood tend to enjoy the interaction more, show less contentious behavior, use less aggressive tacticsMaiese, Michelle [http://www.beyondintractability.org/essay/emotion/ Emotions] Beyond Intractability

ImageMagick - Related software

  • GraphicsMagick is a fork (software development)|fork of ImageMagick 5.5.2 made in 2002, emphasizing the cross-release stability of the programming application programming interface|API and command-line options. GraphicsMagick emerged after irreconcilable differences emerged in the developers' group.

Censorship in Iran - Media

  • Despite a ban on satellite television, dishes dot many Iranian rooftops and people have access to dozens of Persian-language channels, including the Voice of America, broadcasting a daily dose of politics and entertainment. 30 percent of Iranians watch satellite channels, but observers say the figures are likely to be higher.[http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20081119/wl_mideast_afp/iranpoliticsmediainternet_081119173359 Media and internet] Yahoo!

Internet in Iran - Television

  • *Although formally illegal, the use of satellite television receivers in urban areas is widespread. Over 30 percent of Iranians watch satellite channels.[http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20081119/wl_mideast_afp/iranpoliticsmediainternet_081119173359 ]


  • 'GraphicsMagick' is a fork (software development)|fork of ImageMagick, emphasizing stability of both programming API and command-line options. It was branched off ImageMagick's version 5.5.2 in 2002 after irreconcilable differences emerged in the developers' group.[http://marc.info/?l=imagemagick-developerm=104777007831767w=2 imagemagick-developer mailing list: Introducing GraphicsMagick Project, 15 March 2003]


  • In addition to the programming language APIs available with ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick also includes a Tcl API, called TclMagick.


  • GraphicsMagick is used by several websites to process large numbers of uploaded photographs.[http://www.kitchensoap.com/2009/04/03/slides-from-web20-expo-2009-and-somethin-else-interestin/ Slides from Web2.0 Expo 2009. (and somethin else interestin’)][http://codeascraft.etsy.com/2010/07/09/batch-processing-millions-of-images/ Etsy: Batch processing millions of images]

Urban anthropology - Overview

  • With a different playing field, anthropologists have had to modify their methods and even readdress traditional ethicsMann, B

Boyle Roche

  • He is better remembered for the language of his speeches than his politicsmdash;they were riddled with mixed metaphors (Mr Speaker, I smell a rat; I see him forming in the air and darkening the sky; but I'll nip him in the bud), malapropisms and other unfortunate turns of phrase (Why we should put ourselves out of our way to do anything for posterity, for what has posterity ever done for us?)

Chocolate-coated marshmallow treat - MunchMallow

  • Produced in Serbia by Jaffa.[http://www.jaffa.rs/proizvodi.php?proizvod=munchmallow_classicsm=2] Has a cookie base, soft sponge filling covered by a cocoa mix.

Peterborough - Population

  • forecast to rise variously to 190,700 in 2020 by the Office for National StatisticsMehta, Asha [http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/peterborough_s_population_will_top_190_000_by_2020_1_644025 Peterborough’s population will top 190,000 by 2020], Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 1 June 2010

List of β-lactam antibiotics

  • This is a list of common Beta-lactam antibiotic|β-lactam antibioticsmdash;both administered drugs and those not in clinical usemdash;organized by structural class. Antibiotics are listed alphabetically within their class or subclass by their Brand|nonproprietary name. If an antibiotic is a combination drug, both ingredients will be listed.

Qotb al-Din Shirazi - Philosophical

  • * Dorrat al-tāj fi ḡorrat al-dabbāj Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi's most famous work is the 'Pearly Crown' (Durrat al-taj li-ghurratt al-Dubaj), written in Persian around AD 1306 (705 AH). It is an Encyclopedic work on philosophy written for Rostam Dabbaj, the ruler of the Iranian land of Gilan. It includes philosophical outlook on natural sciences, theology, logic, public affairs, ethnics, mystiicsm, astronomy, mathematics, arithmetics and music.

Blackletter - Textualis

  • Spurgeon, Five Hundred Years of Chaucer Criticsm and Allusion (1357-1900), “Introduction” (London: Chaucer Society, 1923) xliv - xx

Greek fire - In popular culture

  • In their album Turisas2013, the Finnish heavy metal band Turisas recorded a track entitled Greek Fire, referencing its secret recipe ability to burn on water in lyrics such as A secret compund, No one knows, How to put out the blaze? When water you throw, Feeds the flames.http://www.lyricsmania.com/greek_fire_lyrics_turisas.html

2009 Honduran constitutional crisis - Events after 28 June

  • The US Embassy in Honduras strongly condemned the comments, which Micheletti described as a scandalous epithet.Enrique Ortez Colindres calls Obama negrito [http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20090708/pl_afp/honduraspoliticsmilitarycoupus_20090708145552 US envoy blasts Honduran minister for racist comments.] However, Micheletti immediately reinstated Ortez as Minister of Government and Justice.

Primidone - Adverse Effects

  • Megaloblastic anemia is actually a group of related disorders with different causes that share morphological characteristicsmdash;enlarged red blood cells with abnormally high NC ratio|nuclear-cytoplasmic ratios resulting from delayed maturation of nuclei combined with normal maturation of cytoplasm, into abnormal megakaryocytes and sometimes Wiktionary:hypersegmentation|hypersegmented neutrophils; regardless of etiology, all of the megaloblastic anemias involve impaired DNA replication

List of Equestrian Sports - General

  • ---Main|International Federation for Equestrian SportsMain|Equestrian at the Summer OlympicsMain|Horse racingMain|English ridingmain|Western ridingMain|RodeoMain|Driving (horse)


  • In July 2013 it was announced that the manga would be released digitally in English via the Amazon Kindle e-book service.http://mangacomicsmanga.com/sdcc-2013-kids-manga-fave-doraemon-to-be-published-in-english/ It is List of best-selling manga|one of the best-selling manga in the world, having sold over 100 million copies.

High five - Too slow

  • In 2008, They Might Be Giants released the song High Five! on an album for children titled Here Come the 123s, with lyrics High five! Low five! Slap me five! Down low! Too slow!, a gesture described in the song as old school[http://www.lyricsmania.com/high_five!_lyrics_they_might_be_giants.html High Five!], lyrics a slang term usually meaning something from a prior generation.See old school, The Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English, Routledge, 2008

Mathematical proof

  • Certain areas of mathematics involve choosing a set of axioms and discovering what results can be derived from them, providing proofs for the theorems that are obtained.See also|History of logiccitation|last=Matvievskaya|first=Galina|year=1987|title=The Theory of Quadratic Irrationals in Medieval Oriental Mathematics|journal=New York Academy of Sciences|Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences|volume=500|pages=253–277 [260]|doi=10.1111/j.1749-6632.1987.tb37206.xCitation |last=Eder |first=Michelle |year=2000 |title=Views of Euclid's Parallel Postulate in Ancient Greece and in Medieval Islam |url=http://www.math.rutgers.edu/~cherlin/History/Papers2000/eder.html |publisher=Rutgers University |accessdate=2008-01-23 Main|Direct proofMain|Mathematical inductionmath|1='N' = 1,2,3,4,...math|P(n)math|nmath|'N'math|P(1)math|P(n)math|1=n = 1math|P(n+1)math|P(n)math|P(n)math|P(n+1)math|P(n)math|nmath|2n+1math|1=n = 1math|1=2n+1=2(1)+1=3math|3math|P(1)math|2n+1math|nmath|1=2(n+1)+1= (2n+1)+2math|2n+1math|(2n+1)+2math|2math|P(n+1)math|P(n)math|2n+1math|nMain|ContrapositionMain|Proof by contradictionMain|Proof by constructionMain|Proof by exhaustionAs of|2011|lc=onMain|Probabilistic methodMain|Combinatorial proofMain|Nonconstructive proofMain| Statistical proofMain|Computer-assisted proof Main|Experimental mathematicsMain|Elementary proofMain|Statistical proofMain|Inductive logic|Bayesian analysisMain|Psychologism|Language of thoughtMain|Q.E.D.Unicode|□Unicode|∎Unicode|□Unicode|∎ in an oral presentation on a board.

AdS/CFT correspondence - Quantum gravity and strings

  • It is formulated in the language of classical physicsMaldacena 2005, p

MTV Networks - Internet properties

  • The company also owns internet properties, such as Atom Films, Addicting Games, MTV News, MTV International, Rhapsody (online music service)|Rhapsody, LyricsMode.com, iFilm, GoCityKids, Jokes.com, GameTrailers, Xfire, 365gay.com, Shockwave (game portal)|Shockwave.com, and Quizilla. MTV Networks has also made a partnership with Nexon Corporation|Nexon to promote its Neopets service.

Henric Sanielevici - Anti-racist racialism

  • Although he defines Sanielevici as a pro-racist, researcher Lucian Butaru notes that his ideas questioned the racist mindset of his contemporaries, in the same vein as the anti-racist Adevărul columnist Doctor Ygrec (Glicsman) and the conservative anti-fascism of philosopher P

Freight claim - Filing Deadlines

  • Conversely, ocean carriers that service the US are governed by the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA). This act requires that claimants file a claim within 3 days of delivery.Logistics Management Logistics and the Law: Freight claims in plain English page 1 http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/logistics_and_the_law_freight_claims_in_plain_english/D1/

Freight claim - Carrier Liability

  • How much the carrier is liable for also depends on the shipping mode and the governing bodies. The Carmack amendment states that motor or rail carriers are liable for the full loss. Conversely, COGSA states that the carrier is liable for no more than $500 per package.Logistics Management Logistics and the Law: Freight claims in plain English page 2 http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/logistics_and_the_law_freight_claims_in_plain_english/D2/

Ryder - Fleet management

  • Leasing] Also in 2011 it acquired the full service leasing and rental business of Carmenita Leasing, Inc., located in Santa Fe Springs, California,[http://www.ryder.com/aboutus_cinfo_history.shtml About Ryder] and the full service lease, contract maintenance, commercial rental and dedicated contract carriage business, The Scully Companies, Inc., based in Fontana, California.[http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/ryder_completes_acquisition_of_the_scully_companies_inc/ Ryder completes acquisition of The Scully Companies Inc.]

History of the Soviet Union (1953–1964) - De-Stalinization and the Khrushchev era

  • This event also illustrated the new nature of Soviet politicsmdash;the most decisive attack on the Stalinists was delivered by defense minister Georgy Zhukov, and the implied threat to the plotters was clear; however, none of the anti−party group were killed or even arrested, and Khrushchev disposed of them quite cleverly: Georgy Malenkov was sent to manage a power station in Kazakhstan, and Vyacheslav Molotov, one of the most die-hard Stalinists, was made ambassador to Mongolia and later the Soviet representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

National Electronics Museum - Galleries

  • The National Electronics Museum is organized into twelve related exhibit galleries:http://www.nationalelectronicsmuseum.org/

National Electronics Museum - History of the Museum

  • http://www.nationalelectronicsmuseum.org

Anatta - Skillfull action

  • Even the philosophy of Romanticsm involved the assumption that the self is one with the universe, which is a form of self-view

Social scientists - Economics

  • Main|EducationMain|GeographyMain|HistoryMain|LawMain|LinguisticsMain|Political science|Politicspage needed|date=July 2014Main|Public administrationcitation needed|date=January 2011dubious|date=January 2011citation needed|date=January 2011Main|SociologyMain|Social researchSee also|Scholarly method|Teleology|Philosophy of science|Philosophy of social scienceMain|Social theory

University of Aberdeen - Colleges and faculties

  • ::Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Sciences and Management (AICSM)

University of Aberdeen - Colleges and faculties

  • ::Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology (ICSMB)

Canonical ensemble

  • | footer = (the potential is plotted as a red curve). Each panel shows an energy-position plot with the various stationary states, along with a side plot showing the distribution of states in energy.math|ψi(x)2Details|statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)|the representation of ensembles in quantum mechanicsmath|ρ̂citation needed|date=October 2013math|Ĥmath|exp()math|Tr ρ̂ 1math|ψi⟩math|imath|Eimath|Ĥψi⟩ Eiψi⟩multiple image

Canonical ensemble

  • Details|statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)|the representation of ensembles in classical mechanicsmath|ρ(p1, … pn, q1, … qn)math|p1, … pnmath|q1, … qnmath|n 3Nmath|Emath|(p1, … qn)math|hmath|energy×timemath|ρmath|h 1 [energy unit]×[time unit]math|hmath|Cmath|C N!math|ρmath|hnCmath|hreflist|group=note

Landscape - Etymology

  • The dictionary definition of aesthetic perpetuates Baumgarten's error and defines it as things perceptible by the senses as opposed to things thinkable or immaterial,Shorter Oxford Dictionary, 1973 pertaining to the sense of the beautiful or the science of aestheticsMacquarie Dictionary, 1981., or of, relating to, or dealing with aesthetics or the beautiful.Websters Dictionary, 1973

Quadripoint - Void or dispute-pendant quadripoints

  • But whatever the ultimate disposition of disputed national sovereignty, the intersection and quadripoint of two undisputedly pristine and two highly disputable territories endures.http://www.icsm.gov.au/mapping/images/antarctica.jpg The void areas meet the polar quadripoint between the 90th and 150th meridian west longitude (Marie Byrd Land) and, again, between the 20th meridian west and 45th meridian east (this latter sector, of indefinite extent, owing to the Norwegian exclusion of the South Pole from Queen Maud Land), while sovereign or treaty-regulated areas converge at the polar quadripoint in the two intervals between the void areas.


  • Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tacticsmdash;against his own people as well as others.Glad, B

Jazz-funk - Albums

  • *B-Side Stereo by [http://www.atomicsmusic.com Atomics]

Mérida, Yucatán - Education

  • * Instituto de Ciencias Sociales de Merida (ICSMAC)

Grand canonical ensemble - Basics

  • : \Omega = -kT \ln\Big(1 + e^ k Tmath|Nmath|Ncite isbn|9780198517405math|N0math|E0math|N0 − 1math|E0 + ΔEI + qϕmath|N0 + 1math|E0 − ΔEA − qϕmath|ΔEImath|ΔEAmath|ϕmath|−qmath|−qϕ − µmath|−qϕ − µ Wcite doi|10.1063/1.1139776math|ϵCmath|−qϕmath|ΔEI 45 meVmath|ϵC − µmath|600 meVmath|ϵC − µsee also|Chemical potentialmath|µNmath|µ 0cite doi|10.1103/Physics.7.7math|Nmath|Nimath|N (particle number - antiparticle number)Details|statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)|the representation of ensembles in quantum mechanicsmath|ρ̂citation needed|date=October 2013math|Ĥmath|N̂1math|N̂2math|expmath|Tr ρ̂ 1math|Ĥmath|N̂1math|ψi⟩math|imath|Ĥψi⟩ Eiψi⟩math|N̂1ψi⟩ N1,iψi⟩math|imath|Eimath|N1,imath|N2,iDetails|statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)|the representation of ensembles in classical mechanicsmath|ρ(N1, … Ns, p1, … pn, q1, … qn)math|p1, … pnmath|q1, … qnmath|nmath|nmath|n 3Nmath|Emath|(N1, … Ns, p1, … pn, q1, … qn)math|hmath|energy×timemath|ρmath|h 1 [energy unit]×[time unit]math|hmath|Cmath|N1, … Nsmath|ρDetails|statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)|phase space overcountingmath|Cmath|C 1math|Nmath|Nmath|Creflist|group=note

1862 congressional elections - Election summaries

  • small|Redistricted from the 12th districtparty shading/Democraticsmall|Redistricted from the 8th districtparty shading/Republicanparty shading/Democraticushr|Ohio|8|Ohio 8party shading/Democraticplainlist |

1862 congressional elections - Election summaries

  • small|Redistricted from the 17th districtparty shading/Democraticsmall|Redistricted from the 16th districtparty shading/Republicanparty shading/Lossushr|Ohio|16|Ohio 16party shading/Democraticplainlist |

SS Georgic (1895)

  • SS|NaronicSMS|Möwecite book|last=de Kerbrech|first=Richard|title=Ships of the White Star Line|year=2009|publisher=Ian Allan|location=Shepperton|isbn=978 0 7110 3366 5

The Trap (television documentary series) - 1. F**k You Buddy (11 March 2007)

  • The episode ends with the suggestion that this mathematically modelled society is run on datamdash;performance targets, quotas, statisticsmdash;and that it is these figures combined with the exaggerated belief in human selfishness that has created a cage for Western humans. The precise nature of the cage is to be discussed in the next episode.

Secondhand Serenade - Early history, first release (2004–2006)

  • While some artists may fear the rawness of playing with just an acoustic guitar, John welcomes the honesty it comes along with. He claims in some ways a band is more powerful, but in other ways there are things you can do with one voice and one acoustic guitar that you couldn't do with an army of musicians behind you.http://www.lyricsmania.com/biography/secondhand_serenade_biography_8321.html

Petrolsoft Corporation - Influence

  • Initial customers for the product included Sunoco, ARCO, Mobil, Exxon,[http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/336509-Doing_Business.php Logistics Management - Doing Business] and Tosco Corporation|Tosco, expanding to many of the major oil companies in the United States, and eventually world-wide at companies such as YPF (Argentina) and Ampol (Australia)

Royal Radar Establishment - The Physics Division -- some of the staff and their work

  • His earlier publications on several topicsM

Royal Radar Establishment - The Physics Division -- some of the staff and their work

  • *Michael J. Radcliffe, theoretical physicist. Later on the faculty of Carnegie Institute of Technology, editor of revised edition of Born's Atomic PhysicsMax Born, Roger John Blin-Stoyle, J. M. Radcliffe, Atomic physics, 8th ed. Blackie, Glasgow, 1969; reprinted Dover Press, 1989.

Tectonics - Plate tectonics

  • Convergent and transform boundaries form the largest structural discontinuities in the lithosphere and are responsible for most of the world's major (Moment magnitude scale|Mw Main|Salt tectonicsMain|Neotectonicsdoi|10.1007/1-4020-3880-1Main|TectonophysicsMain|Seismotectonics

Boiling water - For making water potable

  • The elimination of micro-organisms by boiling follows first-order kineticsmdash;at high temperatures it is achieved in less time and at lower, in more time

Piotr Skarga - Life

  • Wolan was a notable figure in the Commonwealth politicsmdash;not only a publicist, but a royal secretary, diplomat and Sejm deputy

Volume integral

  • In mathematicsmdash;in particular, in multivariable calculusmdash;a 'volume integral' refers to an integral over a 3-dimensional domain.

Cosmic inflation - Precursors

  • Like a metastable phase in statistical mechanicsmdash;water below the freezing temperature or above the boiling pointmdash;a quantum field would need to nucleate a large enough bubble of the new vacuum, the new phase, in order to make a transition

Jones Law (Philippines) - Evolution of the bill

  • President Theodore Roosevelt said as early as 1901, We hope to do for them what has never been done for any people of the tropicsmdash;to make them fit for self-government after the fashion of really free nations.

Captain Triumph - The All-Star Squadron

  • Writer Roy Thomas indicates he always intended to use Captain Triumph in All-Star Squadron but never got around to it before the title was cancelled.http://comicsmakenosense.blogspot.com/2010/06/martyrdom-of-captain-triumph-monday.html Comics Make No Sense.

Gnosis - The Gnostic sects

  • Later, Valentinius (Valentinus), taught that gnosis was the privileged Gnosis kardias knowledge of the heart or insight about the spirituality|spiritual nature of the universe|cosmos that brought about salvation to the Pneumatic (Gnosticism)|pneumaticsmdash; the name given to those believed to have reached the final goal of sanctity.

Apple IIc - International versions

  • The DVORAK keyboard layout was not available on international IIcsmdash;the feature had been intended to switch between international keyboards; the DVORAK layout was merely added to give the switch a function on US IIcs

Microcanonical ensemble - Quantum mechanical

  • Details|statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)|the representation of ensembles in quantum mechanicsmath|ρ̂math|ψi⟩math|icitation needed|date=November 2013math|Himath|Ĥψi⟩ Hiψi⟩math|Ĥmath|ρ̂ E1h^n C1WH-E\omega1h^n CH-E\omegaH E1h^n C \, dp_1 \ldots dq_n .

Vector logic - Extensions

  • * Elementary cellular automaton|Elementary cellular automata can be analyzed using the operator structure of vector logic; this analysis leads to a spectral decomposition of the laws governing the its dynamicsMizraji, E. (2006) The parts and the whole: inquiring how the interaction of simple subsystems generates complexity. International Journal of General Systems, 35, pp. 395–415.Arruti, C., Mizraji, E. (2006) Hidden potentialities. International Journal of General Systems, 35, 461–469.

GPL font exception

  • Most libre fonts today have such a copyleft license – the SIL OFL or GNU GPL with the Font Exception described in the GPL FAQ.See Copyleft Business by Dave Crossland in Libre Graphics Magazine p.12-13, volume 1 issue 2, 2011: http://libregraphicsmag.com/files/libregraphicsmag_1.2_lowquality.pdf | http://libregraphicsmag.com/backissues.html Republished at http://understandingfonts.com/blog/2011/07/copyleft-business/ (accessed 2011:10-22)

AN/APQ-13 - Weather radar use

  • The AN/APQ-13 radar was the first military radar converted to civilian use as a weather warning radar. About 30 systems were converted, starting in late 1945. They were installed at military bases.Historical Electronics Museum [http://www.nationalelectronicsmuseum.org/past-gallery.shtml ].

Hellebore - Interspecific hybrids

  • × ericsmithii (H

Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2014) - Russian protests

  • Critics of Vladimir Putin also express cautious criticsm in the press and social media. Gary Kasparov, a consistent critic of Putin who is protected round the clock by bodygurards, has cautiously opined http://time.com/3006917/garry-kasparov-malaysian-air-ukraine-crash-putin/ on the MH117 shootdow and called for Western intervention.http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/peopleandpower/2007/12/200852519141140188.html

Info-Tech Research Group - Core Research Services

  • *Benchmarking and diagnosticsmdash;Benchmarking tools help IT departments to assess their budget, staffing and the organization’s satisfaction with their IT department

Online grocer

  • 'Online Grocer' refers to a grocery store that allows private individuals and businesses to purchase groceries and grocery products online.http://www.padgadget.com/2011/01/11/peapod-brings-online-grocery-shopping-service-to-ipad/, Peapod Brings Online Grocery Shopping Service to iPad, Pad Gadget, January 11, 2011, Retrieved February 1, 2011.http://www.logisticsmanager.com/Articles/15470/Online+grocer+heads+towards+profit+.html, Online grocer heads towards profit Published: 01 February 2011 03:51 PM, Retrieved February 1, 2011

SportsCenter - 2014–present

  • A new graphics package was also introduced, emphasizing bolder, yet simpler graphicsmdash;in both appearance, and their level of content

Scrub typhus - History

  • World War II provides some indicators that the disease is endemic to undeveloped areas in all of Oceania in the Pacific Ocean theater of World War II|Pacific Theater, although war records frequently lack assured diagnoses to desired by epidemiological staticsmdash;and many records of high fever evacuations were also likely to be other tropical illnesses

List of Doraemon chapters

  • In July 2013 it was announced that the manga would be released digitally in English via the Amazon Kindle e-book service.http://mangacomicsmanga.com/sdcc-2013-kids-manga-fave-doraemon-to-be-published-in-english/

Lateral earth pressure - At rest pressure

  • Jaky (1948)Jaky J. (1948) Pressure in silos, 2nd ICSMFE, London, Vol. 1, pp 103-107. for normally consolidated soils:

Dimension stone - Production

  • Basicsmines-update.blogspot.com

Love and Death - Reception

  • The film grossed over $20 million in North America,[http://boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=loveanddeath.htm Love and Death] on Box Office Mojo making it the 1975 in film|18th highest grossing picture of 1975. At Rotten Tomatoes, 18 criticsmdash;including three of the site's top criticsmdash;consider the film fresh, with an average 8.1/10 rating.

XCF (file format) - Software support

  • * Krita imports XCF files using the GraphicsMagick library.

House numbering - Australia

  • Thus a farm 2300 m from the start of the road, on the right-hand side would be numbered 230.[http://www.icsm.gov.au/icsm/street/index.html Street Addressing Working Group and the National Street Addressing Standard]

Minicomic - History

  • In terms of production and distribution issues and their audience, minicomicsmdash;of all of the sizes and types mentioned abovemdash;have much more in common with each other, and with zines, than with any traditionally published comics; this may be the reason why the meaning of the term has shifted

Cone penetration test - History and development

  • S, 1965, The Friction Jacket Cone as an Aid in Determining the Soil Profile; Proceedings, 6th ICSMFE, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Vol I, pp.17-20

Super (2010 American film) - Production

  • Super was filmed between December 9, 2009, and January 24, 2010, in Shreveport, Louisiana, with additional shooting at director James Gunn's home in Los Angeles, California, (the comic book store shown in the film is a real store, ComicSmash, in Studio City, CA). Being a low-budget independent project, everyone involved in the film was paid scale (the minimum allowed by the Screen Actors Guild). Tyler Bates worked on the soundtrack.

System Reference Document - Scope

  • The SRD specifies the skeleton rules and mechanicsmdash;including races, classes, feats, skills, spells, magic items and monstersmdash;compatible with the d20 System version of Dungeons Dragons editions 3.0 - 3.5 (the 4th edition represents a substantial revision) and various other roleplaying games from Wizards of the Coast

Erik Morales

  • |align=left|Plaza Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico City#Federal District|Distrito Federal, Mexicosmall|Won WBC Silver light-welterweight title.Flagicon|NICsmall|2010-03-27small|2007-08-04small|Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinoissmall|For WBC lightweight title.Flagicon|PHIsmall|3 (12),(2:57)small|2006-11-18small|Thomas Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|For WBC Internationalsuper-featherweight title.Flagicon|PHIsmall|10 (12),(2:33)small|2006-01-21small|Thomas Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|For WBC Internationalsuper-featherweight title.small|2005-09-10small|Staples Center, Los Angeles, Californiasmall|For vacant WBC International lightweight title.Flagicon|PHIsmall|2005-03-19small|MGM Grand Las Vegas|MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|Won WBC Internationalsuper-featherweight title.Flagicon|Mexicosmall|2004-11-27small|MGM Grand Las Vegas|MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|Lost WBC super-featherweight title.small|2004-07-31small| MGM Grand Las Vegas|MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|Retained WBC super-featherweight title.Won International Boxing Federation|IBF super-featherweight titlesFlagicon|Mexicosmall|2004-02-28small|MGM Grand Las Vegas|MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|Won WBC super-featherweight title.Flagicon|Mexicosmall|3 (12),(2:58)small|2003-10-04small|Staples Center, Los Angeles, Californiasmall|WBC super featherweight|super-featherweight Eliminator.small|5 (12),(1:02)small|2003-07-31small|Mandalay Bay Resort Casino, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|Retained WBC featherweight title.small|3 (12), (2:16)small|2003-2-22Flagicon|Mexicosmall|2002-11-16small|Mandalay Bay Resort Casino, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|Won vacant WBC featherweight title.Flagicon|Mexicosmall|2002-06-22small| MGM Grand Las Vegas|MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevadasmall|Lost WBC featherweight title

California Trail - Cholera and death on the trail

  • Cholera killed additional thousands in London England,London cholera epidemics [http://www.choleraandthethames.co.uk/] Accessed 27 July 2012 Liverpool, EnglandLiverpool cholera epidemic [http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk/Epidemicsmain.html] Accessed 27 July 2012 and other cities in Europe and around the world

Libre Graphics Meeting - Overview

  • LGM aims to bring these people together in the cause of creating high quality free graphics applications;http://www.libregraphicsmeeting.org/2011/2011/05/11/libre-graphics-meeting-2011-brings-open-source-graphics-culture-and-developers-to-montreal/ By collaborating it allows the development of cross-application assets like brushes and enhanced interoperability such as shared file formats.[http://www.libregraphicsmeeting.org/2009/download/lgm_20090218_-_press_release.pdf ('PDF') Libre Graphics Meeting 2009 Press Release]

Robert Trujillo - Technique

  • By G.M. Jameson. Robert Trujillo Demands Something Solid Available at: www.rottenbass.com/warwick-robert-trujillo-signature-bass-57 Accessed on June 24, 2013. and chord-based harmonicsMetallica Bassist Robert Trujillo Funding Jaco Pastorius Biopic

The Physics (music group) - Critical reception and role in the Seattle scene

  • Their vibe is positive, their production is intricate and well-finished, and they reach a rare-level of professionalism with each release.http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/reverb/2012/08/the_physics_tomorrow_people_is.php The Seattle Times named Love Is a Business one of the Top 10 local albums of 2011.http://seattletimes.com/html/matsononmusic/2017084236_best_pop_music_2011_seattle_an.html Radio station 90.3 KEXP ranked Tomorrow People on its DJ's Top 10 Lists of 2012.http://thephysicsmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/KEXPSS.jpg

Early Modern Romania - Principality of Transylvania (1606ndash;1688)

  • Nevertheless, epidemicsmeasles and bubonic plaguewhich returned in each decade killed many peoples during the century.

Grafton Street, Dublin - Popular culture

  • * In the song Before the Worst performed by The Script, Grafton Street is mentioned in the lyrics; It was Grafton Street on a rainy night, I was down on one knee and you were mine for life.The Script. [http://www.lyricsmania.com/before_the_worst_lyrics_script_the.html Before the Worst].

California National Historic Trail - Cholera and death on the trail

  • Cholera killed additional thousands in London England,London cholera epidemics [http://www.choleraandthethames.co.uk/] Accessed 27 July 2012 Liverpool, England,Liverpool cholera epidemic [http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk/Epidemicsmain.html] Accessed 27 July 2012 and other cities in Europe and around the world

Coprolalia - Prevalence

  • The same study found that the chance of having coprolalia increased linearly with the number of comorbid conditions: patients with four or five other conditionsmdash;in addition to ticsmdash;were four to six times more likely to have coprolalia than persons with only Tourette's

Culture of Dallas - People and Politics

  • The largest ethnic minority group in the city is the Hispanicsmdash;Dallas is a major destination for Mexico|Mexican immigration|immigrants seeking opportunity in the United States because it is relatively close, along with the rest of Texas, to the U.S.ndash;Mexico border

List of fictional primates - Literature

  • Main|List of fictional primates in comicsseealso|Gorillas in comicsMain|List of fictional primates in filmMain|List of fictional primates in animationMain|List of fictional primates in televisionMain|List of fictional primates in video games·················· ZX Spectrum

Music and Lyrics

  • eFilmCritic.[http://www.wildaboutmovies.com/movies/MusicAndLyricsMoviePosterTrailerDrewBarrymoreHughGrant.php Music And Lyrics]

Alphorn - Construction and qualities

  • Similar to the view of Leopold Kronecker that God made the integers; all else is the work of man, musicians drawn to the alphorn and other instruments that sound the natural harmonics, such as the natural horn, consider the notes of the natural harmonic seriesmdash; particularly the 7th and 11th harmonicsmdash; to be God's Notes, the remainder of the chromatic scale enabled by keys, valves, slides and other methods of changing the qualities of the simple open pipe being an artifact of mere mortals.

Peter Altmaier - Parliamentary State Secretary

  • In this capacity, he publicly admitted in 2009 that Germany followed a request of the government of Saudi Arabia it to grant influential cleric Abdullah Ibn Jibreen police protection in a Berlin hospital where he was undergoing heart treatment; the decision garnered sharp criticsm from the opposition parties, with the Green Party questioning why Germany hosted someone who “has called for the killing of Shiites [and] praised Osama bin Laden.Souad Mekhennet (June 17, 2009), [http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/18/world/europe/18germany.html Saudi Cleric With Militant Views Paid Medical Visit to Germany] New York Times.

Unified Team at the 1992 Summer Olympics - Tennis

  • Fernandez|USA|1992 Summermain|Volleyball at the 1992 Summer Olympicsmain|Water polo at the 1992 Summer Olympicsmain|Weightlifting at the 1992 Summer Olympicsmain|Wrestling at the 1992 Summer Olympics

Hiroyuki Owaku - Career

  • Ōwaku and fellow Team Silent art designer Masahiro Ito went on to work together on Silent Hill: Cage of Cradle (2006), a digital manga published by Konami, downloadable for cell-phones and only available in Japan.http://silenthilluniverse.weebly.com/bookscomicsmanga.html This was followed by Silent Hill: Double under Dusk (2007).http://www.silenthillmemories.net/publications/comics_en.htm Ōwaku was also credited with another Special Thanks in Silent Hill: Origins (2007)

NATO Military Symbols for Land Based Systems - History

  • With the formation of NATO in 1949, the US Army system was standardised and adapted, with different shapes for friendly (blue rectangle), hostile (red diamond) and unknown (yellow quatrefoil) forces.[http://strategyandtacticsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/ST274-p22-27.pdf Not Just Lines on a Map: A History of Military Mapping by Andrew Hershey] Strategy Tactics Magazine 274, May–June 2012, p

Perast - History

  • At the fall of the Serenissima (1797)http://www.icsm.it/articoli/ri/liberateur.html Perasto was the last city of the Republic to lower the Venetian flag

Watership Down (TV series) - Plot overview

  • The programme became noticeably darker in tone, adding elements of mysticsm and magic, such as Captain Campion#Efrafa rabbits|Campion's encounters with the Black Rabbit of Inle#Mythological rabbits|Black Rabbit of Inle, Silverweed (Watership Down)#Cowslip's warren|Silverweed's psychic powers, though these would be similar to Fiver (Watership Down)|Fiver's own psychic powers and List of Watership Down characters|Hannah's learning of hedge magic.

Show tunes

  • Though show tunes vary in style, they do tend to share common characteristicsmdash;they usually fit the context of a story being told in the original musical, they are useful in enhancing and heightening choice moments.

United States at the 1996 Summer Olympics - Medalists

  • * Matt Ghaffari mdash; Wrestling, Men's Greco-Roman Super Heavyweight (small/smallmain|Badminton at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Baseball at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Basketball at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Beach volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Boxing at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Canoeing at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Cycling at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Diving at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Equestrianism at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Fencing at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Football at the 1996 Summer Olympics000000000main|Gymnastics at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Handball at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Field hockey at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Judo at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Modern pentathlon at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Rhythmic gymnastics at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Rowing at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Sailing at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Shooting at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Softball at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Swimming at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Synchronized swimming at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Table tennis at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Tennis at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Water polo at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Weightlifting at the 1996 Summer Olympicsmain|Wrestling at the 1996 Summer Olympics

Romania at the 2000 Summer Olympics - Men's Competition

  • main|Fencing at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Gymnastics at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Handball at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Judo at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Modern pentathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Rowing at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Shooting at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Swimming at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Table tennis at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Tennis at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Weightlifting at the 2000 Summer Olympicsmain|Wrestling at the 2000 Summer Olympicsrefbeginrefend


  • ApologetiX gets their name from the word apologeticsmdash;the use of reason to defend a position, often, and in this circumstance, used to denote a defense of the Christian faith

Boxelder - Use by Native Americans

  • The Meskwaki use a decoction of the inner bark as an emeticSmith, Huron H

Turkeys - History and naming

  • [http://books.google.com/books?id=V40s-gATtqICpg=PA141dq=strickland+-+%22a+turkey-cock+in+his+pride+proper%22.hl=ensa=Xei=b0LsTrflIcSM8gOFtp3yCQved=0CE8Q6AEwBQ#v=onepageq=strickland%20-%20%22a%20turkey-cock%20in%20his%20pride%20proper%22.f=false Animal characters: nonhuman beings in early modern literature] p.141

Australia at the 1988 Summer Olympics - Medalists

  • main|Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Basketball at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Boxing at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Canoeing at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Cycling at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Diving at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Equestrianism at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Fencing at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Football at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Gymnastics at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Field hockey at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Judo at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Modern pentathlon at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Rowing at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Sailing at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Shooting at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Swimming at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Synchronized swimming at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Table tennis at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Tennis at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Water polo at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Weightlifting at the 1988 Summer Olympicsmain|Wrestling at the 1988 Summer Olympics

Annexation movements of Canada - 1880s

  • He believed that Irish Catholicsmdash;about one quarter of Canada's populationmdash;would prefer annexation because of the British rule of Ireland

Asterix in Britain - Notes

  • *The chief of Anticlimax's tribe is a caricature of Harold Wilson. The Beatles also make a cameo appearance as bards.[http://www.oocities.org/es/beatlescomicsmelgar4/asterixa.jpg The Beatles as bards]

Portugal at the 1984 Summer Olympics - Archery

  • main|Sailing at the 1984 Summer Olympicsmain|Shooting at the 1984 Summer Olympicsmain|Swimming at the 1984 Summer Olympicsmain|Weightlifting at the 1984 Summer Olympics

Iowa Hawkeyes - Gymnastics

  • Michael Reavis is Iowa's most-recent national champion, having won on Vault (gymnastics)|vault in 2005.[http://hawkeyesports.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/iowa/sports/m-gym/auto_pdf/2008MensGymnasticsMediaGuide 2008 Men's Gymnastics Media Guide] Iowa Sports Information, HawkeyeSports.com

Lissadell House - Issues

  • On the other hand the Supreme court decision has been welcomed by the Irish farmers organisation the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association [http://icmsa.ie/ ICSMA]. The President of the ICMSA, John Comer said that it was a victory for common sense and will help set landowners minds at ease.https://oceanfm.ie/2013/11/12/icmsa-welcome-lissadell-judgement/

Tholeiitic basalt - Petrography

  • Like all basalt, the rock type is dominated by clinopyroxene plus plagioclase, with minor iron-titanium oxides.[http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/techniques/polarized/gallery/pages/basalttholeiiticsmall.html Polarized Light Microscopy Digital Image Gallery: Tholeiitic Basalt (Accessed 4/1/06)] Orthopyroxene or pigeonite may also be present in tholeiitic basalt, and olivine, if present, may be rimmed by either of these calcium-poor pyroxenes

Paola Cavalieri

  • In addition to her books, she was the editor of Etica Animali,About the author, from Oxford University Press's [http://www.us.oup.com/us/catalog/general/subject/Philosophy/EthicsMoralPhilosophy/AppliedEthics/?view=usaci=9780195173659view=usa catalog entry for Cavalieri's book The Animal Question]

Kenya at the 2008 Summer Olympics - Athletics

  • main|Swimming at the 2008 Summer Olympicsmain|Taekwondo at the 2008 Summer OlympicsflagIOCathlete|Chu Mu-Yen|Chu M-Y|TPE|2008 SummerflagIOCathlete|Wu Jingyu|Wu Jy|CHN|2008 SummerflagIOCathlete|Hanna Zajc|Zajc|SWE|2008 Summerabbr|SUP|Decision by superiorityflagIOCathlete|Dalia Contreras|Contreras|VEN|2008 Summer 'L' 0–1

Francis Boyle - Prediction of the collapse of Israel

  • Time is on their side.[http://dialog.newsedge.com/portal.asp?site=2007100814443105593225searchfolderid=pg2007100814522209759333block=defaultportlet=epnzesm=onsyntax=advanceddisplay=Algeriaaction=sitetopicsmode=realtimenzenb=leftcriteria=%5Btopic%3Disodz%5DsearchID=730071datetime=%5Bt-minus%3D7%5Dhdlaction=storystoryid=%5Bstoryid=qU_XpN9A5QZwFS8sVqo56vslHP9yQEpONfY7i0oC-oTESt60wDmFZGeSXV6krMt0i0QKTpV3FY84vBXmfbqmhw**%5Drtcrdata=onepname=USDOLLAR Right of Return – Book Review] by Ludwig Watzal, The Palestine Chronicle, (reprinted in Industry News), November 11, 2011.

Cardiff International Sports Stadium - Facilities

  • It includes the headquarters of Welsh Athleticsmdash;the sport's governing body for Walesmdash;and Cardiff Amateur Athletic Club.

Western comics - Golden Age: 1948–1960

  • The company soon established itself as the most prolific publisher of Western comicsMarkstein, Don

Argentina at the 1948 Summer Olympics - Athletics

  • main|Weightlifting at the 1948 Summer Olympicsmain|Wrestling at the 1948 Summer Olympicsabbr|BM|Bronze medal matchflagIOCathlete|Gyula Szilágyi|Szilagyi|HUN|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Abdallah Sidani|Sidani|LIB|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Frithjof Clausen|Clausen|NOR|1948 Summern/a|BYEflagIOCathlete|Kurt Elias|Elias|AUT|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Ken Irvine|Irvine|GBR|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Mahmoud Hassan|Hassan|EGY|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Henk Dijk|Dijk|NED|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Antonios Gryllos|Gryllos|GRE|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Charif Damage|Damage|LIB|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Georgios Petmezas|Petmezas|GRE|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Robert Diggelmann|Diggelmann|SUI|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|René Chesneau|Chesneau|FRA|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Veikko Männikkö|Männikkö|FIN|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Ercole Gallegati|Gallegati|ITA|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Muhlis Tayfur|Tayfur|TUR|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Mustafa Avcioğlu-Çakmak|Avcioğlu-Çakmak|TUR|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Gyula Kovács|Kovács|HUN|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|Taisto Kangasniemi|Kangasniemi|FIN|1948 SummerflagIOCathlete|József Tarányi|Tarányi|HUN|1948 SummerNOCin1948SummerOlympics

Morocco at the 2008 Summer Olympics - Archery

  • main|Swimming at the 2008 Summer Olympicsmain|Taekwondo at the 2008 Summer OlympicsflagIOCathlete|Juan Díaz (taekwondo)|Díaz|VEN|2008 Summerabbr|KO|KnockoutflagIOCathlete|Alexandros Nikolaidis|Nikolaidis|GRE|2008 SummerflagIOCathlete|Arman Chilmanov|Chilmanov|KAZ|2008 Summerabbr|WO|WalkoverflagIOCathlete|Sara Khoshjamal|Khoshjamal|IRI|2008 SummerflagIOCathlete|Yoriko Okamoto|Okamoto|JPN|2008 SummerflagIOCathlete|Gwladys Épangue|Épangue|FRA|2008 Summerabbr|SUP|Decision by superiority

Martin López-Zubero - International swimming career

  • López-Zubero swam in three Summer Olympicsmdash;1988, 1992 and 1996

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