Operations, Maintenance, Repair, Upkeep

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Operation, maintenance and upkeep

Operations, Maintenance, Repair, Upkeep
Task I. Study the following active vocabulary:

  1. efficient operation

  1. proper use

  1. control devices

  1. various

  1. in accordance with

  1. to take samples of oil

  1. centrifuging

  1. to get underway

  1. steering gear

  1. to perform duties

  1. prescribed

  1. to assign

  1. to supervise

  1. scaling

  1. upkeep

  1. pump

  1. piping

  1. valve

  1. electrical circuits

  1. portable equipment

  1. fan

  1. exhauster

  1. welding equipment

  1. workshop equipment

  1. to be maintained in good operating order /condition

  1. to be assigned to

  1. to be kept in good operating condition

  1. to check frequently for

  1. to take clearance

  1. when practicable

Task II. Read the text:
Efficient operation requires the proper use and maintenance of machinery, equipment and control devices. Various pieces of machinery are lubricated in accordance with lubrication charts. Samples of main engine lubricating oil are taken in accordance with the company instructions: one before centrifuging and one after centrifuging.
Before getting underway, the main engines with the necessary auxiliaries, the steering gear and automatic control devices are tested.
In port the engine department ratings perform the duties prescribed by the engineer in charge. The Second Engineer, in consultation with the Chief Engineer, assigns and supervises the work to be performed by the engine department personnel.
The engine department is responsible for the cleanliness, scaling and painting of the engine department spaces and for repair and upkeep of the following:
a) All machinery and boilers.
b) Pumps, piping and valves.
c) All steam, air and water piping systems.
d) Steering gear.
e) All electrical motors, generators, equipment and circuits.
f) All portable equipment.
g) Refrigeration equipment, water coolers, air conditioning equipment, fans and exhausters.
h) Welding and workshop equipment.
i) Diesel engines.
All machinery and equipment must be maintained in good operating order/condition. All machinery spaces from the forward engine room bulkhead to the after part of the steering engine room are assigned to the engine department.
All double bottoms, double bottom cofferdams, after peak tanks, and drinking water tanks must be inspected at regular intervals.
The galley range, ovens, steam cookers, laundry and other mechanical equipment must be kept in good operating condition and repaired as necessary by the engine department.
Machinery and equipment should be frequently checked for proper operation when in use. Main and auxiliary turbine and diesel engine clearances should be taken when practicable.

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