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Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University


City of San Fernando, La Union

LIT 101

Literatures of the Philippines


Welcome to LIT101!
Literature 101 (Literatures of the Philippines) focuses on the different literary works of various Filipino writers throughout the Philippine islands. These works helped shaped Filipino culture, thus, it is important that as Filipinos, we learn to appreciate our own literature and our culture in order to have a better understanding of our people and nation, in general.
The course ultimately aims to enable you to appreciate the breadth and depth of Filipino literature. It also aims to deepen your understanding of the different literary genres.
By the end of this course, you should have been able to:

  1. Explain literature as a force in the development of society and civilizations,

  2. Trace the history of Philippine literature in the different eras,

  3. Identify the different types of literature,

  4. Appreciate the messages some of the authors or artists convey in their literary work, and

  5. Give the characteristics and elements of the short stories and poems as literary genres.

In keeping with the course goals, LIT 101 is outlined to provide you the following interesting topics:
Module I – Philippine Literature and Literature of Region 1

Lesson 1 Philippine Literature

Lesson 2 Phil. Literature in the Pre-colonial, Colonial, and

Post-Colonial Era

Lesson 3 Literature of Region 1
Module II – Literatures of Regions 2,3,4,CAR, and NCR

Lesson 1 Literature of Region 2

Lesson 2 Literature of Region 3

Lesson 3 Literature of Region 4

Lesson 4 Literature of CAR

Lesson 5 Literature of NCR

Module III – Literatures of Regions 5,6,7,8 and 9

Lesson 1 Literature of Region 5

Lesson 2 Literature of Region 6

Lesson 3 Literature of Region 7

Lesson 4 Literature of Region 8

Lesson 5 Literature of Region 9

Module IV – Literatures of Regions 10,11,12,13,and ARMM

Lesson 1 Literature of Region 10

Lesson 2 Literature of Region 11

Lesson 3 Literature of Region 12

Lesson 4 Literature of Region 13

Lesson 5 Literature of ARMM

To enable you to complete the course, you will be required to submit five Tutor-marked Assignments (TMAs), all of which are the exercises in your module. Your mid-term exam and final exam will require you to read various literary forms which you would have to critique. Hence, examinations will be of the essay type. You must submit all the TMAs and take the midterm and final exams to get a final grade.
Your final grade will be computed as follows:

Assignments 40%

Mid-term exam and Final exam 60%

TOTAL 100%


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