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Sample Letter Requesting Application Information

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Sample Letter Requesting Application Information

Jane Doe

Director, Financial Aid Office

University of Your Choice

1000 College Drive

City, State 00000-0000

Dear Ms. Doe:
I am presently a senior at Cheyenne High School and will be applying for admission to the Architectural Engineering program at the University of Your Choice for the fall of 2000.
I am interested in obtaining federal aid, part-time employment, scholarship information, and if available, an application for your college financial aid award program. In order to meet your March 1 deadline requirements, it would be exceptionally helpful to receive the information as soon as possible. I am also interested in applying for any minority assistance that is available. My ethnic background is (Asian American, African American, Hispanic, or American Indian). Please send me information and applications for this type of assistance. I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for our mutual convenience.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Andrea Student

111 Main Street

Anywhere, WY 82000

(307) 000-0000


August – October

  • Tests – Register for and take the ACT (preferred) or SAT during the spring of your junior year or fall of your senior year. Designate the University of Wyoming as one of the schools to receive your profile. UW’s ACT code number is 5006 and the SAT code number if 2855. The ACT or SAT is required only for new freshmen and transfer students under age 21 who have less than 30 transferable hours. An ACT composite score of at least 20 or composite SAT score of at least 960 or above is recommended for admission to UW.

  • Minority Higher Education Day – In October or April, attend Minority Higher Education Day on the UW Campus. Call (307) 766-3863 for date and location. If you cannot attend Minority Higher Education Day, arrange a visit to UW through the Admission Office. Call toll-free 1-800-DIAL-WYO (324-5996) or (307) 766-5160 from other states. Be sure to ask them to make an appointment with Multicultural Affairs while on campus.


  • Application for Admission ( UW has admission standards students must meet. Check with the UW Admission Office (307) 766-5160 for the exact requirements.

  • Complete the application for admission as early in your senior year as possible. This will ensure that you are eligible for as many scholarship opportunities possible. This will also ensure that you will receive other admission information in a timely manner.

  • Have your official high school transcripts sent to UW Admissions. Your transcripts must be sent directly from your high school. UW Admissions will provisionally admit students based on a six-semester transcript. Official high school transcripts can be sent to: UW Admissions, Dept. 3435 1000 E. University Ave, Laramie WY 82071

  • A non-refundable $40 application fee is required.

  • Apply for Scholarships – Decide which teachers, counselors, administrators, club sponsors, youth group leaders, and coaches know you the best. Talk with them about writing a letter of recommendation for any scholarships that require recommendations. As the ones who are enthusiastic about you, are willing to write a letter, and who write well. Be sure to inform them of the deadlines. Remember some UW scholarships are due by February 1, so applications should be being gathered and prepared now.


  • Financial Aid* - Borrow a copy of the most recent “Student Financial Aid & Scholarships at Wyoming Colleges” booklet from your high school or community college counselor, or write to the Office of Student Financial Aid, Box 3335, Laramie, WY 820771-335 or call (307)-766-2116. Follow the booklet’s directions for scholarships.

  • If you want to be considered for academic scholarships, you must apply for admission, have your academic transcripts, and ACT scores on file before February 1.

  • Between January 1 and January 15, you and your parent(s) should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and mail it to the address on the form. Parents should use estimated figures if their income tax return has not been completed. Estimate your annual salary based on your December pay stub if your W-2 has not arrived yet. The important thing is to file the FAFSA immediately after January 1 to meet financial aid deadlines.

* The FAFSA is used for federal financial assistance (grants, loans, and work-study) and other aid based on need. It may take 4-6 weeks to process the FAFSA and the processed FAFSA results are due to the UW’s Office of Student Financial Aid by March 1.


  • FAFSA Results – If you have applied for financial aid, check your status on WyoWeb for more information regarding your awards or requirements. Please be aware that the Financial Aid Office will be notifying you either by a targeted message on your WyoWeb account or by e-mail (please have a current email address on file) regarding your awards and/or requirements.

  • Housing Application – Residence Life and Dining Services (RLDS) First-year freshman students are required to live on campus during their first two semesters. For students arriving in the fall, RLDS information will be mailed beginning late January or upon admission. Questions, visit the Web site, or contact the main RLDS Office at (307) 766-3175.  You must confirm your intent to enroll at UW before your RLDS contract can be processed.

  • Orientation– In March or April, admitted new freshman and transfer students will receive an invitation to attend one of the New Student Orientation Programs. Please return the reservation card to the Admission Office to reserve an orientation date. The early dates are better because you get to register for classes earlier before other students. Incoming freshman and transfer students are strongly encouraged to attend one of the Orientation programs. If financial considerations are a concern, please contact Multicultural Affairs immediately.


  • Pay the Enrollment Deposit - The University of Wyoming requires new, first-time students (freshmen and transfers) wishing to enroll for the Summer and/or the Fall semester to confirm their intent to enroll at UW by making an enrollment deposit on or before May 1 each year. Students failing to confirm and make their deposit by May 1 will likely lose scholarships, aid, and other opportunities offered by the university. Click here for more information and how to complete the Enrollment Deposit


  • Orientation Programs –This is a must-attend event! Freshman orientation takes place primarily in June, and it is your opportunity to meet with your academic adviser, register for classes, learn about student services, and connect with other incoming students. Registration information is sent out in February or you may visit the Web site for updates at, or contact the UW Admissions Office at (307) 766-5160. Also plan to stop by to visit us during the resource fairs and Tips for Success session.

  • Math Placement Exam (MPE)-Most freshmen are required to take the MPE before enrolling in a math course. This exam is used to place students in the proper math course, insuring each student has the best possible opportunity for academic success. ACT and SAT scores may also be used for proper placement. Students are encouraged to take the MPE at their orientation session, but individual appointments may also be made. To find out whether you are required to take the MPE and to look at sample problems, please visit the Web site

  • Student Immunization and Health History Form- This must be done before registering for courses, so make sure you take care of it before Orientation! Questions, visit the Web site, or contact Student Health Service Office at (307) 766-2130, FAX: (307) 766-2711.

  • Final Transcripts and Academic Records- Have your final high school or college transcripts sent directly to the UW Admissions Office when they become available. Your admission is not final until the final transcripts are received, which can hold up scholarships and financial aid. Any new test scores, AP test results, IB test results, etc. should also be sent to the Admissions Office for consideration in scholarship awarding and credit assignment.


  • Summit- Summit, the University of Wyoming’s Transitions Program, is designed especially for incoming students. Each activity offers important information and experiences that will give you a leg up as you begin college. Scheduled Thursday through Saturday, Summit events will allow you to connect with teachers, interact with experienced students, engage with dynamic presentations—and kick off your college adventure!

Start of the Semester

  • MA Welcome Back BBQ – Attend Multicultural Affairs’ Welcome Back BBQ: Information and Networking Social at the beginning of the fall semester. The MA Welcome Back BBQ is usually held the first week of classes at Washington Park. Check with Multicultural Affairs for details at (307) 766-6193 or

A Few Notes
This handbook is put together every year by Multicultural Affairs. The purpose of this handbook is to make it more convenient for minority students to find financial and educational opportunities, here at the University of Wyoming as well as all around the country. A lot of the information we receive comes to us from the direct source but if by any means there are any errors please let us know so we can make the proper correction. If you would like to include your financial aid and/or program in our handbook, please contact us. Please send comments and suggestions to:
Multicultural Affairs

Attn: Financial Aid Book

Dept. 3168

Laramie, Wyoming 82071-3168
From the University of Wyoming, and Multicultural Affairs:
Call us if you have questions along the way at (307)766-6193 or
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