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Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives: A Comprehensive Collection

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Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives: A Comprehensive Collection

This link contains examples of Literacy Narratives, collected and housed by Ohio State University.

c. Link to Groups

Draft your own literacy narrative and post your draft in a new thread to your group's Literacy Narrative Workshop forum (located within your Group under the Groups tab) by the due date listed on the calendar. If you need help coming up with ideas about what to write, try Peter Elbow's Loop Writing Process (cartoon on pg. 154) or Sondra Perl's Writing Guidelines found in Conversations about Writing, pp.161-166. Respond to all your groupmates' papers by the due date listed on the calendar.

d. Submit Literacy Narrative

Use the feedback you received from your classmates and revise your paper accordingly. Upload your final paper by clicking on the link above. In the comments section, write a reflection of your learning on this paper.

Please remember that at the end of the semester, the four major essays you write need to total at least twenty pages (not counting drafts).

Please Note: This drop box will disappear at midnight on the due date.
Unit 5

a. Reading

Read Kathryn Stockett's The Help.  I will know if you simply watched the movie instead of reading the book since there are huge discrepancies between the two.

If you cannot find a print version, then you may download the ebook version.  Also, there are websites that offer an online version; however, if you choose this route, you must have my approval for the version you are using.  

b. Link to Book Club

A book club is a gathering of individuals to discuss a novel all participants have read.  The exercise is meant to be enriching and to discuss current social issues through literary readings.  So, what does this have to do with a composition class?  Well, composition is about writing and we can only become better writers by being exposed to professional writing.  For this unit, you have read Kathryn Stockett's book The Help, which centers on the issue of breaking down racial barriers in the Civil Rights era.  I chose this book because it is essentially a book about writing a book and within it you can identify the writing process.  Now, I want you to discuss the book with your fellow classmates to dig into what it means to write successfully about writing.

You will write an inkshed response to your reading and post it to the the Book Club forum in a new thread on the Discussion Board.  In your inkshed, I want you to respond to the following questions using specific textual support for your opinions.  Page references are needed for this assignment:
1.  Who is your favorite character?  Why?
2. Consider the three main voices of the book--Skeeter, Aibileen, and Minnie--and discuss what writing means to each in the context of their lives.  
3.  The Help is defined as "metafiction," a book about writing a book.  However, other genres (the newsletter, the advice column, etc.) are discussed in the novel and each has a specific connection to the plot.  Discuss how each genre lends to defining the cultural views of the social setting of the novel.
4.  Kathryn Stockett provides three narrative voices in this novel.  Is she successful at defining different racial, gender, and socioeconomic views of the time period the novel reflects through the voices of Aibileen, Skeeter, and Minnie?  Why or why not?
5.  In your opinion, which character has more at stake for writing the book?  Explain.
6.  Do you feel the ending of the novel is fitting for the actions of each character?  Explain.
7.   If you could write an epilogue explaining what happened to the three women ten years down the road, where would Aibileen, Minnie, and Skeeter be?  Would they be successful?  Why or why not?
8.  How does Stockett define masculinity and femininity in her novel?  Transcend race to construct your answer giving examples of both racial groups addressed in the book.
9.  Even though Stockett's book is set in the 1960s, what makes her book appealing to our current culture?  What common ground does she create to reach out to a modern audience?
10.  How much of a person's character do you think is shaped by the times in which he or she lives?  Considering our current society, what role does media (books, movies, internet, etc) play in shaping society's values and beliefs? 

Post your initial response and then reply to at least *ten* of your classmates' posts. Your inkshed and your replies should be posted by the due dates listed on the calendar.

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As you are revising your course for your own Book Club unit, please copy your information into this file for future use.  My goal is to have everyone's preferences eventually recorded in the master course.

Unit 6

a. Readings

Read "Five Myths about Writing" (p. 122), "Dancing with Professors" (p. 225), "A Writer's Habits" (p. 82), "The Watcher at the Gates" (p. 88) in Conversations about Writing. You may also want to read "The Winds of Change" (p. 125). 

b. Link to Inksheds

There will be two paragraphs required for this assignment.

Paragraph 1: Inkshed using any one of the prompts associated with the readings. Your initial response should be a minimum of 250 words and must adhere to the standards of formal written English. 

Paragraph 2: Write a proposal for who you plan to interview, what you plan to find out during the interview, and how this pertains to what the prompt is asking you to write about.  Remember, you need to discuss writing within a field using the interview as support.

Post your inkshed under the Inksheds tab within the forum The Writer's Process and then reply thoughtfully to at least 5 of your classmates' posts. See calendar for your post and replies due dates.
c. Interview with a Writer Paper

Attached Files:

  •  Interview with a Writer Prompt.rtf  (45.967 KB)

Read the attached prompt for writing the Interview with a Writer Paper.

Please consult the course calendar for due dates and deadlines.

Conducting Interviews

Attached Files:

  •  Conducting Interviews.pptx  (1.166 MB)

The Interview with a Writer assignment calls for you to write a profile paper in which you detail a professional's opinion of writing a specific career field.  In the attached powerpoint, I walk you through the process of preparing questions, identifying an interview subject, conducting an interview, and formulating a focus for your essay.  Please read through all of the slides before beginning your Interview with a Writer assignment.  You will need a current version of Microsoft Office to view this file.
d. Link to Groups

Post your draft in a new thread to your group's Interview with a Writer workshop page located within your Group under the Groups tab. Reply to all your group members' papers.

e. Submit Interview with a Writer Paper

Use the feedback you received from your classmates and revise your paper accordingly. Upload your final paper by clicking on the link above. In the comments box, please write a detailed letter where you describe your learning and your own process in researching, writing, and revising this paper.

Please remember that at the end of the semester, the four major essays you write need to total at least twenty pages (not counting drafts).

Download 304.7 Kb.

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