Online Dating: Is it Safe Or Dangerous To Get Involved In Online Dating: Safe or Dangerous in Today’s World

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Online Dating: Is it Safe Or Dangerous To Get Involved In

Online Dating: Safe or Dangerous in Today’s World
Speech outline, Full written speech, Reflective essay

Tyler Fullmer

Communications 1020-023

Principles of Public Speaking

Professor Raymond Bingham


This Research paper and written speech explores the idea behind online dating. It is given in an informative speech style format, to help offer some knowledge on whether online dating is a good or bad thing for people to invest their time in. This is accomplished by exploring some data, research, and other good or bad points about online dating, that I have found while conducting my research. Attached to this speech presentation is my speech outline, full written speech, and reflective essay at the end.

Online Dating: Safe or Dangerous in Today’s World
Speech outline, Full written speech, Reflective essay

Speech Outline

Informative speech

  1. Introduction

    1. Attention getter- (Through giving an opening question and statistic point)

    2. Thesis Statement (slide 2)-

      1. This online dating speech is designed to help inform you of the facts and data behind online dating, as well as, the good and bad things that come from it.

  2. Main Points I will be Covering (on Slide 3)

    1. Benefits of Online Dating

    2. Risks of Online Dating

    3. What Can You Do to Ensure dating online Safely and concluding remarks

  3. Benefits of Online Dating (Slide 4)

    1. More people to choose from online

    2. Personality tests help to narrow searches

    3. Ability to communicate constantly through technology

    4. this helps to establish a relationship

    5. Can potentially save time and costs

  4. Statistics in Favor of Online Dating (Slide 5)

    1. Journal of Computer-mediated communication stated:

    2. 1 in 5 relationships start online

    3. 1 in 6 marriages start online (

    4. 1 in 3 marriages from

    5. 74% of single adults use online dating

    6. Dating online becoming a stronger trend

  5. Modern Technology’s effects for Online Dating (slide 6)

    1. (picture used to help add evidence to benefits of online dating)

  6. Risks of Online Dating (slide 7)

    1. Lots of online predators

    2. Rough estimate of 750,000 predators daily (

    3. Profile picture/information may be false

    4. Some relationships maybe far distant

    5. Have to compete amongst other people

    6. May take longer in finding someone

  7. Statistics Against Online Dating (Slide 8)

    1. Academic journal on social networking stated:

    2. 60% online couples were in non-marital relationships

    3. 86% of online daters scared of false information

    4. More difficult to build up trust

    5. Online couples at lower odds of marriage.

    6. Online breakups more prevalent than offline.

  8. How to Ensure Online Dating Safety (Slide 9)

    1. Don’t trust online information.

    2. Take your time in building trust.

    3. Always meet in public places.

    4. Be aware of odd or weird language tactics.

    5. Trust Your Gut feelings.

  9. Concluding Remarks (Slide 10)

    1. Go over main points again

References for Speech Outline


  • Ramirez, A., Sumner, E., Fleuriet, C., Cole, M. (2015). When Online Dating Partners Meet Offline: The Effect of Modality Switching on Relational Communication Between Online Daters. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, vol. 20(issue 1), 99-114

  • Paul, Aditi (2014). Is Online Better Than Offline for Meeting Partners? Depends: Are You Looking to Marry or to Date? Cyber psychology, Behavior & Social Networking, Vol. 17(issue 10), 664-667


Online Dating: Safe or Dangerous in Today’s World

Full Written Speech

Attention getter:

How many of you adults in this classroom currently use online dating sites as a way to try to find your significant other for a relationship? Well that is good, and please know that you are not the only ones who are involved in this way of trying to find your perfect soul mate through online dating. In fact, according to a respected online website called Pew research center, they have found that 15% of American adults use online dating sites, in trying to find their other soul mate ( This percentage also seems to keep growing in today’s economy. My current job profession involves being an online counselor, and with this job, I have gained firsthand experience in helping other people when it comes to Online Dating. I have established a lot of knowledge and research in this particular field of online dating through counseling.

Transition: In getting started with this presentation, the main point I wish to cover for this speech is how...

Thesis Statement (Slide 2 on PowerPoint)

This informative speech of online dating is to help inform you of the facts and data behind online dating, as well as, the good or bad things that come from online dating.

It is my hope that the information gained from this presentation, will then help to give you a better opportunity to decide whether to use online dating or not.

To get started, let’s examine and go over the main points I wish to cover for this speech…

Main points (Slide 3)

  • Benefits that come from online dating

  • Risks that come from online dating

  • What can you do to ensure dating online safely and concluding remarks

Now that we have been given on overview of this presentation, let’s begin with the first bullet point which is…

Benefits that come from online dating (Slide 4)

Online dating can become very beneficial towards those who may have busy or crazy lives and who are also shy or nervous at first to meet someone face to face (FtF) while trying to date offline. While I was conducting further research from online, I stumbled across a good website called psychology today, which listed some of the potential benefits that comes from online dating:

  • The first one stated how those who are dating online, have a greater ability in finding more potential partners to date. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of people now a day’s use online dating as a source in finding someone to date.

  • The second point stated how most online dating sites offer personality/matching tests which help to ensure and narrow your search in trying to find the right person. These tests can potentially help to be beneficial because it can save time in finding the person with whom you are looking for.

  • The next bullet point said that those who use online dating have a greater ability in communicating more often. With the advances of technology and mobile apps, this constant online communication can help to establish faster relationships with potential partners who you are interested in from online.

  • The last point said how online dating could potentially help save time and costs which is always a positive thing. (

These bullet points listed above for the benefits of online dating are important, because recent statistics from an academic journal have shown evidence to support these points……

Statistics in Favor of online dating (Slide 5)

In the academic journal titled “Computer-mediated communication”, the four authors in this journal found from eHarmony and that…

  • 1in 3 marriages came from online dating (for eHarmony)

  • 1 in 6 new marriages came from online dating (for

  • 1 in 5 new relationships have begun through online dating (also

They also found additional information from pew research center that,

  • 74% of single adults seeking a romantic relationship have used an online dating site (Ramirez, Sumner, Fleuriet, & Cole, 2015).

This information stated through this researched journal helps to show that many people are using forms of online dating sites to find people to start dating. In fact according to PEW research, the use of online dating has nearly tripled by young adults in the past three years due to mobile apps and other devices (

Modern Technology’s Effects for Online Dating (Slide 6)

From this graph and the other data stated above, you can see the many benefits that can come from online dating.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of online dating, let’s take a moment to examine the opposite side, which is…

Risks of online dating (Slide 7)

Here are some of the biggest potential dangers that I have found while conducting further research for my profession as an online dating counselor:

  • First and foremost, the biggest threat or risk with online dating is dealing with dangerous online predators. In fact, according to a recent online website I came across, they have stated that there are an estimated 750,000 daily online predators who are on the internet seeking out potential people to victimize. (

  • The next big harm or risk from online dating is the many false profiles and false information that is being given out from some of these potential online partners with whom you are trying to get a date with. With the advances of technology and other devices, it can become so easy for people to fake their identity online with these online dating sites. This can cause great frustration when you try to go on a date with them and find out that they are not the person who you originally met online.

  • Other issues may consist of having far distant online relationships because you both live in different countries while dating online. Or you might have to compete with other people online who are trying to date the same person with whom you are trying to seek out as well. All these factors in the end can cause it to take up more time, which is something all of us don’t want to get caught up in.

Recent research that I came across with, has also shown that online dating may not be the right answer to consider……
Statistics against Online Dating (Slide 8)

In another academic journal from “Cyber Psychology, Behavior and Social Networking”, professor Paula Aditi, who has a Ph.D. and is the head department of communication at Michigan State University, explores the idea of whether online or offline dating is better in regards to getting married and staying married. In this research that he conducted, he used over 4,000 married couples to conduct a survey. From this research he found that:

  • “60% of online couples who met online where in non-marital romantic relationships, and a small minority reported actually being married. They also found that online couples were at much lower odds of getting married then offline couples” (Paul, 2014). The three reasons behind why this is, that Aditi Paul stated, (and I’m somewhat paraphrasing these points that were stated) were, “first, online dating has shown to provide individuals with too many options to choose from, therefore creating a lack and confusion in knowing who to decide amongst”. “Second relationships that are initiated online take a lot more time than you would see from offline. And the third and last reason is, “that online daters have shown to purposefully take more time in developing a relationship, in order to build up trust. In fact, 86% of online daters have reported being scared of false information being displayed online” (Paul, 2014).

From this information that I researched on, you can see that many online daters are not really looking to get married, but to only date and that can become a big issue for those online daters who are seeking to get married eventually in their lifetime. You can also see how in today’s society people are in the fast pace of change and always upgrading, so when it comes to regards with online dating, if the person you are dating has little flaws and you don’t want to be patient in trying to make it work, you can just “upgrade”, figuratively speaking, and find someone else who is online to date. This mentality creates an online dating world where faster breakups and divorce rates could potentially occur amongst online dating.

In conclusion I would like to offer some concluding remarks……

Concluding remarks (Slide 9)

With today’s advances in technology I foresee that online dating is only going to grow much larger and bigger and will continue to slowly increase. Whether or not you decide to use online dating, here are some quick tips to ensure safety while using online dating:

  • Don’t trust online profile pictures and information immediately. (use extreme caution)

  • Take your time in building up trust with your online partner.

  • Always meet in public places where there are lots of people around.

  • Be aware of odd or weird language tactics that they are asking you. Don’t give away personal information or give into peer pressure from the other person.

  • Most importantly, trust your instincts. You are old enough to know what feels right and what feels wrong in a relationship.

In conclusion I would like to recap what we have gone over which were……

Main points (Slide 10)

  • Benefits that come from online dating

  • Risks that come from online dating

  • What can you do to ensure dating online safely?

I want to personally thank you for listening to this speech on online dating and I hope it has helped to inform you of whether to use online dating or not. Thank you!!

References (Slide 11)


  • Ramirez, A., Sumner, E., Fleuriet, C., Cole, M. (2015). When Online Dating Partners Meet Offline: The Effect of Modality Switching on Relational Communication Between Online Daters. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, vol. 20(issue 1), 99-114

  • Paul, Aditi (2014). Is Online Better Than Offline for Meeting Partners? Depends: Are You Looking to Marry or to Date? Cyber psychology, Behavior & Social Networking, Vol. 17(issue 10), 664-667




Online Dating: Safe or Dangerous in Today’s World

Visual Aids

For this Presentation I used three different visual aids to help bring emotion and evidence into my speech. The first visual aid was used on slide 4 of my PowerPoint presentation. it consisted of a picture of couple and the man is handing the girls some flowers to her. I chose this particular picture to help draw in good/happy feelings and emotions that can come from relationships. I felt like this particular picture was able to fit in really well for the first main point, which was, “Benefits of online dating”. It made me feel like this picture was able to draw the audience into that particular part of the presentation.

The second visual aid I used was on slide 6 of my PowerPoint. I chose this particular visual aid to help bring in good evidence to help support my main point of benefits of online dating. The picture consisted of bar graph that gave data concerning growth in online dating in past three years, and how, it has grown by triple the amount. I felt like the data and statistics from this graph was able to help support my claim that good things can come out, from online dating, and that many people in today’s generation are slowly turning to using online dating as a factor for finding there soul mate.

The last visual aid was used on slide 8 of my presentation. The picture was an animation picture of a man and a women tearing a piece of a heart apart from one another. I chose this particular picture for the main point, “Statistics against Online Dating”. The reason I chose this picture was to draw on the emotion to the audience, that there can be risks and breakups that can happen more often from online dating then offline dating. This picture can help to remind them of the dangers and risks that can be potential problems behind online dating. I do recognize that breakups and divorce can happen offline as well, but the picture still does fit well here.

Online Dating: Safe or Dangerous in Today’s World

Reflective Essay

This research speech assignment has been a wonderful opportunity in helping me to gain essential skills in regards to researching a topic, and to then use that research to write a full written speech effectively, in order to help me prepare future presentations. The main purpose of this speech presentation was to give an informative speech. When I first started this assignment, I was really nervous about righting a speech concerning Online Dating. I was very unfamiliar with the topic and had no experience in this topic previously. To help relieve this worry and anxiety, I decided to conduct a lot of research from credible resources concerning this topic, in order to become more acquainted with online dating.

This in depth research and many hours of preparation for this speech, helped me to build up my confidence and credibility, in being able to qualify myself to present this topic of online dating to you guys. This informative speech was organized to be very simple in helping my overall speaker’s goal, which was to inform you of the benefits and risks that come from online dating. I accomplished this by having the speech separated into three simple main points, which were:

  • Benefits of online dating

  • Risks of online dating

  • How to ensure dating online safely and concluding remarks

This organization style helped to keep it simple for my audience to remember my main points and overall goal as a speaker in presenting this informative speech.

From the research that I gathered, my thoughts concerning online dating and my views have changed a little bit from what I previously have thought. Before researching this topic, I have always thought online dating to be a terrible/risky thing to become involved with. Although there still are some of those factors that exist still to this day, I have found that online dating can be very beneficial if used correctly and carefully. This helped me to come to understand that online dating is not all that terrible and good things can come out of it. This is also the reasoning behind why I choose this particular topic to speak about. I have always been interested in knowing more about online dating and what the true facts are behind it. I have heard some stories about online dating throughout my life that were good and bad. I ultimately in the end, wanted to find out for myself what people have said concerning online dating.

The research sources that I used for this assignment came from credible online website sources as well as, some peer reviewed, academic journals. These sources were used with careful planning in order to bring good evidence and support for this presentation. To help add even more strength to the evidence, I decided to use a visual aid that consisted of a graph concerning online dating statistics. This helped to add strength to support my main point that was for “benefits of online dating”. The other bullet points consisted of just pictures that you would normally see concerning dating and relationships. They were just animated pictures of couples being together or breaking up with the image of a ripped apart heart. These visual aids helped to add emotion and reality that comes from the benefits or risks with online dating. The very last idea that I used as a visual aid, was the background that I choose for my PowerPoint presentation. It consisted of a pink flowery background, in order to bring the idea of relationships, because most of us associate flowers and beautiful colors as dating patterns in presentations.

In conclusion I have found this research to be very beneficial in helping to teach important life lessons and decisions when it comes to online dating and relationships just in general as well. This presentation will hopefully help me to educate more profoundly about the pros/cons that come from online dating. The lessons learned from this presentation will help to influence me, to become more engaged and motivated in preparing and researching my topics that I will be giving for future presentations. I also would give advice for anyone who would present this topic that I have created to present, to become involved and passionate with this topic of online dating. It truly is an important topic that is needed to be more informed and taught in today’s society with the advances of technology. We all need to become more educated in regards to online dating, so that way we can help ourselves and others in deciding whether or not to use online dating.

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