On-Line Access Request to Alumni and Donor Information System (one) For Departments, Colleges and University Agencies

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On-Line Access Request to Alumni and Donor Information System (ONE)

For Departments, Colleges and University Agencies

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Access Information
Will you need access to departmental donor information? Yes No
Are you replacing someone who had access? Yes No
If yes, please indicate who vacated the position so we can terminate their access.

Please indicate the purpose of your request for on-line access

The Iowa State University Foundation releases information to facilitate university business while maintaining the trust and confidence of alumni and donors. The use of information maintained by the Iowa State University Foundation is restricted to official university business and no information is released for commercial, political or religious purposes.
Information provided as a result of this request cannot be copied, transferred, assigned, conveyed or disclosed to any other party or to another database system without the consent of the Iowa State University Foundation. Contact Diana Madsen (296-7822).

Requested: Approved:

(Signature) (Department Head)

By signing this form the requestor agrees to conform to the ISU Foundation’s policy for release of information (See Attached).

Return this completed form to the ISU Foundation, 2505 Elwood Dr. or fax it to 294-4648, attn: Diana Madsen.


Revised May 2010

Definition of Information

The Iowa State University Foundation Institutional Advancement Database exists for purposes consistent with advancing the mission and vision of the Iowa State University Foundation and the strategic goal of engagement set by the Iowa State University. It consists of the records of contributors, prospects, and friends of the Foundation and University, as well as alumni and some students of the University. These records include biographical, educational and financial information, which is obtained from individuals themselves or through public records. All data, materials and information of the Foundation pertaining to past, current or prospective donors is proprietary to the Foundation and is hereafter referred to as the Foundation Confidential Information. This document references all forms in which information may be held, including electronic, paper or other formats.

The University and its employees shall consider all Foundation Confidential Information as “confidential records” and agree at all times to maintain the confidentiality of such data and information to the extent permitted by law, under chapter 22 of the code of Iowa. If, at any time or for any reason, any Foundation Confidential Information disclosed to the University cannot be legally kept confidential, then such information shall be promptly returned to the Foundation.
All Foundation Confidential Information that may be disclosed to the University or its employees shall be returned by the University to the Foundation upon the sooner of the completion of the University’s use thereof or the Foundation’s request, and upon such return any copies of such information that may have been made by the University shall be either returned or destroyed.

Release of Information

Attendance and degree information is released to anyone within or outside the University as a matter of public record. The use of all other information about alumni, donors and friends maintained through the Foundation’s Institutional Advancement Database is restricted to purposes consistent with the mission of the Foundation. All requests regarding confidentiality, anonymity or asking not to be listed in publications or directories, will be honored.

To alumni, donors and the general public: Information about alumni and donors may be released to non-University or Foundation staff, for the following authorized purposes.

  • The names and addresses of donors (excluding gift amounts) to memorial funds are released to family members of honorees for acknowledgment purposes.

  • Biographical and selected financial data are made available to volunteers, as deemed appropriate by ISU Foundation administrators. All volunteers will be asked to sign a form agreeing to maintain the information they receive confidential.

  • Requests from alumni, donors or others outside the university for addresses or telephone numbers must be made in writing to the Information Services Office of the ISU Foundation, accompanied by a stamped envelope with no address. These requests will be mailed to the individual for whom information is being requested. The individual may then determine how or whether to respond to the requester.

To university colleges, departments and affiliated organizations: Alumni and donor lists and other reports will be released to these agencies for the following authorized purposes.

  • Newsletter and informational mailings

  • Statistical or attitudinal surveys

  • Acknowledgment letters offering thanks for gifts

  • Holiday cards

  • Job announcements or placement services

  • Honor rolls that list donor names, but not gift amounts, may be made public in various university publications.

  • Alumni or donor directories are published only after all individuals are notified adequately of the intention to publish the directory and are given the option to opt-out from being listed in it. All requests for exclusion will be honored.

  • Donor recognition displays or publications

  • Statistical reports on solicitations

  • Social or educational events

  • Reunions

  • Receptions

  • Ground-breakings and similar activities

  • Honors and awards

Agencies agree to conform with the Foundation confidentiality policy and not to release or use the information released to them for other purposes than the ones originally authorized. The creation and maintenance of unauthorized databases originating from Foundation data is strictly prohibited.

Fundraising Requests

All fundraising or gift solicitations of alumni and friends at Iowa State University are carried out through the Iowa State University Foundation. This includes mail appeals, telephone and e-mail solicitations and personal contacts. Therefore, lists are not provided for this purpose outside the Foundation. Departments and other units desiring solicitation programs should contact the Development Director for their college or the Vice President of Finance and Operations at the ISU Foundation for consultation. Approved fund raising programs will be supervised by the Director of Annual and Special Gifts at the ISU Foundation.

Use of information maintained by the Foundation’s Institutional Advancement Database in addition to these specific purposes must be approved. These requests must be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Finance and Operations from the appropriate dean, department head or unit supervisor. University agencies must abide by the confidentiality policies that govern information maintained by the Foundation’s Institutional Advancement Database. University agencies may release address information to vendors or businesses outside the university for purposes stated above by signing a vendor confidentiality statement, which restricts the use of the information to the specific purposes approved by the ISU Foundation. A copy of a signed vendor confidentiality statement must be attached to the request form.

On-line Access to Information

On-line access to the Foundation’s Institutional Advancement Database is provided to university colleges, departments and agencies through the ONE Alumni and Donor Database system. Account records, alumni biographical and deceased files, pledge records and college giving records may be browsed on-line for university business purposes. Access to the information is provided to University agencies to browse biographic or giving information by alum or donor. Browse access to giving information is restricted by department or unit. No access to confidential or anonymous donor information is provided. Total giving information is not available.

Requests for access should be submitted in writing to the Information Services office of the ISU Foundation. The client must set a password to sign-on to the system. System identities may not be shared. Clients are provided with training when available and are required to sign a confidentiality statement in order to obtain access.

Lists, Labels and Reports

Requests by colleges, departments and university agencies for selected information in the form of lists, reports or computer disks and files are processed by the ISU Foundation’s Information Services Office. Approved fund-raising mailings coordinated by the Foundation’s Annual and Special Gifts Office may make use of remittance envelopes and campaign coding to facilitate monitoring results of special campaigns.

While costs for managing, updating, maintaining, storing and retrieving these records are the responsibility of the Foundation, fees for programming queries and creating special report formats are assessed to clients according to the following policy:
No charges will be incurred by clients for queries that may be processed within 15 minutes. A charge of $25.00 per hour will be accessed for all other query programming or report formatting. The minimum programming charge will be $15.00 (for projects that require more than 15 minutes, but less than one hour). Clients will be notified with cost and time estimates whenever their requests require more than 15 minutes, and therefore, are subject to processing fees.

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