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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Religion and human nature Ward, Keith 233.5 WAR
Religion and political culture in Britain and Ireland : From Hempton, David 274.27 HEM

the Glorious Revolution to the decline of Empire

Religion and revelation : A theology of revelation in the Ward, Keith 231.74 WAR

world's religions

Religion and science : Historical and contemporary Barbour, Ian G 261.55 BAR

Religion and science : History, method, dialogue Richardson, W. Mark 261.55 RIC

Religion and science : History, method, dialogue Wildman, Wesley J 261.55 WIL
Religion and society in England, 1850-1914 McLeod, Hugh 274.281 McL
Religion and society in twentieth-century Britain Brown, Callum G 274.282 BRO
Religion and the people of Western Europe 1789-1989 McLeod, Hugh 270.8
Religion and the rise of Western culture Dawson, Christopher 261 DAW
Religion in Birmingham Tiptaft, Norman 274.24882
Religion in Modern Europe : A memory mutates Davie, Grace 210.2 DAV
Religion in Victorian England, Volume I Traditions Parsons, Gerald 274.281 OPE
Religion in Victorian England, Volume II Controversies Parsons, Gerald 274.281 OPE
Religion in Victorian England, Volume III Souces Moore, James R 274.281 OPE
Religion in Victorian England, Volume IV Interpretations Parsons, Geoffrey 274.281 OPE
Religions in conversation : Christian identity and religious Barnes, Michael 261.2 BAR


Religious experience today : Studying the facts Hay, David 248.2 HAY
Religious language : An empirical placing of theological Ramsey, Ian 210.14 RAM


Religious life in the 21st Century : A contemporary Harmer, Catherine M 248.894 HAR

journey into Canaan

Religious thought in the Nineteenth Century illustrated Reardon, Bernard M 230.09034 REA

from writers of the period

Religious thought in the Victorian age : A survey from Reardon, Bernard M 230.09034 REA

Coleridge to Gore

Remaking Europe : The Gospel in a divided continent Hume, Basil 261.87 HUM
Renewal through suffering : A study of 2 Corinthians Harvey, A.E 227.3 HAR
Renewing the Anglican Eucharist : Findings of the fifth Holeton, David R 264.3 HOL

International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, 1995

Report of the first Anglo-Catholic Congress, London 1920 Anglo-Catholic Congress 274.282 ACC
Report of the first Anglo-Catholic priests' convention, Gillett, Charles Scott 274.282 ACC

general subject : Priestly efficiency, Oxford, July 1921

Rescue : Jesus and salvation today Selby, Peter 234 SEL
Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism Spong, John S 220.601
Reshaping Ecumenical Theology Avis, Paul 280.1 AVI
Residues Thomas, R.S 246.2 THO
Resounding Truth : Christian Wisdom in the World of Begbie, Jeremy 246.5 BEG

Responsibility and atonement Swinburne, Richard 241 SWI

Restoring the vision : The Gospel and modern culture Osborn, Lawrence 261.5 OSB
Resurrecting Jesus : The earliest Christian tradition and Allison, Dale C 226.6 ALL

its interpreters

Resurrection : Interpreting the Easter Gospel Williams, Rowan 232.5 WIL
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Resurrection and moral, order : An outline for evangelical O'Donovan, Oliver 241 ODO

Resurrection people : Studies in the Resurrection Catchpole, David 226.68 CAT

narratives of the Gospels
Resurrection reconsidered D'Costa, Gavin 232.97 DCO
Retrospect of an unimportant life, Vol 1: 1863-1920, Vol Henson, Herbert Hensley 274.282 HEN

2: 1920-39, Vol 3: 1939-46

Revelation Court, John M 228 COU
Revelation : From Metaphor to analogy Swinburne, Richard 231.74 SWI
Revelation and reconciliation : A window on modernity Williams, Stephen N 234 WIL
Revelation and the modern world, being the first part of a Thornton, L.S 232.1 THO

treatise on the Form of the Servant

Revelation as history Pannenberg, Wolfhart 231.74 PAN
Revelations : The clergy questiones Loudon, Mary 262.14 LOU
Revelations of divine love Julian of Norwich 242.1 JUL
Revelations of divine love shewed to a devout ankress by Julian of Norwich 242.1 JUL

name Julian of Norwich

Revisiting weddings Read, Charles 265.5 REA
Richard Baxter Nuttall, Geoffrey F 274.26 BAX/NUT
Richard Hooker : Prophet of Anglicanism Secor, Philip B 274.25

Riding with the lion : In search of mystical Christianity Markides, Kuriakos C 248.22 MAR

Ritual and remembrance : Responses to death in human Davies, Jon 261.84 DAV


Robert Runcie Hastings, Adrian 274.282

Robert Runcie : The reluctant archbishop Carpenter, Humphrey 274.282

Roles and values : An introduction to social ethics Dowie, R.S 177 DOW
Roman Catholicism after Vatican II Burns, Robert A 282 BUR
Roman Catholicism in England, from the Elizabethan Norman, Edward 282.42 NOR

Settlement to the Second Vatican Council

Romans Morgan, Robert 227.1 MOR
Romans : A new translation with introduction and Fitzmyer, J.A 227.1 FIT


Romans : A shorter commentary Cranfield, C.E.B 227.1 CRA
Roots of wisdom : The oldest proverbs of Israel and other Westerman, Claus 223 WES


Roots that refresh : A celebration of Reformation McGrath, Alister 248.2 McG


Rousseau : Stoic and romantic Roche, Kennedy F 194 ROU/ROC
Rowan's Rule, the biography of the Archbishop Shortt, Rupert 274.282
Royal priesthood : A theology of ordained ministry Torrance, T.F 262.1 TOR
Russell Ayer, A J 192 RUS/AYE
Ruth Sakenfeld, Katherine Doob 222.35 SAK
Ruth and Esther Larkin, Katrina J.A 222.35 LAN
Sacral kingship in ancient Israel Johnson, Aubrey R 223.2 JOH
Sacraments and liturgy - the outward signs : A study in Weil, Louis 264.03 WEI

liturgical mentality

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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Sacred and secular : A study in the other-wordly and the Ramsey, Arthur Michael 230 RAM

this-wordly aspects of Christianity

Sacred causes : Religion and politics from the European Burleigh, Michael 261.7 BUR

dictators to Al Qaeda

Sacred tongues Scott, David 242 SCO
Sacred writings : Confucianiam: the Analects of Confucius 299.512 CON


Sacred writings : Islam: The Qur'an, trans. by Ahmed Ali 297.122 QUR
Sacred writings: Buddhism : The Dhammapada The Dhammapada 294.382 DHA
Sacred writings: Buddhism : The Dhammapada, trans by Pelikan, Jaroslav 294.382 PEL

J.R. Carter and M. Palihawadana

Sacred writings: Confucianism : The Analects of Pelikan, Jaroslav 299.512 PEL

Confucius, trans. by Arthur Whaley

Sacred writings: Hinduism : The Rig Veda, trans. by Pelikan, Jaroslav 294.12 PEL

Ralph T.H. Griffith

Sacred writings: HInduism : The Rig Veda, trans. by The Rig Veda 294.5 RIG

Ralph T.H. Griffith

Sacred writings: Islam : The Qur'an, trans. by Ahmed Ali Pelikan, Jaroslav 287.122 PEL
Sacrifice : Its nature and purpose Ashby, Godfrey 231.85
Said or sung : An arrangement of homily and verse Farrer, Austin 252 FAR
Saint Anselm Church, R.W 274.23

Saint Anselm and his biographer : A study of monastic Southern, R.W. 374.23

life and thought 1059-c.1130 ANS/SOU
Saint Augustine Lancel, Serge 270.2 AUG/LAN
Saint Benedict's rule : A new translation for today Benedict, Saint 271.1 BEN
Saint Francis os Assisi Moorman, John R.H 274.55

Saint Luke - PTI Commentary Evans, C.F 226.4 EVA

Saint Patrick : His origins and career Hanson, R.C.P 270.2 PAT/HAN
Saint Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon : Lightfoot, Joseph Barber 227.7 LIG

A revised text with introduction, notes, and dissertations

Saints and Sandanistas : The Catholic Church in Bradstock, Andrew 277.285 BRA

Nicasragua and its response to the revolution

Saints and sinners : A history of the Popes Duffy, Eamon 282 DUF
Saints and sinners in the early Church Frend, W.H.C 270.1 FRE
Saints In The Landscape Jones, Graham 263.042 JON
Salvation in History Cullmann, Oscar 234 CUL
Same scenery, different lifestyle : Rural children on a low Davis, Jim 261.8 DAV

Same scenery, different lifestyle : Rural children on a low Davis, Jim 261.8 DAV

Same scenery, different lifestyle : Rural children on a low Ridge, Tess 261.85 RID

Samuel Sebastian Wesley Hunt, Donald 246.5 WES/HUN

Sarum use : The development of a medieval code of Baxter, Philip

liturgy and customs

Satan : A biography Kelly, Henry Ansgar 235.47 KEL
Saving Christianity : New Thinking for Old Beliefs Wakeman, Hilary 239 WAK
Saving Planet Earth : - A Christian Response Russell, Colin A 261. 836
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Sayings of the early Christian monks The Desert Fathers 270.1 DES
Schleiermacher on Christ and religion Niebuhr, Richard R 230 CSH/NIE
Science and Christian belief : Theological reflections of a Polkinghorne, John 261.55 POL

bottum-up thinker

Science and providence : God's interaction with the world Polkinghorne, John 261.55 POL
Science and religious belief 1600-1900 Goodman, D.C 261.55 GOO
Science and the Christian experiment Peacocke, Arthur R 261.55 PEA
Science and the soul : New cosmology, the self and God Tilby, Angela 261.552 TIL
Science and the Trinity : The Christian encounter with Polkinghorne, John 261.55 POL


Science and theology since Copernicus : The search for Barrett, Peter 261.55 BAR


Science and wisdom Moltmann, Jurgen 261.55 MOL
Science, consciousness and ultimate reality Lorimer, David 261.55574 LOR
Science, religion and reality Needham, Joseph 261.55 NEE
SCM studyguide to the Old Testament Holdsworth, John 221.6 HOL
Scripture and the authority of God Wright, N.T 220.13 WRI
Scripture, tradition and reason : A study in the criteria of Bauckham, Richard 230 BAU

Christian doctrine; essays in honour of Richard P.C

Scripture, tradition and reason : A study in the criteria of Drewery, Benjamin 230 DRE

Christian doctrine; essays in honour of Richard P.C.

Searching for Meaning Gooder, Paula 225 GOO
Secret fire : The spiritual vision of J.R.R. Tolkien Caldecott, Stratford 246.4 TOL/CAL
Sectarian Religion in Contemporary Britain Scotland, Nigel 289 SCO
Secularisation Norman, Edward 261.3 NOR
Seeds of contemplation Merton, Thomas 242 MER
Selected poems Vaughan, Henry 246.2 VAU
Selected poems of R.S. Thomas Thomas, R.S 246.2 THO
Selections from the sacred writings of the Sikhs Singh, Trilochan 294.6 SIN
Self/same/other : Re-visioning the Subject in literature Hass, Andrew W 246.2 HAS

and theology

Self/same/other : Re-visioning the Subject in literature Walton, Heather 246.2 WAL

and theology

Sermons Donne, John 252 DON
Sermons Latimer, Hugh 252 LAT
Sermons in solitary confinement Wurmbrand, Richard 252 WUR
Setting the Gospel free : Experimental faith and Taylor, Brian C 248.2 TAY

contemplative practice

Sex, race and God : Christian feminism in black and wite Thistlethwaite, Susan Brooks 261.8344 THI
Sexism and God-talk Ruether, Rosemary Radford 230.082 ROE
Sexuality and the sacred : Sources for theological Longfellow, Sandra P 261.835 LON


Sexuality and the sacred : Sources for theological Nelson, James B 261.835 NEI


Sexuality in the New Testament Loader, William 261.835
Shadowlands : The true story of C.S. Lewis and Joy Sibley, Brian 274.282

Davidman LEW/SIB

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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Shadows in the dark : The problems of suffering and evil Cowburn, John 231.8 COW
Sharing her word : Feminist Biblical interpretation in Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussler 220.6 FIO


She for God : Aspects of women and Christianity Moore, Katherine 262.16 MOO
She offered them Christ : The legacy of women Chilocote, Paul W 274.27 CHI

preachers in early methodism

Shifting alliances : Church and state in English education Chadwick, Priscilla 261.7 CHA
Shifting sands : The rise and fall of Biblical archaeology Davis, Thomas W 220.93 DAV
Shifting sands : The rise and fall of Biblical archaeology Davis, Thomas W 220.93 DAV
Shorter encyclopaedia of Islam Gibb, H.A.R 297 GIB
Sidelights on the Anglo-Saxon church Deansley, Margaret 274.21 DEA
Signs of God : Miracles and their interpretation Corner, Mark 231.73 COR
Sikhism : A very short introduction Nesbit, Eleanor 294.6 NES
Silence and honey cakes : The wisdom of the desert Williams, Rowan 242 WIL
Simone Weil Plant, Stephen 230 WEI/PLA
Simple Christian Wright, Tom 230 WRI
Simply C.S. Lewis Peters, Thomas C 274.282

Simply Christian Wright, Tom 230

Six books on the priesthood Chrysostom, St John 262.4 CHR
Six modern myths : Challenging Christian faith Sampson, Philip J 239 SAM
Slaying the Dragons Chapman, Alan 261.55
Small communities in religious life : Making them work Widdicombe, Catherine 262.2 WID
Smouldering fire : The work of the Holy Spirit Israel, Martin 231.3 ISR
Social Christianity : A reader Atherton, John 261 ATH
Social-scientific approaches to New Testament Horrell, David G 225.67 HOR


Sociology of religion : Selected readings Robertson, Ronald 210 ROB
Socrates : A source book Ferguson, John 183.2 FER
Some Issues in Human Sexuality General Synod 261.835
Some principles of moral theology Kirk, Kenneth E 241 KIR
Someday I'll find you : An autobiography Williams, H.A 274.282 WIL
Something to celebrate : Valuing famiies in Church and General Synod Board of Social 261.835 GSYN

society Responsibility

Songs of innocence and experience Blake, William 246.2 BLA
Soul friend : Spiritual direction in the modern world Leech, Kenneth 248 LEE
Soul Pain Tann, Jennifer 248.86
Sounding the depths : Theology through the arts Begbie, Jeremy 246 BEG
Space, time and resurrection Torrance, Thomas F 232.5 TOR
Spaces for the sacred : Place, memory and identity Sheldrake, Philip 263.042 SHE
Spes Scotorum : Hope of the Scots Broun, Dauvit 274.21

Spes Scotorum : Hope of the Scots Clancy, Thomas Owen 274.21

Spinoza Hampshire, Stuart 199.2 SPI/HAM
Spirit of fire : The life and vision of Teilhard de Chardin King, Ursula 230 TEI/KIN
Spiritual classics from the early Church : An anthology Atwell, Robert 242 ATW
Spiritual Depression : Its Causes and Cures Lloyd-Jones, Martyn 248.2 LLO
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Spiritual Direction : Wisdom for the Long Walk of Faith Nouwen, Henri J.M / Christensen, M 248.2 NOU

J / Laird R J

Spiritual journey : 1000 young adults share the Carey, George 248.2 CAR

reconciling experience of Taize with the Archbishop of

Spirituality and history : Questions of interpretation and Sheldrake, Philip 248.2 SHE

Spirituality in Season : Growing through the Christian Thompson, Ross 248 THO

Spitting at dragons : Towards a feminist theology of Stuart, Elizabeth 235.2 STU


Spurgeon : Heir of the Puritans Bacon, Ernest W 274.281

St Augustine Wills, Garry 270.2 AUG/WIL

St Augustine and the conversation of England Gameson, Richard 274 22

St Augustine of Hippo : Life and controversies Bonner, Gerald 270.2 AUG/BON

St John's Gospel : A commentary Lightfoot, R.H 226.5 LIG
St Oswald of Worcester : Life and influence Brooks, Nicholas 274.23

St Paul's Epistle to the Philippians : A revised text with Lightfoot, Joseph Barber 227.6 LIG

introduction, notes and dissertations
St Paul's Epistle tot he Galatians : A revised text with Lightfoot, Joseph Barber 227.4 LIG

introduction, notes and dissertations

St Wulfstan of Worcester c.1008-1095 Mason, Emma 274.24

St. Benedict Rule : A new translation for today Barry, Patrick

St. Francis of Assisi Chesterton, G.K 274.55 FRA/CHE
Stardust and ashes : Science fiction in Christian May, Stephen 246.4 MAY


Stars and angels : Meditations for the Christian year Stancliffe, Michael 242.3 STA
States of bliss and yearning : The marks and means of Bell, John L 248.2 BEL

authentic Christian spirit

Statutes of England and Wales : Vol. 14 Ecclesiastical Halsbury

Steps along Hope Street : My life in cricket, the Church Sheppard, David 274.282 SHE

and the inner city
Still small voice : An introduction to counselling for Jacobs, Michael 253.53 JAC

pastors and other helpers

Stolen daughters, virgin mothers : Anglican sisterhoods in Mumm, Susan

Victorian Britain

Strangers and friends : A new exploration of Vasey, Michael 261.8357 VAS

homosexuality and the Bible

Strategic church leadership Burke, Derek 262.1 GIL
Strategic church leadership Gill, Robin 262.1 GIL
Street Pastors Isaac, Les 253.73
Struggle to be the sun again : Introducing Asian women's Chung, Hyun Kyung 230.082 CHU


Stubborn theological question MacQuarrie, John 230 MacQ
Studies in Christian antiquity Hanson, Richard P.C 270.1 HAN
Studies in the Book of Revelation Moyise, Steve 228 MOY
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Studying John : Approaches to the Fourth Gospel Ashton, John 226.5 ASH
Studying the Old Testament from Tradition to Canon Ohler, Annemarie 221 OHL
Studying the Synoptic gospels Davies, Margaret 226.1 SAN
Studying the Synoptic Gospels Sanders, E.P 226.1 SAN
Suicide - The ultimate rejection : A psycho-social study Pritchard, Colin 261.831 PRI
Summa theoligica : A concise translation Aquinas, Thomas 230 AQU
Summoned by bells Betjeman, John 246.2 BET
Summons to life : The search for identity through the Israel, Martin 248.2 ISR


Suprised by joy : The shape of my early life Lewis, C.S 274.282 LEW
Surprised by Hope Wright, Tom 236.2
Swift to hear : Facilitating skills in listening and Jacobs, Michael 253.5 JAC


Synopsis of the first three Gospels, with the addition of Huck, Albert 226.1 HUC

the Johannine parallels

Systematic theology : Volumes I, II & III Tillich, Paul 230 TIL
Systematic theology, Vols. 1, 2, & 3 Pannenberg, Wolfhart 230 PAN
Taking leave of God Cupitt, Don 230 CUP
Taking the new wiew : There and a half decades of Buchanan, Colin 283 BUC

General Synod

Tears in the dark : A journey of hope Edwards, Mark 261.8356 EDW
Teilhard reassessed : A symposium of critical studies in Hanson, Anthony 230 TEI/HAN

the thought of Pere Teilhard de Chardin

Telling our faith story Price, Janice 266 PRI
Telling the Story : Gospel, mission and culture Walker, Andrew 269.2 WAL
Temple theology : An introduction Barker, Margaret 230.1 BAR
Ten Things they never told me about Jesus Bell, John L 232 BEL
Tensions : Necessary conflicts in life and love Williams, Harry 248 WIL
Tensions in Christian Ethics Brown, Malcolm 241 BRO
Teresa of Avila Williams, Rowan 248.22 TER/WIL
Text and truth : Redefining Biblical theology Watson, Francis 230.1 WAT
Text, Church and World : Biblical interpretation in Watson, Francis 220.6 WAT

theological perspective

The 'Hellenization' of Judaea in the first century after Hengel, Martin 296.09 HEN

The abolition of man Lewis, C.S 241.2 LEW

The abolition of the laity : Vocation, work and ministry in Stevens, R Paul 262.15 STE

a Biblical perspective

The achievement of John Henry Newman Ker, Ian 274.2812

The acts of the Apostles Dunn, J.D.G 226.9 DUN

The Acts of the Apostles : An introduction and Marshall, I Howard 226.9 MAR


The actuality of atonement : A study of the metaphor, Gunton, Colin E 232.3 GUN

rationality and Christian tradition

The adequacy of Christian ethics Hebblethwaite, Brian 241 HEB
The Advent hope : A study of the context of Mark 13 Neville, Graham 226.3 NEV
The age of Bede Farmer, D.H 274.21 FAR
The age of the saints in the early celtic Church Chadwick, Nora K 274.21 CHA
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
The Alpha enterprise : Evangelism in Post-Christian era Hunt, Stephen 269.2 HUN
The Alternative Service Book with Liturgical Psalter A.S.B. 264.03
The Anchor Bible dictionary, in six volumes Freedman, David Noel 220.3 ANC
The ancient library of Qumran and modern Biblical Cross, F.M 296.155 CRO


The angels have left us : The Rwanda tragedy and the McCullum, Hugh 276 McC


The Anglican parochial clergy : A celebration Hinton, Michael 283.09 HIN
The Anglican revival : Studies in the Oxford Movement Briloith, Yngve 274.2812 BRI
The Anglican spirit Ramsey, Michael 283 RAM
The Anglican spiritual tradition Moorman, John R.H 248.2 MOO
The Anglican tradition : A handbook of sources Evans, G.R 283.09 EVA
The Anglican tradition : A handbook of sources Wright, J Robert 283.09 EVA
The Anglican understanding of the Church : An Avis, Paul 262.7 AVI


The annotated Book of Common Prayer : Being an Blunt, John Henry 264.03 BCP

historical, ritual, and theological commentary on the

devotional system of the Church of England
The anology of religion, natural and revealed, to the Butler, Joseph 210 BUT

constitution and course of Nature

The Ante-Nicene Fathers : Vols. I-X Roberts, A & Donaldson, J
The apocalyptic imagination : An introduction to the Collins, John L 229.913 COL

Jewish matrix of Christianity

The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old The Apocrypha of the Old Testament 229 APO

Testament in English : with introductions and critical and

explanatory notes to the several books
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old 229 CHA

Testament in English, with introductions and critical and

explanatory notes to the several books
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Charles, R.H 229 CHA

Testamnet in English, with introductions and critical and

explanatory notes to the several books
The apocryphal New Testament : Being the apocryphal James, Montague Rhodes 229.052 JAM

Gospels, Epistles and Apocalypses with other narratives

and fragments
The Apocryphal New Testament , being the apocryphal 229.052 APO

Gospels, Epistles and Apocalypses, with other narratives

and fragments
The Apostle's creed Cranfield, C.E.B 238.11
The Apostles' Creed Barclay, William 238.11 BAR
The Apostolic preaching and its developments : Three Dodd, C.H 225.6 DOD

lectures; with an appendix on Eschatology and history

The archaeology of early Christianity : a history Frend, William H.C 270.07 FRE
The argument from design McPherson, Thomas 212.1 McP
The arts in your church : a practical guide Bond, Fiona 246 BON
The Athanasian Creed Kelly, J.N.D 238.144 KEL
The authentic gospel of Jesus Vermes, Geza 226.7 VER
The Authorised Daily Prayer Book of the United Hebrew 296.4

Congregations of the Britsh Empire

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