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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Nature, human nature and God Barbour, Ian G
Nature, human nature and God Barbour, Ian 261.577 BAR
Naught for your comfort Huddleston, Trevor 276.2 HUD
New atlas of the Bible Negenman, Jan H 220.91 NEE
New Bible dictionary Douglas, J.D 220.3 DOU
New dictionary of theology Ferguson, Sinclair B 230 FER
New dictionary of theology Wright, David F 230 WRI
New Eastern Religious Texts relating to the Old Beyerlin, W (Ed) 221.93


New handbook of pastoral liturgy Perham, Michael 264 PER
New initiation rites : A commentary on services Buchanan, Colin 265.1 BUC

authorised from Easter 1998

New occasions teach new duties? Christian ethics for Rodd, Cyril S 241 ROD

New Religious movements : A practical introduction Barker, Eileen 291.9 BAR

New soundings : Essays in developing tradition Chandler, Andrew 262.72 PLA
New soundings : Essays in developing tradition James, Graham 262.72 JAM
New soundings : Essays in developing tradtion Platten, Stephen 262.72 PLA
New Testament Greek : An introductory grammar Jay, Eric G 225.48 JAY
New Testament interpretation : Essays on principle and Marshall, I Howard 225.6 MAR


New Testament questions of today Kasemann, Ernst 225 KAS
New Testament studies Dodd, C.H 225 DOD
New Testament Theology Caird, G.B 230.3 CAI
New Testament theology Guthrie, Donald 230.3 GUT
New Testament theology : Many witnesses, one Gospel Marshall, I Howard 230.3 MAR
New Testament theology in dialogue Mackey, James P 230.3 DUN
New Testament theology, volume one : The proclamation Jeremias, Joachim 230.3 JER

of Jesus

New Testament; text and language : A Sheffield reader Evans, Craig A 225.4 EVA
New Testament; text and language : A Sheffield reader Porter, Stanley E 225.4 POR
Newman and conversion Ker, Ian 248.24

Newman and his age Gilley, Sheridan 274.2812

Newman's journey Trevor, Meriol 274.2812

Newman's Unquiet Grave : The Reluctant Saint 274.2812

Nicholas Ferrar of Little Gidding Maycock, A.L 274.25

Nicholas Ridley : A biography Ridley, Jasper Godwin 274.5 RID/RID

Nineteenth Century religious thought in the West : Vol.III Smart, Ninian 230.09034 SMA
Nineteenth Century religious thought in the West : Smart, Ninian 230.09034 SMA

Volume II

No easy answers : An exploration of suffering Baisley, Barbara 231.8 BAI
No future without forgiveness Tutu, Desmond 276.8 TUT
No logo (no space, no choice, no jobs, no logo) Klein, Naomi 261.83 KLE
No man is an island Merton, Thomas 242 MER
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
No other name? : A critical survey of Christian attitudes Knitter, Paul F 261.2 KNI

toward the world religions

No rusty swords : Letters, lectures and notes Bonhoeffer, Dietrich 230 BON
Nonconformity in the nineteenth century Thompson, David M 274.281 THO
Northern Catholicism : Centenary studies in the Oxford Harris, Charles 274.281 HAR

and parallel movements

Not angels but agencies : The ecumenical response to Taylor, Michael 261.85 TAY

poverty - a primer

Notes on the Epistles of St Paul from unpublished Lightfoot, J.B 227.07 LIG


Nothing strange : Stories of non-stipendary ministers in Various authors 283.424 WOR

the Diocese of Worcestershire

Novum Testamentum Graece : Textvi a retractatoribus New Testament 225.48 NTG

anglis adhibito brevem adnotationem criticam subjecit

Alexander Souter
Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine : Utrumque New Testament 225.48 NTG

textum cum apparatu critico

Now the day is over : The life and times of Sabine Kirk-Smith, Harold 274.281

Baring-Gould 1834-1924 BAR/KIR

Number One Millbank : The financial downfall of the Lovell, Terry 274.282 LOV

Church of England

Numbers Olson, Dennis T 222.14 OLS
Numbers Wenham, Gordon J 222.14 WEN
O Love that will not let me go : Facing Death with Guthrie, Nancy 236.1 GUT

courageous confidence

Obadiah; Jonah; Micah : Introductions and commentaries Baker, David W 224.9 BAK
Oh God, Why? Hughes, G W 248.8
Old Reddich voices Bradford, Anne 274.2 BRA
Old Testament Apocalyptic Hanson, Paul D 221 HAN
Old Testament faith Drane, John 221.6 DRA
Old Testament prophecy : From oracles to canon Clements, Ronald, E 224 CLE
Old Testament survey : The message, form, and Bush, Frederic William 221 BUS

background of the Old Testament

Old Testament theology : It's history and development Hayes, John H 230.2 HAY
Old Testament theology : Its history and development Prussner, Frederick C 230.2 PRU
Old Testament theology, vol.I, The theology of Israel's Rad, Gerhard von 230.2 RAD

historical traditions, vol.II, The theology of Israel's

prophetic traditions
Oliver Tomkins : The ecumenical enterprise Hastings, Adrian 280.1 TOM/HAS
On authority and revelation Kierkegaard, Soren 198.9 KIE
On being a Christian Kung, Hans 248 KUN
On being the Church in the World Robinson, J.A.T 262.7
On Christian theology Williams, Rowan 230 WIL
On death and dying Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth 253.51 KUB
On dying well : An Anglican contribution to the debate on General Synod Board of Social 248.86 GSYN

euthanasia Responsibility

On human dignity : Political theology and ethics Moltmann, Jurgen 261.7 MOL
On human worth : A Christian vindication of equality Forrester, Duncan B 261.7 FOR
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
On original sin and A disputation with the Jew, Leo, Odo of Tournai 233.14 ODO

concerning the Advent of Christ, the Son of God : Two

theological treatises
On Paul : Essays on his life, work and influence in the Barrett, C.K 227 BAR

early Church

On religion : Speeches to its cultured despisers Schleiermacher, Friedrich 210 SCH
On secularisation : Towards a revised general theory Martin, David 261.3 MAR
On sight and insight : A journey into the world of Hull, John M 259.4 HUL


On the boundary : A vision for non-stipendiary clergy Hacking, Rod 262.14 HAC
On the boundary : An autobiographical sketch Tillich, Paul 230 TIL
On the edge of the primeval forest & More from the Schwetzer, Albert 266 SCH

primeval forest

On the Incarnation : The treatise De incarnatione verbi Athanasius 232.1 ATH

On the receiving end : How people experience what we Cotton, Robert 253 COT

do in church
On the receiving end : How people experience what we Stevenson, Kenneth 253 STE

do in church

One Bible, Many Voices : Different appraches to Biblical Gillingham, S E 220.6 GIL


One foot in heaven : Growing older and living to the full Duke, Michael Hare 261.84 DUK
One like us : A psychological interpretation of Jesus Dominian, Jack 226.6 DOM
One wind, many flames : Church unity and the diversity Thorogood, Bernard 280.1 THO

of the churches

One world : The interaction of science and theology Polkinghorne, John 261.55 POL
One, catholic and apostolic : Samuel Seabury and the Marshall, Paul Victor 277 SEA/MAR

early Episcopal Church

Open family Hinton, Jeanne 261.835 HIN
Open to judgement : Sermons and addresses Williams, Rowan 252 WIL
Oracles of Science : Celebrity scientists versus God and Artigas, Mariano 261.55 GIB


Oracles of science : Celebrity scientists versus God and Giberson, Karl 261.55 GIB


Orders and unity Gore, Charles 262.1 GOR
Ordinary theology : Looking, listening and learning in Astley, Jeff 230 AST


Ordination addresses and counsel to clergy Lightfoot, Joseph Barber 252.7 LIG
Original sin : Illuminating the riddle Blocher, Henri 233.14 BLO
Orthodox Christian Theology : Cambridge Companion Cunningham, M B / Theokritoff, E 230.19 CUN
Orthodoxy for today Crow, Gillian 281.9 CRO
Other: Loving Self, God and Neighbours in a World of Brewin, Kester 261 BRE


Our childhood's pattern : Memories of growing up Furlong, Monica 261.8356 FUR


Out Of the Deep
Out of the deep : Parayer as protest Mursell, Gordan 248
Out of the depths : The "Daily Telegraph" meditations Norman, Edward 242 NOR
Outspoken essays Inge, William Ralph 202 ING
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Oxford Apostles : A character study of the Oxford Faber, Geoffrey 274.2812 FAB


P.T. Forsyth : The man and his work Bradley, W.L 274.281

Panorthosia, or, Universal reform : Chapters 1-18 & 27 Comenius, John Amos 270.6 COM

Parable and story in Judaism and Christianity Thoma, Clemens 226.71 THO
Parable and story in Judaism and Christianity Wyschogrod, Michael 226.71 WYS
Pardon and peace : A reflection on the making of peace Frayling, Nicholas 274.282 FRA

in Northern Ireland

Parochial and plain sermons Newman, John Henry 252 NEW
Pascal Pensees Pascal, Blaise 194 PAS
Pascal's fire : Scientific faith and religious understanding Ward, Keith 261.55 WAR
Passionate and compassionate love : A vision of Dominian, Jack 261.835 DOM

Christian marriage

Past event and present salvation : The Christian idea of Fiddes, Paul S 234.5 FID


Past Worlds: The Times Atlas of Archaeology Scarre, C 930.1
Pastoral care and liberation theology Pattison, Stephen 253 PAT
Pastoral care for lay people Wright, Frank 253.5 WRI
Pastoral care revisited Wright, Frank 253 WRI
Paths from science towards God : The end of all our Peacocke, Arthur 261.55 PEA


Paths in spirituality MacQuarrie, John 248.2 MacQ
Paths of the Spirit : A book of meditations in words and Gillman, Harvey 248.2 GIL

pictures from Quaker faith and practice

Patriarchs and prophets : Persecution of the Russian Bourdeaux, Michael 274.7 BOU

Orthodox Church

Patterns for worship Liturgical Commission 264 LIT
Paul : A short introduction Hooker, Morna 227 HOO
Paul : An introduction to his thought Barrett, C.K 227 BAR
Paul : Past masters series Sanders, E.P 227 SAN
Paul and his converts Best, Ernest 227 BES
Paul and Palestinian Judaism : A comparison of patterns Sanders, E.P 227 SAN

of religion

Paul and the historical Jesus Wenham, David 227 WEN
Paul and the unsearchable riches of Christ Christou, Sotirios 227 CHR
Paul for everyone : 1 Corinthians Wright, Tom 227.2 WRI
Paul for everyone : 2 Corinthians Wright, Tom 227.3 WRI
Paul for everyone : Galatians and Thessalonians Wright, Tom 227.4 WRI
Paul for everyone : Romans, Part 1: Chapters 1-8; Part 2: Wright, Tom 227.1 WRI

Chapters 9-16

Paul for everyone, the prison letters : Ephesians, Wright, Tom 227.5 WRI

Philippians, Colossians and Philemon

Paul in the Greco-Roman world : A handbook Sampley, J Paul 227 SAM
Paul Tillich's Philosophy of culture, science, and religion Adams, James Luther
Paul Tillich's philosophy of culture, Science, and religion Adams, James Luther 261 TIL/ADA
Paul, Thessalonica, and early Christianity Donfried, Karl Paul 227.81 DON
Pauline Christianity Ziesler, J.A 227 ZIE
Peace in ireland : Two states, one people Bleakley, David 274.282 BLE
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Pentecostal and charismatic studies : A reader Dyer, Anne E 269.5 KAY
Pentecostal and charismatic studies : A reader Kay, William K 269.5 KAY
Pentecostal theology and the Christian spiritual tradition Chan, Simon 269.5 CHA
People of the Book : Christian identity and literary culture Jeffrey, David Lyle
Percy Dearmer : A parson's pilgrimage Gray, Donald 274.282

Persecution and martyrdom in the theology of Paul Pobee, John S 227.06 POB

Personality indicators and the spiritual life Innes, Robert 248 INN
Persons in communion : An essay on Trinitarian Torrance, Alan J

description and human participation

Perspectives on Paul Kasemann, Ernst 227 KAS
Peter : The myth, the man and the writings Lapham, F 226.82 PET/LAP
Peter Abelard Waddell, Helen 270.4
Peter Abelard Waddell, Helen 246.4
Philosophical investigations Wittgenstein, Ludwig 192 WIT
Philosophical texts : Selected and translated with notes Aquinas, Thomas 192 AQU

and an introduction by Thomas Gilby

Philosophical writings Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm 193 LEI
Philosophical Writings Descartes, Rene 194 DES
Philosophy of religion : A book of readings Langford, Thomas A 210 LAN
Philosophy's own religion Cupitt, Don 210 CUP
Pilate : The biography of an invented man Wroe, Ann 226.85 PIL/WRO
Pilgrim and dreamer : John Bunyan, his life and work Bacon, Ernest 274.26 BUN/BAC
Pilgrimage : An image of mediaeval religio Sumption, Jonathan 248.463 SUM
Pilgrimage to priesthood Canham, Elizabeth 262.14 CAN
Pilgrimage yesterday and today : Why? Where? How? Davies, J.G 248.463 DAV
Pius XII and the Second World War : According to the Blet, Pierre 274.382 PIU/BLE

archives of the Vatican

Pluralism and religions : The theological and political May, John D'Arcy 261.834 MAY


Poems and prose Hopkins, Gerard Manley 264.2 HOP
Poet, priest and prophet : The life and thought of Bishop Wood, David 274.282

John V. Taylor TAY/WOO

Poetry and Prayer Griffiths, Richard 246.2
Poetry and Prose Traherne, Thomas 246.2 TRA
Pope Benedict XVI - a biography of Joseph Ratzinger Allen, John 292 BEN
Pope Pius XII : Architect for peace Marchione, Marguerita 274.382

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust Rittner, Carol 274.382 PIU/RIT

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust Roth, John K 274.382

Population perils and the churches' response Martin-Schramm, James B 261.8 MAR

Possible dreams : A personal history of British Christian Bryant, Chris 274.282 BRY


Postmodern Culture and Youth Discipleship Cray, Graham 259.2 CRA
Postmodernity : Christian identity in a fragmented age Lakeland, Paul 230 LAK
Poverty and Christianity : Reflections at the interface Taylor, Michael

between faith and experience

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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Poverty and Christianity : Reflections at the interface Taylor, Michael 261.832 TAY

between faith and experience

Poverty close to home : A christian understanding Russell, Hilary 261.851 RUS
Poverty, Chastity & obedience Williams, H.A 252 WIL
Power and glory : Jacobean England and the making of Nicolson, Adam 274.26 NIC

the King James Bible

Power ans the church : Ecclesiology in an age of Percy, Martyn 262.2 PER


Power for Living Buckingham, Jamie 243 BUC
Power, gender and Christian mysticism Jantzen, Grace M 248.22 JAN
Practical mysticism : A little book for normal people Underhill, Evelyn 248.22 UND
Practical theology in action : Christian thinking in the Ballard, Paul 253 BAL

service of church and society

Practical theology in action : Christian thinking in the Pritchard, John 253 PRI

service of Church and society

Practising community : The task of the local church Greenwood, Robin 250 GRE
Prayer : Finding the heart's true home Foster, Richard 248.32 FOS
Prayer : Letters to Malcolm Lewis, C.S 248.32 LEW
Prayer and Community : The Benedictine tradition Stewart, Columba 248.2
Prayer And Contemplation Llewelyn, Robert 248
Prayer and preaching Barth, Karl 251 BAR
Prayer and the departed Cocksworth, Christopher 242.4 COC
Prayer, the Embrace of Love Clitherow, Andrew 248.32 CLI
Prayers for a lifetime Rahner, Karl 242.8 RAH
Praying the Eucharist : Reflections on the eucharistic Miller, Charles 264.3 MIL

experience of God

Praying the Kingdom : Towards a political spirituality Elliott, Charles 248/32 ELL
Praying through life : How to pray in the home, at work Cottrell, Stephen 246.32 COT

and in the family

Pre-Christian Ireland : From the first settlers to the early Harbison, Peter 274.21 HAR

Preaching for our planet Montefiore, Hugh 261.836 MON

Preaching on God's justice Taylor, John B 251 TAY
Preaching on the Crucifixion Ford, D.W Cleverley 252 FOR
Preaching on the historical Jesus Ford, D.W Cleverley 251 FOR
Preaching what we believe Ford, D.W Cleverley 252 FOR
Prejudice in religion : Can we move beyond it Cornwell, Peter 261.83 COR
Priesthood and society Mason, Kenneth 262.14 MAS
Priesthood in a new millenium : Toward an understanding Cox, R. David 262.14 COX

of the Anglican presbyterate in the twenty-first century

Principia ethica Moore, George Edward 170 MOO
Principles of Christian theology MacQuarrie, John 230 MacQ
Priorities : Grounds for fresh thinking in education Ashton, Elizabeth 268 ASH
Priorities : Grounds for fresh thinking in education Watson, Brenda 268 WAT
Problems and practice of pastoral care Hamblin, Douglas 253 HAM
Problems of suffering in the religions of the world Bowker, John 291.2 BOW
Promise or pretence? A Christian's guide to sexual Harvey, A.E 261.835 HAR

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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Prophecy and apocalypticism : The Postexilic social Cook, Stephen L 224.0046 COO


Prophecy and religion : Studies in the life of Jeremiah Skinner, John 224.2 SKI
Prophecy in ancient Israel Lindblom, J 224.LIN
Prophetic drama in the Old Testament Stacey, W.D 224 STA
Prophets and poets : A companion to the prophetic books Emmerson, Grace 224 EMM

of the Old Testament

Proslogion : With the replies of Gaulino and Anselm Anselm 212.1 ANS
Proverbs Martin, James D
Proverbs Perdue, Leo G 222.4 PER
Providence Langford, Michael J 231.5 LAN
Providence and the problem of evil Swinburne, Richard 231.8 SWI
Provisional churches : An essay in ecumenical Duquoc, Christian 262.7 DUQ


Psalms Day, J 223.2 DAY
Pslams : A Bible commentary for teaching and preaching Mays, James L 223.2 MAY
Psychology and religion Jung, Karl Gustav 200.19 JUN
Public faith? : The state of religious belief and practice in Avis, Paul 261 AVI


Public People, Private Lives : Tackling stress in clergy Burton, Chris / Burton, Jean 253.2 BUR


Public theology for changing times Atherton, John 261.87 ATH
Pugin Stanton, Phoebe 246.9 STA
Quaker spirituality : Selected writings Steere, Douglas V 289.6 STE
Quakers in Britain : A century of change 1895-1995 Heron, Alastair 289.6 HER
Quantum physics and theology : An unexpected kinship Polkinghorne, John 261.552 POL
Quarks, chaos and Christianity : Questions to science Polkinghorne, John 261.55 POL

and religion

Quo vaditis? : The state of churches of northern Europe Broadhurst, John 270.8 BRO
Rabble-Rouser for peace : The authorised biography of Allen, John 276.8 TUT/ALL

Desmond Tutu

Race for the millenium : A challenge to Church and Haslam, David 261.8343 HAR


Radical Amazement : Contemplative Lessons from Black Cannato, Judy 248.2 CAN

Radical Christian writings : A reader Bradstock, Andrew 230 BRA

Radical Christian writings : A reader Rowland, Christopher 230 BRA
Radical Churchman : Edward Lee Hicks and the New Neville, Graham 274.281 NEV


Radical theology and the death of God Hamilton, William 230.046 ALT
Randall Davidson : Archbishop of Canterbury, Volumes I Bell, G.K.A 274.281 BEL

& II
Re-pitching the tent : Re-ordering the church building for Giles, Richard 246.95 GIL

worship and mission
Re-Shaping Rural Ministry Bell, James / Hopkinson, Jill / 254.24 BEL

Willmott, Trevor

Reader Ministry Explained Rowling, C / Gooder, P 262.15 ROW
Reader Ministry Today Read, Charles / Tovey, P 262.15 REA
Readers and Worship in the Church of England Headley, Carolyn 262.15
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Old Palace Library - Items by Title
22 Aug 2013 10:26 AM
Title Author Call Number
Reading 1 Corinthians in the twenty-first century Crocker, Cornelia Cyss 227.2 CRO
Reading the New Testament : Methods of interpretation Tuckett, Christopher 225.6 TUC
Reading the Old Testament : Method in Biblical study Barton, John 221.6 BAR
Reading the Old Testament : Method in Biblical study Barton, John 221.6 BAR
Reading the sacred text : An introduction to Biblical Shillington, V George 220.6 SHI


Reading through Romans Barrett, Charles Kingsley 227.1 BAR
Real presences : Is there anything in what we say? Steiner, George 246 STE
Reason and reality : The relationship between science Polkinghorne, John 215 POL

and theology

Reasonable belief : A survey of the Christian faith Hanson, Richard 230 HAN
Rebuilding the matrix : Science and faith in the 21st Alexander, Denis


Rebuilding the matrix : Science and faith in the 21st Alexander, Denis 261.55 ALE


Recognising spiritual needs in people who are dying Stanworth, Rachel 253.56 STA
Reconnecting with Confirmation Maidment, Pete / Mapledoram, Susie 265.2 MAI
Reconstructing Early Christian Worship Bradshaw, Paul 264 BRA
Reconstructing Nature : the engagment of science and Brooke, John 261.55 BRO


Reconstructing Practical Theology : The impact of Reader, John 253 REA


Records of Christianity : Vol. 1 In the Roman Empire Ayerst, David 270.1 AYE
Redating the New Testament Robinson, John A.T 225.66 ROB
Rediscovering pastoral care Campbell, Alastair V 253 CAM
Rediscovering the triune God : The Trinity in Grenz, Stanley 231 GRE

contemporary theology

Reflecting the glory : Bible readings and reflections for Wright, N.T 242.5 WRI

every day in Lent

Reflecting theologically on AIDS : A global challenge Gill, Robin 261.8358 GILL
Reflections on the Beatitudes : Soundings in Christian Tugwell, Simon 226.74 TIG


Reflections on the Pslams Lewis, C.S 223.2 LEW
Reformation : Christianity and the world 1500-2000 Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe 270.6 FER
Reformation : Christianity and the world 1500-2000 Wilson, Derek 270.6 FER
Reformation : Europe's house divided 1490-1700 MacCulloch, Diarmaid 270.6 MacC
Reformation in Britain and Ireland Heal, Felicity 274.25 HEA
Reformation Pastors: Richard Baxter and the Ideal of the Black, J William 274.26 BAX

Reformed Pastor

Regarding children : A new respect for childhood and Anderson, Herbert


Regarding children : A new respect for childhood and Anderson, Herbert 261.3856 AND


Regarding Children : A new respect for childhood and Johnson, Susan B.W 261.3856 AND


Reigion in Britain since 1945 : Believing without Davie, Grace 261.53 DAV


Religion and creation Ward, Keith 231.765 WAR
Religion and culture Dawson, Christopher 261 DAW
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