Ohatchee High School Alumni Association Scholarship Application

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Ohatchee High School Alumni Association

Scholarship Application

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

First Middle Last Suffix
Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Street City State Zip

Birth date: _________________________ Phone:_______________________________________

Month Day Year Home Alternate

GPA: ______ Class rank: ______ of ______ ACT Score______ SAT Score ______
College/University you plan to attend: _______________________________________________
Proposed Major/Field of Study: ______________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________ State: _________________ Zip Code: ____________
Father’s Full Name: ________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Street City State Zip

Mother’s Full Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Street City State Zip

Is either parent an alumnus of Ohatchee High School?  Mother  Father

Is either parent an active member of the OHS Alumni Association?  Mother  Father

If alumni, or members, please list the year of graduation: Mother _________ Father _________

The Scholarship recipient should plan to attend this year’s annual Alumni Banquet to be held the Saturday evening following Homecoming.

Any student from the current graduating class of Ohatchee High School is eligible to apply. Deadline is April1, 2014.


  • Completed Application

  • Copy of College or University acceptance letter

  • Verification (copy) of ACT/SAT scores

  • Official High School transcript

  • Statement of financial need (100 word limit)

  • Two letters of recommendation-one should be from a high school or college teacher that instructs you in a core subject area (English, math, history or science)

  • A list of scholarships that you have applied for; include the dollar amount of the scholarship and the current status of the award

  • Essay – What are your educational goals and how has Ohatchee, as a school or a community, prepared you to meet your goals?

    • Essay should be typed, single spaced and no more than 300 words.

  • A current resume – include the following information

    • work experience

    • honors and awards

    • societal memberships

    • leadership experience

    • charity or service experience

    • professional shadowing experience

    • citizenship or school service

    • community service hours

    • outside academic accomplishments

    • any other significant achievements

All materials should be compiled in the order listed. Please do not staple or fold documents. Paperclip the materials together and place in a large envelope and return by April 1, 2014 to:
Ohatchee High School

Attn: Mrs. Craig, School Counselor

100 Cherokee Trail

Ohatchee, AL 36271

Download 15.22 Kb.

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