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Participation in National youth Award ceremony at Restrapati Bhawan, New Delhi on 04th July 2013.

Smt. K. Dash, PO NSS

Dr. KC Moharana PO NSS

Participation in National Level Pre RD Selection Camp from 21th Oct. to 30th Oct. 2013 at Gurudash College under Kolkata University.

Sri Mithun Kumar Swain

Participation in National Adventure Camp at Himanchal Pradesh in the year 2013.

Miss Namita Maharana

Miss Mnasmini Jally

Miss Priyadarsini Mahapatra

Sri Sanjay Kumar Swain


  • Participation in Pre-RD Selection Camp at Utkal University, BBSR on 30/08/2013.

Miss Barsha Rani Nayak

Miss Pravasini Panda

Sri Mithun Kumar Swain

Sri Sanjay Kumar Swain

Sri Sovan Kumar Biswal

  • Participation in Training of Trainers Programme on Social Harmony and National Unity at OUAT, Bhubaneswar organized by NSS Regional Centre in Collaboration RGNYD from 12th Nov. 2013 to 16th Nov. 2013.

Dr. Kalash Ch Maharana PO NSS

  • Participation in Training in Cyclone Risk Management at Gopabandhu Academy of Administration, Bhubaneswar organized by Govt. of Odisha from 3rd Dec. to 7th Dec 2013.

Dr. Kalash Ch Maharana PO NSS

Sri Babul Ranasingh Sri Nababarayan Jally

Sri Aswini Kumar Jally Dri Suraj kumar Sahu

Participation in steate Level Sailing Expedition at INS Chilika organized by Dept of Sports & Youth Affairs from 15th Nov. to 17th Nov 2013

Miss Gangotree Paikaraya Miss Namita Maharana

Sri Babul Rasnasingh Sri Jitendra kumar Sahu

Participation in State Level Camp on Training of Youth on Environmental Awareness (under State Youth Policy) Organised by State Pollution Control Board at Khordha from 25th Feb. 26th Feb. 2014.

Miss Annapurna Baliarsingh Miss Twinkle Biswal

Miss Puspanjali Sahu Miss Krishna Jally

Miss Premlata Behera Sri sadanada Rana

Sri Bikash Kumar Chaudhury Sri Sushanta Kumar Nayak

Dr. K C Moharana PO NSS

State level Integrated Youth Development Programme on Active Citizenship from 02.03.2014 to 06.03.2014 at Kalinga Stadium Bhubaneswar.

Siraj Sahoo Jalandhara Palai

Purna Chandra Palai

Annual Report 2012-13

22th July 20102- world Friends Day is observed as Tree is Our Friend Bana Mahostav in the College Campus

15th Aug 2012- Celebration of Independence Day (50 Volunteers)

5th Sept. 2012- Observance of Teachers Day

22nd Sept 2012- Sanitation programme on awareness on violence of women gender discrimination

24th Sept. 2012- NSS Day-Cum-Orientation to Volunteers Felicitation to the volunteers & Principal (No. of volunteers participated- 100)

2nd Oct 2012- Foot Rally on Inter National Non-Violence Day Seminar on Truth & Non-violence

5th Oct 2012- International Costal Clean up Week at the bank of Chilika Lake

16th Nov- 18th Nov Three-day Training Programme on Leadership & personality Management (No of Volunteers-68, No of College-6)

19th Nov- 25th Nov Observance of National Communal Harmony Week & flag Day (No of volunteers Participated-100)

1st Dec 2012 World’s AIDS Day in the Hospital Campus, Balugaon Competition among the Volunteers- Slogan, Essay, Debate, GK

14th Jan 2013 Makar Mela Camp at Kalijai Temple

25th Jan 2013 Rally on National Voters Day

26th Jan 2013 Marathan, Parade, Blood Donation Camp & Celebration of Republic Day

2nd Feb 2013 World Wet Land Day at the bank of Chilika (Rally & street play on Sava Chilika-Save Nature)

31st Mar 2013 Campus Cleaning & Seminar on career Building through social service & Distribution of Certificates to Final Year Degree Volunteers

27th july 2013 Plantation programme in College Campus & Orientation Regarding the University pilot Project on skill development.

25th August 2013 orientation to the new Enrolled volunteers.


1. Summer National Adventure Camp, Manalli, 23rd April to 30th April 2012 Bapuji Sahoo

2. Summer national Adventure Camp , Manalli, 13rd June to 24th June 2012

Deepk Ku. Mahapatra

Miss Suruchi Satrusallya

Miss Milli Gomansingh

National Intigration camp, Yodhpur, Rajastan

Barsha Rani Nayak (+3 2nd Year Arts)

National Adventure Camp under the scheme “youth to the Edge” at Arunachal Pradesh from 6th march to 14th March 2013

Sususanta Nayak (+3 1st Year)

Miss Pravasini Panda (+3 2nd Year Arts)

Miss Premalata Behera (+3 2nd Year Arts)

Inter-state Youth Exchange and Home Stay Programme at Madurai, Tamilnadu From 14th march to 23rd march

Miss Barsharani Nayak(+3 2nd Year Arts)

Miss Minakshee Samantaray (+3 2nd Year Arts)

Miss Sibani Dash (+3 1st Year Arts)


State level campaign “Monnet Go for Gold” on 1st April 2012

Sri Deepak Mahapatra Sri Mahesh Biswal

Sri Bapuji Sahu Sri Bibhu Prasad Rath

Sri Sovan Biswal Sri Kailash Behera

Dr. KC Moharana PO

State level Juba jagaran Jatra 3rd June to 10th June 2012

Miss Kumudini Pradhan Miss Mamata Raut

Deepak Ku Mahapatra

State Level sailing Expedition in Chilika

Sri Pravakar Sahu Sri Sonu Baral

Sri Sanjay Swain Sri Mantu Behera

Sri Manoranjan Rao

State level NSS Day at Kalinga stadium from 22nd Sept. to 24th Sept. 2012

Sri Surendra Swain Sri Uttam Panda

Sri Sonu Baral Miss Rita Panda

Miss Namita Maharana Miss Barsa Rani Nayak

State level Programme on Odisha Youth Draft Policy at CYSD on 26/02/2013

Dr KC Moharana (PO) Miss Barsa Rani Nayak

Miss Minakshi Samantary Miss Sibani Dash

Sri Babul Ranasingh Sri Nityananda Rana


Baruneswar Mela Inter College Camp at Barneswar Mahavidyalaya, Arei Jajpur from 15th Jan 20th Jan 2013

Miss Reeta Panda Miss Barsa Rani Nayak

Sri Susanta Ku Nayak Sri Babul Ku Ranasingh

Sri Nityananda Rana

Bali Jatra Special Inter College Camp, Cuttack 26th Nov to 03rd Dec 2012

Miss Reeta Panda Miss Barsa Rani Nayak

Miss Abhilipsa Baral Miss Sonali Biswal

Sri Uttam Panda Sri Sonu Baral

Sri Ashok Swain Sri Subrat Nayak

Dr. KC Moharana PO

Rathayatra Spesial Inter College Camp at GC Mahavidyalaya, Sakhigopal 19th June to 25th June

Dr. KC Moharana (PO)

Inter College Sentitisation Khordha on Girl Child

Sri Surendra Kumar Swain Miss Namita Maharana

Miss Manjulata Parida

Inter college Youth Leadership & Personality Management Training Organized by Balugon College 16th Nov to 18th Nov 2012

38 Male & Female Volunteers

Inter College Training Programme on Disaster Management organized by Godavarish Mahavidyalaya

Miss Reeta Panda Miss Barsa Rani Nayak

Miss Manasmita Nayak Miss Namita Maharana

Sri Babul Ranasingh Sri Nityananda Rana

University level National Voters day Quiz Programme

Miss Gangotree Paikaray Miss Namita Maharana

Sri Prasant Parimanik

Rajiv Gandhi State Level Prativa Award 2013- Miss Barsha Rani Nayak

Mr. Sovan Biswal


University level N.S.S Advisory Body Member for the Year 2012-13

Dr. KC Moharana (PO)

Annual Report 2011-12

NSS units of Balugaon College have undertaken different innovative projects during the session 2011-12. The volunteers have participated in different regular camp special camp, inter- college camp, state level camp and national Camp with much enthusiasm. This year 16 students have participated in National Adventure Camp at Himanchal Pradesh and Kerala, One student Kumudini Pradhan attended national integration Camp at Karnataka, 9 volunteers participated in state level Adventure Camp and 13 volunteers have participated in Inter College Camp.

With regular programmes like plantation, Sanitation, Orientation, NSS Day & Teachers Day we organized Inter-national Non Violence Day on 2nd Oct’ 11, followed by speech of proof. RK Sahoo and TB Panda and after a rally from Gandhi Chhak to college. This year, we organized world Historical week and National Communal Harmony week from 19th Nov to 25th Nov. 11 along with FLAGDAY. On the closing day 25th Nov 11 about 110 volunteers from Godavarish Mahavidyalaya, Banpur, Nacuni Mahavidyalaya, Balugaon college participated with their cultural items based on patriotism and communal harmony. Our principal Prof. Kasturi Sahoo, Sri RK Sahoo, Dr, S Sarangi, Sri R.K Rath spoke on the topic.

The Mega Blood Donation camp was organized on 14/118/2011 in which 72 units of blood were collected with the technical support of District Blood Bank, Khordha. It was inaugurated by Sj. Raghunath Sahoo, Hon’ble MLA Chilika.

On 1st Dec, 11 the NSS units organized a seminar on Worlds AIDS day on the theme “AIDS getting to Zero” at the conference hall of CHC(II) Balugaon in collaboration with AIDS Investigation Society, Balugaon. Dr. SK Munir, Chief Medical Officer Dr T Moharana and the technical personals of AIDS cell attended as resource persons and made the volunteers oriented on it. On 2nd Dec, 11 competitions of slogan, GK and Art competition on the awareness and prevention of AIDS among the college students were organized followed by distribution of moments in the afternoon session.

The innovative multi unit winter special camp from 18th Dec to 24Dec was organized in which 147 volunteers from Godavarish Mahavidyalaya, Nachuni Mahavidyalaya and Balugaon College Participated. This year, our programme officer Dr. K.C Mharana represented Odisha as Contingent Leader for Odisha team of volunteers at Rajiv Gandhi National Adventure Camp, Kerala. Besides this, Smt. Kalpana Dash PO and Dr. K.C Maharana attended orientation programme at ETI Training center, OUAT, Bhubaneswar.

Regular Programmes and Special Camp Undertaken in the Session 2011-12

5th July 2011- Bana Mahostav in the college Campus

(No. of volunteers participated-50)

15th Aug 2011 Celebration of Independence Day (50 volunteers)

5th Sep 2011 Observance of Teachers Day

24th Sep 2011 NSS Day-Cum-Orientation to Volunteers

(No. of volunteers participated-100)

2nd Oct 2011 foot Rally in Inter National Non-Violence Day Seminar on Truth & Non- violence (Speaker- Prof. RK Sahoo and TB Panda)

14th Nov 2011 Blood Donation Camp (No. Of donors- 72)

(Units of blood collected-72)

19th Nov- 25th Nov- Observance of National Communal Harmony Week & Flag Day (No. of volunteers participated-110) College participated- G. Mahavidyalaya, Banpur. Nachuni Mahabidyalaya and Balugaon College.

1st Dec 2011 world’s Aids Day in the Hospital Campus, Balugaon competition among the Volunteers- Slogan, Essay, Debate & GK

18th Dec to 24th Dec Multi Unit Winter Special camp in the theme “Save Chilika- Save Birds”

(No. of College participated-3, No. of volunteers-147)

13th Jan 2012 Makar Mela Camp at Kalijai Temple

29th July 2012 Campus Cleaning-Cum-Orientation

5th July 2012 Plantation in the College Campus


  1. National Adventure Camp (Summer) at MANALI (Himanchal Pradesh)13th June to 22nd June11

  • Miss Kaberi Swain +3 3rd Yr. Arts

  • Miss Namita Behera +3. 3rd Yr. Arts

  • Sri Abhilas Mahapatra +3 3rd Yr. Arts

  1. National integration Camp at BANGALORE, 21st Dec to 31st Dec 11

  • Miss Kumudini Pradhan +3 3rd Yr. Arts

  1. Rajiv Gandhi National Winter Adventure Camp at Thenmala, Keral 15th Jan to 24th Jan. 2012

Dr. Kailash Ch. Maharana PO & contingent leader, Odisha Team

  • Sri Sovan Biswal

  • Sri PranayBiswal

  • Sri Pranaya Biswal

  • Sri Mantu Behera

  • Sri Mahendra Nayak

  • Miss Rita panda

  • Miss Swarnalata Parida

  • Miss Chitrangada Samantaray

  • Miss Snehamayee Sahu

  1. Summer National Adventure Camp, Manalli, 23rd April to 30th April 2012

  • Bapuji Sahoo

  1. Summer National Adventure Camp, Manalli 13rd June to 24th April 2012

  • Deepak Ku Mahapatra

  • Miss Milli Gomansingh

  • Miss Suruchi Satrusallya


  1. State Level Sailing Expedition

  • Sri Bibhuti Prasad Rath

  • Sri Bapuji Biswal

  • Sri Sovan Biswal

  1. State Level Rafting in Mahanadi (Bhatarika to Paradeep)

07 No. to 13 No. 2011

  • Sri Uttam Panda

  • Sdri Mahesh Biswal

  1. Odisha Juba Jagarana jatra, 3rd June to June 2012

  1. Participation of Volunteers in Inter-College Camp 2011-12 inter College Camp Kanpur, Cuttack 3rd Oct 11 to 9th Oct. 11

  • Miss Kumudini Pradhan

  • Miss Jhunu mala sethi

  • Miss Banita Jena

  • Miss Saraswati Jena

  • Miss Chitranganda Samantaray

  • Miss Niharika Nayak

  • Sri Deepak Mahapatra

  • Sri Uttam Panda

  • Sri Surendra Swain

  • Sri Mahesh Biswal

  • Sri Ashok Sahu

  • Dr. KC Moharana, PO

  1. College Level Cycle expedition on Protection of Migratory Birds at Chilika From Balugaon to Soran 21th Dec 11.

  • Sri Sarat KHatei

  • Sri Babul Maharana

  • Sri Deepak Mahapatra

  • Sri Sovan Biswal

  • Sri Santosh Ku Mahapatra

  • Sti Sankar Sahoo

  • Sri Gopal Maharana

  • Sri Ashok Ku Swain

  • Sri Bapuji Sahu

  • Sri Bibhu Prasad Rath

  • Sri Mahesh Ku Biswal

  • Sri Surendra ku swain

  • Sri Subrat Nayak

  • Sri Manas Chinara

  • Sri Chinmaya Pradhan

  1. Pre-RD Selection Camp (Utkal University)

  • Miss Rita Panda

  • Sri Pranaya Biswal

  • Mis Rasmita Sahoo

  • Sri Chandan Behera

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