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Effective communicators who demonstrate proficiency in writing, reading, listening, speaking, and presenting. Indicators:

  • Students use writing as a means of understanding and learning new concepts.

  • Students write expository, persuasive, analytical, and creative pieces.

  • Students prepare oral, written, visual, and artistic presentations.

Skillful users of technology who access, organize, process, and evaluate information in both traditional and digital formats from a variety of sources. Indicators:

  • Students conduct research using paper and digital resources with attention to reliability of sources and integrity of others’ work.

  • Students communicate with others using a variety of devices.

  • Students use appropriate technology to exhibit their work.

Problem-solvers who use algebra and other mathematical strategies to solve both theoretical and real-world problems. Indicators:

  • Students complete Algebra 1 with a C or better by the end of 9th grade.

  • Students complete a minimum of two additional math courses.

  • Students apply problem-solving strategies in their other courses, especially science.

Active participants in a career-building/college-going culture who possess a toolkit of skills and information that leads to college admission and entry to interesting careers. Indicators:

  • Students meet or exceed UC a-g requirements.

  • Students access the College and Career Center on campus.

  • Students research basic information about a variety of colleges and careers.

  • Students learn basic information about ways to finance a college education.

Contributors to the community who live with integrity, show respect for others, and exhibit good citizenship. Indicators:

  • Students participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, drama, dance, and musical performances.

  • Students work together to improve the welfare of others.

  • Students honor diversity and respect individual differences.

Report Cards

Students receive two progress report cards prior to the semester report card. Students need to keep up their grades or make up the work when they fall behind in order to earn the minimum number of credits that they need to graduate. Please be sure to review your child’s progress and meet with your student’s counselor or teachers as soon as possible if you have concerns. An ‘F’ on a semester report card means that the student will not earn high school credit for taking the course that semester. (A ‘D’ passing grade in academic core classes will not be accepted by colleges.)

Check the latest school calendar to find out when each marking period ends. You should expect to receive a report card in the mail within two weeks after the end of each marking period. You should expect to get a report card at the end of each semester. The semester report cards become a part of the student’s permanent record.

Aeries.net Portal for Parents & Students

Parents have online access to their student’s grade and attendance information.

The OUSD AERIES.net portal provides secure access to student information using any web browser. AERIES.net benefits teachers, parents, and school and system administrators, and it improves the education of students by facilitating the communication of information between school and home.

Through the AERIES.net parent portal, parents can view:

  • Events calendar, nightly homework and class assignment scores

  • Standardized test scores and results

  • Class schedules

  • Report cards and progress reports

  • Graduation status reports and unofficial transcripts

  • Daily attendance for each class

  • Student contact information

  • Requested class schedule for upcoming terms

The Gradebook module of AERIES.net gives parents access to their student’s current class assignments and grades.

Parents of returning and incoming Oakland Tech students will receive AERIES.net Parent Portal access information at registration in August. After the registration period ends, email abi-hotline@oaklandtech.com for information.

Parents without Internet access can use the computers in the Library. It is important that each student set up his or her own AERIES.net student account to keep track of assignments. To get an AERIES.net password, email abi-hotline@oaklandtech.com.


  • Students should expect 30 to 60 minutes of homework per day per subject.

  • If you are not regularly seeing your student doing homework, your student may be at risk of failing one or more courses. Please talk with your student, and feel free to contact your student’s teachers or counselor if you have questions (see “Directory” on website). If your child is absent, he or she is responsible for obtaining and completing any missed assignments.

  • Teachers are obligated to provide any make-up work in a timely fashion for students who have an excused absence.


Oakland Tech provides one textbook per subject to students at the beginning of the year. All books are to be returned at the end of the year. Students must return the book title and book number that they were issued. It is the responsibility of the student to return books once they are no longer needed. STUDENTS SHOULD NEVER LEAVE TEXTBOOKS IN THE CLASSROOM. Students will be held financially responsible for every book that is not returned. Students with outstanding book debts will have to pay the debt before registering for classes the following year. The book room is located in the basement near the cafeteria. Ext. 174.

Gym Clothes

Students must dress for physical education and dance classes daily. Students may wear plain blue shorts and a plain white T-shirt. Tech gym clothes may also be purchased at registration. Payment must be in CASH or MONEY ORDER ONLY— no checks. The price ranges from $20-$30, depending on the size. Not wearing PE uniforms can result in a suit cut or a grade change.

The great Breakthrough in your life comes when you realize that you can learn anything you need to learn, to accomplish any goal that you set for yourself. This means there are no limits on what you can be, have or do.”

Albert Einstein

Graduation Requirements


OUSD High School Requirements for Class of 2015 and beyond (including “a-g” requirements, marked with *)

a. History/Social Science

3 years (1 year of World History*, 1 year of US History*, 1 year of Government*/Econ)

b. English or English Language Development (ELD)

4 years of College-prep English* (ELD 5 may count for 1 year).

c. Mathematics

3 years including Algebra*, Geometry*, and Advanced Algebra* or Intermediate Algebra*

d. Laboratory Science

3 years (2 of the 3 must be Biology*, Chemistry*, and/or Physics*)

e. World Language**

2 years of the same language* (**3 years for UC)

f. Visual/Performing Arts

I year (10 credits)*

g. College Prep Electives

1 year college prep elective* (“a-g” certified course) + 40 additional credits

Physical Education/JROTC

20 credits (4 semesters)
*Indicates a class that meets a-g requirements.

All students must successfully complete ALL graduation requirements to participate in the graduation ceremony.

  1. 230 credits in required subjects (one semester course = 5 credits; one year course = 10 credits)

  2. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0

  3. Senior Project— Tech seniors choose a major research or creative project in an area of their interest to complete during the school year, under the guidance of their English and Government teachers.

  4. Pass both sections (Math & English Language Arts) of the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) with a minimum score of 350

Students should have:

50 credits for 10th grade standing

110 credits for 11th grade standing

170 credits for 12th grade standing

NOTE: Students who receive an F in a course DO NOT EARN CREDIT for that course and must talk with their counselor about credit recovery options. Priority for the district’s summer school is given to 11th and 12th grade students. It’s important for parents to read the student’s report card carefully and to check that the student is on track for credits as well as GPA.

Recommended Course of Study
by Grade Level

Typically, students will enroll in the following courses at each grade level. Students who have already completed certain courses (algebra, geometry, biology or introductory language) may enroll in the next higher-level course offered, including honors and advanced placement.


  • English 1

  • California Studies

  • Algebra or a higher math course

  • Biology 9

  • Physical Education

  • World Language or Visual/Perf. Arts


  • English 2

  • Geometry or higher math course

  • World History

  • Science

  • Physical Education/Dance

  • World Language or Visual/Perf. Arts


  • English 3

  • Algebra 2 or higher math course

  • US History

  • World Language or Visual/Perf. Arts

  • Science

  • Elective


  • English 4

  • Math Analysis or higher math course

  • American Government/Economics

  • Elective

  • Elective

  • Elective

College Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the University of California (UC) and California State universities (CSU) may differ slightly from OUSD graduation requirements. To see if a specific class fulfills UC requirements, go to www.ucop.edu/doorways, click on “a-g course lists” and enter “Oakland Technical High School.” Please see individual college websites for specific requirements for other colleges and universities.

Oakland Tech Class Offerings
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