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Educating Oakland Youth since 1915 Welcome to Tech!

Have an inspiring school year!

Bell Schedule

Mon. thru Fri.



Assembly Days

























































The first bell rings at 8:25 a.m. Students are considered tardy after 8:30 a.m. Students are released at 1:05 p.m. on the second and third Wednesdays of the month (see calendar on page 3 and the school website for exceptions). These minimum days provide time for crucial faculty planning sessions and professional development.

Please do not call or text during class times!

This handbook is a publication of the Oakland Tech PTSA. Many thanks to the staff and members of the Oakland Tech PTSA for their work on this year’s handbook. We wish to thank our advertisers for their vital support.

Table of Contents

Bell Schedule inside front cover

The Four Pillars 1

Principal’s Message 2

OTHS School-Home Compact 3

Community School Profile 4

2015-2016 Calendar 6-7

School Calendar 7

Minimum Days & No School 8

School Directory 9

Key Administrative Contacts 9

Faculty Directory 10

FADA Directory 12

PTSA Contacts 13

Administrative Responsibility Chart 14

Our Full-Service Community School 15

Academics 17

OT Vision 17

School-Wide Learner Outcomes 18

Report Cards 19

ABI Parent Portal 19

Homework 20

Textbooks 20

Gym Clothes 20

Graduation Requirements 21

Recommended Course of Study 22

College Admission Requirements 22

Oakland Tech Class Offerings 23

PE Requirements 24

AP and Honors Courses 25

Class Change Policy 26

Testing & Exit Exam 26

Academic Performance Index 26

Class Withdrawal Policy 27

Academies and Programs 29

4-Year Educational Planner 34

Academic Support 36

Small Learning Communities (SLC) 36

Field Trips 36

Back-to-School Night 36

TurnItIn 37

Other Academic Support Services 37

College Planning & Support 38

College Events at Tech 38

College Resources at Tech 39

Counselors 39

College & Career Center 40

College Entrance Testing & Dates 38

College Admissions Checklists (Juniors/Seniors) 39

Student Life 42

Student Resources 42

Social Support Services 42

Sports and Extracurricular Activities 44

Sports Teams 45

Performing Arts 46

Student Leadership 47

Elections 48

Clubs 49

Lunch Clubs 49

After-School Program 50

School Policies 52

Attendance 52

School Hours 52

Leaving Campus 52

Absences 53

Tardies 53

Unexcused Absences and Tardies 54

Student Behavior 54

OUSD Policies/Expectations 54

Dress Code 54

Lunch Behavior 55

Disciplinary Action 56

Discipline by a Teacher 56

Behavioral Referrals to the Office 56

Grounds for Disciplinary Action 56

Securing Personal Belongings 58

Electronic Devices Policy 58

Safety, Health and Transportation 60

ID Badges 60

Visiting Campus/Classrooms 60

Security Incidents 60

Medication & Minor Emergencies 60

School Closure for Emergencies 61

Major Emergencies and Disasters 61

Emergency Cards 61

AC Transit Buses 61

Parking 62

Tech Treasurer 62

Lockers 62

Parent information 63

Make a Difference! 63

Parent Education 64

Tech Parent University 64

Parent Communication 65

Parent Involvement 65



Meetings 67

Committees 67

Shop for Tech 71

Sponsors 72

Campus Map back pages

Parent Contacts inside back cover

OUSD Calendar back cover

Dear Bulldog Families,
Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I am so proud to continue being your school leader. It is with pride that I do this work. Your warm smiles, kind words and support coupled with my desire to improve my hometown, Oakland, keep me energized. I look forward to seeing all of you soon. Thank you for the commitment you show to the Tech Family. It is truly appreciated.

This year we are so proud to be working to improve school culture and build a more inclusive community for all learners. We will be planning the work of growing our academies and developing a new academy. Oakland Tech, along with McClymonds, received an Intel grant that specifically funds the improvement and growth of our Computer Academy. We are truly excited to be able to offer more students the opportunity to be a part of a small learning community designed to further their interest in a specific field of study. Research shows that students in academies and other small learning communities are better prepared for college and have a more enjoyable experience in high school.

Your student’s high school years are a special time in his or her life. High school is a time of tremendous growth and maturity, academic and personal challenge, and time to make important decisions about the future. I encourage you to get involved in the process. I invite you to become a member of our PTSA (Parent, Teacher and Student Association), AASAP (African American Action Planners), CSSC (Collaborative School Site Council) and an abundance of our volunteer opportunities.

This handbook includes a wealth of information about Oakland Tech’s educational programs, academies, clubs, athletics, and parent organizations. It is our hope that you will use this handbook as a guide to navigate our school community.

It serves to introduce you to many of our school procedures and our expectations for all students. I encourage you to read this handbook as a family to ensure that you all know about the services offered at Tech.

Although the college experience of today is filled with more pressure, more competition, and higher expectations than ever before, by working together we can ensure that all our students will be able to handle these increasing demands and flourish throughout their lives.

In Unity,

Staci Ross-Morrison

OTHS School-Home Agreements

Oakland Technical High School and the parents/guardians of its students agree to share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. This School-Home compact outlines the means by which the school and caregivers will build and develop a partnership that can help children achieve the State of California’s high academic standards. Parents/guardians sign the compact at registration.

This School-Home Compact is in effect during the 2015-2016 school year.

WE the teachers, support staff, and administration of Oakland Technical High School:

  • Agree to provide a safe, supportive, and effective learning environment for all students.

We will do this by making clear our expectations for student performance both inside and outside the classroom, and reviewing these expectations on a regular basis.

  • Agree to provide curriculum and instruction that is of high quality and is designed to enable all students to meet the state’s academic achievement standards.

  • Agree to continually work on our teaching strategies so that we can successfully teach all students.

  • Agree to hold a meeting with parents at least once each year (for example, on Back to School Night or at Registration or Parent Workshops) during which this compact will be discussed in relation to their students’ achievement.

  • Agree to notify parents or guardians promptly when attendance or academic problems arise for their students.

  • Agree to provide reports on student progress no fewer than three times each semester.

  • Agree to provide appropriate orientation and opportunities for parents who wish to volunteer in or observe their students’ classrooms.

  • Agree to follow school policies and show respect for every person at the school.

WE the parents and guardians of students at Oakland Technical High School:

  • Accept responsibility for supporting our students’ learning.

  • Agree to monitor our students’ attendance and assure that attendance is maximized.

  • Agree to monitor the study environment at home and assure that our students have at least three hours in a quiet environment to do homework each day.

  • Agree to monitor the time our students spend with television or other electronic entertainment.

  • Agree to encourage our students to make positive use of their extracurricular time.

  • Agree to respond promptly to messages from the school.

  • Agree to attend Back-to-School Night and other conferences that are arranged with our students’ teachers or administrators.

  • Agree to follow school policies and show respect for every person at the school.

WE the students of Oakland Technical High School:

  • Agree to be on time for each of our classes every day.

  • Agree to come to each class with completed homework and the required materials.

  • Agree to write down each homework assignment and to set aside at least three hours each day to complete homework assignments.

  • Agree to let our teachers, parents, or guardians know if we are having difficulty in a class and to ask for help if we need it.

  • Agree to carry information between the school and our homes.

  • Agree to follow school policies and show respect for every person at the school.

Our Community School at a Glance

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