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Participate in TECH Parent University (TPU)

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Participate in TECH Parent University (TPU) programs (p. 64)

  • Support Tech’s sports programs by joining the Sports Booster Club (p. 70)

  • Be a presence for safety as a Community Safety Booster (pp 68-69)

  • With your student, stay informed about assignments, attendance, and grades by signing up for ABI Internet access. (see p. 19)

  • Contact your student’s teachers or counselor when problems arise. (pp 9-13)

  • Visit the Oakland Tech website frequently: www.oaklandtech.com. Latest news is on the front page.

  • Subscribe to the Bullhorn, the weekly information e-bulletin, by sending your email address to bullhorn@oaklandtech.com and read Bulldog Bytes, the PTSA newsletter, which you will receive by mail 4-5 times a year!

  • Join the Oakland Tech Yahoo! group—sign up by clicking the Yahoo! icon on www.oaklandtech.com

    Parent Education

    Oakland Tech offers numerous opportunities for parents to educate themselves. The PTSA works with the school to present speakers on issues important to parents and the community, on topics ranging from Education Advocacy and Preparing for College to Substance Use and Abuse.

    Interesting classes by community partners can be purchased, often at a discount, via the PTSA Auction in the spring. And then there’s…


    Oakland Tech’s Community School recognizes that in a diverse community like Tech, we are stronger when we focus on social and cultural engagement, encouraging cross-cultural sharing, and participation in social interactions and events.

    Tech Parent University offers powerful family support at Oakland Tech, including classes on parenting issues and parent coaching by Debra Carter-Kelly of LifePoint.

    Working in conjunction with both the administration and the PTSA, TPU provides opportunities for parents to sharpen their skills as they engage in one of life’s most important and demanding roles. Classes and clubs include:

    • Redirecting Children’s Behavior

    • Teleseminars on Bullying, Alcohol, Learning Styles, Distracted Teens, etc.

    • Teleseminars in Spanish and other languages

    • Oakland Tech Learning Differences Network – (join this support group at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/othsldn)

    • Community Safety Boosters

    Additionally, LifePoint provides coaching for families needing academic support.

    Debra Carter -Kelly is available Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please contact her at


    (510) 463-1163

    Parent Communications

    Oakland Tech has three complementary platforms for e-communication that are used to share the multitude of things happening at the school. They can be characterized as follows:

    The Oakland Tech Website 

    www.OaklandTech.com is your best overall source of information, a repository of all things Tech. It’s the very best place to check first! Here, you can find new, contact information, descriptions of Academic and Extracurricular offerings, forms, media reports about Tech, and much more.

    The Bullhorn and Bulldog Bytes 

    The Bullhorn is a concise weekly email message with news and information for the Tech Community. Subscribing to the Bullhorn is the way to keep your finger on the pulse without wading through multiple emails. Subscribe by sending an email to bullhorn@oaklandtech.com. Bulldog Bytes is the PTSA newsletter which highlights programs, events, and people at Tech. All Tech households receive it by mail 4-5 times a year.

    The Yahoo Group 

    For fast communication about Tech, join the PTSA Yahoo! Group—you do not need to be a PTSA member to join. This is the place to ask questions, share information, and register concerns about the school. The scope of discussion, while needing to have relevance to Oakland Tech, is broader than what is found in the Bullhorn. The Yahoo Group is the quickest way to share timely information. Administrators, parents, teachers and students watch and use this large group. To receive emails, click the Yahoo! Groups! Join Now! button on the www.oaklandtech.com home page or send an email to OaklandTechPTSA-subscribe@yahoogroups.com from the email address where you wish to receive messages.

    The Oakland Tech Yahoo Group is moderated. Guidelines are posted annually. In general, all messages must have some relevance to Oakland Tech, OUSD, or education in general; posts should be directed toward the group as a whole; and messages must be respectful and not inflammatory. It is not a forum for criticism or teacher/staff reviews.

    Parent Involvement

    Being involved at Oakland Tech is important to your student, no matter what you choose to do.

    At the very least, please plan to attend Back to School Night, student events (drama, music, sports) in which your child is involved, and Parent Education programs.

    Just as students are expected to participate in the well-being of their school community, parents are asked to do the same.

    O. T. does not just stand for Oakland Tech—it is our invitation to do One Thing to give back to the school. Fortunately, there are thousands of ways to do that! With so many great things happening at Tech, it’s easy to find One Thing to do to make a difference for the students and the larger Tech community.

    Collaborative School Site Council (CSSC)

    This team of teachers, parents, administrators, classified staff and students is responsible for determining and overseeing the Single Plan for Student Achievement and state and federally funded programs. The CSSC provides excellent opportunities for leadership experiences, especially for students. As with any decision-making body, attendance is mandatory at each monthly meeting. The CSSC includes three parents and one community representative, four students, five teachers, two non-teaching staff, and the principal. The term of office is two years. Elections to the CSSC are held at the first PTSA meeting of the year. If you are a candidate for election, you must be present at this meeting. Nominations will be accepted in advance or at the meeting. If you are interested in sitting on the council, please contact Principal Staci Ross-Morrison at Ext. 128.

    Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

    We are strong because so many are involved. Oakland Tech has a rich and diverse set of academic, social and extra-curricular programs. These things don’t just happen—they take the energy and ideas of caring parents, guardians, and community members.

    The Oakland Tech PTSA provides a forum for parents, guardians, teachers, students, staff and community members to share ideas and concerns for the betterment of Oakland Tech.

    We are a part of the century-old national PTA, whose mission it is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. The PTA has been a force in improving children’s lives since 1897.

    As part of the PTA, our standards5 are:

    1. Welcoming all families into the school community

    2. Communicating effectively

    3. Supporting student success

    4. Speaking up for every child

    5. Sharing power, and

    6. Collaborating with community.

    PTSA Meetings

    General membership meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the month, at 7 p.m. in the Library. Each meeting features committee reports, financial reports, a report from the principal and presentations by students and other community partners. If you cannot attend, please read meeting reports on the PTSA website (oaklandtech.com > PTSA tab) and find a way to contribute and stay involved.

    PTSA Committees

    The strength of the PTSA is our empowered committees who use our communication and financial structure to create meaningful activities and positive change at Tech. It is our hope that every parent can find a group of parents to work with on a committee.

    Please check the PTSA calendar for meeting dates for these committees, or contact the Vice President, vp@oaklandtech.com, to work with them.
    African American Student Action Planners (AASAP)

    A committee of parents, teachers, administrators, and students that work to support students of African descent. The goals of this group are to increase the numbers of students who graduate from Oakland Tech with the necessary skills to attend college as well as to instill a sense of academic urgency and educational pride in students. If interested, please contact Debra Carter-Kelly at debracarter-kelly@sbcglobal.net

    Auction Committee

    The biggest PTSA fundraising event of the year is typically held the second week in March. Proceeds help support all of Oakland Tech programs. To volunteer for this exciting committee, please attend a PTSA meeting at the beginning of the year.

    Auditorium Committee

    The Auditorium Committee has been working for over a decade to restore, preserve, and manage the “OT Stage,” which had fallen into disrepair over the years. From the Steinway piano restoration to new lighting and technology, the auditorium has become one of Oakland’s most sought-after venues, providing jobs for students and a community connection with Tech. Now entering Phase 3 of their multi-million dollar restoration project, this committee is planning a renovation of the box office and theater entrance.

    beautification Committee

    This committee holds workdays several times a year to plant flowers, paint bleachers, install new fixtures and generally keep the school looking great.

    Bulldog Book Club

    Students at Oakland Tech are assigned a rich diversity of literature in their English classes. Parents who are interested in reading and discussing the literature their children are reading are invited to expand their own intellects and have enriching conversation with other parents. The Bulldog Book Club meets four to five times each year in the Library, reading a book from each grade level. To prepare for the first meeting of the year, read your child’s assigned summer reading.

    career Fair committee

    This small group of parents helps staff create an experience for students to learn about career options in the spring.

    College Mentoring committee

    One of our strongest committees, the CMC works with school counselors and the College and Career Center to support the college readiness and application process needs of Oakland Tech students from the time they enter Tech. They meet several times throughout the academic year to plan events and information sessions. Check the calendar and keep your eye on the marquee!

    communications committee

    Parents who volunteer to produce the weekly Bullhorn email news blast and our Bulldog Bytes newsletter, update our website, and moderate our Yahoo group are the backbone of our functional community. If you have skills, we need your help! Contact communications@oaklandtech.com.

    Community Safety Boosters Program

    A collaboration between the administration, TPU, PTSA, and OUSD police, the Community Safety Boosters were established in 2013 as a way to boost student safety and reduce risky behavior off campus. Volunteers simply monitor an off-campus location before school (7:45 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) or at lunch (12:43 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.) and report any suspicious activity to the head of security. You can sign up to volunteer at http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/qxcae.

    emeritus committee

    Parents who have given a lot to Tech continue to stay involved with our Alumni/Emeritus committee, which supports the Library Fund.

    executive committee

    The Executive Committee, or PTSA Board, is a group of volunteers that are necessary to run all other club operations. The board meets monthly on the Wednesday before general meetings (any member may attend) and makes recommendations to the membership. The EC runs general meetings and manages communications, the calendar, and finances for the entire group. See the back of this book for contact information.

    Field of Dreams

    The Field of Dreams project created a baseball field in 2007, and now we are starting Phase 2—the girls’ softball field. Contact Coach Eric Clayton at 867-0917 or ericlgc1@sbcglobal.net for more information.


    There is no Fundraising Committee, per se, at Oakland Tech, since fundraising takes place in many ways by many different groups. Please contact our Development Director with questions about Fundraising. One volunteer manages eScrip (see below), which provides thousands of dollars in merchant donations every year. Other parents connect Tech with grants from outside sources. Our Annual Fund and Auction are major sources of income for our Grants and ongoing support.

    Grants committees

    Twice a year, the PTSA provides Mini (up to $350) and Maxi (up to $2500) Grants to support school programs. The Mini-Grants committee sorts through and prioritizes the first round, giving recommendations to the Executive Committee, which selects Maxi Grants recipients.

    green school committee

    The PTSA partners with the staff, the district, and school clubs to increase sustainability and decrease waste at Tech. Join the conversation at http://groups.google.com/group/otgreen.

    hospitality committee

    This wonderful committee works together to set up our three Teacher Appreciation potluck events, two family barbecues, and the PTSA social each year.

    merchandise committee

    Parent volunteers arrange printing and sales of Oakland Tech merchandise such as sweatshirts, notecards, and water bottles to raise funds for the PTSA and provide school spirit.

    nominating committee

    The task of identifying new leadership for the PTSA is crucial to the continuity of our organization. A nominating committee is designated in December to solicit nominations and identify a slate of candidates for the next year’s Executive Committee.


    A committee of parents, teachers, staff and community partners working together to build arts programs at Tech. Representatives from Dance, Performing Arts, Music, Visual Arts, and Fashion committees, or parents with students involved in any of these activities, are encouraged to attend. Meetings are typically the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Principal’s Conference Room or the Library. For more information, contact Yvette Bass at yvette.m.bass@gmail.com, or visit www.oaklandtecharts.blogspot.com or the performing arts link from the website.

    All parents with students in any arts program are expected to support their students’ work, whether by attending shows, volunteering at shows providing food for rehearsals (sign up at www.lotsahelpinghands.com), or networking with other parents. Please inquire with your student's performing arts teacher at Back to School night about volunteering through this committee.

    registration and parent handbook

    Dozens of parents are needed to staff tables at registration, update and print the handbook and student planners, and help the school get information out to families. This is a great way to start the year off right!

    Sports Booster Club

    Representatives from all of our sports programs work together to promote and support the athletic programs and co-curricular activities, including banquets and awards ceremonies. Meetings are typically on the third Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Library.

    website Team

    This small committee makes updates to the website, which is designed in Wordpress, and oversees IT action for the PTSA. Contact OTWebmaster@oaklandtech.com for information. They also train teachers on Wordpress twice a year.

    Donate to Tech

    to the Annual Fund.

    We welcome financial contributions of all sizes towards our Annual Fund, which is a major component of our budget and a tremendous support to our school. We welcome all donations and are pleased to be able to tell outside funders that we have a strong base of support. This year our goal is to raise $40,000 to support our popular grant programs. Every donation goes to support teachers, staff, after-school programs, student groups, athletics, technology, performing arts and more. Donation information is available at www.oaklandtech.com/ptsa. You can make a one-time or ongoing donation at http://oaklandtech.com/staff/otptsa/on-line-contributions.

    to the auction.

    Community giving of services, products, and experiences is consolidated in our annual Auction event in March.

    with your employer

    Check to see if your employer matches donations! The Oakland Tech PTSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.

    Shop for Tech!

    A portion of every purchase is donated to our school at NO COST to you. There are many options—everyone can participate:

    • Lucky, FoodMaxx, and SaveMart: Get a SHARES card at the main office or at the PTSA meeting. Swipe it at the check out every time you shop.

    • Online: Once you are signed up for eScrip, go to the eScrip Online Mall at shopping.escrip.com and choose from hundreds of popular merchants.

    Don’t forget to change your eScrip donations to Tech! www.escrip.com

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