Oakland technical high school

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sport level Coach Email

Fall Sports:


Cross Country Varsity TBD

Football Varsity Virdell Larkins virdell24@yahoo.com

Football JV KC O'Keith KC.Okeith@ousd.org


Cheerleading Varsity Devon Geer

Cross Country Varsity Gaila Phillips coachgaila@hotmail.com

Tennis Varsity Marlin Eagles marlin.eagles@yahoo.com

Volleyball Varsity/JV Rosemary Whisenton Rosemary.Whisenton@ousd.org

Winter Sports:


Basketball Varsity Karega N. Hart Karegahart@aol.com

Basketball JV Wayne Hunter valleyhiz4@yahoo.com

Wrestling Varsity Ashlee Sherman

Soccer Varsity

Basketball Varsity

Basketball JV Matt Pullen

Cheerleading Varsity Rosemary Whisenton Rosemary.Whisenton@ousd.org

Soccer Varsity Rob Busa robbusa@msn.com

Spring Sports:


Baseball Varsity Brian Bassette coachbassette@gmail.com

Baseball JV Nathaniel Smith natewithabeat@gmail.com

Golf Varsity W.J. Buchanan wjbuchanan@comcast.net

Lacrosse Varsity TBD

Swimming Varsity Corinne Williams Crazycori713@gmail.com

Tennis Varsity Marlin Eagles marlin.eagles@yahoo.com

Track & Field Varsity Tommy Baker Baker983@hotmail.com


Badminton Varsity Ashlee Sherman Ashlee.Sherman@ousd.org

Lacrosse Varsity TBD

Softball Varsity Rosemary Whisenton Rosemary.Whisenton@ousd.org

Swimming Varsity Corinne Williams Crazycori713@gmail.com

Track & Field Varsity TBD

Performing Arts

Although students experience Music, Drama, and Dance as arts electives, there are extracurricular aspects of these classes in the form of rehearsals and performances. Other extracurricular performing arts programs are hosted by our After School Program (page 51).


The Oakland Tech's after-school acrobatics program is going into its 5th year! Acrobatics is like gymnastics but it is a performance art and not a sport. Classes are held after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-6.

Students learn tumbling, partner acrobatics, and acrobatic strength/stretch techniques. These skills can be used for dance, parkour, martial arts, and circus training.

There will be performance opportunities for dedicated students.

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