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  • Meet with your counselor to evaluate your records for the University of California a-g requirements.

  • Make sure you are taking the correct classes for your college choices.

  • Write to college admission offices for applications and housing information. Many colleges now allow you to apply online.

  • Develop a calendar/schedule noting important application deadlines for each college, scholarships and tests.

  • Register to take admission tests (SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject) for your college choices.

  • Formalize thinking around Senior Project.


  • Attend the College Information Day event at UC Berkeley.

  • R

    esearch scholarships and write for applications.

  • Begin work on autobiographic essay for college applications.

  • Seek scholarships.

  • Take admissions tests.


  • File University of California and California State University applications between 11/1 and 11/30. Private colleges have different filing dates, so check with each school.

  • Fill out preliminary transcript requests at Registrar’s Office, showing college work completed for prior years.

  • Take admissions or achievement tests. Keep an eye on scholarship opportunities. If you have a parent who is a member of a union of professional organization, ask if they have a scholarship program.


  • Begin preparing for financial aid procedures (FAFSA). Gather income tax records and income figure both for your family and yourself. Familiarize yourself with types of financial aid and application procedures. Request aid forms from individual colleges.

  • A

    sk teachers and counselors to complete recommendations for you, if needed, for scholarships and/or admissions. Please do so early in the month so that they have adequate time to complete the recommendations.

  • Take achievement tests.


  • Apply for financial aid (fill out the FAFSA form for state and federal aid).


  • Write a thank-you note to all who wrote letters of recommendation for you.


  • Submit all supplementary documents to colleges and financial aid institutes (copy of income tax forms, transcript). All materials should be forwarded to all the colleges to which you are applying.

  • Apply for scholarships.


  • APRIL 1 DEADLINE to apply for EOP (Education Opportunity Program) at state colleges. Submit supplementary forms.

  • Admissions notifications usually are sent by the end of March for most colleges and universities.

  • MAY 1 is the official deadline for letting most colleges and universities know if you plan on attending.

  • Request final transcripts be sent to the college of your choice the last two weeks of school.

  • Check with your Counselor for local resources that can help you and your student complete the college preparation and application process.

student life
Student Resources

Free Breakfast Program

Because a hungry student cannot learn, Oakland Tech offers a FREE hot breakfast to all students in the cafeteria. A FREE bag breakfast is served from 8:00 to 8:25am in front of the Library. A free bag breakfast is available in the main office on the Upper Campus.

SCHOOL Counselors

The purpose of the counseling department is to assist students in selecting a course of study and in making educational decisions that impact their lives academically, socially and personally. Counselors are available to discuss school-related issues with students during lunch and by appointment. Parents and guardians may make appointments to meet with their student’s counselor by contacting the counselors. Counselors are listed on page 36.

Teacher Conferences

Teachers’ conference periods are the times teachers can meet or talk by phone with students and parents. Parents can call the Main Office at (510) 450-5400 and leave a message for the teacher or contact the teacher via email or (510) 654-7116 for Upper Campus

Parents who want to meet with more than one teacher should contact their student’s counselor, who will then make the necessary arrangements.

Prior to visiting any classroom and immediately upon entering campus, ALL visitors must go to the Main Office for a visitor’s pass, which must remain visible while on campus.

Social Support Services


The Techniclinic provides medical, mental health, health education, case management and youth development services to students of Oakland Tech for FREE. The TechniClinic is managed by La Clínica de La Raza, which provides the medical, health education and case management services. Telephone (510) 450- 5400 or x179.

All TechniClinic services are voluntary. Students must request a blue pass from their teacher during class time to access clinic services. For mental health services, please use the COST (Coordination Of Services Team) referral form found in the office or speak to a teacher.

Services include:

  • First aid/triage, treatment of minor illness or injury

  • Physical exams/sports physicals

  • Vision, hearing and dental screening

  • Management of chronic illness

  • Family planning services

  • STD screening and treatment, as well as HIV testing

  • Therapy, crisis intervention, consultation

  • Alcohol and other drug counseling

  • Immunizations

  • Health education on a wide variety of topics

  • Health insurance enrollment

  • Youth development program including Peer Health Education and Male Involvement Program (MIP)

Mental health services

Mental health services are also provided by Lincoln Child Center. Request services via a COST form. See above.

Substance Abuse Intervention Programming

Located in the Community Schools Office, Room 320, substance abuse counselors are available to offer support to students striving to stop using drugs and alcohol, as well as Tobacco through our TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) Program.

Translation Services

Translators are available through the district to meet your language needs: Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Cambodian. If a translator is needed, speak to a staff member at Tech. Call 273-1688 for more information.

Parent Coaching Services

Tech Parent University (TPU) offers transformative parent and family support. Professional Life Coach, High Conflict Diversion Manager and Parent Educator Debra Carter-Kelly provides parent coaching and educational sessions for parents. See Tech Parent University, page 63. Contact Debra Carter-Kelly at tpu@oaklandtech.com or call (510) 463-1163.

Sports & Extracurricular Activities

We expect all athletes, class officers, performers, journalists and other participants in extracurricular activities to be outstanding citizens and role models at Oakland Tech. To be eligible for participation in any and all of these activities, students must maintain minimum progress toward graduation and must have maintained a C average (2.0) in academic work. Poor attendance, physical violence or fighting of any kind, possession of drugs or alcohol, or more than two suspensions from school will result in a student becoming ineligible for any extracurricular activity.

Eligibility is determined from the preceding marking period’s report card and will be monitored by the sponsor or coach of the activity or sport. To be eligible, students must not be credit deficient by more than five credits. Check with Jim Coplan, athletic director, for information. All eligibility issues will be reviewed by the administration.

Sports Teams

Oakland Tech offers a wide variety of extracurricular and sports programs. In recent years, Oakland Tech has won the Oakland Athletic League (OAL) championships in Football, Boys and Girls’ Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Badminton, Tennis, Soccer, and Swimming.

All student-athletes are required to fill out and submit both the Pre-participation Physical Evaluation form AND the Health Statement / Insurance Verification and Parent Consent cards BEFORE THEY CAN TRY OUT FOR OR PRACTICE WITH ANY TEAM/SPORT. Forms are available at the school office and online at http://oaklandtech.com/staff/athletics/forms/

Only one set of forms a year is necessary. Students may have physicals at the TechniClinic; appointments must be made in advance (call 510.879-1998 or ext. 179).

Jim Coplan, jcoplan@sbcglobal.net, is the Athletic Director.

“Technical, hats off to you.

For your colors we shall be ever true

Firm and strong

United, are we...”


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