Oakland Technical High School African American Male Achievement/Manhood Development

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Oakland Technical High School

African American Male Achievement/Manhood Development

Period 3- 5

Room S4

Objective: To create dialogue around the issues surrounding African American Males throughout respected cities throughout many parts of the world. With the use of Afrocentric literary and alternative forms of media, we will create the systems, structures, and spaces that guarantee success for all African American Male students within the classroom as well as our school community.

As a class, our goal is to bring ideas into schools and systems to increase equity, improve cultural skill, and implement practices that support African American Male students. 

Facilitator’s: Mr. Lamar Hancock (primary instructor, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri)

Prep period: 2nd (also available after school in the library Mon-Thurs)


Phone: 510-926-6318 (via text)

(UC Berkeley Destination College advisor, Thurs)

Availability (College and Career Center Mon – Fri 830-400)

Structure of work: In this class, our discussions will come from lectures, readings, film, and music. Assignments will come from your readings along with other sourced material. Your grade in this class (and in all classes) will determine on classroom participation, homework completion, and quality as well as quantity of work. Percentages are as follows:
Classroom work and Homework: (Writing Frequency, Reading Frequency, and Academic Discourse): 40%

Participation: 20%

Tests and written exams: 20%

Attendance: 20%

Supplies needed: Pens and notebook*

Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus*

*Please note: You are responsible for having these materials. Failure to have these materials will result in your grade falling. So come prepared!!!!

Readings and Novels: Over the course of the year, our goal is to have read a series of reading pertaining to our social and emotional development. Along with these readings we will also be reading several novels to guide us in our journey. Below are the novels that we will be reading (These novels are subject to change)
Freshmen Sophomores

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin Savage Inequalities by Jonathon Kozol

The Auto biography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Make Me Wanna Holler by Nathan McCall

A lesson before dying by Ernest Gaines Black Boy by Richard Wright

*Please note: You are responsible for having these materials. Failure to have these materials will result in your grade falling. So come prepared!!!!

General Rules of conduct: At Oakland Technical High School, African Americans make up the majority of the school’s population yet we are often looked over and/or passed up for opportunities to grow. Why?

  • Lack of urgency

  • Attitude/Behavior

  • Appearances

In an effort to eliminate the disproportionality amongst our brothers the following will be implemented

  1. Respect the time: Once the bell rings, we go to work. There is NO time to chat about the latest trends, who’s dating who and other non-related items. We have a limited amount of time to dialogue; therefore we need all of us to be on time, prepare and ready to learn.

  2. Respect yourselves and those around you: We are aware the life brings challenging situations, where attitudes tend to change. We ask that you check your attitude at the door. If there is a situation that will affect you in the classroom, please communicate (pull me out and talk to me, it will stay confidential unless YOU say otherwise). Also, while in our space, language is important. What you say and how you say it change either build or destroy a person and/or an environment. So please take ownership of your words and behavior when coming into the space.

  3. Look the part: One of the main reasons African American males are passed up for opportunities is because of our appearance. Before walking into this environment, CHECK YOUR APPEARANCES AT THE DOOR… ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

    1. Pants that are sagging will NOT be permitted.

    2. Shirts with logos that are deemed inappropriate will NOT be permitted.

  4. Distractions: Please turn off all cell phones and store them and DO NOT let me see it. You will have one warning. After the warning then I will take it and you will get your device after class.

Consequences: Of course we have areas of growth. And we will make mistakes (Hey we’re human!). Yet don’t take advantage of the mistakes and make them habits. Below are lists of probable actions and the consequences of those actions.

Tardy (late to class) = 25 push-ups

Inappropriate language (cursing, roasting) = 50 push-ups

Important: Use of the word N*gga (unless using in reference to a reading, lyric pertaining to a lesson) = 500 word essay. And note if essay is NOT completed by the due date given it will increase by 250 words. Tasks that are not completed will result in dismissal from the class.

Anyone who speaks on another brothers’ mistake in a negative form you, too will be participating in the push-ups and/or writing.

The goals for our community

Keys to success

Engage – I do

Be Calm


Encourage – We Do

Be You


Empower – You Do

Be Authentic

Be Organized

Be Present

Is there something that I am missing? Is there something that you might want to add that will help this program thrive? Please share.

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