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February 15, 2016

**Quick Reminders**

  • NYUCD Leadership Track Series

    • Art of Negotiation by Dean Michael O’Connor

      • Thurs 2/18 4pm RSVP here

      • 433 1st Ave, rm 230

    • Design Thinking by Anne-Laure Fayard

      • Date TBD

    • The Psychology of Success: Growth Mindset VS. Fixed Mindset by Selena Drobnick

      • Wed 4/13 4pm RSVP here

      • 433 1st Ave, rm 202

    • Personal Branding by Selena Drobnick

      • Wed 3/9 1pm RSVP here

      • Mon 4/25 1pm RSVP here

      • Both in 433 1st Ave, rm 262

  • NYU’s 1st Spring Welcome

    • Over 200 Spring Welcome Events such as:

      • Grads on Macdougal Happy Hour Specials

      • Grads Go One World Observatory

      • Spring Fling: Welcome Back Concert feat. Betty Who

      • So You Think NYU Can Dance w/ Guest Judge Alex Wong, SYTYCD All-Stars

      • Reality Show

      • Winter Chill Ice Skating at Bryant Park

      • Pop Up Vintage Shop

      • Pizza in the Village Tour

      • NYU Ice Hockey Game

      • Drag Karaoke feat. Bob the Drag Queen

      • Restaurant Deals & more!

    • Click here for the NYU Guide and further details about each event

  • 2016 President’s Service Awards

    • Award presented to recognize the distinguished achievements of NYU students & faculty

    • Submission deadline is 2/26, link found here

  • All University Games

    • Tues 2/23 5-10pm

      • Doors open at 4:30

    • Chelsea Piers, Pier 60

    • Intramural athletic competition between schools, administration and faculty teams. Come cheer on NYUCD!!

  • Save the Date: Class of 2019 Scrubs Sale

    • Wed 2/17, location & Time TBD (be on the look-out for an e-mail from Muz)

    • 1 for $25 and 2 for $40

  • American Society for Dental Ethics Essay

    • Essay contest due 2/29

    • Click here for the brochure

    • Contact Dr. More for further questions

  • ASDA mock practical for #3/14 MO & DO

    • Thurs 2/18 from 8-10pm

    • Each person will be provided with a tooth (while supplies last) and given one hour to complete the prep.

    • Feedback will be given

    • Sign up here

**Upcoming Exams/Quizzes**

  • 2/20 Neuro online Quiz #6 due

  • 2/23 B1&B2 Practical #5

  • 2/25 Basic Tissues online Quiz #6 due

  • 2/25 A1&A2 Practical #5

** Club Announcements**

  • Public Health Dentistry Club

    • 1st Annual Dental Public Health Conference

    • Thurs 2/28 with the theme being "Breaking Barriers"

    • Dr. Jo Frencken and Dr. Habib Benzian, two renowned Dental Public Health speakers will be coming

    • A great opportunity for students to discuss Dental Public Health in group sessions throughout the day with the goal of building a toolbox for students

    • Everyone who comes will be acknowledged for creating this toolbox. 

    • Click here for the brochure and registration link

  • Clubs: Send me information about club events/meetings & I will post announcements here each week! (mmb462@nyu.edu)

**Class Council Announcements **

  • Spring Combined Syllabi: Click here for quick information about your classes!

  • Class website is up!

    • Click here for the link & bookmark it!

  • Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

    • Click here to sign up!

  • Do you have school pictures that you would like to see on our Class Website?

    • E-mail them to Kimia at kk2335@nyu.edu

  • Nominate a student and faculty of the month!

    • Click here to nominate someone special and recognize them for how amazing they are!

    • February nominations are due 2/29 at midnight

  • Want to see something in these reminders?

    • E-mail me at mmb462@nyu.edu with suggestions!


  • Shout-outs:

    • ASDA for hosting the mock practical this coming week!

  • Do you have a shout-out?!!

    • Send them to me at mmb462@nyu.edu!



  • Wed 2/17

Dental Composites: Practical Considerations


  • Tues 2/16

  • Thurs 2/18

  • Fri 2/19

Lingual Step Preps and Comp Insertions

#3 OL, #14 DOL Preps and Comp Insertions

Preparations and Restorations

#18 MO Prep and Amal Insert

#20 MOD Prep and Comp Insert

Restore Composites

20M, 12M, 30M & 13D
**Note: New #3 and 14 are needed! As well as new 2nd premolars and 2nd molars for ALL quadrants for this week!


  • 2/29 Exam 2

    • 60 Questions- Operative and hand instruments

    • 12 Questions- All composite EXCEPT Dr. Hirata’s last 2 lectures (on chroma etc), NO Amalagm

    • 28 Questions- Occlusion including Dr. Wolff’s 2/10 lecture

  • Practicals:

    • Click here for practical protocol

    • Dr. Strange Presentation Link: click here

  • Practical #5: Indirect #3 or 14 MO & DO Preps

    • Date (This is a change from the syllabus!!):

      • Groups B1 & B2: Tue 2/23

      • Groups A1&A2: Thurs 2/25

  • Reminder:

    • Those who were not successful on Practical #3 (below a 70) should complete a homework by 2/19/16

    • ALL back work MUST be completed by 2/16

  • Note: POP Quizzes begin in lab sessions this semester! Make sure you are prepared!

    • The pop quizzes will be on operative covered in class

  • Note: on practical and mock practical days, only those assigned are allowed in the lab on those days (you will not be allowed in the lab to practice on those days)



  • Wed 2/17 (A&B in Septo)

  • Thurs 2/18

Taste & Olfaction I

Taste & Olfaction II

CCP: Taste & Olfaction



  • All lectures are in Nagel except 2/17 (which will be held in Septodont)

  • **NOTE: There are two lecture sessions, one for A and one for B

    • A lecture schedule

    • B lecture schedule

  • Attendance at lectures is strongly recommended

  • Online Quiz #6 (lectures 25-30) opens 2/18 at 6pm & due 2/20 at 6pm

    • Each quiz has 12-15 questions

    • Once the quiz is opened you have 1 hour to complete

    • You receive immediate feedback at the end of the quiz

    • Can take the quiz up to 3x, with the last attempt being recorded

Basic Tissues


  • Tues 2/16

  • Thurs 2/18

Plasma and Blood Indices



Bone Marrow and Hematopoiesis


  • Tues 2/16 (A1 & B2)

  • Thurs 2/25 (A2)

  • Fri 2/26 (B1)

  • Thurs 2/18 (A2)

  • Fri 2/19 (B1)

  • Mon 2/22 (B2)

  • Tues 2/23 (A1)

Blood and Bone Marrow


  • Quiz #6 (Lectures 25-30) opens Tues 2/23 at 10 am and closes Thurs 2/25 at 9:59 am

    • The average of your 5 best online quiz scores will be used in the final calculation of your grade

    • There will be questions from the CCPs on the on-line quizzes

    • About 15-20 questions each, 1 hour to complete once opened

    • Open for 48 hours following the last lecture tested

    • May take the quiz 3x but the last attempt counting

  • Attendance at lectures and CCPs is strongly recommended

  • Attendance is mandatory for conference sessions

Pediatric Dentistry for the New Dentist


  • Wed 2/17

Tell, Show, Do (Dr. Berdahl)


  • Please be on the lookout for your first Pediatric outreach session on your schedules! And do not forget to do the four modules posted on NYU classes prior to your outreach session!

    • The modules are not graded just a way to keep track of who has reviewed the material

  • Attendance is mandatory at each assigned outreach rotation

Professionalism & Ethics


  • none



  • Note: lecture is in Septodont!

Multidisciplinary Experience in Patient Care


  • none



  • Topic #4 (Caries Exam & Diagnosis) has begun, please view the interactive module (Part A and B) prior to your session and print out the completion for attendance.

  • Attendance:

    • Mandatory for all lectures and clinical exercises

    • those who attend 9/10 of the lectures will receive 10 bonus points on their final score, if you attend 8 you will receive 7 bonus points, if you attend 7 you will receive 5 bonus points, 6 or fewer does not merit any bonus points (maximum grade is 100)

Always Remember

You Got This!!

Have a Happy Week!! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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