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Female of the Species by Rudyard Kipling

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Female of the Species by Rudyard Kipling

This observation by the famous secular poet is a confirmation of the eternal truths given to us by Maharsi Vedavyasa in the following verse of his Srimad-Bhagavatam and also by Srila Prabhupada in his purport:

“Urvasi said: My dear King, you are a man, a hero. Don’t be impatient and give up your life. Be sober and don’t allow the senses to overcome you like foxes. Don’t let the foxes eat you. In other words, you should not be controlled by your senses. Rather, you should know that the heart of a woman is like that of a fox. There is no use making friendship with women.

“Canakya Pandita has advised, visvaso naiva kartavyah strisu raja-kulesu ca: ‘Never place your faith in a woman or a politician.’ Unless elevated to spiritual consciousness, everyone is conditioned and fallen, what to speak of women, who are less intelligent than men. Women have been compared to sudras and vaisyas (striyo vaisyas tatha sudrah). On the spiritual platform, however, when one is elevated to the platform of Krsna consciousness, whether one is a man, woman, sudra or whatever, everyone is equal. Otherwise, Urvasi, who was a woman herself and who knew the nature of women, said that a woman’s heart is like that of a sly fox. If a man cannot control his senses, he becomes a victim of such sly foxes. But if one can control the senses, there is no chance of his being victimized by sly, fox-like women. Canakya Pandita has also advised that if one has a wife like a sly fox, he must immediately give up his life at home and go to the forest.

mata yasya grhe nasti
bharya capriya-vadini
aranyam tena gantavyam
yatharanyam tatha grham
(Canakya-sloka 57)
“Krsna conscious grhasthas must be very careful of the sly fox woman. If the wife at home is obedient and follows her husband in Krsna consciousness, the home is welcome. Otherwise one should give up one’s home and go to the forest.

hitvatma-patam grham andha-kupam
vanam gato yad dharim asrayeta
(Bhag. 7.5.5)
“One should go to the forest and take shelter of the lotus feet of Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

SB 9.14.37

We should like to point out that in his purport, Srila Prabhupada has quoted Canakya Pandita, who may be seen as a secular author, in that he was not a rsi. However, his writings in no way contradict the Vedas but rather support Vedic conclusions (a literature in pursuance of the Vedic version). Srila Prabhupada was quite fond of Canakya Pandita’s teachings, since they were of highly practical value.
Our ISKCON feminists are fond of declaring that because they are “devotees,” the negative depiction of women given by Srila Prabhupada does not apply to them as it would to ordinary women. But is this true? In his purport, Srila Prabhupada specifically says “Krsna conscious grhasthas must be very careful of the sly fox woman.” This directly means that there may be women who associate with devotees (for example, a wife who associates with her devotee husband, or other women who associate with ISKCON devotees) who are “sly fox women.” They may call themselves devotees, but do their actions reflect those of devotees?
We should like to very carefully point out and bring to your full attention that we are not in any way, shape, or form labeling all women in ISKCON, or in society in general as “sly foxes.” It has been the consistent tactic of “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” to say that we are making blanket statements about ALL women, but that is not so. Anyone who accuses us of this is wrong and would be doing so only for the sake of sloganeering and spreading disinformation about us in the attempt to stir up hatred and animosity toward us. We are focusing our attention on a very small minority, the kind that support mayavad philosophy in the form of feminism, stri sämyavad. We know that that are many women in ISKCON who are sincerely trying to follow the orders of Srila Prabhupada as enunciated in his books regarding nari-dharma, a few examples of such glorious and worshipable women can be found in Section 2 of the Appendices.
Having said that we have to wonder about the Women’s Ministry and it supporters of whom “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” is most definitely one. Let us not forget that “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” wrote Conspiracy To Terminate The ISKCON Women's Ministry; this strongly suggests that “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” is intimately associated with the Women’s Ministry. Otherwise, why would somebody “leak” the information to “him” (as “he” claims) and why would “he” go to the trouble of writing such a long paper? While the identity(ies) and gender(s) of “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” is hidden behind the cloak of a pseudonym (we don’t know if it is one person or several, or what their genders are) the actions of this person are well known. We have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that “Ardhabuddhi Dasa’s” action are characterized by distortion of the truth, half-truths, misleading statements, disinformation and other tricks of an expert prevaricator. The fact that “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” has chosen to hide behind anonymity again suggests the “sly fox” mentality. “He” has hidden his identity because “he” knew that the truth would eventually come out and “he” would be known as a “sly fox.”
If this is the kind of behavior the people in the Women’s Ministry find acceptable, it indicates a lack of integrity and character, and we wonder if those are the kind of people we would want to have involved in our governing body.
All in all, this attempt by “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” and associates to cast aspersions on the members of GHQ because of quoting a few secular authors is simply another ingredient in their colossal fabrication of the “GHQ Conspiracy” scandal.
25. Conspiracy

In previous articles herein, we have alluded to a conspiracy by ISKCON feminists. That was said not simply to create a diversionary smoke screen, for there is actual evidence that suggests that members of the Women’s Ministry and the International Women’s Conference and their supporters were directly involved in a conspiracy, as defined in the standard dictionary. Conversely, the accusation of “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” (a creature of the Women’s Ministry?) that GHQ was involved in a conspiracy is inaccurate and purposely inflammatory.

conspiracy, n., 1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, treacherous, or evil act. 2. A combining or acting together, as if by evil design: a conspiracy of natural forces. 3. Law. An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or to accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action. (American Heritage Dictionary)
As mentioned previously, the purpose of GHQ was stated succinctly by Basu Ghosh Prabhu on September 24, 1998:
“As I understand it Maharaja, GHQ is going to be a think tank with the mandate to prepare a paper with proposals to the GBC to check apasiddhanta in the form of ‘feminism’ in ISKCON.”
To submit recommendations to the GBC is actually due process for effecting change in ISKCON. GHQ was not planning a coup d’etat, or violent revolution, or assassinations of GBC members, or any such similar nefarious plot with intentions to impose its will against the GBC! GHQ was a think tank, with the specific mandate to research and compile a philosophical treatise for addressing a particular apasiddhanta within the very heart of ISKCON. During their upcoming meetings in Mayapura, the GBC would then be free either to accept or reject our proposals (having given due consideration to the merits of our philosophical propositions). And certainly also the proponents of secular feminism would have equal opportunity to rebut our presentation, per the pramana of guru-sadhu-sastra. That is the authorized way of debate among Vaisnava brahmanas. And it is the parliamentary procedure adopted by our GBC.
But before that opportunity for due hearing of GHQ’s proposals had transpired, its objective was subverted by “Ardhabuddhi Dasa.” Furthermore, an attempt continues to thwart and suppress our duty to participate in the decision-making process of the GBC. Rather than support the feminist position by lawfully presenting philosophical theses, our opponents “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” and cohorts, aware that their position has no sound merit and is philosophically indefensible, resorted to base, unethical, dirty tricks, by unlawfully conspiring to nullify our efforts. If this action of “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” goes unchecked, then the very basis of ISKCON government is seriously threatened. Rather than being governed by philosophy based on guru-sadhu-sastra and the rule of law, the GBC may well become influenced by conspiracy, psychological manipulation, vox populi, mob mentality, and secular theories. If ISKCON wishes to usher in a golden age of 10,000 years, it must adhere to the former and reject the latter.
We shall now adumbrate a plausible scenario of how this conspiracy by the Women’s Ministry took place. We first turn the gentle reader’s attention to Section 13, to which we will refer in this final portion of our presentation.
At this time, we do not know exactly how the private texts of GHQ were procured by “Ardhabuddhi Dasa”. We do know however that supplied with those texts “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” then compiled Conspiracy to Terminate ISKCON Women’s Ministry. This “Conspiracy” file was then sent to VNN, an anti-ISKCON website. We will now investigate a possible scenario by directing you to Section 13.1-13.2, which are “Statuses” of the IWM COM conference, performed by GHQ on two separate occasions.
According to the record, the IWM forum was created on January 15, 1998. Please note the total number of texts existing on the forum on those two dates:
Date # of texts
Oct 7, 98 96
Nov 26, 98 972
Increase 876

Please note that between the date of IWM’s inception and October 7

(a period of almost 9 months), only 96 texts were submitted, slightly less

than 11 per month. But on November 26, the number of texts had suddenly increased to 972, an increase of 876 texts in just 7 weeks and an average of 125 texts per week, or 500 per month--a 50-fold increase in the rate of texts--up from 11 per month. We humbly suggest that the worshipable mothers of the Women’s Ministry weren’t exchanging cookie recipes in preparations for the Christmas season; rather, considering the time and circumstances, it is quite plausible that this sudden deluge of texts was in fact a very large number of texts purloined from GHQ plus a flurry of associated discussion as to how to utilize those texts. The reason we say this is plausible is because “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” has stated:

“Although he agreed with many of the traditional views expressed by the others, he found their modus operandum to be distasteful and therefore decided to share the plans with Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis worldwide. Although we will respect his wish to remain anonymous, we greatly appreciate the courage he showed by sharing these texts with us.”

If this is true, then it no stretch of the imagination to suppose that the alleged defector (could it be the sysops?) would submit the texts to the party against whom GHQ was supposedly conspiring. Considering that “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” has chosen to title his expose Conspiracy To Terminate The ISKCON Women's Ministry, we need not wonder to whom the defector would likely leak the texts.

By now, we have scrutinizingly analyzed and elaborately demonstrated that this expose by the feminists is essentially a weapon in their unethical campaign to besmirch the members of GHQ. Having no basis in Krsna conscious philosophy, they have resorted to this measure out of desperation.
Further evidence of the above is that ever since “Ardhabuddhi Dasa’s” expose was released on November 18, members of the Women’s Ministry have remained silent while profuse, terrible, false accusations were waged against GHQ members—based wholly upon the misinformation contained in “Ardhabuddhi’s” expose. And mob mentality was conjured by the professional manipulators (psychologists), as can be seen in text 13.7 (where devotees are urged to “hang” other devotees). Although we understand that statement to be metaphorical, nevertheless there have been cases of devotees threatening physical violence upon each other in relation to the “GHQ Conspiracy.” All this cyber-lynching was based on totally false information. It would appear that the members of the Women’s Ministry, however, were in possession of the exculpatory texts bearing the actual truth. We trust that, having read those texts, our respected readers now hold a much more favorable view as to the purposes and intentions of GHQ.
If the Women’s Ministry possessed exculpatory texts yet allowed innocent devotees to be abused on the basis of falsehood, it would be a malicious sin of omission. Worse still, is that they would then be indirectly responsible (first by publishing the conspiracy expose, and further by holding silent) for hundreds of Vaisnava-aparadhas. In Kali-yuga, the last vestige of dharma is truthfulness. We therefore are distressed and aggrieved at heart, knowing that devotees have fostered an atmosphere wherein half-truths and outright lies are paraded as facts. It is indeed disturbing to consider what the future of ISKCON will be if criminal expediency is the chosen method for defeating philosophical opposition. Has attainment of power at any cost now become a supposed virtue? Or is it now commendable to mock those who humbly try to follow Vedic culture?
Since there is evidence which at least appears to be “probable cause,” we hereby officially request that a special GBC commission be formed to seize those texts of the IWM COM conference before they are likely destroyed (if they contain incriminating evidence against certain parties). And if those texts do contain incriminating evidence, we further request that they be studied to determine to what extent different ISKCON members were involved in the “Feminist Conspiracy:” to wage a smear campaign against the members of GHQ and, especially, to derail our lawful efforts to be heard by the GBC. And we should mention that the IWM COM conference has now become hidden from the devotee public (as can be seen in Section 13.3, which shows the “Status” for that conference.) Please also note that membership of Mother Sudharma dd, organizer of the conference, also is not registered. This indicates that the conference is now fully cloaked in secrecy. The Women’s Ministry is quite likely trying to protect itself by hiding its current activities. We therefore request the GBC to act expeditiously, before important evidence is destroyed.
We now humbly direct our reader’s attention to Section 13.4, which contains the top few lines of the “Status” of the International Women’s Conference (IWC). Here we see a direct connection between the Women’s Ministry and the IWC. Mother Hariballabha dd is one of the organizers of the International Women’s Conference and is also a member of the Women’s Ministry. And it is a fact that almost all members of the Women’s Ministry are also members of the International Women’s Conference. Since the two organizations are so intimately connected, it is highly likely that “Ardhabuddhi Dasa” is actually a team of IWC members, commissioned to write the “Conspiracy” file by the Women’s Ministry.
Nor did it end there...
It appears that other players joined in for further chicanery. We direct the gentle reader’s attention to Section 13.5-13.6. This text seems to indicate that HH Mukunda Goswami and the BTG Editorial Board were also involved.
You may note that in 13.6, Mother Sudharma dd states that Mukunda Goswami (and several other men) is part of the Women’s Ministry (though not a member of IWM Conference on COM, which is for women only). Now please turn to text 13.5, focusing especially on the first long paragraph after the salutations:
“Some of ISKCON’s leaders and members have apparently been making extreme statements about the women in our movement. For those of you who may have already seen some of these statements, please forgive the redundancy. It appears that some of these declarations have become part of the public record via internet. Postings and other information indicate that these are not just a handful of disgruntled individuals, rather there appears to be a cabal, a group of conspirators engaging in a pseudo-military-styled strategy that aims to ill-name, misrepresent, exploit and minimize a section of our society. This crosses the line of vaisnava etiquette, to say the least. We are have information that certain parties have given these statements to the anti-cult movement. Therefore, as leaders of ISKCON, we should be prepared to take appropriate steps to publicly condemn such positioning and language, lest these be considered collectively to be (God forbid!) ISKCON’s ‘official’ position.”
Very neat: Create a public relations problem in order to destroy your opponents.
We do not know exactly from which COM conferences Maharaja extracted the nine or ten sample texts that he provides. Other than the very last one, none were from the GHQ forum. No doubt they were prompted by “Ardhabuddhi’s” misleading and prejudicial expose, posted on VNN.
Let us now consider the second to last paragraph. But first note that, according to Text 13.1 and 13.2, both Mother Visakha dd and Mother Pranada dd are members of the Women’s Ministry (regarding Mother Pranada dd, see also 4.11-4.12).
“By way of contrast, the following article, which was started several weeks ago and was put on the COM BTG staff conference on Tuesday, 17 November 1998, is scholarly and civilized. Although it is not customary for the entire GBC to review a BTG article before publication, I thought this could be an exception. In fact it was Visakha prabhu, the author, who originally requested just such a review. BTG’s editor-and-chief, Nagaraja dasa agrees and welcomes your comments. We request, however, that every GBC member give a “yea” or “nay” to BTG publishing this article in the usual “generally in favor” or “generally opposed” style of straw voting. We need your response by 29 November, 1998.”
In this paragraph, Mukunda Maharaja suggested that an article by Mother Visakha dd on this subject be given the stamp of GBC approval before being published. And he admits that it is not customary for the GBC to do this. (“Coincidentally,” the article was submitted to the BTG Editorial conference on the very day before the GHQ expose was sent to VNN.)
We do not wish to jump to conclusions, but something doesn’t seem right. It seems plausible that the above “coincidence” is the continuation of a conspiracy to sabotage GHQ’s efforts for presenting a proposal to the GBC. Why do we say this? First, it would seem that it was not a coincidence that Mother Visakha dd was working on this paper. Please consider that Mother Visakha dd is a member of the Women’s Ministry and as such would have been in possession of the large number of texts that were suddenly sent to the Women’s Ministry, texts which appear to have originated from GHQ. She then would have had these texts for a long time. Her paper certainly appears to be a preemptive strike against GHQ. (We should also note that she is an associate editor of BTG, as is Mukunda Goswami.) It certainly appears that this is not serendipity—but rather fully deliberate. We also note that the treasurer of the Women’s Ministry, Mother Pranada dd, is also the wife of BTG’s editor-in-chief, Nagaraja Prabhu. This is a very curious concatenation of personnel: Mukunda Goswami and Mother Visakha dd, both members of the Women’s Ministry and associate editors of BTG; Mother Pranada dd, treasurer of the Women’s Ministry; and her husband, editor-in-chief of BTG. Is there “something rotten in the state of Denmark?” It could all very well be innocent and have a logical explanation. But it certainly doesn’t seem that way.
It is all very curious:

  1. According to “Ardhabuddhi dasa”: “Before the conference went off the air, one of its members had second thoughts. Although he agreed with many of the traditional views expressed by the others, he found their modus operandum to be distasteful and therefore decided to share the plans with Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis worldwide.”

  1. Who did he share those “plans” with?

  1. It just so happens that between the time the GHQ forum is started and the time “Ardhabuddhi’s Dasa’s” article is published, 876 new texts appear on the Women’s Ministry Conference----a 50-fold increase in the amount of texts that it usually gets.

  1. What is the nature of these texts?

  1. On November 17, 1998, Mother Vishaka dd, a member of the Women’s Ministry and a BTG editor, submits an article on women’s issues (Krishna Consciousness and Women. How may Krishna Consciousness women serve the Lord? Can they be leaders in His spiritual society?) to the BTG editors.

  1. The very next day (November, 18,1978) “Ardhabuddhi Dasa’s” expose entitled Conspiracy To Terminate The ISKCON Women's Ministry, appears on VNN.

  1. A merciless avalanche of abuse and character assassination is piled upon the members of GHQ via COM forums and in the feminist controlled media, especially Chakra. Untold Vaisnava-aparadhas are made. Physical violence is threatened.

  1. On November 22, HH Mukunda Swami ( a member of the Women’s Ministry and BTG editor) writes a letter to the GBC, asking them for their imprimatur on Mother Vishaka’s dd article, as well as suggesting that leaders of ISKCON, “publicly condemn such positioning and language” (meaning GHQ and it’s agenda).

  1. Who gave HH Mukunda Maharaja the 10 texts he uses as examples?

  1. On or about November 27, 1998, Mukunda Goswami’s letter and Mother Vishaka’s article are sent to GHQ by a person who thought that the entire affair was very one-sided and highly suspicious, to say the least.

  1. Then the NA GBC Executive Committee apparently censures the GHQ members. It should be noted that all members of this committee are members of the Women’s Ministry.

  1. Shortly thereafter the GBCEC follows suit.

  1. Neither the NA GBC or International GBC Executive Committees thought it necessary to communicate with active members of GHQ to find out their side of the story before censuring GHQ and its agenda.

It appears to us that the entire “GHQ Conspiracy” affair has been fully orchestrated from the very beginning: Crucify GHQ in the media by falsely representing it and its philosophy, then have the GBC stamp its approval of the feminist position. Very neat. No troublesome philosophical debates which you are sure to lose. Simply paint your opponent black so that any philosophical position he espouses “must be false,” thus making your own position correct by default.

And then of course, there is CHAKRA. (For your information, CHAKRA is owned (see 8.1) and funded by none other than Mother Madhusudani Radha dd, who, as you can see from Text 13.4, is the organizer of the IWC. It should be no surprise that CHAKRA has unceasingly blasted GHQ. Although CHAKRA claims to be an ISKCON-friendly website, CHAKRA has proven to be a feminist promoting website.
And while not directly involved in this conspiracy yet, Hare Krsna World is overseen by Mukunda Goswami as the Executive Editor and is also a feminist-propaganda machine. (See 12.2.)
We have outlined a very plausible scenario, that there was in fact a conspiracy----not a conspiracy by GHQ, but by the Women’s Ministry and affiliates----to sabotage the lawful proceedings of the GHQ think tank, by publishing highly prejudicial disinformation about GHQ and its membership, amounting to merciless character assassination. With all the humility at our disposal, we request the GBC to form an independent committee to investigate this matter.
Even more urgently, we humbly request that the GBC create a special panel to research the matter of the feminist heresy. As we have seen, feminism has a corrosive effect on anything it touches. To resolve the matter in a Vaisnava-brahminical way, both sides should be cordially invited to present treatises to be referred to the GBC for its most philosophically correct decision on the matter.
Before closing we would like to share an observation with our gentle readers on something we see happening in ISKCON. We note that many of the individuals involved with feminism in ISKCON are also part of HH Mukunda Maharaja’s Communications Ministry: Maharaja himself, Anuttama Prabhu, Mother Sudharma dd, Mother Madhusudani Radha dd, Mother Radha dd, and Saunaka Rsi Prabhu, as can be seen from the following COM status (although Mukunda Maharaja is not included in this status it is well known that he is the global director and GBC for this project):
Name: ICNA (ISKCON Communications North America)

Number: Conference 2925

Type: Private, Only Members, Files

Netmail address:

Created by: Dharmaraja (das) HKS

Created on: 09-Mar-97

Organizer: Madhusudani Radha (dd) JPS (Mill Valley - USA)

No of texts: 140

No of members: 12

Downloads: Yes Uploads: Yes

Text expiration time: Default

Maximum Size of Forwarded Files: 0 KBytes

ICNA (ISKCON Communications North America) has the following members:

Unseen Last present * Name

0 12-Jan-99 Anuttama (das) ACBSP (IC N.America)

0 13-Jan-99 Dayananda (das) ACBSP (26 2nd Av., New York - USA)

0 13-Jan-99 Devakinandan (das) ACBSP (Bombay - IN)

0 13-Jan-99 Hari Kirtan (das) SDG

0 13-Jan-99 Madhusudani Radha (dd) JPS (Mill Valley - USA)

0 13-Jan-99 Nandi Mukhi (dd) SDG

(Press Return)

0 13-Jan-99 Parijata (dd) RNS (IC Mumbai - IN)

40 05-Jul-98 Premananda (das) NRS (Boston, MA - USA)

0 13-Jan-99 Radha (dd) MG (New Vrindavan - USA)

0 13-Jan-99 Radha Seva (dd) NRS (Moscow - R)

0 12-Jan-99 Saunaka Rsi (das) SDG (IC) (Ireland)

0 13-Jan-99 Sudharma (dd) ACBSP (Alachua - USA)
These devotees are primarily involved in Public Relations, which means being concerned with how the public perceives and reacts to ISKCON. This is a very important service which should not be underestimated. Having said, that we should also understand that there are inherent dangers to this service; we may become so concerned with what the public thinks that we forget that the public is in maya and that practically everything that the mainstream finds acceptable is simply materialistic and in some cases downright demonic(e.g. animal slaughter and abortion). If we become too concerned looking outward and seeing how people react to us and then adjusting our behavior to please them we risk seriously compromising our philosophy. This has already happened in the case of feminism, which is now popular in secular society. And so it appears (to avoid secular criticism) that Mukunda Goswami and his followers want us to retrench our philosophy in regard to feminism so as to be in line with the relative values of contemporary, secular, Western culture. This is an egregious error. And while we don’t want to unnecessarily snub society for trivial things, still we must not compromise the Vedic values given to us by the acaryas. To be overly concerned what with what other people think is an arch-typical feminine trait. (One need only go to any clothing store to see that 75% of the garments are for women, only 25% for men; then there is make-up, plastic surgery, etc.) Consider that we chant Hare Krsna in the street, wear strange clothing, shave our heads, and put yellow “mud” on our noses all without caring for public opinion. Frankly, they already think we are more than a “little” strange. So why should we care what they think of our values? Rather than caring about public opinion, we should be endeavoring to satisfy Srila Prabhupada and the paramapara. Our actual duty is to represent them, by teaching spiritual knowledge and eternal cultural values without comprise. (Srila Prabhupada would often say that his only credit was that he didn’t change anything.) Better to please the acaryas and risk displeasing the public!
From a: Room Conversation with Siddha-svarupa -- May 3, 1976, Honolulu
Hari-sauri: Well, their idea was that because sometimes the public is becoming disturbed by the book distribution, then therefore it's not being done correctly. So it should be stopped.

Prabhupada: Public may disturb, but we are following our own course of action. It is not obligatory. We are requesting you, "Take this book." That is not obligatory. "If you like, you can take. If you don't like, don't take."

Siddha-svarupa: I think that...

Hari-sauri: So what their idea was that we shall build some public relations, like you said with this store. They prefer to try to spread Krsna consciousness by public relations, give good impression, and then people will come.

Prabhupada: Then you are dictated by the public, not by the dictation of your spiritual master. Spiritual master has ordered to distribute books; you shall do that. That is obedience. Now the public may take or not take, that is public's option. But my duty is-because spiritual master has said-I must try my best. Spiritual master has not said that "You must sell so many books daily, otherwise I will reject you." He has not said that. So everyone may try his best, that's all. The public may take or not take, it doesn't matter. And if you are, want to please the public, public says that "You dance naked, I will be very happy with you, I'll give you (indistinct)." So I'll have to do that. Then what is the use of making a spiritual master? Public, they have got their whims, how to become pleased. So we are to follow all these things? We have to follow our instruction of the spiritual master. That is... (indistinct) Why to manufacture "The public will be pleased like this"? Public may or may not give you, what you can do?

Hari-sauri: Our success is in the spiritual master's pleasure, not the public's pleasure.

Prabhupada: Yes, that is bhakti. Otherwise why Krsna says, sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]? "You haven't got to please so many religious instructions. You simply please Me." That is Krsna's...

Siddha-svarupa: I don't think the devotees who factioned out were against book distribution. I think that a little bit was that some of the devotees were using very, very forceful tactics and trying to give people books and take their money, and people were becoming very offended...

Prabhupada: That is not (indistinct).

Siddha-svarupa: That is not what you want.

Hari-sauri: That's all right, but don't give up the book distribution.

Siddha-svarupa: Yes.

Hari-sauri: This is what happened. The temples fell down, the devotees went away. The ones who were distributing the books went on and distributed more books, became more expert, so that the public were not so much disturbed, and still they're distributing books. But these people who factioned off are not distributing books even now, two or three years later. So it was simply actually a question of faultfinding more than earnest desire to please the spiritual master.

Prabhupada: Yes. (pause) Discuss.

Devotee: All glories to Srila Prabhupada. (end)
Another observation is that individuals who espouse feminism have never lived in India, the eternal seat of Vedic culture. They may have visited for a few weeks during festivals, but this is much different than spending several years living among the people. And while it is true that Kali-yuga has taken its toll upon India, there are still many traces of Vedic culture in India, as well as persons who follow it. We suggest that those who espouse feminism may have some theoretical knowledge of Vedic philosophy but are woefully lacking in practical application. It is also felt that these same persons have a “despise India” attitude, (see 4.4). (Please see Section 2.11 for testimonials from cultured matajis from Mayapura on this point.)
We would like to see this deficiency rectified, by having all leaders in ISKCON spend lengthy times in India getting serious training in applied Vedic culture. It was for this reason that Srila Prabhupada wanted all his disciples to spend at least one consecutive year in India, to absorb Vedic culture by osmosis
A final observation is that ISKCON Communications (which is steeped in feminism) is now practically controlling the NA GBC and likely infiltrating into the International GBC as well. One veteran TP was asked if the TPs were controlled by the IC people. Here is his blunt answer:
<< Do they listen and fall for that garbage? >>
“Take a look at the resolutions and you'll know that they eagerly fall for it. I can tell you already in advance what the next resolutions will be. Their overall program is to make everything in the movement as karmi-like (and 'acceptable') as possible + they are expert to avoid the real issues (and problems) within the movement. The reason the presidents fall for it is mainly because many of them are simple yes-men who have no clue how to manage, or women who go along with sentimental political agendas - being already blissed out that they could be seen in the same room with big guns, or old TP's who take rest during the meetings. To spice the meetings, they generally invite a few 'professionals' from the real world or Christian priests. No president ever gets to talk or have any control whatsoever over the meetings. It's all Anuttama and Sudharma with the help of Badri, Bir Krishna Goswami & Co. Absolutely pathetic.
What to do.
This can be rectified only by the will of the assembled devotees.
Thank you very much.
Your humble servants in service to ISKCON,

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