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WHAT: 40th Annual Summer Youth Outbound Exchange. Students will live with German

host families. Group activities and a trip to Berlin will be included.

WHERE: Wilhelmshaven, Germany - one of Norfolk's sister cities.
WHEN: Three weeks: July 15 – August 5, 2018 (approximate dates)
WHO: 15 Norfolk-area high school students (preferably those studying the German language),

ages 15-18, plus adult chaperon.

APPROXIMATE COST: $1,800.00 - round trip airfare + US ground transportation

110.00 - passport (age 16 & over)

(Note: Some scholarship funds ($80.00 – passport/age 15 & under)

are available) 7.00 – passport photos

50.00 - misc. (host family gift, membership dues)

$2,030.00 - TOTAL (not including spending money)

1) Interested candidates fill out application form, answer essay questions and mail, e-mail or hand deliver to address below by Friday, March 30, 2018.

2) Candidates secure two (2) personal references (at least one from a current teacher; plus, one from another person, not a relative, e.g. principal, employer, religious leader, family friend, etc.). Please ask your references to submit as above in #1 by the March 30, 2018 deadline.
3) The Norfolk-Wilhelmshaven Youth Exchange Committee will review applications and recommendation forms, interview candidates and select students based on the criteria below.
4) Since we desire high-caliber students who will be good representatives of our schools, our city, and our nation, the following criteria will be used as a basis for selection:

* adaptability * consideration for others

* friendliness * maturity

* open-mindedness * trustworthiness

* citizenship/community/school involvement * interest in world affairs
5) Students selected to be exchanges will be notified by Friday, April 20, 2018.
2018 Norfolk-Wilhelmshaven Summer Youth Exchange, Fact Sheet - Page 2

1) Students must have health insurance coverage during their stay in Germany. (Short-term insurance is available through Sister Cities International.) (

2) Commitment to correspond with host family as soon as you are provided with their contact information.
3) Attendance at all Orientation sessions - approximately three (3) meetings will be held between April and June 2018.
4) Membership in Norfolk Sister City Association.
5) Families that have never hosted a German student for this exchange program must agree to participate actively in Summer 2019 Youth Inbound Exchange (either as host family, coordinator of a major group activity, or by contributing in some way.)
The Norfolk Sister City Association is a non-profit civic organization whose purpose is to foster international understanding, friendship and cooperation through people-to-people exchanges between Norfolk and its international sister cities. Norfolk currently has ten sister cities: Kitakyushu, Japan; Wilhelmshaven, Germany; Norfolk County, England; Toulon, France; Kaliningrad, Russia; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Cagayan de Oro, Philippines; Kochi, India; Tema, Ghana and Ningbo, China.

Since its founding in 1976, the Norfolk Sister City Association has sponsored a variety of exchange programs and activities between Norfolk and its sister cities for individuals, families, students, educators, cultural groups, military personnel, business and civic leaders. Since 1979, the Association has sponsored a three to four-week summer youth exchange program in which teenagers from Norfolk and Wilhelmshaven visit the host city in alternate years. Students from the Norfolk area will visit Wilhelmshaven the summer of even years, and Norfolk will host Wilhelmshaven students the summer of odd years.

* * *

Application and Recommendation forms are available on the Norfolk Sister City Website under Student Opportunities ( ).
Application Deadline: Friday, March 30, 2018

Please mail, email or hand deliver Application and Recommendation forms to:

Norfolk Sister City Association, Inc. Executive Director: Jennifer Priest

232 E. Main Street E-mail:

Norfolk, VA 23510

Telephone: (757) 627-0530


For further information, contact either of the following Wilhelmshaven Committee members:

Markus Wegener (Chair) – (757) 348-9174 (cell) or e-mail:

John Hurst – (757) 705-5951 (cell) or e-mail:
Markus Wegener (e-mail:

Chair, NSCA Wilhelmshaven Committee

510 Rhode Island Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23508

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