NoodleTools Create a [bibliography, source list…]

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NoodleTools Create a [bibliography, source list…] *

  • [Your name/title/contact info]*
  • *For the brackets, fill in your specific information

What is NoodleTools

  • Organize, create, store, write
  • Save personal copies of sources
  • Begin a working bibliography
  • Copy-and-paste relevant quotes onto notecards
  • Paraphrase the author’s words
  • Analyze, question and add your own ideas
  • Tag and pile your notes – what emerges?
  • Create an outline, add piles – reorder and experiment!
  • Create [essay, speech, product…] with a bibliography
  • …but if you mess up, you can change styles later!
  • Choose a style
  • Name your project
  • Keep your focus
  • Share with
  • [teacher dropbox name]
  • Assignment, calendar, notes
  • Share and work with your team in real-time
  • Keep everything together
  • Plan to stay organized
  • Use feedback from [teachers’ names] to improve your work
  • See comments on your sources too!
  • Bibliography Screen
  • Choose the best match
  • From the drop-down menu
  • Copy-and-paste to avoid
  • spelling errors
  • Correct errors on the fly!
  • Watch the citation “build” as you type
  • Part
  • Whole
  • Search WorldCat’s library catalog for your book
  • Identify your book
  • Review and edit the elements
  • (We’ve done some checking already!)
  • Save to your list
  • No more “refinding” problems!
  • Save (and mark up) your own copy of a Web source.
  • Certain sources (e.g., popular reference works) are only cited in notes in Chicago style.
  • If you need to include a source because you’ve annotated it, you can!
  • See how to make your in-text reference for MLA and APA
  • Or a footnote and shortened footnote for Chicago style
  • Get help when you need it!

Questions we’ve been asked…

  • How can I tell if this is common knowledge?
  • Is a PDF cited like a book?
  • What if I don’t have the page number because I returned the book?
  • Is the Christian Science Monitor a newspaper or a magazine?
  • How do I cite a web page in a database?
  • What do I put in an annotation?

Analyze your list

  • Format and export your bibliography to a word processor (or Google docs)

Keep a portfolio of your work

Follow the *handout…

  • Click the "Create a Personal ID“ button to register as a new user
  • If you are prompted, at the “New User Registration” screen, enter [school name] and password
  • Create your personal ID and password
    • Record these on your handout
  • When you use NoodleTools after that, login only with your personal ID and password
  • Note: Some educators create a printed handout that includes database login instructions. Please do not publish your school’s password on the Web


  • Specifically for this [essay, project…]
  • Use [MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian]
  • Cite as you go (books, wikis, databases…)
  • Add notes as you read, annotate to understand
  • Organize notes in piles, add tags and reminders
  • Build an outline, cluster your notes under headings
  • Share your working list and notes with [name]
    • Get feedback as you go
  • Create [essay, speech, product…]

NoodleTools Start your research!

  • Questions?
  • For more teaching ideas: support [at] noodletools [dot] com

Download 5.38 Mb.

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