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The school has earned a good name in the area and the parents are being encouraged to promote education of their children. It is also imparting health conscious to the people that area. Due to our efforts the use of mosquito nets has been increased and the chances of Malaria have been reduced to an extent. This has become a unique institution in Jujomura block of Sambalpur District.

(D) Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Women Victims of Trafficking

and Prevention Programme under Ujjawala scheme:
Human Trafficking in women and girls is rapidly growing in different parts of the world. The consumerism approach of live, degradation of human values and morality and other factors are responsible for this in human activity. This one of the latest growing forms of criminal incidents, next to drugs and weapons trade generating an accounting table profit annually. In this global phenomenon, India is not the exception so far the definition of trafficking is concerned. It shall mean the requirement, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by means of threat or use of force, other forms of coercion of abduction of flord, deception of the abuse of power. Generally the women victims of trafficking are being used for sexual explotation.

To prevent this in human activities in district of Bhadrak. The NGO has been running one Rehabilitation centre for women and girl victims of trafficking At-Erai in the district of Bhadrak with financial assistance of the Ministry of women and child development, Govt. of India since 2008-2009. At present there are 50 nos of victims inmates staying in the centre. There are provisions of residential and boarding facilities, cloth and cosmetics, formal and non-formal educational facilities, vocational training and income generation facilities free of cost for the victims of trafficking in this centre. The health of the inmates is checked up by one qualified doctor in due intervals. There is also provision of counseling, Psychiatrist service and legal assistance system for them in this centre. We have made this centre lively in terms of facilities and provision. The NGO has setup one Re-Integration centre at Basudevpur in the district of Bhadrak for victims of trafficking. There is also provision of residential and other facilities in this centre. Through this half-way home, the victims are provided scope to mix with their family members and community by which they are enabled for Rehabilitation.

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