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During the report period, the T.I at Basudevpur has celebrated the International Youth Day, the International Women’s Day and the World HIV/ AIDS Day in participation with the local people. The T.I. has organized 5 nos. of general health check-up campus in different hotspots. One stall was opened for exhibition equipped with IEC materials for prevention of HIV/AIDS. The T.I. has organized five advocacy meetings with the different stake holders relating some issues & hope for their necessary support. The T.I. project at Basudevpur is working in an effective manner, which has resulted in controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS in the area.

(I) OTELP-PLUS Livelihood Promotion Programme:

Our organization as one partner of IRDMS consortium has been implementing this above OTELP-Plus Programme in the block of Dabugaon of Nabarangapur district for all round development of the tribal people. The other NGOs are the Arun Institute of Rural Affairs and the IRDMS, which is the lead NGO. This is one big project, which involves different components, such as –SHG/CIG formation, plantation, provision of drinking water facilities, land and water management, construction of cricks for agriculture development etc. During the period under repost, wadi plantations done before were properly managed. Programmes like potato production and onion production were taken up in the project area and in which good results have been achieved. The motto of this programme lies in livelihood promotion of the poor tribal people of Dabugaon block.

(J). Library Service Programme:

Library service is one noble task for empowerment of the society. Reading of books brings recreation and pleasure to the reader and enhances the knowledge standard. Library helps maintain discipline in the society. But due to the modern entertainment medias like films, TVs, V.C.P., VCR, LCD etc, the reading habit of the people is, day-by-day, declining. During the year 2005-2006, the NGO has established one public library at- Kayakud in the block of Jojumura of Sambalpur district for improving the reading habits of the tribal people, as the area is, mostly, populated by the tribal community. During the year 2006-2007, “Raja Ram Mohan Ray Library” had provided books amounting to Rs 44,000/- to our library and during 2010-2011, we have also got books amounting to Rs.15, 257/- from “Raja Ram Mohan Ray Library”.

At present there are more than 370 members, associated with the library. News-papers and magazines are also brought to the library regularly. Day-by-day, this institution is earning good name in the area.

In this modern environment, the older persons are being neglected by their family members. In rural areas, the older persons are being deprived of appropriate diet, adequate medical care and other facilities. So the Govt. Of India has introduced many schemes for benefit of older persons. Considering the fact our organization has been running in (1) old age home project at-Apartipur in the block of Basudevpur of Bhadrak district. We are providing residential and boarding facilities, re-creation facilities, medical facilities and other counseling facilities to the older beneficiaries of the centre. At present, 25 nos of beneficiaries are staying in our old age home. Now we are managing the project with our own resources and the Govt. has been requested to provide financial support for smooth functioning of the programme.


The NGO has established one Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) Project in Keonjhargarh town of Keonjhar district during the year 2015-16. There are many iron-ore mines in Joda, Badbil,Tensa and kiriburu hilltop areas of this district, for which most of the workers are addicted to alcohol and there was not a single IRCA

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