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Since the year 2014-15 the organization has been running one watershed development project in Jujomura block of Sambalpur district with financial assistance of watershed mission, Govt. of Odisha. There are 5 nos of staff members working in the project. During the report period the NGO has conducted many community based meetings for promotion of natural resource management and has imparted trainings to many tribal people on horticulture and agriculture promotion.

(H) targeted intervention (HIV/aids prevention)


The out –break of HIV/AIDS is a great problem in our country including our state Odisha. Till now, no medicines have been invented to cure the disease. Only prevention is the means to overcome HIV/AIDS. In our effort, our organization has been running one T.I (HIV/ AIDS prevention) Project in the blocks of Basudevpur and Chandabali and Dhamara areas of Bhadrak district since March, 2009. Bhadrak is one of the high prevalent districts in terms of HIV/AIDS in the state of Odisha. The main components of the project are behaviour change communication, condom promotion, treatment of STI and RTI cases of HRGs, enabling environment through advocacy and creating support groups and community mobilization etc. This project is being supported by the Odisha State Aids Control Society (OSACS) and NACO.

This project is meant for activities to reach out to 253 nos. of FSWs and 152 nos. of MSMs in the cover area. One STI clinic has been established in the project office at Basudevpur, where STI and RTI cases of HRGs are being treated. During the year- 2016-17, 1542 nos. of STD cases have been treated by our T.I. PPP clinic INCLUDING Govt. hospitals. During the report period all 405 active of HRGs have been referred to ICTC for testing 1st time and 2nd time in every six months. The total testing figure was 853 including more 82 new HEGs. 810 HRGs Lab test has done been for syphilis screening in Govt. hospital including private Labs. 132 nos. of cases sent to RNTCP for T.B test. The T.I. distributed 99263 nos. of free condom to the HRGs through counseling sessions, PPP clinics, DIC activities and outreach activities.

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