Nicola lacey curriculum vitae

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1976-9 University College, London

LL.B., First Class Honours

Hurst Prize in English Law

Maxwell Law Prize, 1978

Maxwell Medal for top degree of year in the Faculty, 1979.
1979-81 University College, Oxford

B.C.L., First Class

Elected Fellow of the British Academy, 2001
Swiney Prize, 2004
Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, 2006-9
Elected an Honorary Fellow of New College, Oxford, 2007
Clarendon Law Lectures, 2007
Hamlyn Lectures, 2007
Elected an Honorary Fellow of University College, Oxford, 2010
Elected an Honorary Bencher, Inner Temple, 2011
Hans Sigrist Prize, the University of Bern, for scholarship on the rule of law in modern societies, 2011
CBE for services to Law, Justice and Gender Politics, 2017
Maccabaean Lecture in Jurisprudence, British Academy, 2017


Lecturer in Laws, Faculty of Laws, University College, London


Fellow and Tutor in Law, New College, Oxford, and C.U.F. Lecturer, University of Oxford


Professor of Law, Birkbeck College, University of London


Professor of Criminal Law and Legal Theory, London School of Economics


Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford

Professor of Criminal Law and Legal Theory, University of Oxford

School Professor of Law, Gender and Social Policy, London School of Economics

Visiting Appointments
Visiting Scholar, Stanford Law School, Spring Semester 1992
Visiting Professor, Law School, Australian National University, May 1992
Visiting Fellow, Director’s Section, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, December 1995-January 1996
Guest Professor, Law Faculty, Humboldt University, Berlin, Summer Semester 1996.
Adjunct Professor, Law Programme, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, April 2000
Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, 1999-2000.
Visiting Faculty, Global Law School, New York University, September 2001, September 2003; invitation renewed for 2006, 2013
Adjunct Professor, Social and Political Theory Program, Research School of Social Science, Australian National University 2002-5.
Professor, Program in Ethics, Politics and Economics and Department of Political Science, Yale University, Spring Semester 2004
Visiting Fellow, Center for European Studies, Harvard University, Spring Semester 2007
Visiting Fellow, Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University, December 2008.
Distinguished Visiting Professor, Robina Institute, University of Minnesota School of Law, April 2012
Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School, Spring 2013
Distinguished Global Fellow, Hauser Global Law School, New York University, Spring 2014

In Search of Criminal Responsibility: Ideas, Interests and Institutions (Oxford University Press 2016) (This book was the subject of a symposium in Critical Analysis of Law 4(2) (2017)
Women, Crime and Character: From Moll Flanders to Tess of the d’Urbervilles (Oxford University Press 2008) (The Clarendon Law Lectures)
The Prisoners’ Dilemma: Political Economy and Punishment in Contemporary Democracies (Cambridge University Press 2008) (The Hamlyn Lectures: this book was the subject of a Punishment and Society Special Issue in 2011 (Issue 13 (1)).

A Life of HLA Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream (OUP 2004). (Winner of the RSA’s Swiney Prize 2004 and shortlisted for the James Tait Black Prize for Biography and for the British Academy Book Prize.) (Translated into Chinese, 2006; Japanese translation under contract.)
with Celia Wells and Dirk Meure, Reconstructing Criminal Law: Critical Perspectives on Crime and the Criminal Process, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Law in Context Series, 1990; second edition with Celia Wells, Butterworths 1998; third edition with Celia Wells and Oliver Quick, Cambridge University Press 2003.
Unspeakable Subjects: Feminist Essays in Legal and Social Theory Hart Publishing, 1998
with Elizabeth Frazer, The Politics of Community: A Feminist Analysis of the Liberal-Communitarian Debate, Harvester Wheatsheaf/University of Toronto Press, 1993
State Punishment: Political Principles and Community Values, Routledge, 1988
Regulating Law edited by Christine Parker, Colin Scott, Nicola Lacey and John Braithwaite (edited collection including introduction co-authored with the other editors and one article) (OUP 2004)
Criminal Justice: A Reader, Oxford University Press 1994 (edited collection: original introduction, pp. 1-36)
Journal articles
‘Women, Crime and Character in the Twentieth Century’ Journal of the British Academy (forthcoming 2018)
with Hanna Pickard, ‘A Dual-Process Approach to Criminal Law: Victims and the Clinical Model of Responsibility without Blame’ Journal of Political Philosophy (forthcoming 2018)
with David Soskice and David Hope, ‘Understanding the Determinants of Penal Policy: Crime, Culture and Comparative Political Economy’ Annual Review of Criminology (2018) 1:22.1–22.23
‘Companions on a serendipitous journey’ Journal of Law & Society (2017) 44(2), 283-296

‘Socializing the Subject of Criminal Law: Criminal Responsibility and the Purposes of Criminalization’ (2016) 99 (3) Marquette Law Review 541-57

‘The metaphor of proportionality’ (2016) Journal of Law and Society, 43 (1). pp. 27-44. ISSN 1467-6478 

‘Rechtswissenschaft, Geschichte und die institutionelle Natur des Rechts’. (2016) Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie . ISSN 0012-1045 (transl. Frieder Vogelman).

‘Responsibility without Consciousness’ Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (Summer 2016) 36 (2): 219-241.

With David Soskice, ‘Crime, punishment and segregation in the United States: The paradox of local democracy’  Punishment & Society (2015) Vol. 17(4) 454–481 DOI: 10.1177/1462474515604042

‘Jurisprudence, History, and the Institutional Quality of Law’, 101 Virginia Law Review (2015) 919-45
With Hanna Pickard, ‘To Blame or to Forgive? Reconciling Punishment and Forgiveness in Criminal Justice’, (2015) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

doi: 10.1093/ojls/gqv012

With Hanna Pickard, ‘The Chimera of Proportionality: Institutionalising Limits on Punishment in Contemporary Social and Political Systems’, (2015) 78(2) Modern Law Review 216-240
‘Comparative Criminal Justice: An Institutional Approach’, (2014) 24 Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law 501-527

‘Gouvernement-Manageur et Citoyens-Consommateurs’, (2014) 27 Tracés 183-210 (translated and adapted paper previously published in the Modern Law Review in 1994, with introduction by Pierre Thévenin)

‘The Path Not Taken: H.L.A. Hart’s Harvard Essay on Discretion’, (2013) 127 Harvard Law Review 636-51
‘The Rule of Law and the Political Economy of Criminalisation: an agenda for research’ (2013) Punishment and Society 14 (4)
‘Institutionalising Responsibility: Implications for Jurisprudence’ (2013) 4(1) Jurisprudence 1-19
‘Humanizing the Criminal Justice Machine: Re-Animated Justice or Frankenstein’s Monster?’ (2012) 126:5 Harvard Law Review 1299-1324 (review article)
With Hanna Pickard, ‘From the Consulting Room to the Court Room? Taking the Clinical Model of Responsibility Without Blame into the Legal Realm’
(2012) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies doi: 10.1093/ojls/gqs028; Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 33: 1-29 (2013)
‘Reflections on Brian Simpson’, (2012) 3 Transnational Legal Theory pp. 161-5
Reflections on the Philosophy of Law’ (2012) Rivista di filosofia del diritto 91-106
Political Systems and Criminal Justice: The Prisoners' Dilemma After the Coalition’ Current Legal Problems 2012; doi: 10.1093/clp/cus002
‘Punishment in the Perspective of Comparative Political Economy’ (‘Bestrafung in der Perspektive der Komparativen Politischen Ökonomie’) 44 Kriminologische Journal (2012) 9-31

‘The Way We Lived Then: The Legal Profession and the Nineteenth Century Novel’, 33 Sydney Law Review (2011) 599-621

‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Political Systems: The Impact of Proportional Representation on Criminal Justice in New Zealand’ (2011) Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 1-23
‘Differentiating among Penal States’ (2010) 61 (4) British Journal of Sociology pp, 778-94
‘Psychologising Jekyll, Demonising Hyde: The Strange Case of Criminal Responsibility’ (2010) 4 (2) Criminal Law and Philosophy pp. 109-33
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Contributions to books

with Lucia Zedner, ‘Criminalization: historical, legal and criminological perspectives’, in Alison Liebling, Shadd Maruna and Lesley McAra (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Criminology (6th edition 2017) 57-76

‘Do the Persistent Questions Persist?’, in Luis Duarte d’Almeida, James Edwards and Andrea Dolcetti, Reading HLA Hart’s The Concept of Law (Hart Publishing 2013) pp. 269-73
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Knowledge Exchange

LSE Gender Institute/Knowledge Exchange HEIF5 Confronting Gender Inequality: Findings from the LSE Commission on Gender, Inequality and Power (2015; updated version published with further public event 2017) (Co-directed with Diane Perrons: author of Law section and co-author of introduction).

Rob Allen, Andrew Ashworth, Roger Cotterrell, Andrew Coyle, Antony Duff, Nicola Lacey, Alison Liebling and Rod Morgan, A Presumption against Imprisonment: Social Order and Social Values (British Academy 2014: reissued 2016)

Working papers

Nicola Lacey, ‘Women, Crime and Character in 20th Century Law and Literature: In search of the modern Moll Flanders’, LSE Law Legal Studies Working Papers no. 20 (2017)

Nicola Lacey, David Soskice and David Hope, ‘Understanding the Determinants of Penal Policy’ LSE International Inequalities Institute Working Paper no. 13 (2017)

‘Gamblers and Gentlefolk: Money, Law and Status in Trollope’s England’, LSE Law Society and Economy Working Papers no. 28 (2016) (

Zelia Gallo, Nicola Lacey and David Soskice. 2014. Comparing Serious Violent Crime in the US and England and Wales: Why It Matters, and How It Can Be Done. LSE Legal Studies Working Papers no. 16 (WP16/2014 <>)

Nicola Lacey and David Soskice, ‘Why are the Truly Disadvantaged American, when the UK is Bad Enough? A political economy analysis of local autonomy in criminal justice, education, residential zoning ‘ (2013) Law Society Economy Working Papers no. 11>

‘Punishment, (Neo) Liberalism and Social Democracy’, Cadmus (EUI Research Repository) :

‘Psychologising Jekyll, Demonising Hyde’ LSE Legal Studies Working Paper No. 18/2009. Available at SSRN:com/abstract=1491625

‘Out of the Witches’ Cauldron?: Reinterpreting the Context and Re-assessing the Significance of the Hart-Fuller Debate’, LSE Legal Studies Working Paper No. 18/2008. Available at SSRN:
‘Criminal Justice and Democratic Systems: Inclusionary and Exclusionary Dynamics in the Institutional Structure of Late Modern Societies’; Harvard Center for European Studies Working Papers 2007

Autonomy and Criminal Responsibility in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century England’ LSE Law Department Working Papers

Notes and Reviews
Review of Lindsay Farmer’s Making the Modern Criminal Law (Oxford University Press 2016), New Criminal Law Review (forthcoming 2017)
‘In Dialogue with Criminal Responsibility’: Response to symposium on my In Search of Criminal Responsibility Crirtical Analysis of Law 4 (2) (2017)
‘‘Legal Education as Training for Hierarchy’ Revisited’, (2014) 5(4) Transnational Legal Theory 557-61
Interview with Nigel Warburton for Philosophy Bites on the Legal Philosophy of HLA Hart (19,700 downloads in the first two weeks after it was posted)
My previous (2011) interview for Philosophy Bites, on criminal responsibility, has been included in (and adapted for) their 2015 book publishing their most popular broadcasts.
'Reconceiving Socio-Legal Studies', Socio-Legal Newsletter, Summer 1994
(partially authored and partially edited), 'Crime: Reconstructing the Traditional Syllabus', in P.B.H. Birks (ed.), Examining the Law Syllabus, Oxford University Press, 1992.
'Punishment', entry in D. Miller et. al (ed.), The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Political Thought, Basil Blackwell, 1987
Industrial Law Journal, notes in 1985-1987 volumes on discrimination cases and the Sex Discrimination Act 1986.
'A Change in the Right Direction?: The C.R.E.'s Consultative Document', Public Law, 1984, p.186
Book reviews for a wide range of journals, including the London Review of Books, Times Literary Supplement, Times Higher Education Supplement, Criminal Law Review, Ethics, Journal of Law and Society, Social and Legal Studies, Journal of Applied Philosophy, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Mind, Philosophical Quarterly, Public Law, Punishment and Society, British Journal of Criminology.


I work with Hanna Pickard (All Souls College, Oxford Birmingham University, Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and Princeton University) on the application of philosophical ideas of responsibility to criminal justice practices. Our first joint paper on applying the model of ‘responsibility without blame’ to criminal justice was published in 2013, and we had two follow-up papers exploring the institutional conditions under which such a model would have the best chances of success, and the role of forgiveness in criminal justice, published in the Modern Law Review and the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies in 2015. A fourth paper which sets out the implications of our position for victims of crime is forthcoming in the Journal of Political Philosophy.

I also work on the comparative political economy of punishment, and am currently working with David Soskice on a project in this area: ‘American Exceptionalism in Crime and Punishment: Political economy, local autonomy and inequality’. We have presented our work at the Inequality Seminar at Harvard’s Kennedy School and Harvard Law School, at Oxford, at the Law School of Boston University; at MIT and at NYU; a conference based on its themes was held at the University of Minnesota in April 2012. One paper has been published by Punishment and Society; another, co-authored with David Hope, in the Annual Review of Criminology; a third in an OUP collection on American Exceptionalism in Crime and Punishment edited by Kevin Reitz (Minnesota) - as has a joint paper with Zelia Gallo entitled ‘Comparing Serious Violent Crime in the US and England and Wales: Why it matters, and how it can be done’. In a joint application with Leonidas Cheliotis (LSE) and Sappho Xenakis) Birkbeck), we won a British Academy conference grant and our conference on the relationship between crime, punishment and inequality was held at the Academy in December 2017. A British Academy volume based on the conference papers, including a jointly authored introduction and a paper by David Soskice and myself, is planned and a proposal will be submitted to the Academy in the summer of 2018.
A further developed version of ‘Gamblers and Gentlefolk: Money, Law and Status in Trollope’s England’ is scheduled for publication in Martha Nussbaum, Alison Lacroix and Saul Levmore’s forthcoming edited collection Power, Prose and Purse (OUP) (copyediting stage).


Maccabaean Lecture in Jurisprudence, British Academy
Distinguished Visiting Lecture, Toulouse School of Economics
Distinguished Visiting Lecture, University of Sydney

Plenary presentation, Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, ‘Institutionalising the Subject of Criminal Responsibility without Blame’
Barrock Lecture, Marquette University Law School (October)
H.L.A. Hart Memorial Lecture, Oxford University (May)
Plenary address, conference on Punishment and Democracy, Yale University (April)
Lecture, Free University Berlin (February)
2014 Iredell Lecture in Law and History, University of Lancaster

2013 Annual lecture for the journal Jurisprudence, ‘Institutionalising Responsibility’, LSE, January 2013; also delivered as the Clough Distinguished Lecture in Jurisprudence, Boston College, April 2013; and the Frank Irvine Lecture at Cornell University Law School, April 2013
Bernstein Lecture, Duke University School of Law
With David Soskice, ‘Why are the Truly Disadvantaged American, when the UK is Bad Enough? Local Autonomy versus National Frameworks in Crime, Punishment, Education, and Housing’, Oxford Criminology Seminar, All Souls College, January 2013; Harvard Law School, March 2013; Boston University Law School, April 2013; Robina Institute for Criminal Law and Justice, University of Minnesota, April 2013.
With David Soskice, ‘Why are the Truly Disadvantaged American, when the UK is Bad Enough? Local Autonomy versus National Frameworks in Crime, Punishment, Education, and Housing’, Harvard Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy, Kennedy School, December 2012,
With David Soskice, ‘American Perspectives on the ‘Big Society’’, presentation to the conference, ‘Historicising the Big Society’, All Souls College, Oxford, November 2012
‘Punishment in Comparative Perspective’, Public Lecture, Rencontres Internationales de Genėve, November 2012
Lecture at the Max Planck Institute for Criminal Law, Freiburg, October 2012
Max Weber Lecture, European University Institute, Fiesole, February 2012
Lectures and seminars in the Law School and Political Science Department, University of Minneapolis, as Distinguished Visiting Professor, the Robina Institute of Criminal Justice, April 2012
John F. Murray Lecture, University of Iowa, April 2012

Lecture at the University of Bern, December 2011, on occasion of being awarded the Hans Sigrist Prize
Morrell Memorial Address, University of York Department of Politics, October 2011
Annual Centre for Law and Society Lecture, University of Edinburgh, May 2011
Criminal Justice Workshop, Yale Law School, April 2011 (workshop paper)
Hoffinger Criminal Justice Colloquium, New York University, January 2011

Shirley Smith Lecture, New Zealand Law Society, December 2010
Julius Stone Lecture, University of Sydney, December 2010
Current Legal Problems Lecture, UCL, November 2010
Seminar, Harvard Law School, April 2010
Horatio Ellsworth Kellar Distinguished Visitors Lecture, University of Minnesota Law School, April 2010
University of Chicago Law School, conference on Law and Literature, May 2010
University of Chicago, Political Science Department, political theory workshop, May 2010
Lecture, University of Copenhagen Law Faculty, February 2010

Public Lecture, Faculty of Law, and PhD. Workshop, Centre for Socio-legal Studies, University of Oslo, November 2009
Colloquium paper, University of Paris (Panthéon-Assass), October 2009
Faculty workshop, Cornell Law School, April 2009.
Sanford Kadish Lecture, Boalt Hall Law School, University of California at Berkeley, May 2009
Faculty Workshop, San Jose State University Law School May 2009.

Public lecture, University of Edinburgh Faculty of Law, January 2008.
Presentation to the Harvard Law School Criminal Justice Forum, May 2008.
Public Lecture, University of Warwick, November 2008.
Public lecture, University of Sydney Faculty of Law, December 2008.

The Clarendon Law Lectures (Oxford, October – November).
The Hamlyn Lectures (Universities of Leeds and Liverpool, LSE, November - December 2007).
Public lecture, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada, as Barbara Betcherman Distinguished Visitor
Wright Lecture, University of Toronto Law School

Presentations on the Hart biography and my current work on criminal responsibility at the Universities of Oslo, Victoria (BC) and Virginia, at Columbia University and at the European University Institute; Plenary Lecture to a conference on Criminal Justice and Democracy, Warsaw University.
Presentations on the Hart biography and my current work on the historical development of criminal responsibility at Arizona State University (Law School): University of North Carolina (Law School and Philosophy Department); New York University (Law School); University of Texas (Law School); University of Toronto (Law School); Princeton University (Politics Department/Centre for Law and Policy); University of Cambridge; University of East Anglia; University of Birmingham; University College London (Colloquium on Legal, Political and Social Philosophy, Faculty of Laws and Philosophy Department); Oxford University.
Presentations on the Hart biography at Oxford University, Yale University (Law School and Political Science Department); New York University Law School; Columbia Law School; Fordham University Law School; University of New York at Buffalo Law School; Australian Society for Legal Philosophy, Melbourne; Australian National University Research School of Social Sciences.


‘Regulating Criminalisation’, paper to the conference, ‘Regulating Law’, held by RegNet, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University

‘Legal Theory and Linguistic Philosophy: Hart and Honoré on Causation’, paper to the University of Sydney Department of Philosophy

‘H.L.A. Hart and the Social Good: Biographical Perspectives’, Adelaide University Law School


‘In Search of the Responsible Subject’, Inaugural lecture, London School of Economics’

‘Criminal Law and Modern Society’, BOXMIND academic website E-lecture
‘The Institutions of Criminal Justice’ delivered to the Centenary of the Federation lecture series at the Australian Federal Parliament

‘The Constitution of Identity’, paper delivered to seminars at Harvard and Columbia Universities


‘In Search of the Responsible Subject’, Plenary Lecture delivered at the annual conference of the Australian Society for Legal Philosophy (April) and at the Critical Legal Conference, Helsinki (September)


‘Philosophical Foundations of the Common Law: Social not Metaphysical’, Public Lecture, King’s College London; also presented to the Law Programme, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, and to the Law Faculty Seminar, University of Adelaide.


‘Bentham as Proto-Feminist’, Public Lecture, Current Legal Problems Series, University College London; also delivered as the annual Law Faculty Lecture, University of Bristol


‘Community in Legal Theory’, seminar presentation to the Graduate Program, Harvard Law School, February 1997

‘Sexuality, Integrity and Criminal Law’: presentation to the University of Toronto Legal Theory Workshop, March 1997.
Faculty seminar, Cardozo Law School, New York, March 1997.

‘Unspeakable Subjects, Impossible Rights’, Inaugural Lecture, Birkbeck College, University of London, February 1996

‘Feminist Legal Theory’, Annual Lecture Series, Zentrum fur

interdisziplinare Frauenforschung (ZiF), Humboldt University, Berlin, April 1996.


'Feminist Legal Theory Beyond Neutrality', lecture in the Current Legal Problems series, University College London, January 1995

‘Normative Reconstruction in Socio-Legal Theory’, Plenary lecture, 1995 Socio-legal Studies Association Conference, University of Leeds, March 1995
‘Rhetoric and Politics in Feminist Legal Theory’, paper delivered to conference on ‘Advancing the Feminist Agenda: Law, Politics and Civil Society’, convened by the Social and Political Theory Group, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, December 1995.

'Feminism and Communitarianism', paper delivered to the 'After the Fall' seminar, Center for European Studies, Harvard University, February 1994

'Community in Legal Theory: Idea, Ideal or Ideology?', George Lurcy Lecture, delivered at Amherst College, Mass., April 1994
'Membership, Identity and Power', paper delivered to a conference on Women and Law in Central and Eastern Europe, Law School, UCLA, April 1994

'Sexual Harassment within the Concept of Sex Discrimination', paper delivered to a conference on Women under the Criminal Justice System, University of Natal, South Africa.

'What Is Socio-Legal Studies?', short paper delivered to the E.S.R.C. Review of Socio-Legal Studies, April 1993.

'A Clear Concept of Intention?'; Public Lecture delivered at King's College London.

'Feminism and Communitarianism'; paper delivered to the Political Theory seminar, Political Science Department, Stanford University.
'Feminist Legal Theory'; paper delivered to the Faculty Seminar, Faculty of Law, Australian National University.
'A Feminist Critique of the Welfare State'; paper delivered to a seminar organised by the Law Faculty and the Women's Research Centre, Free University, Berlin.

'Theories of Justice and the Welfare State'; Plenary Lecture delivered at the World Congress of the I.V.R. (International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy), University of Gottingen.


'Punishment: A Communitarian Approach'; paper delivered to an interdisciplinary symposium held by the Heyman Centre for the Humanities at Columbia University


'Conceptions of Responsibility'; paper delivered to the Faculty of Law, University of Uppsala, Sweden

'Punishment and the Liberal World'; paper delivered to the Mellon Foundation Seminar, Princeton University, and to a joint meeting of the Australian Association for Legal and Social Philosophy and the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney.

'Do We Need a Bill of Rights?'; television programme written for and presented in Channel 4's Opinions series.


'Dangerousness and Criminal Justice'; Public Lecture, University College London, Current Legal Problems Series


University College London

Tutorial and class teaching in Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Jurisprudence, Roman Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Civil Liberties.

Lectures in Criminal Law and Race and Sex Discrimination Law.
New College Oxford

Tutorial and small group teaching in Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Comparative Human Rights and Jurisprudence

University of Oxford

Lectures in Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Jurisprudence and Administrative Law; undergraduate and graduate seminars in Criminal Justice, Comparative Human Rights, Philosophical Foundations of the Common Law and Feminist Legal Theory; supervision of graduate students (B.C.L. and D.Phil.)

Birkbeck College

Lectures and seminars in Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Jurisprudence; seminars and supervision for M.A. programme in Gender, Society and Culture; supervision of doctoral students.

London School of Economics 1998-2010

Graduate and undergraduate lectures, seminars and classes in Criminal Law and in Jurisprudence; graduate seminars in Law and Social Theory, in Jurisprudence, in Theoretical and Comparative Criminal Law and in The Ethics and Political Economy of Crime and Control; seminars for graduate courses in Criminal Justice and in Crime Control and Public Policy.

Supervision of doctoral students in the Departments of Law, Social Policy and Sociology, the Gender Institute and the European Institute.

Australian National University (May 1992)

Seminar course on Feminist Legal Theory

Humboldt University, Berlin (Summer 1996)

Seminar Course on Feministische Rechtswissenschaft.

New York University Law School, Global Law School Program (Fall 2001 and 2003)

Graduate courses in Feminist Legal Theory, Criminal Responsibility, Legal Punishment

Yale University

Undergraduate courses in Feminist Jurisprudence and Law, Morality and Punishment, Spring 2004.
All Souls College / Oxford University

Supervision of doctoral students in the Law Faculty, the Criminology Centre and the History Department.

Seminars in the BCL courses Punishment, Security and the State, and Comparative Criminal Justice: seminar series for Philosophical Foundations of the Common Law: ‘Legal Concepts in the Perspective of History, Literature and Philosophy’
Harvard University

Seminar course on The Comparative Political Economy of Crime and Punishment, March-April 2013

London School of Economics 2013-
Supervision of doctoral students
LSE 100 module, Is Punishment the Answer to Crime, with Professors Tim Newburn, David Soskice, Jason Alexander, Coretta Phillips, Jonathan Jackson and Peter Ramsay (2014-2016).
LLM half unit course, co-taught with Drs. Meredith Rossner and Peter Ramsay, ‘Explaining Punishment: Philosophy, Political Economy and Sociology’
Occasional lectures on the MSc in Criminal Justice Policy; LLB Criminal Law; Socio-Legal Theory and Practice; Social Policy: Organisation and Innovation; Doctoral research seminars.
Seminar for the MSc in Inequalities
Co-convenor (with David Soskice) of the Leverhulme PhD programme in Inequalities

2017, 2018

Member of the panel to appoint Judicial Appointment Commissioners (public appointment by the Lord Chancellor)


Trustee, British Museum (public appointment by the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport; nominated by the British Academy)


Member of the Research Committee, LSE


Member of the Equality and Diversity Task Force, LSE


Management Committee, LSE 100

Management Committee, LSE International Inequalities Institute
Advisory Committee, Department of Gender Studies, LSE

Member of the Research Development Panel, LSE


Chair, Law Section, British Academy


Director, External Relations, Law Department, LSE


Director, LLM Programme, LSE


Doctoral Programme Director, Law Department, LSE


Head of the Department of Law, Birkbeck College, University of London.


Member of the Graduate Studies Committee in Law


Member of the Proctors' Advisory Panel on Sexual Harassment, University of Oxford


Tutor for Admissions, New College Oxford


Member of the General Purposes Committee of the Law Board, University of Oxford


Member of the Rules Committee Panel serving the Disciplinary Court, University of Oxford


Member of the Working Party on Sexual Harassment, set up by the Hebdomadal Council, University of Oxford

1987-9, 1992-5

Law Faculty Representative, Academic Staff Development Committee


Member of the Editorial Board, Clarendon Studies in Criminology


Member of the Editorial Board, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies


Member of the Editorial Board, Current Legal Problems


Member of the Advisory Board, Law in Context Series, Butterworths.


Member of the Editorial Board, Policy Studies


Member of the International Editorial Advisory Board, Buffalo Criminal Law Review


Member of the Editorial Board, Cambridge Studies in Law and Society, Cambridge University Press


Member of the Editorial Board, Economy and Society


Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Punishment and Society


Member of the Editorial Committee, Modern Law Review


Member of the Prison Reform Trust’s Committee on Women’s Imprisonment


Articles editor, Modern Law Review


Member of the Editorial Committee, Journal of Political Philosophy


Member of the international advisory board, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law, University of New South Wales


Member of the advisory board, Center for Law, Philosophy & Human Values, University of Chicago


Elected member of the Council, Liberty


International member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Task Force on mass imprisonment, directed by Professors Glenn Loury (Brown)

and Bruce Western (Harvard)

Member of the Advisory Board, UCL Centre for Criminal Law

2011-14 Member of the British Academy Policy Group on Prisons

Member of the Editorial Board, Modern Law Review

Nicola Lacey, March 2018

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