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Student Reflection Sheet
Directions: After taking the practice test for each part of the SAT answer the following questions.
Reading Test

  1. Describe the type of texts that you saw on this portion of the test.

  1. How were you asked to use evidence to answer these questions?

  1. How could you describe the questions that asked about vocabulary words?

  1. What kinds of texts did you see from history and science?

Writing and Language Test

  1. Describe the types of texts you that you saw on this portion of the test.

  1. What did the questions ask you to do regarding improving an argument?

3. Describe the questions that asked you about word choice.

4. What kinds of questions were asked about the history and science texts?

5. Describe the questions that tested for grammar, punctuation and word choice.

Math Test

  1. Describe the type of questions that you saw on this portion of the test.

  1. What kinds of real-world application questions did you see?

  1. When did it seem important to use the calculator?

  1. Describe the “Grid-In” questions? How were these different from the other questions?

Essay Test

  1. The SAT prompt will be the same every time, but with a different topic. Describe the essay prompt. What was it asking you to write about?

  1. There are three categories and three separate scores for your essay. What are they?

  1. What are the possible scores for each category?

  1. What are three things you noticed about the 4/4/4 essay?




Download 11.3 Kb.

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