National assessment and accreditation council

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10. Qualifications of teaching faculty with DSc/ D.Litt/ Ph.D/ MPhil / PG.


11. Departmental projects funded by DST - FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc. and total grants received

One day National Seminar was organized on the topic Bhartiya Sangeet ke Badlate Parivesh Mein Sangeet ke Mulyo ka Yogdaan in Feb. 2013 sponsored by UGC.

Total grant received from UGC – 85,000/-

13. List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to the department

Eminent Personalities

  1. Dr. Dinakar Sharma, Panipat

  2. Dr. Baljinder Saini, Prof., Safidon

  3. Ms. Shobha Kaur, Chandigarh

  4. Dr. Suchi Samita, H.O.D. , Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

  5. Ms. Padmini Rao, Delhi

14. Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding -

a) National -- Bhartiya Sangeet ke Badlate Parivesh Mein Sangeet ke

Mulyo ka Yogdaan
15. Student profile programme/course wise:

Name of the Course/programme

Applications received



Pass percentage



B.A. 2011-12




















16. Diversity of Students

Name of the


% of students from the same state

% of students from other States

% of students from abroad

B.A. 2011-12









BA/B.SC/B.COM 13-14









17. Student progression

Student progression

Against % enrolled

UG to PG


PG to M.Phil.


PG to Ph.D.


Ph.D. to Post-Doctoral



Campus selection

Other than campus recruitment




18. Details of Infrastructural facilities

a) Library: Central Library with books.

Departmental Library equipped with Wi-Fi facility

b) Internet facilities for Staff & Students Internet & Wi-Fi facility available for students & staff

c) Class rooms with ICT facility Five Class Rooms, one Conference Room, one Audio-Visual Lab

d) Laboratories Music Instrumental Lab with variety of instruments like:

Amplifier, Harmonium, Bongo-Kongo, Guitar, Dholak,

Santoor, Swar Mandal, Plate Tarang, Damru, Tasha

Dhol Haryanvi, Naal Dholak, Tabla, Small

19. Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops /

seminar) with external experts

  1. National Level Seminar has been organized to provide exposure.

  2. Special lectures.

  3. Every year, students of Music Instrumental are prepared to participate in Zonal/Inter Zonal Youth Festivals and every year they get Recommended/Commended for their excellent performance.

  4. The students of Music Instrumental present group items and Music orchestra in every function/National Seminar organized in the college.

  5. Eminent National/International level artists have been invited to the Institute to give classical instrumental presentations.

20. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning

  • Group discussions.

  • Assignments.

  • Regular monthly tests.

  • Latest teaching aids.

21. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities

Students participated in Youth Festivals, NSS, Tree Plantation, Red Cross, Women Cell and Literary activities.

22. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans

  • Qualified and experienced faculty.

  • Adequate infrastructure.


  • Most of the students do not have any previous knowledge in Music Instrumental.

  • Most of the students from poor financial background can hardly purchase expensive music instruments so they have to do all practice in college time only.


  • Excellent opportunities in teaching.

  • The students can give music instrumental performances as artists.

  • Many opportunity on radio/TV/social media.


  • Declining interest of students in traditional art.

Department of Fashion & Textile Designing

  1. Name of the department: Fashion & Textile Designing

  1. Year of Establishment: 2005

3. Names of Programmes / Courses offered (UG, PG, M. Phil., Ph.D., Integrated

Masters; Integrated Ph. D., etc.) :
UG: B.Sc

4. Names of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments/units involved:

  • Fashion Designing

  • Textile Designing

  • Computer Dept.

  • English Dept.

  • Hindi Dept.

5. Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise):
B.Sc.: Semester
Add-on Courses: Certificate Course- Annual

Diploma Course- Annual

Advanced Diploma Course- Annual

6. Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc.:
Students of B.Sc. take training from Industries.

7. Number of Teaching posts:






Associate Professors



Asst. Professors


3 Visiting Faculties

8. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization, (D.Sc./D.Litt.

/Ph.D. / M. Phil. etc.,)





No. of Years of Experience

No. of Ph.D.


guided for the

last 4 years

Ms. Jyoti

M. Sc., B. Ed

Visiting Faculty

Clothing &


3/ 1/2 Yrs.


Ms. Balwinder


Visiting Faculty

Clothing &


3/ 1/2 Yrs.


Ms. Meenakshi

M. Sc

Visiting Faculty




9. Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled (programme wise)

by temporary faculty : 50%

10. Student -Teacher Ratio (programme wise) 25: 1

11. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled
We are using the services of Non-Teaching staff of the college.

12. Qualifications of teaching faculty with D Sc /D. Litt. /Ph. D/ M Phil / PG.:

13. Areas of consultancy and income generated:

The Department provides consultancy in Dress-designing, Textile Designing (Tie &

Dye/Block Printing, Screen Printing, Stencil Painting, Fabric Construction, Knitting,

Weaving) and Garment Construction etc. to the residents of the adopted area free of cost.

14. Student projects

  1. Students who have done in-house projects including Percentage of inter departmental/programme

Almost every student is made to participate in various projects taken

by different societies of the college i.e. cleanliness awareness, Environmental

conservation, health related awareness and creative workshops and exhibitions

carried out in the college campus.

  1. Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside

the institution i.e. in Research laboratories/Industry/Other agencies.
75% students participated in Projects outside institution organized by G.O’s.

and N.G.O’s.

15. List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to

the department

  1. Capt. Shakti Singh, Sub division Magistrate, Ambala

  2. Shri. Puneet Batra (Managing Director), Event Pharmaceutical, Ambala

  3. Shri. Pranav Mahajan (Director), Mahajan Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Panipat.

  4. Dr. Vinti Davar, Dept. of Home Science, Kurukshetra.

  5. Dr. Abha Khetarpal, Dept. of Home Science, DAV College for Girls, Yamunanagar.

  6. Dr. Simrita, NIIFT, Mohali.

  7. Dr. Anu H. Gupta, A.P. UIFT & VD, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

  8. Dr. Priyanka Aeri, A.P NIMS University, Jaipur.

  9. Dr. Anju Manocha, Govt. College for Girls, Panchkula.

  10. Dr. Veenu Jain, Modi College, Patiala.

16. Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding

a) National

UGC sponsored National Seminar on ‘Innovation in Fashion & Textile

Designing’ on 3rd March, 2016.

17. Student profile programme/course wise:

Name of the Course/programme

Applications received



Pass percentage





















18. Diversity of Students

Name of the


% of students from the same state

% of students from other States

% of students from abroad

B. Sc 2012-13




B. Sc 2013-14




B. Sc 2014-15




19. Student progression

Student progression

Against % enrolled

UG to PG


PG to M. Phil.


PG to Ph.D.


Ph.D. to Post-Doctoral



Campus selection

Other than campus recruitment




20. Details of Infrastructural facilities

a) Labs: Garment Construction

Science lab

Handloom Lab Fashion Textile Lab

b) List of Equipments


Sewing Machines

Computers & UPS

Handloom of Fine Wood Size 3’X4’X60

Dummy Lady

Dummy Kids

Dummy Black Foam

Dummy Female

Dummy Male

Black Foam Dummy

Wigs Hair for Dummy Carriage

Wall Mount Speakers

Sound Lane Matching AMP

T Shirts Printing Machine

Iron Havells

Iron Board

c) Softwares

Draping & Sketching Software

Pattern Making Software

Photo T60

Adobe Photoshop

Corel Draw Graphics Suit X6

Jintex 3D Fashion Textile CAD System

Jintex Express CAD System

d) Library

1. Well equipped Central Library with Wi-Fi facility

2. Departmental Library well stocked with Books which are issued to the

staff and students.

e) Internet facilities for Staff & Students

  1. Three Computer Labs with internet facility.

  2. Staff room is also equipped with Computer and Internet facility.

f) Class rooms with ICT facility:

5 Class rooms +1 Conference room + 1 Auditorium with Audio Visual Aids

21. Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university,

government or other agencies

In addition to scholarship from college, University, Government and other agencies, needy

students are also given financial assistance by faculty members.
No. of students getting financial Assistance from:

Government Private


2012-13 -- --

2013-14 03 01

2014-15 01 01

22. Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops /

Seminar ) with external experts

  • To increase overall personality development of the students, the Department regularly organizes Seminars and Workshops from time to time in which expert lectures are delivered by eminent personalities.

  • Remedial classes and extra classes for weak students are taken by the Department

  • Grooming of students is done for participation in different contests.

  • Career/Subject counselling at the time of admission

23. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning

Theory, Practicals, PPTs, demonstrations, knowledge of operation and project work,

working of machines, exhibitions, working on design related software etc.

24. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities

  • Students of our department are members, Incharge of different activities like Red Cross Unit, Red Ribbon Club, NCC & NSS Unit, Women Cell, Legal Literacy Cell and also participate in activities like Rallies (Badhte Kadam) Save Environment & Beti Bachao Abhiyan, Visit to Old Age Home.

  • Teaching the related skills to the residents of the adopted area and students of the adopted school free of cost from time to time.

25. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans

  • Qualified & experienced Faculty.

  • Adequated infrastructure with ICT facility.

  • Feedback taken from students.

  • Support from Principal.

  • Congenial atmosphere of working.

  • Co-operation from other department.

  • M.O.Us signed with Industry for OJT and Placements.


  • Lack of awareness about the promising career after B.Sc in Fashion & Textile Designing.

  • There is no permanent faculty.


  • Excellent opportunities for employment and self employment.

  • Students also start free lancing in the field and run their own coaching centres.

  • The Department can start a number of new Add-on and short-term courses utilizing the existing infrastructure and machinery.


  • The students are more attracted to technical courses run by Polytechnics and ITIs available in the periphery of the college.

Future Plans

  • To attract more & more students to the Department.

  • To run more short-term courses in the related fields for outsiders also by making optimum utilization of the infrastructure.


Post-accreditation Initiatives

The first cycle of accreditation by NAAC was carried out in 2003 and the college was awarded B+ grade. The team was quite happy with the functioning and ambience of the college, be it the initiatives and organization of the Management, administration and dynamism of the Principal, commitment and collegiality of the staff or the outstanding performance of the students in academics as well as co-curricular and extension activities. The overall all analysis and suggestions of the Peer Committee are given below:


“This twenty three years old institution has made steady strides even when functioning under the ambit of the affiliating system. The dynamism and commitment of the staff has made all the difference. Readiness and willingness to take up extra work for the benefit of the student community is very much in evidence as the range of activities of students is perused”.


“The authorities of the College might consider the following with reference to their future growth:

(i) Offering courses in entrepreneurship, personality development, communication

skills etc.

(ii) Taking up minor research projects by obtaining funds from agencies like UGC,

Department of Science and Technology, etc.

(iii) Strengthening the alumni association which can support the College in many

ways internment training to students in career oriented courses, placement

opportunities, financial support for specific projects or purposes etc.

(iv) Strengthening the library with more books, audio video material etc., so that

staff and students are continuously updated.

(v) Opting for autonomy if the policy of the University and the Government will

encourage such a move”.

We have been carrying their directions as a torchlight to take us ahead on the path of quality and progress. The recommendations of the Peer Committee have been implemented and incorporated in a phased manner. The point was brief report on ‘Initiatives taken’ on the basis of their suggestions is given below:

  1. Since last accreditation, we have started a number of PG/UG/Add on/Short term courses

  1. To promote entrepreneurship:

  • M.A. Yoga & Health

  • B. Sc in Fashion & Textile Design

  • Add-on Courses in

  • Fashion Designing

  • Garment Construction

  • Diet Nutrition & Health Education

  • IT

  • Cosmetology

  • Functional English

  • Yoga and Health.

  • Short term Courses

Under Gandhian Studies Centre -Art of Designing, Cosmetology and Herbal Products, Art of Painting and Cookery etc.

Under Nehru Studies Centre(Jawahar Swarojgar Yojna)- Fashion and Interior Designing, Herbal products and Beauty Care, Web-Designing

Language (HTML) and Ideology of Jawaharlal Nehru, English speaking and Communication Skills.

  1. To promote personality development and communication skills:

  • Add on Course in Functional English

  • Short term courses in Soft-skills under Career Counselling Centre/under Equal Opportunity Centre of U.G.C. Merged grant

  • Remedial Courses for Minority Class/SC/ST/and OBC students.

  1. The institution has taken a number of strides as regards the Research initiatives taken by the faculty since the previous accreditation:

  • Ph. D 1

  • Number of Minor Research Projects by faculty members: 3

  • Number of Research booklets published

(Under Nehru Studies Centre) 7

  • Number of Research papers published

(Under Gandhian Studies Centre) 7

  • Number of booklets published

(Based on Research Papers presented

in National Seminars) 9

  • Number of Catalogues published 3

(iii) Our alumni has been supporting us in many ways. They are often called to deliver

guest lectures and share their experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

Some of them have worked with us as guest/ad-hoc faculty and some help in

transmitting their skills to our students in sports, yoga, cosmetology, music, dance

and fine arts. They frequently donate books to strengthen the library. Some of them

support us in organizing functions. An alumns of our college is a social activist and

an upcoming writer and she has organized social drive ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ in

the college collaborating with our N.S.s. Unit and Women Cell.
(iv) As per the suggestions of NAAC Peer Committee, so many measure have been taken

to strengthen the library.

  • A new wing has been annexed housing Research section and

Career Section and Reading Room.

  • A Computer lab has been attached to the Library for online reading, browsing and research.

  • Thousands of books and a good number of journals have been added to the library.

  • Book bank has been enriched and almost all the students who do not afford to buy text books are issued books from the book-bank for the whole session.

  • However, we could not opt for autonomy as suggested by the previous committee, as the policies of neither the university nor the Government in Haryana encourage for such a move by a Grant-in-aid Institution.

Since the last accreditation, each member of the faculty has been undertaking the mission to come upto expectations through active engagement in Research based activities which includes organization of National Level Seminars/Workshops. Around UGC/MHRD/ICSSR/DHE sponsored seminars/workshops have been organized in the college in the last few years. The faculty has participated and presented Research Papers in a number of National as well as International Seminars/Conferences.

* Striving to provide latest infrastructural support, our college has been augmenting its facilities since the last visit. Some of the additions in physical infrastructure since the previous accreditation are:

  1. Health Centre with Physiotherapy/Naturopathy/Yoga labs

  2. Auditorium

  3. Conference Hall

  4. Textile Designing Lab

  5. Diet & Nutrition Lab

  6. Cosmetology Lab

  7. Functional English Lab

  8. Two girls’ hostels

  9. Shooting Range

  10. Day Care Centre

  11. Badminton Court

  12. Additional Library Wing

  13. Two Computer Labs

  14. The college bus.

Further, infrastructural support has been provided by augmenting the facilities like:

  • There is an innovative audio-visual lab comprising of latest gadgets like 3D T.V., LCD Projector, Touch Screen, Interactive Board & Interactive Panel.

  • The Computer Labs have been multiplied and now have 85 computers and required number of UPS and accessories.

  • There is internet with Wi-Fi facility available in the college and hostels.

  • The college students have won laurels in the field of academics, co-curricular activities as well as extension activities.

* Each constituent of the institution believes in going beyond constraints. The role of teachers has shifted from being a mere provider of knowledge to a facilitator in its acquisition. The students attain the higher levels of academic learning with overall personality development and value acquisition in a harmonious, family like environment keeping order with discipline, teamwork and leadership qualities.

We have been persistent in our quest for improvement but there is no resting on achievements. We are on a journey of continuous re-invention of our strengths as well as introspective analysis of our weaknesses and challenges.

Only sky is the limit and we are geared up to all positive initiations and innovations in our stride towards giving skill oriented, globally, viable and value based education to our students.


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