Name: Seventh Grade Social Studies

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Seventh Grade Social Studies

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Alexander the Great: “Hero or Villain”

Unit Project: Persuasive Essay
Draft due Monday, May 11th

Final due Thursday, may 14th

Alexander III of Macedon is better known to modern-day people as “Alexander the Great.” However, who is it that believes he was “great?” When and how did he get this title? Is this description really an accurate depiction of who he was and what he accomplished? In order to really understand his “greatness” we need to examine his “accomplishments” from the point of view of differing peoples, and how they might have viewed him differently.


In a five-paragraph essay explain your opinion of Alexander. Create a thesis stating whether he was great or not. Support this thesis with three mini-claims. Each mini-claim should be justified by two pieces of evidence. Be sure to provide reasoning for each piece of evidence.

How will I set up the paper?

Paragraph #1: Introduction

Paragraph #2: _____________________________

Paragraph #3: _____________________________

Paragraph #4: _____________________________

Paragraph #5: Conclusion

make a Plan:

What’s my job [check the one(s) that apply]?*






Give Information


Give an Opinion

What BrainFrame will help me plan and organize my ideas?*
Make my BrainFrames.

(Create your frame on a separate piece of paper: This WILL count as part of your grade).

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