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Reflections on the Alma analysis Essay

  1. After you finish your essay, what questions do you still have about the writing process; or the MLA format?

  1. Which paragraphs in your essay contain your most effective supporting evidence/quotes?

  1. Draw a line under the sentences in your essay that contains your overall reaction to the short film.

  1. If you had one more day to work on your essay, what would you change?

  1. Review the novel analysis process that we went through:

First we watched the short film with a structured note-taking sheet to help with your pre-writing, then we wrote the rough draft as an in-class essay, then we peer edited with a guided reader response sheet, then we learned the proper MLA format for writing an essay, and finally, we published the final draft with 2 days in the computer lab. On the back of this sheet, reflect on this process and how well you handled the assignment deadlines and requirements.

In reflecting on this process, also discuss which of the parts of the writing process was the most frustrating for you? Why?

Download 4.89 Kb.

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