Name of Activity: Baking a cake with icing

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Name of Activity: Baking a cake with icing

Type of modality


Type of play


Interaction pattern

Extra Individual

# of participants required



  • 3 eggs

  • spray butter

  • vegetable oil

  • water

  • box of cake batter

  • icing

  • mixing bowl

  • 13 x 9 inch pan

  • mixing whisk or blender

  • butter knife

  • oven

  • measuring cup labeled ½ cup

  • measuring cup labeled 1 cup

  • cooking mittens

  • paper towels

  • mixing spoon

  • clock/timer

Facilities required/environment

A large enough space that contains an oven along with enough room to properly spread out multiple ingredients.


Always be aware of hot objects in the kitchen, using mittens whenever dealing with them. Watch out for sharp and potentially dangerous objects like the butter knife as well as the blender.

Sequence/Directions (Details of how a to move through the activity from start to finish)
1. Begin by spreading out all the supplies on the designated cooking area.
2. Read the box to locate the required temperature to pre-heat the oven.
3. Set the oven to this temperature.
4. Cut open the box of cake batter and place the entire bag into the mixing bowl.
5. Crack all three eggs, one at a time, and place their contents into the mixing bowl as well.
6. Fill the measuring cup labeled “1 cup” up with water and pour into the mixing bowl.
7. Fill the measuring cup labeled “1/2 cup” up with vegetable oil and pour into the mixing bowl as well.
8. Using the mixing whisk or blender, stir the contents until all the ingredients are mixed together well.
9. Using the spray butter, completely cover the inside of the 13 x 9 inch pan. (This will help the cake stick less to the pan when it is finished)
10. Take the mixing bowl and carefully pour its contents into the 13 x 9 inch pan.
11. Make sure that the cake batter in the pan is evenly distributed throughout the pan. Remove air bubbles by banging the bottom of the pan on a counter top surface.
12. Check the oven to see if it is done preheating. If so, place the 13 x 9 inch pan into the oven using the mittens.
13. Read the box and locate the estimated baking time for the cake based on the size of your pan.
14. Set the timer for the estimated amount of time.
15. When the timer goes off, use the mittens to carefully remove the 13 x 9 inch pan from the oven.
16. Let the pan and cake cool down for about 10-15 minutes.
17. After the cake has cooled down, open the container of icing.
18. Using the butter knife spread the icing on top of the cake. Make sure to cover all visible parts, evenly distributing the frosting.
Your Name goes here: Safiya Martin
Activity Analysis (What is required of this activity without any adjustments, accommodations, alterations)



Primary body position


Part of the body required

Upper Extremities: Arms, Wrists, Fingers, Hands


Carrying in the arms, Picking Up, Putting down objects, walking short distances, Palmar Grasp, 3-Jaw Chuck Grasp, Radial Digital Grasp, Manipulating (buttons on the blender, buttons on the oven)


Balance (Dynamic Standing), Bilateral Integration, Crossing Midline, Fine Muscle Coordination, AROM: upper extremities and lower extremities, Visual motor integration, Carrying in the arms, Picking Up, Putting down objects, walking short distances, Speed and Motor Control. Fine motor skills if ripping cake mix bag open, or cutting with scissors. Bending to put cake in oven.


Alertness, Alternating Attention, Focused Attention, Sustaining Attention, Concentration, Simple Decision Making, Initiation, Judgment, Short Term Memory, Orientation: Place, Orientation: Time, Reading, Recognition: Number, Strategy, Time Management,


Handling Criticism, Interpersonal Interactions Regulating Behavior, Self Expression, Social Cues


Tactile, Visual, Auditory to hear timer or buzzer (unless timer flashes). Possibly olfactory to smell if cake is burning. Gustatory if you tried the cake.


Reception of written language, Reception of signs and symbols


Clean hands and nails

Psychological/emotional (possible)

Joy of successfully baking the cake correctly, Frustration of ruining the cake by cooking it too long/fast or adding too much of certain ingredients


Ways to SIMPLIFY demands

Ways to make more COMPLEX


Watch a You Tube tutorial and/or somebody else bake a cake prior to actually doing the activity.

Read through the instructions one time and try to make the cake off of memory. Use a ¼ measuring cup size and calculate how many you would need to = ½ cup and 1 full cup.


Use a blender to mix all the ingredients together.

Use a whisk as opposed to the blender


Ask others their suggestions and tips on successfully baking a cake.

Don’t ask for any suggestions or recommendations while baking the cake. Prepare cake with others, dividing tasks, agreeing on who does what.. i.e. one person reads, one person mixes, on person put icing on..

Other Comments:

Prior to completing this activity, find out what the participant’s favorite type of cake is. Use these preferences to be creative and accommodate their taste buds. This will produce a more enjoyable experience overall.

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