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Requirements for Middle Ages Research Paper
1. You will need to write a minimum 5 paragraph essay (introduction, sub-topic, and conclusion paragraphs) over your Middle Ages topic and sub-topics.
2. You will pick a topic and then through research you will develop your sub-topics.
3. You will need to have a minimum of 3 sources not counting encyclopedias. You may use encyclopedias, but they will not count in your list of minimum sources. You must use at least 2 books.
4. Proof of research: You will need to show your teacher your set of note cards on the assigned due dates. Students will be graded on proper form (see attached page). Minimum note cards = 30 (10 for each sub-topic). Students will be using both Communication Arts periods and Social Studies class to work on research.
5. Students will be writing their report using the attached grading guide. Time will be given in Communication Arts and Social Studies classes to work on organizing and the beginning steps of the writing process. Kids will have to complete the paper on their own time at home.
6. Students will also be expected to include a title page and an accurate work cited page on the assigned due date.
GRADE: 50 points possible. This grade will count in Social Studies and in your Writing class.
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Middle Ages Research Topics

1. Vikings 18. Castles of the Middle Ages

2. Magna Carta 19. The 100 Years War

3. Medicine in the Middle Ages 20. The Holy Roman Empire

4. Kids in the Middle Ages 21. Emperor Henry IV

5. Peasants in the Middle Ages 22. Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain

6. Charlemagne and the Franks 23. Pope Urban II

7. Byzantine Empire 24. The Crusades

8. King Richard I 25. The Inquisition

9. Saladin 26. Code of Chivalry

10. Francis of Assisi 27. Feudal System

11. Monks and Monasteries 28. Knights

12. William the Conqueror 29. Eleanor of Aquitaine

13. Pope Benedict 30. Women in the Middle Ages

14. Samurai 31. Pope Gregory VII

15. Thomas Aquinas 32. Joan of Arc

16. Black Death 33. Reconquista

17. Spanish Inquisition 34. Medieval Fairy Tales

How do I Start?
1. Become familiar with your topic and work on creating your sub-topics. You will do this by researching in the library here at school, at your own public library, internet and through classroom resources.
2. You will need to create 30 note cards (20 facts for each sub-topic) with 2 facts on each card. PLEASE USE 4x6 or 5x7 INDEX CARDS. You will have a total of 60 facts when the research is done.
A. Remember to fill in bibliography information for each source you use. You will need to identify on each card what source you are using.
B. It is REQUIRED that a formal work cited page be turned in with your essay. You should use to help you create the page.
While students aren't required to use all 60 facts on the note cards, published pieces must have a minimum of 45 facts.
3. Once your note cards are completed, begin to plan your report. You will need to organize your note cards. You will be given class time to do this.

The Research Process

Directory: homepage
homepage -> Religion 243-rc1 Dr. Robert M. Fowler Jesus and the Gospels Department of Religion
homepage -> Mini Project
homepage -> Tiger Leaps Progress Update from Tenafly High School November 4, 2011 English
homepage -> Chapter 14 Corruption and Development by John Mbaku
homepage -> Placement Tests: a tool for Community College Success
homepage -> Your essay. Development: Building Your Ideas with Support To develop your ideas means that you clearly explain and support your ideas and points. Essay vs. Paragraph An essay and a paragraph are not the same thing. The Essay
homepage -> Esl 21A: intermediate paragraph/essay composition and grammar fall 2011 section 2124 m w 9: 30 – 10: 50 a m. Room esl 125 instructor: sharon jaffe, Ph. D. Email
homepage -> Compare/Contrast a comparison-contrast paragraph Purpose/Function
homepage -> -

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