Name: English 9h research Note-Cards

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English 9H Research Note-Cards

What goes on a Note-Card?

How to take another author's information:



Items to include on a Note-Card

  1. Card Topic:

  2. Source Title:

  3. Information:

  4. Page Numbers (for books/magazines/articles):

Citing your sources:

Source Cards:

  • Label your source card so that you can make that note on your note-cards. This will allow you to know from where the information came when it is time to make internal citations in your essay.

  • In addition to labeling the source card, include the label on the source itself so you do not confuse your sources.

  • Use the MLA format discussed in class.

Note Cards:

  • Card Topic: This is the title for the information found on the card; you come up with this name yourself. After quoting or paraphrasing information, think how the information can be categorized or titled. For example, an essay on cyber bullying may include topics such as:

    • What is Cyber Bullying?

    • Who is bullied? Why do people resort to Cyber Bullying?

    • What are the impacts of Cyber Bullying?

    • Preventing Cyber Bullying

  • Source Title: The source title is the name of the book, magazine, article, etc., where you found the information. On your note-cards, use the label you created on the source cards to keep track of where the information was found. This will allow you to make appropriate internal citations in your essay.

  • Quoting or Paraphrasing: To remembering key facts and information include direct quotes or paraphrased information which you will include in your essay. This will help you avoid plagiarism as well.

  • Page Numbers: If your source comes from a magazine, book, etc. with page numbers, include those on the note-card as well so that you can include this information in your internal citations.

  • Once your note-cards are complete organize them by topic so you can begin outlining your essay.

Label for Source

MLA Citation

Include this label on the actual source
Source Card Model

Source #1

Source Card

Kowalski, Robin M. "Cyber Bullying: Overview." Issues: Understanding Controversy

and Society. ABC-CLIO, 2011. Web. 7 Apr. 2011.

Where the information was found

Note-Card Models

What is Cyber Bullying? Source #1
"According to Kowalski et al., cyber bullying, also known as electronic bullying or online social cruelty is defined as 'bullying through e-mail, instant messages (IM), in a chat room, on a Web site, or through digital messages or images sent to a cellular phone.'"

Direct Quote

Preventing Cyber Bullying Source #1
Due to an increase in recorded cyber bullying incidents, in 2010 more than half the states have passed laws about the responsibilities of school personnel including administrators, teachers, and counselors, in reporting, preventing, and taking action, in incidents of cyber bullying.


Where the information was found

Paraphrased Information

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