Name, Date, Section and date of missed class

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Below are various methods to make up a missed Physical Education class. All make-up reports MUST include the following information:

Name, Date, Section and date of missed class.
**Students remember that once you have returned to school you have 7 school days to make arrangements to make-up missed classes**
**Assignments are to be typed using complete sentences and correct grammar.**
** Students also have the option to arrange a time to come into another class to make up a missed class**
** A free day can be used in place of a make-up assignment but you must let your teacher know within 7 school days **
** If you have any questions or are having problems see your teacher and do not wait until the last minute**

Physical Education Make-up Option #1

  1. Read an article based on one of the following topics:

    1. Health related

    2. Sport related

    3. Fitness related

  2. Article MAY NOT be a game report, opinion or story about an athlete (unless you have prior approval)

  3. Summarize the article. Give own opinion of the article.

  4. Write a conclusion statement that includes what you learned.

  5. Must include Title and Source of article

Physical Education Make-up Option #2
Choose an interscholastic sporting event to go watch. Game can be any middle school or high school game. It does not have to be SLCS…you may go watch a high school football game if you choose. Teacher can provide schedules if desired.

    1. What sporting event did you watch? Who were the teams involved?

    2. What were some interesting moments of the game? (scoring drive, good play, exciting moment, etc…)

    3. Who scored points for each team and how many points did they score? (if basketball, leading scorers for each team)

    4. Win/Lose record for each team.

    5. Talk to a player after the game. Ask them two questions regarding the game.

      1. What was your first question and what was their response?

      2. What was your second question and what was their response?

    1. Attach a copy of the new paper write up from that game you watched. This will be in the newspaper the next day.

Physical Education Make-up Option #3
Write a 2 page paper on the history of an Olympic sport. The following criteria must be followed:

  1. Paper must be typed (12 font, double spaced).

  2. Must include source(s) of information.

  3. May include diagrams, court markings or equipment.

Physical Education Make-up Option #4
If applicable, a 1 page summary of class instruction may be submitted. This option must be have prior approval from teacher. All topics and instruction should be identified in summary.

Summary must include the following:

  • # of class participants.

  • Specific topics covered.

  • Detailed explanation of skills/concepts.

  • Any additional observations/examples during class.

Physical Education Make-up Option #5
Choose two stories of influential Americans and complete a write-up that includes the following information:

  • Name of American

  • Sports played

  • Current/Past profession(s)

  • Life lessons learned through participating in sport(s)

  • Date of Birth

  • Hometown

  • High School and College attended

  • Two (2) additional points of information about person

Write-up must be in paragraph form.
Influential American stories MUST be obtained by seeing Mr. Sharp, Mr. Silvernail.

Download 14.28 Kb.

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