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13 Colonies Test Study Guide
13 Colonies Test on Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Here is a list of the materials that will be on the 13 Colonies Test. If you review these materials you will be prepared for the test.

  1. Chapter 3 Section 1 (Part 2) (Southern Colonies)

  2. Chapter 3 Section 2 (New England Colonies)

  3. Colonial Timeline

  4. Pennsylvania and Delaware Colonies Worksheet

  5. Chapter 3 Section 3 (Middle Colonies)

Readings in Textbook

1. Jamestown will not be on this Test, so everything after Jamestown in Chapter 3 Section 1 will be covered. Start on page 75 and go to page 89.

You can expect to see anything from those Notes, Worksheets, or Pages in the Textbook on the test. Any of that is fair game; nothing else will be seen on the test.
Essay Question

There will be one essay to answer on the test. You will pick from these two topics.

  1. Pick any one of the 13 colonies that we have just learned about. First, give the date when it officially became a Royal Colony. Then, explain the religion and economy of the colony. Be specific and write in complete sentences.

  1. William Penn had a major impact on the 13 colonies. First, list the colony he formed. Then, explain the religion he had and 2 beliefs that religion believed in. Lastly, describe the type of government William Penn formed in his colony.

Below are questions that will help you study for the 13 Colonies Test. These are not all of the questions that will be on the test, but rather a sampling of the types of questions and the extent of topics covered on your test. Write the answers on a separate sheet of paper. If you hand it in completed on Wednesday before the test, I will give you 3 extra credit points on the test.

  1. Maryland was first established by whom? And in what year did he receive a charter?

  2. Why was Maryland formed?

  3. What is a proprietary colony?

  4. What was the Toleration Act of 1649?

  5. Why did the Carolinas split into North Carolina and South Carolina?

  6. What had occurred by 1730 in the Carolina colonies?

  7. What did the King hope Georgia would do for the other colonies?

  8. Why did John Oglethorpe want to form Georgia?

  9. The economies of the southern colonies depended extremely on what?

  10. Who was Olaudah Equiano?

  11. Explain who were puritans and pilgrims.

  12. What was the mayflower compact and why was it so significant?

  13. Who had better relations with the Indians…the New England Colonies or the Southern Colonies?

  14. What was the role of women in the New England colonies?

  15. What was the Great Migration?

  16. Explain the education system in the New England colonies.

  17. What year was the Massachusetts Bay Colony formed?

  18. Explain the fundamental orders of Connecticut.

  19. Who was Anne Hutchinson and what colony did she form?

  20. Who were skilled craftspeople in the New England colonies?

  21. Which event took place first…Plymouth Colony founded in Massachusetts or Lord Baltimore founds Maryland Colony?

  22. Describe the Salem Witch Trials.

  23. Describe 3 Quaker beliefs.

  24. Delaware was part of which colony first?

  25. Who founded New Netherlands and New Amsterdam?

  26. Which country took over New Netherlands and New Amsterdam and what were their new names?

  27. What was the most important economic activity in New York and New Jersey?

  28. Philadelphia means what?

  29. Describe the slave situation in the three colony groups.

  30. What jobs did some women have outside of their house?

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