Name: Cheyla Bruce How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

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Name: Cheyla Bruce

How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

As you read, annotate for important information, things you found interesting, things that surprised you, and things you want to remember when you are writing on your own.


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1. Essays are sometimes the only thing that separates students who win scholarships and those who don't.

2. Knowing exactly what the scholarship provider is looking for is the best way to get ahead.

3. Plan your essay in advance so that you have time to create a great outline to turn into a great essay.

4. Take the time to make your essay personal. Discuss passions along with talents and achievements.

5. Have someone edit your paper who knows what to look for and how to fix it.


1. Original is one of them most important and also one of the hardest things to be in writing

2. Find the underlying question within the actual question-and don't forget to answer it.

3. "Share a slice of your life"

and be passionate about it.

4. Have a thesis.

5. The more specific, the better.




1. Just because a student fits all criteria required to apply for a scholarship does not mean that student with receive that scholarship.

2. You don't have to use the same scholarship essays for every application as long as you get a head start on gathering applications.

3. The scholarship essay is the single easiest way to prove why you are the student who deserves to receive the scholarship.

4. Knowing your audience is the most important step in knowing which direction to take your essay.

5. Including personal stories, details, and other facts is actually encouraged.


1. Scholarship essay prompts don't always directly ask the questions they want answered, it's up to you to find them.

2. "Behind every good writer is an even better editor."

3. Reusing scholarship essays is definitely okay. As long as the essay is relavent and answers the questions that need to be answered.

4. Including questions in your introduction can be okay. The entire essay doesn't have to revolve only around the prompted question.

5. Writing an essay is about impressing the judges.

Surprised You:


1. Including personal details and stories is encouraged.

2. Writing scholarships doesn't have to be a headache as long as you plan ahead of time, answer the right questions and write passionately.

3. Scholarship America has given more than 2.7 billion dollars to students in the last 60 years.

Book 1. There are often underlying questions within the questions asked directly.

2. Sob stories rarely make scholarship-winning essays.

Things You want to remember for your writing:


1. Planning ahead and getting a head start on scholarships is the best way to get ahead of the competition.

2. Making an essay personal and taking time to explain accomplishments or related hobbies is encouraged.

Book 1. Let your imagination roam and try out different topics before you settle into serious writing.

2. The best way to get into writing is just to start. Just go for it.

3. Don't just summarize, and don't be too quick to end.


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