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Beowulf - Reading and Writing Assignments


Packet Page Number and/or Question Assigned

Due Date/s


Background Writing Assignments p. 2

Daily Reading Log p. 3-4

Writing With Transitional Words p. 5-6

Reading Comprehension Questions p. 7

Movie Analysis p. 8-9

Beowulf Essay Question or Beowulf Boast p. 10-11

Beowulf - Background Writing Assignments

Assignment #

EOL Pages

Writing Assignments



Complete this Quickwrite: Discuss a hero real or fictional and describe the issues they face.

  • What sort of evil or oppression does your hero confront?

  • Why does he or she confront evil? What’s the motivation?

  • For whom does your hero confront evil?

  • What virtues does your hero represent?



Read from Grendel

  • Answer the questions 5-9 on Page 42 in the book.



Write a ten question True/False quiz about an Epic Hero. Make sure your questions are neither easy nor copied directly from EOL, and be sure to provide a separate answer key.


Choose a movie, comic book, television show, or book that meets or does not meet most of the Epic requirements. Write two paragraphs explaining how the selected work of art fulfills or does not fulfill most the requirements.

Beowulf – Daily Reading Log

Instructions: Make sure you write in complete sentences. Your summary should be at least three sentences long.

LOL Reading Assignment The Monster’s Mother pages 36-38 (line # 570-665)


Two Questions

Two Predictions





EOL Reading Assignment Grendel pages 39


Two Questions

Two Predictions



EOL Reading Assignment The Final Battle pages 43-48 (line # 665-842)


Two Questions

Two Predictions





Writing with Transitional Words and Textual Evidence (TE)
Instructions: The following three exercises will help teach you how to use textual evidence in an essay. There are three basic rules you should almost always follow:
1) The TE must support a specific and clearly stated proposition.

2) You must clearly explain the relevant context (who, what, where, when) of the TE.

3) You must explicitly show how the TE supports the proposition.
Exercise #1:

Step 1) Copy the proposition.

Step 2) Choose Textual Evidence (TE) that supports the proposition. Use one of the below transitional word phrases to

introduce the TE and explain all relevant contextual information.

Step 3) Skip two lines and move on to the next proposition.

1. Beowulf is s fierce warrior.

2. Grendel is a terrifying monster.

3. Grendel’s mother is vicious.

4. Hrothgar needs help.

5. Beowulf is a violent poem.

6. The Danes are heathens.

7. Only Beowulf can defeart Grendel.

8. The Geats did not value humility.

9. The Danes feel no pity.

10. Grendel is made into a religious figure.

Textual Evidence (TE)

“shepherd of evil, guardian of crime…” (273)
“the mighty protector of men…” (313)
Grendel came, hoping to kill Anyone he could trap on this trip…” (235)
“He [Hrothgar] wept fearing the beginning might not be the end…” (49)
“the monster relished his savage war on the Danes…” (68)
“they [men from all over the world] gaped with no sense of sorrow, felt no regret for his suffering…” (363)
“they could hack at Grendel from every side…but their points could not hurt him…” (323)
“She’d taken Hrothgar’s closest friend…” (414).
“he sought Hrothgar…and show Grendel’s head” (601)

“And sometimes they sacrificed to the old stone gods.” (90)
“The body jerked for the last time, then lay still.” (545)
“The victory, for the proof, hanging high From the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was the monster’s Arm, claw and shoulder and all.” (43)
“Conceived by a pair of those monsters born of Cain…” (34)
“stronger than anyone anywhere...” (111)

Transitional Word Pool

For one thing,


For example,

For instance,


To illustrate,

In particular,


Such as,




In addition,



Example Respons #1) Beowulf is a Fierce Warrior. For example, the poet first describes Beowulf as “stronger than anyone anywhere...” (111)

Exercise #2: Go back to Exercise #1, proposition #1 and use the below transitional word phrases to elaborate and expand on the TE. Use the below words to explain how the TE supports the proposition. Repeat for all propositions #2-10.

In essence, That is to say, In other words,

That is, In short

In brief, To put it differently,

1) Example: Beowulf is a fierce warrior.

For example, the poet first describes Beowulf as “stronger than anyone anywhere” (111).

In other words, Beowulf is the most powerful warrior in the entire world.

Exercise #3: Refer to TA5 (Text-Value Chart) and choose three lines of text. For each line of text, write the proposition, a transitional word phrase and the supporting text, and a transitional word phrase and the restatement.

Beowulf Reading Comprehension Short Answer
Instructions: On a separate sheet of paper answer the assigned questions. For each response, use the number of the question you are answering. Make sure you write in complete sentences and provide examples.

Exercise #1 (lines 1 – 395)

Exercise #2 (lines 1 – 605)

Exercise #3 (lines 606-897)

Lines 1- 100

1) Find and explain two references to the bible.

2) Explain why Grendel can’t touch the king.

3) Explain Grendel’s relationship to God.

4) Explain how the reader knows Christianity was not the only religion during Beowulf’s time.

Lines 104-190

5) Where is Beowulf from?

6) What qualities make Beowulf an epic hero?

7) How does Beowulf want to fight Grendel?

8) What does Beowulf’s attitude towards Grendel reveal about him?
Lines 190 - 230

9) Give two reasons why Beowulf fights for Hrothgar.

10) What did Hrothgar do for Beowulf’s father?

11) Why couldn’t Beowulf’s father return home?

Lines 233 - 313

12) What larger than life qualities does Beowulf exhibit?

13) Why does Grendel try to run away from Beowulf?

14) Where is the alliteration in lines 283-285? Why is alliteration used here?

Lines 313- 395

15) What kind of people are the Danes?

16) How does Beowulf show proof that he killed Grendel?

17) How do the Danes react to Beowulf’s slaying?

1) What is your opinion of Grendel’s mother and how she avenged her son?

2) Explain why Beowulf cut Grendel’s head off and returned it to Hrothgar.
3) Identify the setting in Grendel’s mother’s home.
4) Compare the two battles between Grendel and Beowulf; Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. What was different about the two?
5) Predict the conclusion to Beowulf. Do you believe he will continue his winning streak?
6) Explain why fame is so important to Beowulf.
7) Explain why Grendel’s mother attacked Herot?
8) What was Grendel’s mother’s motive for taking Hrothgar’s closest friend?

9) What qualities make Beowulf an epic hero?

10) Compare Grendel’s motives with his mother’s motives. Who do you think was justified?

1) What is foreshadowed in lines 612-613?

2) What can you conclude about the poet’s attitude toward the behavior of Beowulf’s comrades other than Wiglaf. What can you conclude about Wiglaf’s behavior?
3) What heroic quality does Wiglaf represent?

4) What is Wiglaf’s suggested reason for Beowulf’s failure?

5) Explain how Beowulf died. Were you surprised by this ending? Explain.

Beowulf Movie Analysis

The Text + Line #: Refer to the text indicate the character’s personality, appearance, and any other relevant information.

The Movie: Write three or four lines describing how the movie depicts the character’s personality and appearance.
The Difference and Commentary: Write three or four lines explaining how the movie’s portrayal is different from and/or similar to the poem. Also, explain which version you prefer and why.


The Text

The Movie

Differences and Commentary


The Text + Line #

The Movie

Differences and Commentary


The Text

The Movie

Differences and Commentary

Grendel’s Mother

The Text

The Movie

Differences and Commentary

Beowulf Essay Questions and Requirements

Essay Question

Helpful Materials

How does Beowulf reflect the cultural values of the Danes and the Geats?

  • Use the techniques from the “Writing with Transitional Words” handout.

  • Use quotations from quotation chart. Each paragraph must have at least one quotation.

  • Intro, Bodyx3, and Conclusion.

  • Rubric

  • Text/Value Chart

  • Writing with Transitional Words Activity

Is Beowulf a work of Art?

  • You must reference both What is Art? and The Decay of Lying

  • Use quotations from Aesthetics quotation chart?

  • Five Paragraph Analytical Format OR Experimental Creative Form (Journal Entries, Dialogue, Play, Etc.)

  • Rubric

  • Aesthetics Packet

  • Aesthetics Quotation Chart

Compare, contrast and evaluate the poem Beowulf and the movie Beowulf.

  • Compare and contrast specific examples from the movie and the poem.

  • Five Paragraph Analytical Format OR Experimental Creative Form (Journal Entries, Dialogue, Play, Etc.)

  • Rubric

  • Movie Notes

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