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Amazing Dome Facts Scavenger Hunt

1. What is a geodesic dome?

2. What are some advantages using geodesic domes as living structures?

Building materials –

Energy conservation-

3. The geodesic dome can withstand winds of up to _______ mph.

4. How did Fuller’s domes gain international attention in 1953?

5. What led Buckminster Fuller to design the geodesic dome? When?

6. For which geodesic dome is Fuller most famous for?

7. Although technically not a geodesic dome, Spaceship Earth at Epcot in Disneyworld is certainly a “brain child” of Buckminster fuller. How many triangular panels form the globe? ________________

8. One of the largest wooden dome structures in the world is the ________________ located in ________________ (name the state). It is ______________ feet tall and is ____________ feet in diameter.

9. When and where was the first geodesic dome built?

10. What are the 10 largest geodesic domes, where are they located and how wide are they?

Extending the Project

  • Research and write two-three page essay on architect R. Buckminster Fuller and geodesic domes. (See guidelines and list of geodesic domes) The first page of your essay should focus on Buckminster Fuller’s contributions to geometry – specifically the geodesic dome. Then choose a geodesic dome from the links below or find one of your own (clear topic with teacher before beginning). Include the following in your essay:

    • What makes this geodesic dome unique?

    • When and where was it built?

    • For what purpose was it built?

    • How much did it cost?

    • What are its dimensions?

    • Any other interesting facts about your structure.

Some popular geodesic domes known today are:
Superior Dome: Northern Michigan University. Marquette, MI

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