Myra Veronica S. Gantuangco

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Myra Veronica S. Gantuangco

Poblacion 1, Carcar, City

Cell # 09562758286/09351207187

Email add:

Date of Birth : April 23, 1985

Age : 31 yrs old

Place of Birth : Poblacion 1, Carcar, Ctiy

Civil Status : Married

Citizenship : Filipino

Language Spoken : English, Tagalog

Religion : Roman Catholic

Weight : 90 lbs

Height : 5’

Father’s Name : Ronnie Vincent Sato

Mother’s Maiden Name : Leonila Cinco


College : Bachelor in Secondary Education

Major in English

St. Catherine’s College Carcar City


Secondary : Carcar Academy Carcar City, Cebu

Graduated- 2001-2002

Elementary : Upland Elementary School

Carcar City, Cebu

Graduated – 1997- 1998



Manufacturing Operator 2010-2012

Muramoto Audio-Visual Company

Mepz-1 Ibo, Lapu-Lapu, City

Teacher at Eastside Christian Academy 2013-2014

Inayagan Tuyom, Carcar City

Adviser Grades 7 and 8

Subjects Teacher: ENGLISH 5,6,7,8 and Juniors

MAPEH 5,6,7,8 and Juniors

TLE 7 and 8

Teacher at Cebu Sacred Heart College 2014-2015

Valladolid, Carcar City (Carcar Branch)

Adviser Grade 10

Subjects Teacher: ENGLISH 3

Computer 6

  1. Mr. Ronnie Cui.

English and MAPEH Teacher

St. Catherine’s College


  1. Michelle Alivio

Manager at Asian Tiger

Mandaue Branch


  1. Mr. Albert Ian Mamac

English Professor

Carcar City College





Position Desired : Delivery Driver

Objective : I want to share my skill.
Address : Tubod, Valladolid, Carcar City

Contact No. : +639177861336/4878132

Birth Date : May 10, 1977

Age : 31 yrs. Old

Height : 5’8

Weight : 180 lbs.

Citizenship : Filipino

Civil Status : Single

College : Cebu Aero Technical School

La Guardia, Lahug, Cebu City

Course : Airline Maintenance Engineer


High School : Carcar Academy

Carcar City, Cebu

-Payloader & Backhoe Operator and Dumptruck Driver

Map Allen Aviola Construction

Linao, Minglanilla, Cebu


- Engr. Michael Aviola


Linao, Minglanilla, Cebu

Tel. No. 516-1720

  • Engr. John Quirante


Lipata, Minglanilla, Cebu

Tel. No.


In every report, there’s always an account to be made

in order for the reader to have an idea and/or impression of
what the piece of reporting is all about.

Now that we are on high technology and take into

consideration the global crisis we have experience, the
proposal I can share to the producer of the specialty of the
local delicacy known as the Palagsing and Putong Balanghoy
which was popularly made in Banza, one of the old Poblacion
of Butuan City is to have an advance technology in the
preparation, wrapping and marketing of the product. With
these, the product will last not only one or two days but for
more days. This will be included in the world of export and
more income will be drawn from the delicacy of Palagsing
Putong Balanghoy. Nevertheless, foreign tongue can also
taste the sweetness of the product.


Myra Veronica C. Sato

Poblacion 1, Carcar, Cebu, Philippines 6019

Mobile: 0912-6208564


Position desired : English Teacher

Objective : To work as a new teacher in your prestigious school

Personal Information:

Gender : Female

Age : 28 years old

Date of Birth : April 23, 1985

Place of Birth : Cebu City

Civil Status : Single

Religion : Roman Catholic

Citizenship : Filipino

Language Skill : Proficient in written and spoken English

Computer Skills : Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

and Internet

Educational Background :

Name of School School year

College Bachelor in Secondary Education March 2013

(Major in English)

St. Catherine’s College


Secondary Carcar Academy Technical School 1997

Carcar, Cebu 2000
Elementary Upland Elementary School 1992

Carcar, Cebu 1997

Work Experiences:
2013-2014 : Teacher at Eastside Christian Academy

Inayagan Tuyom, Carcar City

( ENGLISH 7-8, MAPEH 7-8- Junior, TLE 7-8)
2007-2009 : Production Operator

( Muramoto Audio Visual Incorporated )

Character References:

  1. Mr. Odilon Maglasang, RN, MAN

Graduate School Professor

Southwestern University


  1. Mr. Jed Ray Montayre, RN

Clinical Instructor

University of the Visayas


  1. Mr. Robert R. Co

EDP Manager

Cebu Oversea Hardware

Plaridel St., Cebu City



Pit-os, Calidngan, Carcar City, Cebu

Mobile No. 09067094399
Personal Data:
Date of Birth : November 6, 1988

Place of Birth : Compostela, Cebu

Civil Status : Single

Sex : Female

Nationality : Filipino

Height : 5’2”

Weight : 45 kgs.

Religion : Roman Catholic

Language Spoken : Cebuano, Filipino, English

Skills : Cooking, Computer Literate

Father’s Name : Victoriano Lauronal

Occupation : Laborer

Mother’s Name : Merceditha Lauronal

Occupation : Housewife

Educational Background:
College : St. Catherine’s College

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Carcar City, Cebu

March 2009

Secondary : Sangat National High School

San Fernando, Cebu

March 2005
Primary : Liburon Elementary School

Liburon, San Fernando, Cebu

March 2001

Student Teaching Experience:
Subject/s taught Laboratory School
HELE, Science 1, Arts St. Catherine’s College
Science 6, Mathematics, Filipino 1 Carcar City Central School
Membership in Organization
Circles of Friends Member

English and Journalism Club Member

Character References:
Mr. Antonio Gacho - Assistant Dean of Colleges, St. Catherine’s College

Mrs. Heide C. Cui - Chairman of Education, St. Catherine’s College

St. Catherine’s College

Higher Education Department

Carcar, Cebu

Accomplishment Report

For two (2) years of being the President of PERFORMING ARTS GUILD (PAG). I accomplished the said programs or the activities in the school. This Dance Group was always their to entertained the people, students as well as the teachers. Every time we have programmed in school or outside campus, the PERFORMING ARTS GUILD (PAG) were requested to gave one (1) or more to present a song, dance number. Actually this is not just dancing; we also have singing, acting etc. This is one of the clubs in St. Catherine’s College (SCC) Higher Education Department.

Myra Veronica C. Sato

President (PAG)

Mr. Antonio Tao


Tugas, Bolinawan, Carcar City, Cebu

June 2, 2010

Hon. Nicepuro L. Apura


Carcar City, Cebu
Dear Mayor:
May I have the honor to apply in your good office any available position which commensurate my educational qualification and experience.
I am JEMUEL L. PANANGANAN, 23 yrs old, single, a fourth year BSMT, UC METC, Mambaling Campus, Cebu City.
Attached is my Personal Data Sheet for ready reference.
Hoping this application be given favorable consideration and if given the chance to be with this office, I hope I can be an asset to your administration.
Thank you and more power!
Truly yours,



Cebu City

January 11, 2011

The Officer In-Charge

Slum Improvement and Resettlement (SIR)

Cebu City

Dear Sir:
The undersigned is presently occupying and residing at Block 8, Lawis, Alaska, Mambaling, Cebu City for several years.
In this regard, I am applying on my behalf and represented by Rosamera Esclares the said area where I am occupying.
Hoping for your kind consideration and approval, I am

Truly yours,


Carcar City, Cebu

January 18, 20
St. Catherine’s College

Higher Education Department
Test Try-Outs in Mythology

Ocaña National High School

Name: _______________ Date ______

Yr _______ Score ______

Direction: (Cloze Test) Supply the missing words of the given paragraph.


Zeus had always been displeased by Prometheus’ kindness to man, especially the gift of fire. He decided to ___________ evil for men in the form of a woman and planned to give this woman to _____________. So Zeus asked _____________ to fashion a woman from clay. Hephaestus created a ________________, considered his greatest creation, to whom all the gods gave _____________. They called the woman _____________ which means ________________. She was the first woman, the Eve of mythology and the source of all misfortunes. When she was offered to ________________, he refused her because he knew in advance what she was intended for. However, as usual, the ________________ Epimetheus took Pandora as his __________.

Direction: Encircle the letter with the correct answer.

  1. The supreme ruler; god of the heavens.

  1. Hera b. Zeus c. Apollo d. Hades

  1. God of the sea. His wife was Amphitrite, a Nereid.

  1. Artemis b. Selena c. Poseidon d. Zeus

  1. God of the underworld, the land of the dead.

  1. Hades b. Athena c. Hera d. Apollo

  1. Queen of all the goddesses and the protector of marriage

  1. Hera b. Artemis c. Ares d. Hades

  1. She was Zeus favorite child, goddess of wisdom.

  1. Ares b. Aphrodite c. Hermes d. Pallas Athena

  1. God of truth, god of light, god of music.

  1. Goddess of the chase, goddess of the moon and twin sister of Apollo.

  1. Cynthia b. Artemis c. Hera d. Poseidon

  1. Goddess of love and beauty. Mother of eros, god of love.

  1. Aphrodite b. Hephaestus c. Hermes d. Ares

  1. He was the son of Zeus Hera, god of war

  1. Ares b. Apollo c. Zeus d. Athena

10.God of volcanoes and blacksmith of the gods, god of fire.
a. Hephaestus b. Hermes c. Aphrodite d. Apollo

Direction: Match the Titans in column A with their partners in column B. Write the letter on the space provided before the number.


_______1. Cronus a. Themi’s husband and father

_______2. Rhea b. Coeu’s wife

_______3. Ocean c. Chief titan

_______4. Tethys d. Cronu’s wife

_______5. Hyperion e. The great river that was

supposed to encircle the


_______6. Thea f. Ocean’s wife

_______7. Creus g. Father of the sun, the moon

and dawn.

_______8. Mnemosyne h. Hyperion’s wife

_______9. Phoebe i. The primitive power of the sea

______10. Iapetus j. Her daughter was leto

k. son of God

L. God of the Sea

St. Catherine’s College

Higher Education Department

Name: ______________________ Date: ________________

Sec/Yr: _________________________ Score: ________________

Ms. Myra Veronica C. Sato English 11
I. Identification: Identify its poetic device whether “Alliteration or Assonance “.

_____________ 1. And murmuring of innumerable bees.

_____________ 2. Quincy quilters quit quilting quickly.

_____________ 3. Sara’s seven sister’s slept soundly in sand.

_____________ 4. Our only light in paradise.

_____________ 5. Kim’s kids kept kiting.

_____________ 6. An in the air the fireflies.

_____________ 7. Getting lost within myself.

_____________ 8. Boi the butter and bring it by the bank.

_____________ 9. Or hear old triton, blow his wreathed horn.

____________ 10. The dog was dead as a doornail.

____________ 11. Try to light the fire.

____________ 12. Larry’s lizard likes leaping leopard.

____________ 13. Tim’s took tons of tools to make toys.

____________ 14. We’ll show the world they were wrong.

____________ 15. Nothing matter’s, no one else.

II. Vocabulary : Give the meaning of each word.

  1. laureate –

  1. warp -

  1. void -

  1. valiant –

  1. engrave –

  1. compassion –

  1. granite –

  1. reliving –

  1. dignitaries –

10 monotonous –

III. Choose from the box the given words inside the box, the figurative language used in the given sentences. Write your answer on the space provided before each number.

metaphor, simile, personification, hyperbole

___________ 1. He is the apple of my eyes.

___________ 2. The moon seemed to smile at me from the sky.

___________ 3. Sun was playing hide and seek, amidst the clouds.

___________ 4. Watching the show was like watching grass grow.

___________ 5. This contract is as solid as the ground we stand on.

___________ 6. Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log.

___________ 7. The radio sprang to life at the touch of a button.

___________ 8. We are so poor, we don’t have two cents to rub


___________9. He is older than the hills.

__________ 10. The stars winked at me.

__________ 11. Your thoughts are like a storm.

__________ 12. It’s raining men.

__________ 13. The road isn’t built that can make it breathe hard.

__________ 14. The bed groaned.

__________ 15. The lightning lashed out with anger.
IV. Matching type: Match the words in column A with its meaning in column B. Write your answer on the space provided.

_____ 1. Free Verse a. Vietnam Legacy

_____ 2. Lee Tzu Pheng b. repeat initial consonant sounds in

the same line..

_____ 3. Assonance c. Bukit Timah, Singapore

_____ 4. Simile d. Technique

_____ 5. Personification e. exaggerates or overstates an idea

for emphasis.

_____ 6. Heng siok Tian f. compares two unlike things with

the use of “ as or like “.

_____ 7. Hyperbole g. gives human qualities to an object,

an idea, an animal.

_____ 8. Carole Mathys h. repeat vowel sounds in the same line

_____ 9. Metaphor i. makes a direct comparison of two

unlike things that have something in


____ 10. Alliteration j. throat, esophagus

k. no rhyming scheme, no rhythm.

l. around in the air in tight groups.

m. hump
V. Essay : In not less than 3 sentences, not more 5 sentences. (5pts)
“ What is the best way to stop war? “

j. Canterbury

July 23, 2012
Mr. Alfonso Chan


Caroline Footwear


Greetings in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
We, the students of Saint Catherine’s College, Higher Education Department, taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education under Mrs. Heidi Cui will conduct an interview with regards to our topic “Behind Ethnic Chinese Business Success”. This is in partial fulfillment of our requirements in English 24, Afro – Asian Literature.
We hope for your kind consideration and cooperation to allow us to have an interview at your most convenient time.

Attached is the list of questions for your perusal. We can be contacted with these numbers: 09263569896/09325573788

Respectfully yours,

Myra Veronica C. Sato BSED – 4E

Jeansie Mae Tantog BSED – 4E

Eastside Christian Academy

Inayagan Tuyom, Carcar City

Third Periodical Examination ( English )

January 16 – 17, 2014

  1. Identification : Identify the use of the simple present tense in the following sentences. (Write only the letters).

  1. General Truth E. Historical Present

  2. Permanent Location F. Giving Directions

  3. Habitual Action G. Future Tense

  4. Present Truth

___1. The sun is the center of the Universe.

____ 2. Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo is the 4th president of the Philippines.
____3. She leaves early tomorrow by plane.
____4. Asia is the world’s biggest continent.
____5. Many of the world’s finest ports are in Houston, Texas.
____6. The earth has millions of amazing plants and animals.
____7. The sun rises at the east and sets at the west.
____8. Cellphones are indispensable devices.
____9. Mrs. Robles attends to hear beauty regime everyday before retiring at night.
____10. Do it as you were instructed.

Write the missing parts of the verb.

Present Past Past Participle
Are _________ _________

Become became __________

_______ crept __________

Do/does _________ __________

Teach _________ __________

_______ ran __________

_______ _________ swum

Take _________ __________

Broadcast _________ __________

Panic _________ __________

Lose lost __________

______ _________ frozen

Cut _________ __________

_______ sang __________

Lie _________ __________

Seek _________ __________

Eastside Christian Academy

Inayagan Tuyom, Carcar City

Third Periodical Examintion ( MAPEH 3 )

January 16 – 17, 2014

  1. Identification:

__________ 1. It is a self – motivating activity where one can manipulate different body parts into various movements.

__________ 2. Are made of hard wood or rattan about 36. 39 inches long and 1 ½ inches in diameter.
__________ 3. Is made up of hand wood shaped like a bell at both sides or ends.
__________ 4. Make the body ready for the demands of the aerobic workout.

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